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05-01-2013, 09:58 PM
<t id="382">
cohabitate -> cohabit
cohabitated -> cohabited

<t id="522">
whiskey -> whisky

<t id="612">
whiskey -> whisky

<t id="742">
civilization -> civilisation

<t id="1102">
sizable -> sizeable

<t id="1162">
civilization -> civilisation

<t id="1452">
civilization -> civilisation
acknowledgment -> acknowledgement

<t id="1762">
civilization -> civilisation

<t id="2942">
organizations -> organisations

<t id="3252">
fledging -> fledgling

<t id="3312">
unmistakeable -> unmistakable

<t id="3642">
civilizations -> civilisations

I think this completes my first runthrough of all the text files.

This one - the Galactic New Service - is remarkably clean, and I would regard it as low priority to make any fixes from this list, as most are barely noticeable.

No doubt some tpyoes and misspeelings have slipped through my efforts - I relied on a quick review of all problems highlighted by a spellchecker, together with any oddities that I happened to notice while looking at the files.

I hope to catch most of the remainder, together with various grammatical and/or syntax problems, from further proofreading of the text files and observation during play - but that's going to be a much slower process...