View Full Version : Notoriety problem buying second-hand ship

30-12-2012, 09:32 AM
I attempted to buy a second-hand ship offered at a shipyard, but the sale failed due to inadequate race notoriety. Subsequent attempts to buy the same ship failed, with no reason given.

I think the failure to provide a reason for the failure (on subsequent attempts to purchase the same ship) is probably a bug.

I don't know whether the implementation of race reputation requirements in such sales is a deliberate feature, a bug, or unanticipated consequence of changes elsewhere - I don't recall seeing such a refusal in vanilla TC or XTC 1.2 (but perhaps the ships offered were always within my race limits).

The refusal was "correct" - I was offered a Mercury Tanker, but Argon race relation only allowed me to purchase a basic Mercury - if it is intended that the same restrictions apply to second-hand sales as to new ships.


30-12-2012, 11:18 AM
Not a bug as such - as you could still return and buy the ship if you increased your reputation to a sufficient level, yu just get no adible indication of why they wouldn't sell it to you...
In any case have fixed it so message plays each time you try and buy with insufficient reputation/credits for next patch.