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25-12-2012, 09:39 PM
Lovin' it. An Asp raider and a Scorpion Hauler. Sold the Hauler and renamed the Asp Battle Hymn. At first I was thinking "ok I gotta get me a M3" but this Asp with the 6 small mil. shields, I've collected after my battles, rocks. Seriously rocks. I'm taking on hard combat missions and picking off M3s, one at a time and often w/ some local help but the thrill of drilling into such a large group of pirates in a M4 is a rush. First time I saw a blastclaw while
piloting Battle Hymn I ran and prayed before turning to face it and its buddies. Now i'm using the comm and askin' 'em to surrender :grin:. Off to a good start albeit rather slowly; 11 hours flying Battle Hymn an only visited 4 sectors. Smellin' the spaceflies, um roses, I guess, while building my ranks and credits and lovin' it.

26-12-2012, 01:46 PM
Take care not to increase your fighter rep/level too high in just a M4, the shields will not survive M8 bombardment.
During 1.2a i mentioned that i was getting owned by Heavy missiles in the Chimera Vanguard M3+ Pic link (http://www.thexuniverse.com/threads/22785-What-was-your-greatest-moment-of-stupidity-in-XTC-1-2a?p=211768&viewfull=1#post211768)
Its difficult being a lone wolf, best to get a small fleet to help you.

26-12-2012, 09:02 PM
I know your right yet as a Split its hard to keep my finger off the trigger :lol:. I'll be upgrading for sure, but at the moment i'm enjoying a M4 like I've never had before!