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05-02-2013, 10:46 PM
Right now seeing as the autopilot crashed my last DID into a gate I've decided to do a good old pirate one this time around. It'll also be on a vanilla game (with the bonus pack) rather than the XTC mod as although I liked the mod I missed the old basic game (plus the sectors were way to big for me). Anyway as always there has to be some rules so here they are.

*No buying ships
*No aiming assist on only semi
*Cant't trade with Boron, Paranid and Argon.
*Must wage war with Boron, Paranid and Argon when and where possible.
*Can only use repair laser on ships up to M6 size (thought M8 counts as well)
*Will add more as I think of them.
*Humble Trader start (though I'm not using the Mercury and will get rid of it as soon as possible)
*Will add more probably as we go along

Right lets begin shall we. Welcome to the (probably short) life of Callum S'hot M'Up, the Half Split half Human pirate wannabe.

*Computer begin log one*

What was it my parents had always said? Oh yer, dont trust A Split as far as you can throw him (which generally due to their muscular build isn't very). This was kind of a weird thing to say seeing as my father was Split and all but hey. Pirates aren't known for there intelligence. Yes that was what my parents were, pirates. There dead unfortunately. Killed by the Argon when the retook Elenaor's Fortune several Jazuras ago. They weren't even doing anything wrong at the time just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Anyway apparently I'd been found drifting in a escape capsule (I'm pretty sure ,despite being only 16 Jazuras old at the time I was high on space weed or drunk on space fuel) and had been brought back to Argon Prime where I'd been put into a juvenile rehabilitation thing. I'd escaped though and got the next taxi off the Trading Station. This leads us up to now.

So I had a unarmed under shielded discoverer and 9000 credits and given that I just killed the former owner of this ship while he was taxing me to the nearest Distillery I should probably be a bit low key. Well ok I'll be low key after I've got some speed in this bucket.

Squashing the body into a cupboard in the back (mental note must remember he's there before he starts to stink the place out) I dock at the Trading Station and get as much speed upgrades as I can. This isn't all that much and soon I'm broke again, though, I'm going twice as fast and ironically the my PDA has just informed me my standing with the Argon has just increased. Might have to sort that out at some point murdering gits (yes I know I'm a pirate but hey I can admit it). Now to get out of here before I'm recognised.

Hmmm checking the property records it seems this guy owns a Mercury too. Don't have any use for it and it'll be wanted probably soon so I'll just set if adrift and wipe all codes form it. Some lucky buggar can have it as salvage. Right anyway, time to get to Pirate space and see what looting there is to be doing.

Well the journey through Argon space is quiet. There was a small scuffle in President's End but the pirates came off badly and seeing as everyone was using flamethrowers they didn't even drop me any loot. Gits.

Brennans Triumph is a different kettle of fish alright. Seems some idiot trader decided to make there day more lively and watch his turret attack a Pirate Carrack. Yer no that's not going to end well now is it. In fact its not going to end well for anyone. Especially the thousands of people on the Snail Ranch who the Carrack captain has decided is in league with the traders and so blown the station to bits. Sheeesh dude calm down.

Also appears that one of the people its not going to end well for is me. Apparently (or purposefully who knows and frankly I'm not willing to find out) one of the escort fighters for the Carrack has their turrets set on shoot at all enemies or something (or they were just having a laugh) and proceed to take away some of me hull and everything so I back off a little hoping that my little ship, still on 42% will hold together till I can weld the holes shut.

Oh yeah and I also got a disruptor and dragonfly missiles rummaging through the rampage. Not too bad now excuse me while I make my ship look less like a sponge.
Oh and look another fight further north of me and just as I've finished fixing me little boat up. Lets see what spoils we have.

Ok right I'm not going to lie I watched that entire fight in utter disbelief. Coming up to the Pirate Base here (can't remember which clan it belongs to. Think it may be the Brennans Brigands) I watch as a Argon Colossus and two escorting Cerebuses as well as fighters close on the base. Now sensing the quick demise of the base I sit and get some popcorn. As I'm finished with making the popcorn I come back to witness that two Carracks have turned up but apparently are hanging back. Probably laughing there heads of like me as I watch the two Cerberuses get taken out by two laser towers. I mean what in the name of Gunne were they doing. You've got a warship and you lose to two static laser tower. Then the Colossus decides to take matters into its own hands and takes the Pirate Base down to 50% health and then.....leaves. Ok right I think I unde..... no, no I don't. I think I'm just going to grab some of these missiles floating around and leave before anything else absurd happens like a Xenon station jumping on top of the broken gate or something.

Not going to lie though I don't want to be that Argon captain trying to explain what happened.

Anyway I just about reach the Teladi fencing capital of the universe, Company Pride (ironic name there) as I finish my popcorn and coming into the docks I quickly find some money grabbing lizard and sell off the missiles that I'd picked up. This turns the 2 RGW's, 1 Beluga and 1 Banshee I had into a Freight Scanner, 4 IRE's and another shield as well as more tunings and boom were off to do some pirating of our own (or at least try).

Heading into Hatikvahs Faith I notice some crates just floating around so snag them and then head towards some random shaped station far off the grid. Turns out to be another Pirate Base and a Anarchy Port which doesn't like me. Ironically enough the Pirate Base is looking to play happy families and some Split offers to hack the Port for me but I don't have the funds so pass.

Its also now that I notice that I didn't get a scanner so visibility is next to nothing . With this in mind I head to Nopiloes Memorial where its a single line of traffic and therefore easier to pirate without scanners. Also turns out there's a slightly more competent Colossus in here that obliterates a pirate patrol so i wait for it to leave before trying anything.

Deciding that the Colossus was taking to long to pick its fighters up and seeing as a Centaur and escorts had just entered the sector I head back to Hatikvahs Faith ad chase down Paranid high tech transporter in a M4. Turns out I hit the jackpot as I came away from that little scuffle with 7 5MJ shields another 1MJ one, 9 computer components and some missiles.

Seriously who fly's around with that much gear and no fighter drones. Idiot. Oh well his loss my gain and apparently when I realised he wouldn't bail I managed to convince him that it was all his fault and he went on his merry way. Real idiot. Then it dawned on me. I didn't have any room for anymore loot and apart from the computer components I don't want to sell any of it. I need a storage ship.

Deciding a Boron food TS was a good choice I close in, open up and get a face full of IBL. Ok you win please leave me alone while I weld some more holes up. I think there's a discoverer under all this scrap metal somewhere.

So anyway a little while later I've got one kill to my name and a series of attacks and grovels and nothing to show for it apart from some loot that I can't carry. Turns out that everyone's pretty forgiving (though I'm sure it wont last) and take great pleasure in my asking for them to stop shooting after I realise I'm outmatched. Well apart from pirates. There stupid and don't like apologises. Oh well he was Paranid anyway so who cares. Apparently a Carrack did mind you and I'm forced to cross into Aladna Hill where I fix up some more dents received from a Argon TS and wait for the Carrack to show up. Luckily for the Carrack it doesn't and luckily for me word hasn't got to the Argons that I've stolen this ship and tried (and failed) to jack several others. May have something to do with the fact that that Argon is still in the cupboard. Hmmm may have to do something about that soon. Anyway a few more attempts and then I'll call it a day. Oh yeah I got a 80k warhead too. Forgot about that.

turns out that the Carrack is still around and pissed at me so I head for Nopileos Memorial to see if it'll let me be there. On the way however I come across a Argon Centaur and its fighter escort. Deciding that it'd be fun to watch them get fragged I sit behind them and watch the Carrack make a beeline straight for me and through the Argons. Turns out however that this Centaur captain should swap places with that Colossus captain as it promptly smashes the Carrack to pieces for the loss of two of its fighters. Fair enough then thanks for that. Not what I expected but I'll take it. Now don't mind me while I attack this Boron.

And wouldn't you know it he bails and I'm left with a 69% hull Dolphin. Patching it up a bit I send it up to Company Pride where I plan on picking up a special command software so it can grab loot that I get or failing that a suicidal pilot. Lets just hope the Split recognise the ships codes as not being Boron and don't frag it en-route.

As I'm about to enter the gate though I stop to let a Phoenix and heavy escort through. Now watching the Phoenix change bearing to chase down the pirate Brigantine that was terrorizing the sector I followed along (its going to take the Dolphin ages to get anywhere anyway) interested to see just how quickly one of the most heavily armed and armoured ship in the universe does against a load of welded together pieces.

Turns out amazingly enough that it does about as well as the welded bucket does and they both take each other out in a huge explosion. Well that's different and deciding that I needed a lie down before I was killed by a angry spacefly or something I head back up to Company Pride where I'll meet and exchange freight with Cargo Hold (the recently acquired Dolphin), sell some of the more expensive missiles and get some more upgrades, then rent a room for the night while they work on my ships before heading out in Small Fortunes (the Discoverer) tomorrow to see what new adventures and idiocy I can find.

The plan however is to get me a heavier fighter.


M5 Discoverer 'Small Fortunes'
TS Dolphin 'Cargo Hold'

Credits: 42,770

*Computer end log one*

NOTE: Now I know I'm not using the XTC mod for this one but I thought that some of you may enjoy seeing it anyhow so have decided to post it here as welll as the Egosoft forums.

06-02-2013, 11:04 PM
*Computer start log two*

Well it would appear that even with its engine tuning maxed Cargo Hold isn't going anywhere soon so i potter down to Hatikvahs on my own with the Hold following along at its own pace. I haven't annoyed the Split at all so it should be fine.

Now lets see I want a M4 (or M3 but lets not get cocky) but I'm not sure which. I mean I could get he Scorpion but its a bit weakly shielded. The Buster is heavily defended but a lot slower. The Pericles has nice shielding and fair speed but useless cargo hold as it can't even take M cargo (which in all honesty doesn't matter much as I'll have Cargo Hold on hand most of the time) and the same goes for the Mako (though its not so heavily shielded). So it looks like its the Mako or Periciles I'm after, which seeing as I'm half Split and half Argon is going to upset oine side of me with either one but hey. If it works what the hell.

Firstly however some Splits offering me a freight scan mission for 7% of the wares and I've got 10 mizuras to play with. Sure I'll take it. Oh wait what there's another Split offering me 4% with 14 mizuras on the clock. Ok don't mind if I do. Must be some rival clan thingy going on. Anyway I head off and scan everything I see. Turns out this mission is worth its weight in gold as by the end I've made 800k for 14 mizuras work. Right that seems fair but hey I'm a pirate anything is fair.

By this time as well Cargo Hold has finally made it so while I order him to dock up at the only non pirate factory in the sector I try and find a target for acquisition. Turns out this is harder than it seems and I sit there for several Stazura's without any of the targets I choose bailing or any real good targets full stop.

Then I get the biggest fright of my life. Behind me somehow a Brigantine and a all his escorting fighters jump in and make a beeline straight for me. Ok that's not good looks like I'm not welcome in these hunting grounds anymore. Ordering Cargo Hold to head into Nopileos Memorial I lead the M2 on a merry chase around the sector until I spot what may be a solution. It turns out that a Teladi M2 Phoenix has chosen this moment to enter the sector from the west gate. Time for round two me thinks.

So sitting behind the Phoenix I wait for the Brig to catch up and for everyone to get involved in a massive furball, eagerly awaiting the demise of the Brig and escorts. But no the pirates have other ideas and swiftly blow the Phoenix to bits, even retaining nealry half of its shields. Thinking that the Teladi ships in all fairness are probably more welded together than the pirate ones I watch in amazement again as the accompanying Shrike sneak up and blows the Brig and then the rest of the escort to bits.

Alright so that's Brig-2 Shrike-1 and Pheonix-0. Someone somewhere in Teladi space is boiling his top at the loss of them Phoenixes. Anyway time for Cargo Hold to make an about turn and gather up some goodies. Then with that done we both slip into Nopileos Memorial and hope that this place is quieter.

It was, or so I thought. Turns out that taking a freight scan mission has peeved off about 15 pirate fighters that were patrolling the sector and there all heading for me. Ok Cargo Hold dock up and act anonymous while I play tag.

And tag we did play. Right into the waiting arms of a Argon Centaur and escorts and then a Paranid Odysseus. Needless to say there wasn't much left of the pirates and a bit of loot for Cargo Hold. Also go the 200k I earnt freight scanning before the pirates got involved. Means I've now made over 1m. Well that was stupidly easy but hey I'm sure it'll come in handy later on.

Its then after sitting around for ages trying to get someone to bail that the Split in me takes over. Fine you won't bail you die. No more apologising and letting you continue on I want your ship and that's that.

So after seeing nothing to pick on for a while I head back into Hatikvahs to see if its calmed down a bit. That turns out to be a no and as I convince a Dolphin to dump five 5mj shields out for me a wing of pirates get the jump on me. Several long mizuras later and I'm being chased around the sector by some stupid pirates that have already taken out one of my 1mj shields and 12% of my hull while I try and grab my loot.

Its then that some Teladi offers to hack the Anarchy Port for me from the Pirate Base next to it. Trying to play happy neighbours may actually help here and seeing as he's only charging 84k your on. Now lets see if these pirates give it up.

Nope oh well I've got the shields and now a friendly Anarchy Port lets get back to Cargo Hold. Just got to head through this west gate that a Argon Titan has just appeared in. Alright you have right of way mate. Turns out the pirates disagree and promptly get blown to bits. That solves that problem then, still I'm heading back to repair and get another shield and change of clothes.

Right one more run and then we'll call it a day. Turns out that I'm target number one again though as a Carrack chases me out of Nopileos. Still I managed to get some Teladi to hack the Rehabilitation centre in Split Fire for me for 150k so its not too bad. A bit steep a price if you ask me but hey if I can make them friendly I may as well. I means its not like I need the money for anything at the moment.

Right anyway where was I. Oh yeah one more try. Hmm there's a under shielded Boron flying a Pericles without any fighter drones. Lets try my luck. So I do but he turns out to be stubborn just liek the rest. Opening the com I tell him hes free to go and sighing turn back towards the station where Cargo Hold is to call it a day. Then I swear I hear him laughing at me (or he could have just been singing or something but hes Boron and has that annoying high pitched voice so I can't tell). Anyway I decide that its not his lucky day afterall and swing back around quickly stripping his shields again.

He however has other ideas and decides that it is his lucky day and bails. Well thanks very much fishy I might just take it. Drifting over in my space suit I'm greeted with a Pericles at 64% with 54 crates of Stott spices in the cargo bay (which is weird as apparently its reading 54/26. Go figure). Shame about the lack of equipment but Cargo Hold has some spare shields and I can cope with the IRE's from Small Fortunes for now so its all good, Patching her up takes a little while but soon I'm escorting my new prize back to Cargo Hold where I plan on drinking some space fuel to celebrate then sleeping it off. Then off to the Anarchy Port to get the Pericles all tuned up.

Life is looking up.

M4 Pericles
M5 Discoverer 'Small Fortunes'
TS Dolphin 'Cargo Hold'

Credits: 870,765

*computer end log two*