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06-12-2012, 06:47 PM
So I was playing and my overactive imagination kicked in and I imagined a start scenario, okay so let's say story-wise your one of the AI's controlling one of the CPU ships launched from earth (maybe create a new ship for this story purpose), give the player a spacedock (smaller ships), a Deca-like carrier (maybe damaged from an ATF raid before the start) since the xenon have no allies this start would need a bit more start-up capital, and heavier firepower. Also naturally you'd need to give the NPC Xenon shipyards and ect (havent gotten far enough to get to a XENON core) so the player can buy factories.

The only downside with a start like this and pirates is that the expansion system would leave you out in the cold for a bit, (unless you guys started them on a certain expansion level. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys already had this kind of thing in mind, and sorry if anyone gets offended and takes this post as an update request, which is apparently disrespectful.

So fellow XTC players any other Ideas would you throw into this pot, or even your own fresh ideas as to the start story. (Note to all that read I get into the story-lines, and even role-play while playing TC.)

06-12-2012, 07:04 PM
I have no ideas of my own, but it would be "interesting" starting as the Xenon or Kha'ak with all the main races all wanting you splattering over the universe. I would think the Xenon would have their own shipyard (Seeing as I've encountered Xenon Shipyards, Solar Power Plants and Stations in X3), but I think these kind of starts would require you to acquire your own ships by capping them or by buying them from shipyards using a "currency" gained from killing non-Xenon ships in a Xenon sector... Kind of like if you had a Xenon police licence :lol:

06-12-2012, 07:26 PM
capital... in credits ?! why would xenon use credits? Without special mechanics to allow you to expand, the start would be pointless

15-12-2012, 10:37 PM
Hmmm, I like this idea. Not everyone plays X3 to build massive galaxy wide empires, I have never built a single station yet played more hours than healthy I suspect. Some people just like the challenge of survival , being a lone Xenon trapped behind enemy lines or a K'aak strike group that gets separated from the main force would be interesting.

Heteran Leticron
16-12-2012, 10:37 PM
Alternative: You got disconnected from the xenon collective and need to survive on your own.
You "wake up" in an unknown sector with a unique xenon ship, which can build stations using nano bots if you supply the necessary ressources. basically a xenon m0 able to build (race) stations (without credits).
Basically like a colony ship, that arrives first in a far away new sector, building some basic stations, to create an inital outpost. with the ressources from these stations it will be able to build bigger ones until it can build a ship yard.

Basic idea:
The M0 has ressources for a small inital amount of stations. You yourself have a (xenon) m6, which can also mount tractor beam and mining laser.

If you need ships, you need to "steal" them at the beginning until you have your own sy.
At some point, other races will want to claim the sector for them self. to do so, they will frequently attack your sector, which you need to defend.

Of course you are able to befriend yourself with them, maybe an inital small mission which proves that you are not xenon anymore and then set the notority with all races at very low but managable.

But thats a heck of a lot to do -.-

17-12-2012, 07:29 AM
Interesting idea Heteran Leticron :)
Or it can be something like:
The Xenon decide to send out a covert expeditionary/colonisation fleet into uncharted space in case things take a bad turn and they lose their core sectors.
The fleet consists of a Station builder along with one or more fighter wings and some corvetes, maybe even a frigate or two.
The Station builder has already a station or stations that can scrap captured ships and use the materials to build Xenon ships and so on
I`m guessing some modyfied Mobile factories would be great to have as well
Or a BASE SHIP able to make ships on the fly would be awesome as well, something like a mobile SHIPYARD :)

17-12-2012, 08:48 AM
why not just have the xenon adapt an asteroid as a fleet base / shipyard with a single XL to protect it and a mining ship to collect from asteroids the minerals required, place it in a out of the way sector and bingo, your job should you chose to to take it is to build up the sector defences and colonize the surrounding sectors by evicting the residents >:D before they realise and come and get you :shock: