View Full Version : Possible Bug: Argon Mammoth - Only Allowed 1 Small Shield Emmitter?

30-12-2012, 06:00 PM
After saving every last credit and spending all my time on Argon-friendly missions for Race Rank, I've just been promoted to Marshall and have the funds for my first TL...

Got a Mammoth [sweet], only to find that although her weaponry loadout seems to be [as far as I can recall] the same as the vanilla game, her shield capability has dropped down to one solitary "Small Shield Emitter" [which would be find if this were an M5, but not a TL...]

To re-iterate, this is a *legitimately purchased* Mammoth, procured from the Shipyard in Sirius Prime... not one added via any Cheat Scripts...

This may be as intended, but I do hope that this is an oversight or error...



30-12-2012, 06:24 PM
I got a Mammoth today everything seems fine with it, it has 5 huge shields on.

30-12-2012, 06:29 PM
again as every time and asked for in the sticky thread

do you have a clear install? any scripts or mods?

30-12-2012, 06:36 PM
Sorry Blackhawk, spot the numpty...

Here's what I *think* has happened... When playing XTC 1.2 I decided that it would be nice to return flying Hyperions, and to have clones of this craft [produced via my PHQ] as sector defense. But of course in the vanilla X3:TC, the Hyperion has been substantially downgraded and now exists as a TP class craft, which places limitations on the types of cargo one can carry. Because I was "experimenting" with XTC 1.2, I created my own ship mod file [restoring the Hyperion to it's X3:R profile] and had this activated at game startup.

When XTC 2.0 was released, I followed Aragon's instructions to the letter, completely uninstalling my original X3:TC game using the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove software feature, and then did a clean installation. I now discover that not only was my "superships" file not removed, but that it's also be "re-inserted" back into the loadup sequence without my having to go and re-install it by hand. As a result, XTC 2.0 seems to be parsing my "superships.txt" file and using the data from there. Of course, as we moved from XTC 1.2 to XTC 2.0, one of the major areas of change has been the capabilities of Shields for all ship classes. My "hybrid" game was picking up my "superships" file, wrongly interpreting the values it found there, and deciding that my poor Mammoth was allowed one shield from an M5 class scout.

As a "cross-check" to test if my theory was correct, I went to my "X3 Mod Manager" program, pulled in my superships mod file, edited the available options for the Mammoth to the "Large Shield Emitter", saved the file, re-started my game and, sure enough, my Mammoth now had the ability to use a single "Large Shield Emitter"...

Where I think this went wrong... If you follow the instructions for a "clean" install to the letter, *but do not manually go in and wipe out any files you've added yourself*, and then re-install in *exactly the same place*, it will end in tears.

Sorry for wasting your time...

30-12-2012, 06:50 PM
no bug. thread closed