View Full Version : Gameplay Xenon invasion of my home sector defence (X3 terran conflict gameplay)

29-04-2013, 09:40 PM
In this video, im happily running a couple of factories when (due to a mod) a random xenon fleet jumps into orbit around my homeworld.
Xenon fleet consists of:
4x xenon Q(M7 Frigate class)
5x xenon Px (M6 warship class)
5 x xenon L (M3 heavy fighters)
8 x xenon M (M4 light fighters)
advantages: Heavy firepower and shielding, slow to maneuver

My fleet consists of:
2 x evader corvette (M6 warship class, highly manourable, heavy shields, low firepower)
14 x locast sentinal (M3, heavy fighters)
1x falcon vanguard (M3 heavy fighter)
1 x captured xenon L (M3 heavy fighter)
1 x nova (m3 heavy fighter)
The only advantage I have is speed