View Full Version : Gameplay Question About NPC Bailing/Balance Missions

25-12-2012, 10:00 AM
I've a sort of unorthodox question about the NPC bailing.

What happens to bailed ships if they are left unclaimed by players over a long period of time? Because I can imagine a situation where bailed unclaimed ships would pile up to a certain level if left untouched in systems I wouldn't travel too, would this be an eventful problem if there is no time limit on bailed ships? And if not, a time limit would be a good thing.

Another question is in relation to 'Return Ship' missions, and I've seen this been asked on the Egosoft forum. Basically, what's stopping me from claiming a ship and selling it, thus failing the mission and taking a small hit in rep compared to decent financial gain from selling the ship, versus the reward you get for the mission itself. Because to me it seems like the reward of selling the ship and failing the mission outweighs the rep hit which you can repair anyhow later on...

25-12-2012, 10:28 AM
Ships left unclaimed have a destruction timer on them, they won't be there forever. I can't remember how many seconds it is, I think it's either 35k or 350k seconds. Like I said though, I can't remember exactly how long it is, I just know they don't stay there in space forever.

As for the ship return missions, a lot of people on this board do those missions just to take the ship and sell it. It's another way to get a ship that might be better than the one you are flying. I like to blow up defenseless mission givers that offer the ship they are in at a stupid price. Sometimes they bail and I make some money off it, but most of the time I just blow it up and move on. They have no guns and no shield, with some hull damage.

If I see a fight in a system, I'll usually hang around and see who bails and take it. You can surprisingly make a lot of money doing this. In 3 starts I've done all three got to 4 million credits in about 15-20 hours, using SETA of course while travelling. I just go around and explore all the systems. Phase 2 expansion happens pretty quick, so there is a lot to get to, depending on your rep with the other factions.