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30-12-2012, 11:14 AM
After technically ``failing`` some assassination mission, I noticed that I still got the reward.
We all know that in 1.2 and in Vanilla, if the target gets destroyed by something other than your ship or a ship owned by you, you get the mission failed tag along with a message saying that there are dissapointed at you performance and that you will get nothing.
This is not the case in 2.0.
Whether this is an isolated incident or not, I wanted to draw attention to this curious event. ;)

30-12-2012, 11:56 AM
Thank you, that has enabled me to clear up something that has been bugging me for a while...

The mission was changed so it is the actor that needs to be killed not the ship - vanilla if they bailed you completed the mission even though the actor was still alive.

There was a tiny bit of 'failsafe' code in vanilla to account for the actor being killed but not his ship - which is still running though no longer needed... :)

Fixed for next patch.

30-12-2012, 02:07 PM
thanks for contirbution.

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