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30-01-2013, 10:10 PM

Firstly I would like to say that I love this mod. The universe seems a lot more dynamic with it and its exciting seeing all the new stuff and sectors. I also like the inclusion of the difficulty level actually affecting game play.

Now I know I have a trading DiD but you can't carry saves over to the mod so I'm going to start up a new one this time as a Teladi.

For this I've chosen the Nividium Hunter start but blown the Kite up so I just have the Vulture. I've also changed the difficulty to hard so its more challenging. Anyway lets begin profit hunting.

*Modified Nividium Hunter start (see above)
*X3 TC XTM Game
*Trading story so no personally manning any combat craft below a M6 unless I desperately have to.
*No trading with Terrrans or Aldrins due to personal feelings (will go into detail when I first meet them in game).
*No odd station buildings in Pirate or Xenon sectors unless I plan on taking and holding them.
*Will probably add more as I go along.
*Not able to buy Mil. Shields can use ones that are salvaged as loot though.

NOTE: Decided to post it here as well as the Egosoft forums (here first would probably have made much more sense but hey). Have added all posts so far that have been made on the Egosoft forums.


*Computer begin log one*

Ah creditsss and much of them yesss?' I announce as my ship pulls out of the docking clamps of the Trading Station in Astrpos II and head towards the Gauss Cannon Forge. 'Inganmussss do what Ingamuusss born to do.'

You see I'd just managed to finally scrape together enough credits to buy my first Vulture out here in Expansion Space. I'd originally been born back in the known space but when I was old enough to fly the nest I had had a disagreement with my clutch mother and had been banished to the expansion region. Still I'd never been one to sit and mope and had quickly, through frequenting the many fine gambling dens on the Trading Station in Astropos II been able to get myself enough credits to buy this Vulture.

Now it wasn't the best ship in the universe admittedly. Only a top speed of 77mps and a single medium shield unit meant that I wouldn't be winning any races or surviving any encounters anytime soon but I had managed to get hold of both the Best Selling and Best Buying prices software and it had a respectable cargo bay of 3824 units so that should help with making profits in the early days and as long as I stayed in the Teladi core sectors I should be fine.

So that's what I was doing. Currently shipping goods from the Trading Station and the SPP to the other stations in the sector. Profits seemed to be climbing steadily as well and I've made 159,143credits trading in Ore, Nostrop Oil, energy and a bit of swamp plant (hey I'm not fussy) before I've run the place out of profitable runs.

Turns out the sector has ground to a bit of a halt in production as well. Most places have no e-cells and the one SPP in sector can't keep up with the demand. Then you've got the places that have the e-cells but no Nostrop Oil to produce anything.

'Maybe much profitssss to be had here with Ssssstation yessss. I ask myself as the event horizon of the eaast gate begins to swallow my craft and I find myself travelling down a blue tunnel.

First time I'd actually made a jump before as well. Bit of an experience too and I'm not sure that having that food was a good idea right before jumping but oh well I'll know for next time.

'Astropos VI' The computer announces as I enter the system. a rather dark sector with pathces of bright green in the atmosphere of the local planet. ALos it appears that theres antoher SPP in here that seems to be full so as I'm emptying it of some of its stock I'm thinking of station.

'Inganmusss would like a ssstation of hisss own yesss, but which one and where? Nosssstrop sssseemsssss to be in demand but not in production but thatssssss might be a bit expensssssive for firssst sssstation. Maybe flower farm and then the refinery. Hmmm desssicionsss decisssionsss'.
my train of thought it interrupted at that point by the computer telling me that the e-cells have been loaded and I'm cleared to depart. Delivering them at the Ore Mine I continue to dry this sector up of its profitable trades. Turns out its a pretty small sector too. Only eight stations fill this sector so I might have a nice bit of space to build up a small station empire in here. There's also the SPP in this sector and the one to the west so I should have enough e-cells till I can start producing my own. there's also that other thieving Sun Oil Refinery but I can just undercut him and make profits.

Still that's a long way off and I want to max out this ship first before I buy anything else. Flying at 77mps is not making profits fast enough though with the profits I have made I would love to see the colour of clutch mothers scaly old face. But seeing as I don't actually know anywhere to upgrade my engines I need to do a bit of exploring. Does mean I have to brave the jumpgates again but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Turns out it may take me a bit longer to get used to it than I thought as I still turn a different shade as we cross back into Astropos II and after finding no trading opportunities there north into Astrpos I and begin trading there. Turns out that as I was haulign a load of Nostrop Oil over into Astropos II from Astropos I the dockmaster on the Low Yield Side Arms factory wants me to deliver 987 Nostrop Oil to them to make up on a lost shipment. Now I have 718 sitting in my hold and there willing to pay me 93k to give them this lot and fetch the rest so seeing as theres three refineries one sector over and I have over a stazura to get about 200 units of it I jump at the offer. Unfortunately having to ship stuff across from one sector to the other meant more of them awful jumps but profits are more important at the moment so I put up with it and make the delivery schedule earning my credits.

After offloading the surplus Nostrop Oil I picked up elsewhere in the sector I finally collapse and try to sleep seeing it as a better alternative than trying one more jump and seeing my lunch again.

*Computer end log one*

Credits: 427,581

30-01-2013, 10:10 PM

PES: Profit Enterprises Station (will then be followed by the initials of the sector, the station type initials and then the station number regarding how many of that version of station is in the sector. See below)
PET: Profit Enterprises Trader



TS Vulture Superfrieghter: PET Profit Hunter II
TS Vulture: PET Profit Hunter (UT Joranas Yooses Yohulbus III (lvl 10))
TS Vulture: Unassigned


PES PPFF001 + attached TS and 302,441 banked (Sector: Profit Passion/Station Type:Flower Farm/ Number of station 001)
PES PPDF001+ attached TS and 227,548 banked

30-01-2013, 10:11 PM

Teladi: Majority Shareholder (75%)
Argon: Federation Associate (91%)
Boron: Accepted Friend (59%)
Paranid: Priest Confidante (67%)
Split: Comrade (56%)
Terran: Revolutionary (1%)
Aldrin: ???????
Goner: Sceptic (50%)

Petty Financier: (39%)
Harmless: (0%)

Credits as of latest update: 655,295 (+571,269 in station banks)

30-01-2013, 10:12 PM

New rule added.

*Not allowed to buy Mil shieids. Can use salvaged ones though.


*Computer start log two*

'Computer dissssplay accountssss and trading opportunitiesssss' I sated wandering into the cockpit and taking the pilot seat.

'427,581 credits and the local network indicates that there's a shortage of Nostrop Oil'.

'Ok, then and where issss the nearessst Ssssun Oil Refinery?'

'Computer banks indicate that Astropos I has three of the required Sun Oil Refineries'

'Computer sssset coursssse for Astropossssss I'

Turned out that Astropos I had loads of the oil in stock so I spent a fair while shipping it back and forth across the two sectors. Unfourtunately thoguh all good things come to an end and the oil runs eventually dried up, still my balance now sat at around 621k so I decided to take a break from trading and head east from Astropos I to Astropos IV where some dockhand had told me I might find a place to upgrade Profit Hunter.

He was right as the sector did indeed have the equipment dock that would have both speed, turning and cargo bay extensions, rather than the Trading Stations that just have the cargo bay ones. I dock up and find someone who doesn't try and rip me off hugely while upgrading my ship.

'You want sssship upgraded? I do for good price'. A beaming Teladi, obviously a engineer and probably down on his luck by the looks of him, exclaimed, grabbing me and pulling me towards him.

'Thatssss the idea, better ssssship, better profitssss.' I replied removing his hand and attempting to rub off the oily mark he'd left before handing him a data slab of my ship. 'How much I pay to have sssspeed, rudder and cargo maxed?'

The Teladi stared at the slab for a while before looking up at me 'Teladi think he would need 750k for all upgradesss done and in quick time to aid in more profitssss.

'Ridiculoussss' I replied starting to turn away 'You have no ssssenssse. You lose profitsss.'

'Ok Teladi do work for 650k' he quickly responded obviously desperate for the trade.

'Ssssstill cheaper offer wassss found earlier' I countered. I was lying but he didn't know that and hey I'm a Teladi its in my nature. Anyway we carried on like this for a while haggling him downwards until I could tell by his tone that he couldn't go any lower. Settling on 470k I left him working on Profit Hunter and headed off to explore the equipment dock.

Turns out there's a hell of a lot of equipment and services for sale here including some that caught my eye. The first of these is a jumpdrive. Costing 100k it would take too much out of my remaining money at the moment for me to afford but its definetly something that I'm planning on getting as it'll speed up profits amazingly. The other is a trader hiring service which although expensive at 500k start up without he ship included promises to repay that as their experience grows. Probably a lie seeing as this is a Teladi business but hey, it may be worth keeping it in mind.

Coming out of the daydream of profits I find out I've wandered into a cafe type place and decide to pick up a Chelt Burger and some java. Pychopaths the Split may be but this Chelt taste damn good and seeing as I have some time to kill before the upgrades are done I figure I may as well get a bite to eat.

Several stazuras pass and I'm back wandering around the merchant district when I get a message through telling me that the upgrades have been completed and my ship was ready. Several mizaru's later and I'm back in my ship. Turns out that even if the technician was down on his luck and desperate he could do a good job and I'm pleasently suprised to see the full 4500 units of cargo space that the Vulture can reach and, as I pull out of the station the full 86mps that it can reach. Time to go make enough profits to get me that jumpdrive then.

Turns out there's not many trade runs around to actually make that profit. I end up exploring all the linked Teladi sectors running the few trades I find here and there to scrape the credits together for this jumpdrive.

This is how I continue. Slowly building up my profits trading the Teladi sectors when soemthing catches my eyes on the Galactic News Network. Apparently the Split have found a new sector, Clash Of Titans. No idea where it is personally as I haven't even left Teladi yet and the Split kind of scare me but its interesting to know that the universe is expa...


'What the hell.' I exclaimed as my ship lurched backwards and I was thrown from the chair I was lounging on 'Computer dissengage autopilot and bring her to a ssssstop now!'

'Autopilot disengaged. Engines stopping' It replied deadpan as there was another smaller clang and lurch. 'Shields at 0%. Hull at 76%. Hull pressurisation stable, all systems functioning. Drive at 83%'.

'What in the name of profitsss happened there and what do you mean were at 76% hu...' I never finished, being cut off by a irate Teladi fligth controller.

'TSSSS Profit Hunter what in profitssss ssssake are you playing at, you lose much profitsss if you purssssue thisss courssse of action. Pleasssse sssstop immediatel?'

'What courssse of action? I reply breathless, picking myself off the floor 'Oh. That one.....'

Apparently I had managed to crash into the Heavy Missile Production Factory that I was trying to dock at. Turns out when I bent down to pick up a dropped data stick I accidently turned the autopilot off and consequently annoyed the station and nearly spaced myself. After I dock and apologise to the dockmaster for my stupidity I take a look at the damage while the Sun Oil I was transporting is offloaded. Turns out that it's mostly damage to the drive engines though I've no idea how that happened seeing as how I crashed nose first into it but apparently they'd come off worse.

Now luckily for me as well the dockmaster seems to have clamed downa bit in the time its taken for the delivery to be offloaded and even suggests I head west into Superstitious Revenue where there should be a Showroom which can patch Profit Hunter back up. This in mind I apologise once more and slowly undock, careful not to hit anything else and further jeopardise my life.

Turns out jumping in a damaged ship is even worse than in a fully functional one and by the time I've docked with the Showroom, that was indeed where the dockmaster said it would be I only managed a bit of bartering with the repair shop, ending up paying 52k to patch her back up. Still 52k is better than losing my life.

I need to lie down.

*Computer end log two*

Credits: 261,613

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Minor point - if you changed the title description from "XTM" to "XTC" it would avoid confusion. XTM was the corresponding mod for Reunion, XTC is the one for Terran Conflict.

It's good to see a story using this mod - though you need to be careful about the number of bugs in it. Fortunately most of them should cause little difficulty if you are pursuing a trading career.

It's also probably worth mentioning that the story is also being posted on the Egosoft Forums in the Creative Universe here (http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=332639), so it will reach a wider audience than the few who frequent this little corner.


Edit: thread renamed - Stem /end edit.

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Loriel: Thanks and I've changed it so it makes more sense.

I haven't found any bugs (Khaak however I just encountered for the first time and dam they seem to mean business with them clusters) that I've noticed so far and am having loads of fun it what seems to be a much more dynamic universe.


*Computer begin log three*

I'm feeling a lot better today. The mechanics did a good job on my old girl and she's back in one slightly less shiny piece, running as well as before I decided to have a headbutting match with a station. Also turns out that this sector has a nice supply of E-cells which is nice as it means I can start getting back the profits lost repairing my little Profit Hunter. Its on my way to one of the sectors two SPP's when I realise that my luck might be on the upturn today.

As I'm approaching the SPP it appears they may have been a bit of a scuffle earlier as there's a crate containing a medium shield floating around in space. No one seems to be paying any attention to it as scanners show that there's several pirates from the Salamanders clan flying around the sector. Now usually we Teladi are quite lenient towards piracy as long as it doesn't affect us directly. Turns out however that someone somewhere aggravated someone and several scuffles have broken out over the sector. Still no ones watching so I quickly fly in and scoop up the shielding, doubling my current shield power. Ah that feels much safer now.

So anyway I dock with the SPP and load up on cheap e-cells and head out to find the best place t sell them which turns out to be a Flower Farm in sector. Heading that way what do you know apparently someone's got jumpy and left there ship floating in space. Deciding that even though its a M5 it would probably help with the earlier payments for the repairs I make my way over. Turns out floating is about right. This little guy has 1% hull left. He also however appears to have a working tiny shield unit so I make sure no ones also heading for the ship and park up next to it in Profit Hunter.

Jetting over in my spacesuit it turns out whoever did bail was very lucky. The cockpit is smashed to bits though the computer system still seems to be semi functional. I can't tell if its a Teladi military or police ship or a pirate one but frankly I don't really care. Its credits and its now mine. So I hack the computer and change ownership over to me before bringing the computer system, or what remains to life. Turns out the engines can still run but only just and seeing as there's a showroom in the sector and the former pilot is too busy heading towards a station in the opposite direction to notice me stealing the ship, I make it head that way, ejecting the shield unit and picking it up once I'm safely aboard Profit Hunter.

'Computer open commssss with Yohulus IV' I order as I get back into the cockpit.

'Comms opening. Connection made' She confirms as the mechanic that had fixed up my ship face comes into view.

''Ingamnusss' He greeted beaming 'Teladi hopessss that repairsss have made much profitsss yes?

'Yessss repairsss are highly sssatissfactory' I reply ;but thatsss not the nature of thisss call. You said you were looking for ssspare partsss yesss and I have jussst aqquired sssome. Ssshesss on the way to you now. I asssssume you are interesssted in oppurtunity sssuch assss thisss?'

'Very much sssso' The mechanic replied rubbing his hands together and licking his lips. 'Teladi will review ssspare partsss and get back to you.'

'Good then . I'll have here dock at your bay. Good profitsss to you I finish cutting the comm.

I went back to trading while I waited for my salvage to dock at the showroom and before long I had a message from Yohulus IV stating that he'd be willign to pay 30k for the scrap and working parts. I agreed seeing as it was almost three times what I thoguht it would be worth and nearly paid for the repairs I had to have done on Profit Hunter.

With a smile on my face I continue trading e-cells across the sector watching and avoiding the odd skirmishes that are frequenting the sector when I spot the jackpot. I abandoned pirate Kea just floating in space. Almost choking myself on the Nostrop Oil I was drinking I plot a course for it immediatly. Turns out its in a better shape than the last salvage this time with 23% hull left and althoguh no shields it still has a functional laser on board.

Impatiently I wait for the police and military ships to be engaged elsewhere before hacking this one and sending it showroom bound as well. After contacting Yohulus who seems absolutely delitghted with my news practically kissing me feet for the battered ship I decide to carry on trading and attempt to calm down a bit. Trading takes me north in Unfulfilled Promises before I get a comm from Yohulus.

'Ah good friend Ingamnussss' he greets. 'Sssso happy to be ssspeaking to you again'.

Yessss, yess' I reply impatiently 'Good profitsss to you too and all but how much profitsss isss ssship worth?'

'Yohulus hasss looked over ssship and isss happy to pay 1.1million for a ssship and weapon ssuch asss thi... Ingamnusss you ssstil there?' He responded tryign to peer into the screen as he said the last words.

'Yessss, yesss I ssstil here' I confirm, climbing back onto the seat I'd fallen out of in shock. 'Creditsss sssound good, transssfering ssship ownerssship now.'

'Yohulusss thanksss you and wissshesss you great profitsss' the mechanic finished cutting the comm.

That small influx of credits brought my total up to 1.5m More than enough to get the jumpdrive I'd been after and more than enough left over to look into a station or hiring a trader. With this in mind I dock up and get the jumpdrive installed as well as a mineral scanner while I'm at it and then wait for the all clear to launch.
Then all hell breaks loose.

Two Khaak clusters jump into the sector about 50km from the showroom and everyone goes mad. They appear to be of the XXL version and the Medium one. As I watch the sector defense forces move in to intercept them I'm stunned when the XXL cluster splits into about 10 light M6 class corvettes and shred the fighters that were sent agsint them. Now after seeing what they've just done to the figthers you'd be forgiven for thinking that I jumped out of the sector as fast as I could but no. I'd seen what profits figths could bring to scavengers so I stuck around to watch kwnoing that if things did go bad I could jump out.

Turned out that things did go badly but not for me. Firstly the Khaak proceeded to annihilate the fighters that continued to suicidaly try and stop them. Secondly they then set their sights on the Albatross in sector. Thinking it would eaily shrug off the attacks of the Khaak I waited to watch the bugs be smashed into pieces. Turns out however they pack a hell of a punch and the TL didn't last any longer than the fighters did escape pods jettisoning across the sector as the aship broke up.

Luckily for the rest opf the sector however the patrolling Shrike and Heavy Osprey escorts arrived and despite being taken down to 3% shields proceeded to spread bug goo across the sector even leaving some salvage floating about. Waiting for the military to depart the scene and attempt to deal with a few pirates that had entered the sector while they were busy with the Khaak I swooped in and bagged two Large Shields. A nice and easily earned 200k if not for the military and that TL captian for me at least.

With credits symbols in my eyes I quickly jump down to Astrpos IV and head for the equipment dock to sell the shields while reviewing the prices of the factories and resumes of the many traders waiting to be hired.

Choice, choices.

*Computer end log three*

Credits: 1,421,886

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Cool story, dude :)
I wait more hehe....
Cannot wait to finish my exams and start working on my Vol II, the story of Shoo Drrt

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Solitas: Thanks and I'm glad your liking it so far and looking forward to more. Will try and take a look at your work when I get the chance.


*Computer start log four*

This decision making was giving me a headache. I now had 1.6m after unloading these two shield units on some eager Teladi salesman and still no idea what to do with the credits. This wasn't good for profits as it meant that I was distractred from trading trying to figure out what to do with it. It also turns out that this 1.6m doesn't get me as far as I thought it would. Turns out the Sun Oil Refinery that I had my eye on costs 1.2m for the smallest one they sell and then I'd need to the two TS's to do the resource runs which would amount to another 1.2m. As you can tell I didn't have that much and the other factories that I could afford I was a bit sceptical on the profit I could make from them.

This train of thought had led me to begin mapping out all the asteroids in the Teladi sectors to see if there was any chance for opportunities there but this got boring really quickly. So boring in fact that I decided to jump up to Superstitious Revenue and see about getting a trader set up and working for me. Jumping into the sector I quickly comm Yohulus and ask if he can get me a fully shielded Vulture. Turns out that he can and it came to around 600k when I'd finished upgrading the speed and rudder extensions. Thanking Yohulus I sent the TS towards the Military Equipment dock where I was told I could get a jumpdrive and despite it being a military instillation, a trader to work for me.

That was when the big news came in.

Apparently the Teladi had managed to get the rights to open up three new sectors on the edges of their space. The first of these was to be Profit Passion, north of Unforseen Expenses it instantly changed my mind. Ordering the TS to dock up at the SPP owned by the newly formed Teladi company Credentia I jumped to Astropos IV and contacted the local TL captain there.

'Grossstosssusss III here. How may we help sssuch asss you in pursssuit of profitsss?' The captian greeted warmly.

'I need sssomething transssported to the new sssector Profit Passssion. You available to hire?'

'Yesss yesss we hire glady. You pay 2000 per gate.'

I nearly laughed out loud at the price he was charging but managed to stem it until I'd agreed on the price and instructed him to dock at the Shipyard in the sector. How on earth he hopes to pay a crew of TL on 2000 a gate I have no idea but hey that's his business and not mine.

Heading for the Shipyard myself I have big plans for my credits.

Several stazuras later and I've ordered my first station and registered as a trading company to be able to run it legally in Teladi space. The station I've fianlly decided on is a Medium Flower Farm. Costing a little over 204k this station is cheap enoguh to be a first purchse and also cheap enoguh that if it doesnt make a profit its not a huge loss of credits Anyway may I present to you all the creation of Profitable Enterprises Ltd. Turns out although the licence involves a lot of paperwork and means that all my financial information is available for the Teladi Profit Guild to view and assess it does have a few perks. Firstly once the company has been trading for a while and grows I will be allowed access to purchases of Corvette and Frigate class ships. Secondly apparently it means that I can now build and sell slightly less legal goods such as Space Weed without any repercussions to the business. Hmmm that stuff makes a fair amount of money or so I've heard. may want to keep that in mind.

For now however lets get this Flower Farm I want ordered and loaded onto the TL that I've just been informed has arrived. Luckily the shipyard has been planning for the expansions and has several Flower Farm kits already constructed and loaded into the station sized containers and as such the TL is away and heading towards Profit Passion in no time at all.

Now given that it's going to take the TL a fair old amount of time to actually get to the sector I decide to go have a look t my new home and the other new sectors. Crossing over from Unforeseen Expenses I notice that the Teladi already have the Trading Station up and running and they've got some opening stock of all the wares the place stocks. This just happens to include advanced satellites which I've had my eyes on getting for a while now. Setting up a sat network would help with finding good deals, seeing what expansions were happening and eventually keeping a eye on what will hopefully be my trade empire.

Docking at the station quickly I pick up the ten that are in stock before leaving and dumping one above the Trading station. I continue with this in all the Teladi sectors I've explored so far. This includes the other two new ones. Quadratic Pleiades east of Unforeseen Expenses and south of that (also east of Astrpos IV) External Insurance until I have most of the Teladi sectors mapped.

This is when I get contacted by the TL captain telling me that he's currently waiting in the sector. Jumping in I'm thrilled to notice that the some other Teladi has built two SPP's in the sector and get the TL to drop my station close enough to make the energy runs short, but far enough away so that I can expand it into a complex if I need to. I then order the TS filled with energy cells to make its way over to the sector and dock at the Medium Flower Farm once the construction team have finished with the docking ports while I start going over the job applications for the station.

Turns out there's quite a few. Several thousand in fact. As you can imagine I got bored quickly and decided to hire someone to do it. Turns out one of the applications used to work in Worker Resources so she should do.

'Computer contact Iceusss Relealesssi III' I ordered throwing the data pad containing all the application on the control panel in front of me. About a mizura passed before a Teldai appeared on the screen in front of me.

'Iceusss Relealesssi III I assume?' I greeted the obviously frustrated Teladi female on the other side of the comm.

' Yessss yesss' she replied looking up from whatever was annoying her. 'Iceusss thisss isss. What isss it you want. Teladi isss very busy'.

'Then you wouldn't be interessted in the job I have for you. would you?

Her demeanour immediately improved, her face returning to its normal shade of green instead of the deep green it had been. 'No Teladi not to busssy for that' She replied grinning slightly. 'What work do you have in mind for usss?'

'Well go through thessse firsst and get a workforce sssorted for the Flower Farm in Profit Passsssion. SSSending filesss now.'

'Very well, how many employeesss am I looking for and for what posssitionss? Plusss am I being paid?

'All of the information isss in the file I've just sssent you including pay' I finished as I saw her open the file.

'Ssson of a Sssspl......' Was all I heard before I cut the comm.

'Computer deal with any additional callssss from our new worker relationsss official' I instructed turning back to the best buys screen I was looking at and activating the jumpdrive. May as well get some trading done while I'm waiting for my factory to start up.

So that's what I did for a while. Small trade runs to help build my accounts back up. I assigned the Flower Farm the designation PES PPFF 001 and planned on using this prefix for all my properties. PES stood for Profit Enterprises Station the PP would be the sector it was in, in this case Profit Passion and the FF would be the factory type, in this case Flower Farm then 001 as it was the first one in the sector. I also hadn't given it any start up capital, just the TS currently assigned to it and its hold full of energy cells. Still provided the station runs ata profit then it shouldn't be a problem.

Anyway as it would happen it turns out that running at a profit would be a bit of a problem at first. It didn't seem that anyone wanted to come and buy the Sunrise Flowers so the produced wares were just sitting there building up. So much so that I had to assign the energy transport to sell them at first but slowly it would seem that that a customer base has been built up apparently courtesy of Iceuss who the computer informed me that after much complaining had fianlly decided to get on with hiring some staff and was now pretty much running the place over there. Apparently using previous business contacts to bring in some profits. Oh well suited me even if she did moan and lot and constantly threatened to resign due to stress.

'Computer raissse her ssalary and sssee if ssshe ssshutsss up.'

So I continued doing the trade runs while the factory slowly built up its credits and was planning my next steps in the big world of station building when upon entering
Superstitious Revenue. I noticed another ship drifting in space. Approaching closely it turned out to be a Kite Raider at 20& hull. Pretty beat up but theres no one around so I quietly take control of the ship and send it to the showroom.

Just as I open a comm to Yohulus to let him know that I had another beat up ship for him to get his greedy claws on the computer informs me of another drifting ship on the edge of the radar. Looks liek its my lucky day. This one turns out to be a Buzzard and obviously pirate judging by the paintjob, or what I could make out of it, which would mean less heat from anyone if I claimed it. Pirate ships were free gain and all so I claim the Buzzard which is sitting on 23% hull and send it over.

Yohulus is obviously overjoyed at the two ships and pays me a reasonable 379k for the both of them. Not bad for twenty mizura's work. With that done I jump to Astrpos IV where I'm greeted by a P and PX making a gateless jump into the north west of the sector which then proceed to duff up some traders. Well that's not good, meaning the apparently gateless jump technology. May make it a bit more difficult to actually protect against them but seeing as it isn't my property being duffed up I'm not overly bothered. In fact lets stick around and see if there's anything left for me when that Emeus M2 and Cormorant M7 finally get in range of the tin heads. Oh look another P just turned up.

So I wait around eating some popped sunrise seeds while the Teladi beat on the tin heads. Mental note. Don't aggravate a Emeus captain. Turns out that when the dust settles and the Teladi go back to patrolling the sector having thoroughly knocked the circuits out of them that there's a lrg shield unit left for me. Nice, that's a quick and easy 100k I think as I sell it at the equipment dock in sector then jump to Profit Passion.

I sssuppossse itsss time to face Iceusss and her ranting then' I announce to the computer as we fianlly dock at my Flower Farm. She didn't sound like she wanted to kill me just yet so that's a bonus I suppose and the station accounts showed 120k in credits so something must be going well.

*Computer end log four*

Credits: 1,371,950 (+120,310 in station banks)

02-02-2013, 01:37 AM
*Computer start log five*

Thieving Teladi. Well I'd found out why Iceus was annoyed. Firstly she complained about the work load I'd given her but we'll ignore that fact as I'm sure she's exaggerating and the second one is much more important. It seems that some other Teladi business has followed our lead and built two more Flower Farms in the sector. These large ones are not only bigger than ours but seem to have something going on with the local Sun Oil Refineries as our customer base seems to be dropping. Even at one below average it seems that the selling price is too high for traders to come to us. Looks like its back to juggling the attached transport as a buyer and seller.

Anyway now that's out the way I've decided I need a new ship. Now there's nothing wrong with the one I've got but I'd liek to double the money from each trade run. For this I'll need a superfrieghter. Now I'd love to get one of those Geochen's but given that they cost about 6m and I need a bit more reputation with the Teladi to get it I'll have to stick with a superfrieghter for now.

Trouble is while I've nealry got the 1,8m required for a superfreighter (probably around 2m once maxed), I've not got the reputation to be allowed to buy one of these either so I'll just have to wait for now. Plus I've got another brilliant business plan in my head.

Now compltely ignoring the apparenetly flagging success of my last factory i've noticed that all the Sun Oil Refineries would like Swamp Plant shipments. Now there only appears to be two or three of these in all of the Teladi sectors total and thats no where near enough to supply the few Bliss Places and the Refineries. Add to this that they only cost about 250k for the smallest one I've decided to set up one of these in Profit Passion as well. May as well keep my factories together and theres five Sun Oil Refineries within two jumps so that should keep a market for it. Add to that the readily available energy and were ready to go.

'Computer contact Iceusss' I ordered as the comms to Yohulus closed, a Vultuer ordered, fitted and sent off to collect some energy for my new venture.

'Yessss?' a surprisingly calm voice answered. I say voice as I couldn't actually see her face from the swathes of smoke surronding it. 'You called'

'Iceusss' I sighed 'I have another job for you'

'Icesusss guesssed ssso. Always more work for Iceusss.'

'That'sss why I pay you' I retaliated 'Anyway ssssending filesss now. Oh and pleassse try not to get the whole station high with that ssstuff''.

I cut the comms there, not wanting to see her face even in this state when she saw the stack of job applications I'd taken off the Teladi work seeking board to run work in my new enterprise and given her to sort through. I'm sure she loves her job really.

With that thought I brought Profit Hunter within comms distance of the TL that we'd used last time and hired him again instructing him to go pick up the station I'd ordered and went back to trading.

Was as I was heading towards the Bolt Railgun Forge that they commed me and asked if I would mind getting them 1999 units of e-cells. They were willing to pay me 41,200 for the trouble and seeing as I had a hold full destined to sell there anyway I happily took them up on the offer. With that easily done and out of the way it was back trawling the trade lanes making profits where they were while I waited for the Dream Farm to get to Profit Passion.

Whilst checking the sector map to find out the Flower Farm is doing i notice that the North gate has oppened up to a new sector called Equilibrium. Now intrigued as to what this sector may hold I fill up on e-cells and jump up there. Turns out its not a brilliant place to be at the moment as there's a load of Khaak fighters buzzing around and nothing in the way of sector security so I'll let them be for now. Pretty huge planet in there though I've got to say and from checking up on the news surrounding the sector it seems that they plan on making it there home sector out here in Expansion space. Ok you may want to get rid of the bug problem first guys.. Anyway back to trading. God I need my own TL with a jumpdrive.

Turns out as well that the Khaak are getting more and more boisterous as while I'm flaying around trading in energy and food stuff waiting for my Dream Farm to be constructed I notice a large shuffle going on in Astropos IV. Picking up some cheap energy chainguns to sell at the equipment dock in Astropos IV I jump down there to see what spoils if any are left over. Turns out there's not a hell of a lot but still its free so I'm not going to complain. One medium shield and two small ones picked up later and I'm beginning to feel more and more safe in my little ship.

Turns out however that I may have made a bit of a mistake buying up the energy chainguns Although I'm making 20k on each of the six I have apparently no ones willing to buy them. Rather dejected at this turn of events I decide to see if the Split will take them. Now I know there's a Split sector to the west of Unfulfilled Promises so seeing as that would be a good place to start I jump up there and head into Chin's Demise. Now luckily for me it turns out that there's a equipment dock in the system so I dock up and look for a weapons dealer.

Unluckily for me though after several stazuras trying to convince split merchants to buy them no ones budging. This is a slight problem as although they take up hardly any space in my cargo hold I'd spent all but 26k of my credits buying them. Rather annoyed at this turn of events I jump back into Teladi space and begin trading Nostrop Oil to try and bring my accounts back up while trying to figure out a way of getting rid of these lasers.

Now its not all bad news. Turns out from the reports I'm getting from Iceus who, it appears has pretty much taken up running both the factories, that there both starting to bring in money. Especially the Dream Farm as it would appear that they can't keep up with demand up there. May be another investment opportunities in the future with another one either up there or elsewhere in Teladi space. The Flower Farm it would seem has also reached and is mataining the 100k in funds point.

Now I've decided I'm not going to move any credits from the factories until they reach the 1m in banked funds mark. This may seem a bit weird but this way I can see how long it takes them to pay for themselves and be making pure profit, at which point I'll limit the funds to 100k each. Seems a bit mad but I like to know that my factories have paid for themselves.

Now while I've been thinking about all this the computer seems to have picked up some drifting ships on our nav sat network. Turns out that there was a bit of scuffle between what looks like Pirates, Teladi and Khaak. Jumping into the sector to get a closer look I see that the first of the three ships showing up as derelict is a Kea Vanguard at 6% hull. Its registering as pirate as well so that means first come first served so I head on over and soon enough its mine. Now at 6% hull it probably won't sell for that much but its what I find onboard that I'm happy about. Another two medium shields which I eject and pick up for Profit Hunter and a PAC. Not needing that I send the ship off to the showroom and Yoholus.

Then it occurs to me. Opening up a comm to Yoholus I want to ask him a favour.

'Yoholusss'. I greet.' I hope profitsss are finding you well'

'Profitsss are very well thanksss to you' he beams back tinkering with something while talking to me. 'You have more ssshipsss for us?'.

'Yesss, I've got a Kea on route and there may be two more after that. Now I need to asssk a favour. Do you think you could sssell on some Energy Chain Gunsss?'

'Yoholusss sssellsss everything and anything friend, even mother. SSShesss very good specimen, only one ussser. he finishes emitting a short cackle at his joke. 'We will be glad for the weaponsss and profitsss they bring.'

Thanking him I close the comm and eject the guns from my hold before spacewalking it over to the barley held together Kea and picking them up. Making sure there secure I head back to Profit Hunter and send the Kea on its way.

Now to go see what else we've got. The second one also turns out to be a pirate ship and fair gain but this time a Kite Vanguard. This ones in even worse shape at 4% and I'm pretty sure its the shield unit inside that's keeping it in one piece. Still it also has two PAC's on it so its worth at least 50k so I send it to follow the Kea to the showroom.

The thirrd one is the most interesting. Turns out to be a disabled Khaak Vanguard M6. However this ones a no go as it has military ships surrounding it awaiting pick up. Pity really as scans show that it still has a weapon on board and I'm sure Yoholus wouldhave paid a huge amount for it even in the sorry state it was in.

Oh well I'm not going to complain. Its been a good couple of Wozura's what with two succesful stations and credits rolling in. I sit back and relax as I command Profit Hunter to finish up mapping out the Teladi core sectors and newly opened regions.

Turns out my luck is up yet though as upon entering Astropos II to lay a sat there appears to be a crate of three medium shields' just above the gate. Don't mind if I do thank you very much. Profit Hunter now feels a lot safer with full shielding. There's also another present when were mapping Mutual Benefits in the form of a Falcon Sentinel at 4%. It's gutted however with nothing onboard and given the amount of sectors its got to travel to get o Yoholus it might fall apart while jumping but hey I didn't pay anything for it so it wont be a big loss. Turns out that in the final sector, Equilibream they've also managed to sort out the bug problem and are beating up a couple of microwaves quite effectively as I lay the sat so, not including the ever present Salamanders pirate clan, all's quiet on the Teladi front.

The payment for Yoholus has just come through and I'm now 1.5million richer. Well ok the lasers cost about 600k so I'm actually only 900k richer but hey, we've got rid of the lasers and I now have nearly 2m in funds.

Lets think of something to blow this on this time.

*Computer end log five*

Credits: 1,835,404 (+218,187 in station banks)

02-02-2013, 11:08 PM
*Computer start log six*

'We pay yousss 202,202 creditsss to deliver 2093 unitsss of Nosstrop Oil' The Teladi on screen was offering.

We'd been haggling for a while now as I headed towards the Crystal Fab the Teladi was on. They was apparently desperate for Nostrop Oil and were willing to pay me to deliver some too them quickly. He'd originally started offering just above the average price but I'd managed to haggle the increasingly desperate dock master up to the amount he just offered. Pleased that I'd be making a huge profit on them I thanked him and accepted pulling into the station and unloading the cargo hold full that I had already. One more trip was all it took to compete the contract and after offloading the rest of the Oil I'm sitting at just shy of 2m credits and as you've probably figured saving isn't really in my nature so it was beginning to burn a hole.

Its at this point that the computer tells me that I've lost one of my ships. Nearly spitting my Nostrop Oil all over the data pad I was browsing I hastily bring up my property screen and realise... that none of my property is missing. Turns out after a few minutes looking it was the satellite in Eternal Insurance which ,according to the computer, last recording was a Khaak Vanguard charging straight at it. Oh well I shrug and jump back into the sector to see the Vanguard being turned into a sponge while I drop another satellite.

I then decide its time for a new ship. Now since I last tried to look at a new personal ship the Teladi have decided they like me even better and I'm now allowed to purchase a Super Freighter. Well it costs 1,9m when I'm done buying one and getting Yoholus to upgrade its speed and turning, and it travels 18mps slower than Profit Hunter but hell, Profit Hunter II has over twice the cargo bay and nearly twice as much shielding so all in all I think its a good trade off. Plus more items bought at lower prices and sold at higher prices means more profit margins per trade.

So I head off and start trading in my shiny new ship. Leaving Profit Hunter at the showroom while I decide what to do with it. May be an idea to hire a trader for it but will have to replace the jumpdrive that I switched over to Profit Hunter II first so will need around 600k for that and seeing as I just spent all my money I need to build the balance back up a bit first.

I find out quickly that hauling freight in this ship is a lot quicker on the profits than my last ship and when I get asked to deliver 885 Ore to a Quantum Tube Fact who have suddenly had a influx of customers I find out that missions are also infinitely easier. So 148k richer for a few mizuras work I'm overly happy with m purchase.

Jumping around the sectors trading I managed to pick up another Pirate Buzzard in Astropos II. This one, despite being at 40% hasn't got anything on board which is a shame but still It'll make around 100k so a nice little bonus. Oh yeah that Falcon I picked up has managed to make it across one and half sectors. Yer, its taking its time on this one for sure.

Turns out that the Commonwealth militaries are planning a joint operation against the Xenon as well according to the Gal Net. Looks like the microwaves have really gone and annoyed someone this time. The operation seems a bit bodged though, apparently there going in with no intelligence as there scout drones get shot down before they can take in any information. Not going to lie, that doesn't seem like a good sign and a safe way to make a decision to storm the sector with an entire taskforce. Still, not my ships so they can feel free to waste profits.

Turns out I've lost another sat in Eternal Insurance. Wow them bugs really have something against my sats. Now I'm going to have to drop another one off. maybe I'll buy a laser tower for it to annoy the bugs back.

Now seeing as how trade in Teladi space seems to be drying up a bit (never thought you'd here that did you) and I have no credits for a new factory at the moment I decide to explore and see if there's any trade to be had in Split space. Now looking at my current race relations it seems that Iceus has been busy building some sort of relationships between the races that visit my stations so currently the Split think friendly of me so trading in their space shouldn't be a problem.

Jumping into the partially explored Chin's Demise I find that being as most of the station in this sector are tech fabs and weapon forges that there's no trade to be had so continue east into Scct's Despair. Now the first thing I notice is a drifting Scorpion, which turns out ot be a pirate ship on closer inspection. Now assuming that the laws of salvage are the same in Split space I quickly claim it and send it down to Yoholus who turns out to be very interested in the Split ship. He's also happy to inform me that the Falcon and the Buzzard have finally arrived and is willing to pay me 460k for both so I confirm the trade and am happy to see that my credits are back over 1m.

Having decided that having Profit Hunter sat there doing nothing is a waste of profits I order it to dock at the Military Base and pick up a new jumpdrive. While doing this I review a resume for a Teladi that Joholus had suggested for the new pilot of Profit Hunter, a Teladi named Joranas Yooses Yohulbus III. I bring up the comm channel to my new employee, interested to see what loon I've employed this time.

'Jorannasss I asssssume?' I greet the young Teladi that appears on my screen.

'Yessss ssssir.' The Teladi responds rather enthusiastically 'Itssss pleasssure to make profitsss with likesss of you.' he continues.

'Yess, yesss that'sss lov....'

'We will make much proifitsss for Jorannas good freind.' he interrupted.

'Yesss I'm sssu.......' I try to continue.

'Jorannassss is very excited to try trading for likesss of you. Much profitsss I make and learn much ssskillsss from new freind.'

'Joranusss if I cou.....'

'Joranusss pleassssed to infrom you that Profit Hunter hasss jussst arrived. Lovely ssship ssshe isss. Joranusss go make profitsss now' He finished abruptly cutting the comm.

Well that was ummmm... interesting I thought as I leaned back and glanced at his resume. Does it say anything about verbal diarrhoea in here. At this point I realsie that theres soemthing distinctly similar between this new guys last name and my good friend the mechanics first. Seeing as my Scorpion had arrived at the showroom as well I decide to have a little word with Yoholus.

Turns out that hes Yohulus cousin and had been in need of work for several Mazura's now so Yohulus had thrown him a life line and me a probable migraine. After agreeing with him on 62k for the beat up Scorpion I sat back and got some rest while Profit Hunter II continued to trade and Jorannas tried to.

I'm awoken a little while later by an irate Iceus who apparently keeps going on about the Flower Farm not having any customers due to market saturation. This isn't too good. I've got the Flower Farm with half its storage facility full of Sunrise Flowers and the energy TS's bay full as well as he tried in vain to shift them. I think it may be time to save for a Sun Oil Refinery and complex them to see if that helps. If not there's a load of asteroids in the sector and if I can find a high enough Silicon or Ore yield one I can try and get a SPP loop or high tech end loop set up. That'll take a little while though.

With this in mind however, I decide that I want to relax a little and just let the computer do its thing. I also want to watch Joranus and see if he can actually turn a profit with trading or whether he is a disaster waiting to happen. So, docking at the equipment dock in Astrpos IV where I pick up some explorer software I jump to the south most Teladi sector with asteroids, Mutual Benefits and start mapping asteroids. Not the best ship Profit Hunter II to be doing this in but hey at least its more comfortable and a lot safer than if I was in a M5.

Anyway scanning the Gal Net News I find out that the SPP in Profit Passion is overflowing with stock and due to some unexpected sunlight bursts has received some damage in the process. Now seeing as the one in question is run by Credentia, a rival company to me and there happy to supply cheap energy to my two stations I find this all pretty funny. Also a bit of good news is that Iceus seems to be holding some sales down with the manual sale of sunrise flowers from our station and its profits are slowly growing which is nice.

Getting some rest I come back to find that Profit Hunter has mapped the sector and is currently waiting for a new order. Turns out that theres no asteroids witha yield of over 27 so its not the best place for a complex. Still may be able to support one but would take multiple mines.

Jumping to the next sector, Astropos VI I set Profit Hunter II to scanning again and bring up my property menu where I'm amazed to find that Jorannas is indeed, a pretty good trader. He's already a Paymaster (lvl 9) and is happily chugging along making me money left right and centre. May have to put a word of thanks into Yohulus and buy him a bottle of Argon Whisky or something Probably not though as that stuffs quite expensive.

Now I also have my balance back at over 1m so instead of the bottle of whisky I'll purchase another freighter form him. Much more expensive but also useful for me in the long run. Not sure what for at the moment but hey the credits aren't burning a hole anymore and I'm sure I'll find something. I think Teladi space needs another Dream Farm and thi time I think I want to go bigger.

Oh and Jorannas has just gone up another rank so alls good. Time to get some more rest and answer some of these rants that Iceus has sent me.

*Computer end log six*

03-02-2013, 08:22 PM
*Computer start log seven*

Well it would appear that although Teladi space is full of asteroids these are all uselessly low in yield. Well apart from Equilibrium where they all seem rather high that is. Anyway while I was resting and relasxing mappign the asteroids apparently oh good employee Joranas has been busy making a small fortune in trade runs. Looking at my accounts it turns out I now have over 2m in funds. Wow he may talk a lot but he trades a dam lot to.

It would definetly seem as well that having traders working for me brings in much more profits than a station so i may invest in another one or two at some stage. For now however i've got other plans. Wanting to get that Vulture I bought up and running and witht he Teladi having just discovered another sector, Profit Credibility I've an idea. Jumping to Astropos IV I contact our trusty TL captain and ask him if he'd like some more work.

Of course he accepts and I ask him to move to the Shipyard where I've dumped a million credits into a new XL Dream Farm for the newly opened sector. Now my other Dream Farm is a nice little earner but XL may still seem a bit overboard but I plan on adding a Bliss Place at some point and get trading in some Space Weed as it sells really well in Teladi space and at a high price. Plus it isn't illegal here which is a plus and as I don't really plan on transporting the weed with any of my ships I'm not to bothered what happens to my customers.

With this in mind I jump down to the new sector and await the TL and my idle Vulture to meet me to get this station up and running. I also hand the staffing over to Iceus who really does nearly have a heart attack this time. Still I gave here a big raise so she should be happy after she calms down.

After setting up the station I go back to mapping Split space with the idea to increasing the profit opportunities for Joranas and his trading. After that was done I decided to carry out asteroids scans in the new sector.

As I glided out of the jumpgate into the sector I engaged the computer to auto scan the asteroids I close my eyes to get some sleep.

*Log entry incomplete. Terminated here*

Entry seven seems was recovered from the black box of merchant vessel Profit Hunter II, belonging to esteemed Teladi trader Ingamus. Cause of death. Apparently his autopilot gate crashed his career rather literally.