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The Defenders

Chapter 1: Back Ground

The Mayon Empire was an ancient race, they lived for centuries in their chosen systems and lived in peace with all around them. Their technology was second to none and because of it, even their enemies smiled and bowed to them as they went by and wished for a better, or darker time or place to meet. But as time went on they fell into a peaceful rut, and even their science community moved away from weapons and a strong military and into other, more peaceful endeavors. Their massive ships became museum pieces and many were dismantled for use as other things. And all the while, people all around them watched and waited knowing that a peaceful civilization is a weak civilization, and they gathered more ships and better men and women and watched as their powerful neighbor silently ignored the rest of the galaxy and instead focused on other areas of science and great strides were made and things built that a decade before would have been unthinkable even for them.

The Council was not however totally oblivious to the situation and the Council President demanded that they be more serious about their own defense, as many laughed at him behind his back.

“We are the greatest civilization ever conceived, we have technology that was never dreamed of before, no one would dare bother us, and they don’t need to, we will trade all of our technology to others for peace, so wars are a thing of the past.” They openly said, as even the President knew that wasn’t completely true. They had forever refused to sell weapons technology, and that alone made their enemies think they were light years ahead of others, and it had been true. In the past their weapons were so very advanced that it became known that no war would last more than a few days, and the research into newer and better weapons stopped, and they moved on to other things as their war machines sat there, waiting on a conflict that had never come.

But now, as years past the Council itself started getting requests to dismantle and the President refused, saying that apathy was the greatest enemy of all and many others started getting ready to demand the end of all military and defensive testing and research and he demanded that a minimal size navy was necessary as others around them got stronger and stronger, but they didn’t listen and they never changed at all, until finally not a single man or woman was trained to use the equipment, and the military for all apparent purposes, disappeared from their worlds.

The only things left now were the drone fighters, forever moving up and down the side of the systems, watching for pirates or other offensive ships that might enter without permission. They were the last ships built for defense and they were more than a century old now and even repairs seemed to be hard to come by. But they did their best and their scans and reports made it back to the Council month after month, and it became plain that things were not as peaceful along the outer boarders than it had always been. The drones were being tested, almost weekly now, by larger, manned ships from outside the Empire and as these attacks became known to everyone, many smiled, saying that the ‘smaller worlds’ were feeling their growing pains and tested their betters, but the President said no, they were trying to either destroy the defenses or capture the drones for their own uses, and the other Governors and Councilmen laughed saying they didn’t have the technology to do even that, and ignored him once more as he started to feel that only his mind was working any more.

The last building for military training was now a museum, but he ordered a small area of it made ready, and started gathering a few young people to test his theory. If he was right, they couldn’t even be trained, much less do the job, and a few months of intensive work later and it showed the truth. Many generations of peace and higher education had made them lose their instinct for survival, and though they had more than enough mental abilities, the will to use them for defense or offense was gone, and he saw a world of planners and thinkers, but not a single warrior among them.

He called a meeting of his advisors and when all the facts were shown they looked sad to think that their civilization was nothing more than the schools it ran and a few old drones that held back every war machine in existence, and that was a lot. While they sat by watching the ‘lesser worlds’ fight each other for resources and land, they had become complacent and weak. All the instincts that a people had inside them for survival was gone, replaced with higher level thought, and compassion even for their enemies. but in a time of war, they froze, they had no idea what to do, even if it was shown to them, their people couldn’t do it. So great was the change that came over them during their centuries of peace and prosperity.

“Then how do we survive after this? What are our options?” He asked sadly as many ideas came forth, like a new generation of drones, and he agreed and research started into those, but he wanted more and they had to pull out the last weapons research, now 200 years old and see what could be used autonomously, since not a single person would use it in battle.

“I believe we’re blindly dancing around the truth here...” The Master of Biology, Carl Griffon said as everyone looked his way, “ our civilization has failed, as a civilization, not as a people. We can and do research and build, but we lack the skills and instincts to use what we make. Our people live life in a bubble of peace and tranquility and that is no longer true, as we have serious enemies, some that we helped supply ourselves. If we are to survive, we need new blood, new people to add to our own genetic diversity to regain the instincts we have lost, and the military side of our world.”

“But that would take decades of genetic research and we just don’t have the time to recreate ourselves so quickly.” He heard as he shook his head no.

“Not ‘rebuild ourselves’ at all, I mean...literally....adding to us. We have the technology to see other worlds, we watch them from here and with dimensional scanners and drones, we know for a fact many young planets outside our area have good people that lack the technology to see space like we can. If we make an offer ...to the right people, then have them come here to live, we can begin defending our worlds and adding to our genetics immediately. Even our best genetic splicing and rewriting would take a century to see good results, and besides, sometimes the old way is better, we have other problems... genetically, that this would also solve.” He added as many whispered among themselves but the Council President agreed and a plan to see what could be done was set up and the Master of Biology was put in charge and he began looking for ways to test young people from other worlds to see who had what it took to become the next generation of Mayon, and to save their world and civilization from permanent stagnation.

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And so the race begins to save a master race from its own foolishness. Will they find help in time? Will they let outsiders rule their military while they sit back and build new machines for them? And will their old friends become new enemies, when they discover that they are no longer either willing or capable of defending themselves? Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel...lol

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Chapter 2: Ken

Master Griffon was all smiles as he saw the results of his first months work. There were 5 planets that he was watching and they had many good candidates on them. Many had games that artificially created space and left people see if they could make a living while getting along with others and making friends. Some did very well, while others forced their way, using shortcuts and cheats and he wrote them off right away. If they brought new people out here they had to understand that they would need to live on their own, after a small start provided by their government of course. They would not be made military at all, but independent pilots of a new generation of craft and they were being planned and made ready even now as he was asked daily when his research would bring them their first new ‘colonists’. He was being stern though, he wanted only those that had great skills and weren’t afraid to use them while still showing compassion for others, and having a moderate amount of intelligence.

They had to fit into the new civilization without major turmoil and still bring the skills with them they needed to do the job, and his outline for their new plan was seen and approved. Pilots that stopped or killed enemy ships would be given rewards including a chance at better ships later on, and money of course as bounties. Then as they grew to see the universe around them maybe even their own businesses, and some stations were set aside to show they had something to work towards. Not only did he want them to fight for them, but he wanted to see what many might call ‘improper fraternization’ between their people. And with that new people would be made to add their genetics to the populous and that would save them for generations to come.

The Mayon had long ago defeated many of the universes problems, like diseases and obesity. They were in fine shape, every last one of them and they were attractive to anyone who saw them. Tall and thin, but not sickly thin just in great condition, with muscles rippling on the men and women in nice shape, with their normal silver gray hair and snug body-suits that were standard for many occupations, they made more than one man take a second look.That attractiveness with their good attitudes and fine looking bodies, would certainly help his cause, and he made a short list of 5 to start and made plans to bring them here, or at least offer to, since abductions would only cause more troubles later, they had to agree to come and he had some small dimensional shuttles made ready to gather those who agreed, and he started making the necessary information available to those that he had chosen, to see how well this first string accepted or rejected his offer.

Kenneth Haskell got home from his job and laid back on the bed for a minute. He was beat, but you need to start at the bottom to make it to the top, thats what his father had always preached to him, and now here he was just starting out as a graduate from their schools mandatory education program and was working to support himself. He lived upstairs above the garage in his own little apartment that his father helped him set up to give him some ‘privacy’ for a young man at his age, like he was worried about that right now.

He got a job working construction while going to school in the evenings studying to become an engineer. He didn’t want to work on buildings forever, but design them thats where the big money was, and he slowly got up and got a bite to eat and then sat down to play his favorite game for a while before going to bed.

On this game he owned several ships from small things for one man to larger ships with a full crew. He had been in a battle yesterday and had lost people, so today, while his ship was being repaired, he needed to buy some more people... or hire them as it said, and he looked to see what he needed. He lost his first shift navigator, so he needed a new one but those with skills he wanted were pretty expensive, but to get where you want to go and back safely it was a necessity, so he hired the best he could get and assigned him to his cruiser. Then he ordered a few marines, since his last boarding attempt failed miserably, and that made the ship safe to fly at least, and he gathered a new medic, because he knew that fighting was as necessary as living, and he wanted his people to have a fighting chance even if they got hurt.

That set him up again for now, and as he looked over some new ships at the shipyard a message popped up on the screen and it surprised him. It had never happened before but he watched as a list of new vessels, all very,very high tech was shown and he decided that he had passed some milestone somewhere and an entirely new line of vessels was being offered and he smiled widely. They looked pretty nice, nothing like the little ships from before, and when it asked if he’d like to see one, he agreed and the message went away for a minute and then came back...with instructions to where to go see it....on his world... right down the street, not more than a mile out of town, and he sat back with a thump and stared at the screen as it blinked the message over and over that asked : “ will you come?” and after a minute he agreed,and grabbed his coat and jumped on his electric motorcycle and ran to see if this was true or not, before it got too dark to see.

He rode like a madman and made it there without stopping to talk to anyone and he got off the bike at a small field. He looked around and saw nothing but waving grass around knee high. He turned and looked on the other side of the road and nothing was there but trees, but when he turned around again, there was small blue and white ship sitting there in the field, not a hundred yards away, and his eyes popped out of their sockets. He walked slowly towards it and when he arrived he looked up at the cockpit now just over his head and then walked down the edge of the wings and around the back. It was small, by military standards here, but it had a look that just screamed ‘fast’, and it had that supersonic, long thin thing going on, like it could do Mach 5 in an instant and he nodded in appreciation.

He went back to the front and tried to see in but it was too high and finally he just said right out loud...”Is there a ladder or something I cant see in like this.” and a minute later the legs it was sitting on lowered it to the ground and the cockpit opened as the top slid back to show a small seat and blue glass on three sides, nothing more, just blue glass, as he slid into the seat and looked around lights came on and just as he started to jump out again, a small 12 in wide screen came on with a mans face on it, and Ken sat back down to see what was going on.

“Who are you?” he asked as the man smiled at him for a second.

“We are the Mayon...” He answered as Ken nodded and waited for more. “Like it?”

“Sure, whats not to like, it seems very high tech I really like the blue glass dash and hidden instrumentation.” Ken went on as the man nodded, all smiles. “ Is this a light fighter? In the games I play thats the average for a small ship like this.”

“No, this is only a shuttle we don’t use light fighters any more...” The man said and looked sad. “ But I need to ask you something. Would you agree to come live with us, on my world? We need young men and women who can fight our enemies and fly our ships. Our people are no longer capable of doing it for ourselves, you see. So we need you and many more like you.” He said all too seriously as Ken looked shocked.

“But...I’ve never really flown anything. I just play games on my computer, thats all.” Ken insisted as the man smiled and agreed.

“We’ll train you, and give you your first ship,one better than this.” The man said as Ken swallowed hard thinking that he was being offered a ship, and a job, on another world.

“There are problems you need attended to there?” Ken asked straight out as the man looked surprised he could ask like that, but he agreed.

“We build the most high tech devices and ships imaginable, and we sell to others, but some are getting more violent with us. Our ships are attacked and our businesses take losses, and we cant do that type of thing ourselves any more, so we need to recruit new people.” Ken heard as he nodded he understood, at least a little.

“As you can tell, we are human, like you. Our people are smart, our intelligence is our most prideful creation, but to get it we gave up too much.” The man said and looked very upset with himself. “ but...we have great health as will you, our medical specialists are nearly perfect, as is our young women.” He said with a wink as even Ken smiled for a minute.

“When do you need to know ?” Ken asked as the man looked surprised he could ask, with him sitting there ready to leave. “ I need a few minutes to think.”

“Very well but hurry, even your people will see this sitting here soon, and we can not allow that.” The man said as the screen went blank and rejoined the rest of the glass like it had never been there. Ken got out and walked quickly back to his bike,and took the key from his pocket and stuck it in the ignition. Then he pulled out his coms devise and made a call and his mom was on the link a second later.

“Where are you? Your father said you ran out like a bullet and jumped on the bike and disappeared. Whats going on?” She demanded as Ken smiled at her.

“I had a job interview to get to.” he said as she looked happy to hear it wasn’t something odd. “ I decided to go, to...another country...” he lied as her face fell. “ they are here waiting for me, and I cant take the bike along. You’ll find it outside town about two miles on the right, have dad come get it and take it home, the keys are in it.”

“Outside of town, what kind of job interview is way out there?” She asked, while waving and running, as he smiled widely at her shock.

“I’ll call when I can or visit when possible,” he went on as she just nodded agreement, “ don’t forget come get the bike.”

“Ken, wait, whats really going on?” She asked looking scared as he walked back towards the little ship, and he turned the coms camera to show it to her,as her voice refused to work, now nothing but a soft squeak. “I’ll be fine mom, don’t worry.” And with that he closed the coms and slid back into the little cockpit and as the screen came on he nodded he was ready, and the cockpit closed and a minute later it lifted off vertically for a hundred feet, and as he looked out he saw his dads car coming to a sliding stop next to the bike, and they both jumped out as the little ship disappeared into nothingness right before their eyes.

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Chapter 3: Krystopher and Casi

Krystopher Hawking was walking home from a friends house late on a Saturday evening when his coms buzzed and he opened it to see a face he didn’t recognized at all.

“Sorry don’t want any...” he said and started to close it as the man laughed right out loud at him and he stopped to see why.

“How do you know? I haven’t offered anything yet,” the man mentioned as Krys did smile for a second and waited to hear the usual sales pitch that would end suddenly when he finally did hang up on him. “I saw you playing that game tonight, your quite skilled at planning what you want ahead of time. It shows a certain degree of intelligence many don’t use in that situation, its called strategy.”

“How could you know...” Krys started as the man waved it away like it was nothing to worry about.

“We are in need of some young people, people like you that have certain skills we lack,” He heard as Krys nodded without thinking. “ would you be interested in coming to my world for a while and working for me? The chances at advancement are great, and the extra money would certainly help your family wouldn’t it?” He asked as Krys stopped short and leaned on a wall next to an ally and wondered how this person knew him and his family so well.

“Who are you, really?” Krys asked as the man gave him a short bow.

“We are the Mayon...” the man said as Krys looked like he might faint any minute, “ and I can come get you if your interested, we’ll train you and give you a ship for your own, like some you’ve used in the games you play, and all we ask is that you stay with us and help defend our worlds from invaders.”

“And I take it that asking for help on other worlds is happening because there ARE invaders?” Krys asked as the man nodded slowly.

“You’ll get free training, a place to live until your self-sufficient, and a ship to start you out, then you’ll have the ability to make as much or as little as you like depending on what path you choose, and we can even see to it that some of your earnings get transfered back home for you, so your mother can get the medical treatments she needs. We might even send one of our own medics to see her and give her treatments that your world doesn’t even possess yet.” The man hinted as Krys looked shocked that his dream of taking care of his family was finally coming true.

“With those conditions, I’ll do it, come get me,” He said quickly as the man nodded and he gave him directions to an empty lot just two blocks over and Krys started that way but before he got there, he called home and told his mother he had a job, a good job, and that he’d send money back for her and maybe have a doctor stop by sometime and she nodded she understood, and coughed harshly for a moment and then asked him to be careful, and he agreed he would as he closed the devise and stood there, looking at the empty lot. But a second later a small ship just appeared there and lowered itself to the ground as he walked over and slid in and it then closed and lifted up to clear the nearby buildings and disappeared in an instant.

Cassiopeia Rollins was working with her grandmother in the fields of their family farm. It was a hard life but the people of their community helped each other, and together they managed to get by with what they could grow or make for themselves. The big city dwellers had it much better, but the gap between haves and have nots was huge and even though millions worked to keep up their high standard of living , the average person had little more than the cloths on their backs and a small dwelling to live in.

Casi had come to live with her grandmother when both her parents died in an accident in a factory a few years ago. Now, she worked daily in the fields and then went to school to get a diploma that she was sure would be as worthless as the so called ‘councillor’ was that pushed her towards it.

She was almost convinced that she’d have nothing, be nothing and only get married when the time came to help out her family or to guarantee herself a place to live if something happened to her grandmother someday. But that was a long ways off yet since they were both in fine condition. Hard work has a simple side effect of helping the healthy stay that way while weeding out the weak and sick, as she had seen in the past.

She stopped for a minute to wipe sweat away while her grandmother called for her and she went to get something to eat before it got dark out and the solar power got low again, but as she sat down to eat, her coms buzzed and she excused herself to answer it as her grandmother teased her about ‘some young man’ calling and she laughed at her for it. She stepped outside onto the porch and saw the man smiling at her and she smiled back and asked if there was anything she could do for him and he nodded and said he represented a new world. A world where she could become anything she wished for, and make as much cash as she desired, and Casi laughed at him until she saw his face. He was truly serious and he mentioned she had skills he needed and that they would send a ride to get her and she looked scared and hopeful at the same time.

“What skills would those be, exactly?” She demanded and her face showed she misunderstood him completely as he took a minute to explain, and her stern face dropped and he smiled and waited for her to regain her composure.”A pilot...of a spacecraft... defending your worlds from attack, and I get free training, a place to live AND a free ship afterword?” She asked loudly,as he nodded agreement and her face lit up like a million LEDS were in it and she agreed, asking when they would come, and even while she was asking, a small ship lowered from the sky and landed in their front yard and Casi screamed and jumped back for a minute n shock, as her grandmother ran out to see why.

“My God...what is that!?” She demanded as Casi caught her breath and explained as her grandmother looked shocked and nodded to her explanation without thinking.

“Its a new world and a new chance for me,” Casi whispered in her ear as she hugged the older lady, who nodded she understood, but still looked like it was all a dream. “ I’ll visit or return someday, I can do that right?” She asked the man on the screen as he mentioned that once she got her own ship, she could do whatever she liked with it, but there were rules about giving away their technology and she’d learn all about those in her training and she agreed.

“Then I’ll go,” Casi said seriously as her grandmother nodded in shocked silence and she gave her a huge hug and went to see inside as the little ship lowered itself to the ground and Casi slid in and waved to her grandmother,as the cockpit slid shut and the little ship lifted off once more and her grandmother waved and smiled her best smile, thinking this was the last time she’d ever see her granddaughter alive.

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Now where do I download this ”GAME”?????:grin:
Now on a more serious note, great story, Kev :) I can sense a lot of Epicness in it

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every world would have its own sci fi stuff, so its not a single game, one might be space warfare, another colonization, another trade. The idea is they have the means to see what your made of, and if you have any hidden desires that would cause them trouble later. Basically they might even build a game and then release it on another world, and sit back and see how people respond to it. And yes, this is not going to be a short story...lol.

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Chapter 4: Recruitment Continues

The back of the old museum hadn’t seen so much attention since the old days when it had been the prime military training center in the Capitol. Now there were a handful of teachers, gathered for their expertise in the needed fields of piloting, weapons use, power consumption, resupply and repair,and economics. These few classes would give the new people a chance to see and understand the new world they’d be entering and defending, and the old school dorms were cleaned and made ready as the first shuttle landed out back and the first young man was led in and shown where to stay until they called for him.

The Master watched as the first person made it to the training center. He was well built, young and had blond hair, something that would make him stand out on their world of the ‘same of everything’ that their genetics research had given them. Of course they too had small people, tall people, chunkier people, but they all had the same hair color, a sort of platinum blond, and they had gotten used to it, but that was over now for sure, he thought with a smile. Ken walked into the dorm, led by the landing pad guard and soon was getting settled in as they gave him new cloths, a uniform they designed with medium blue color on all but the trim and that was bright white. They’d get gold wings for their uniform after they passed the necessary tests and that would tell everyone they met they were special, as if their looks alone wouldn’t. The uniform had their name on it too, to help anyone who wanted to talk to them or each other, until they met and got used to seeing them here.

In an hour another shuttle settled down, and another young man got out, this time a little taller and with jet black hair, so black it shined in the sun and Master Griffon smiled again, another young man that many would be wanting to meet, and he approved even before it started. He too went to the dorms and got his new cloths and just a few minutes later the third landed and the only young woman so far.

Cassiopeia was tall too, and muscular for a young woman, but that was from hard work, her file reported. She walked into the dorms like she had been there her whole life. No holding back, no frightened look, just ‘lets get on with it’ on her face and a small smile. She too would be a shock to see since her hair color was bright red, and she was anything but flat and ‘normal’ looking. He could see some young men that would want to spend time talking to her as well, and his plan to restart their genetics seemed closer than ever, as she was led away. That was the first group, since the other two he asked refused him. But that was fine, being timid wasn’t a crime, or every person on their planet would be criminals, and he left them go without any argument at all. But these three seemed strong and thats what they needed and he left the teachers know to ready the study room, because their first students had arrived.

Later that day, a person came and got them and waved for them to follow. They went down the hall and around a corner and was waved into a room with seats that looked odd for any classroom they had ever seen before. Ken looked around at the other two, the first time they all saw each other and said something, but the others looked oddly at him and he realized they didn’t understand, and he laughed a bit before getting sat down, quite literally, in a seat and each of the others got the same treatment, and the person left and a teacher walked in all smiles.

“Well, I know this seems fast, but lets run some preliminary tests shall we?” He said as everyone nodded and said nothing. “ lean back and relax, make sure your heads are against the headrest,” he instructed, as Ken looked around at the chair he was in. It resembled a scoop of some kind, like it was concave with black plastic body and red padding for the seat, arms and headrest. He also saw that the headrest had some...speakers or something, and as he was investigating this, the teacher gave a loud ‘ahem’ and he finally smiled and sat back.

The chair was very comfortable and he felt he could have a nice nap there and as the teacher smiled and opened the controls, he did, along with everyone there, and he had no idea why he was so tired, but he slept soundly for a while, while the man in front of the room made some scans and nodded seriously.

These new people, from three different worlds were nearly identical in brain design, just as they thought they’d be, and he made sure the seats were calibrated for each of them before starting the first program, and as it started he saw some young people outside the door, peeking around the corner and trying not to be seen and he smiled and waved for them to enter, as two young women and a young man walked in looking very surprised indeed.

“These are the aliens then?” One young woman asked and he nearly had to grab her to stop her from running over and touching them while their class went on.

“Yes...their humans just like us...well... not just like us, they have greater instincts for survival than we do. They aren’t afraid to fight to survive and they have good intelligence too. I almost had to yell at the one young man who looked like he’d dismantle the chair before I got his lesson started.” he said and everyone got a chuckle from the story.

“They’ll be around for a while so tell everyone. They’re nice young people, kind and gentle and strong too, so lets make sure they get along, OK?” he asked as they agreed and as they turned to go the one girl was still staring very,very closely at Casi, and the teacher asked her not to bother the students while class was going on and she smiled and stepped out into the hall and was heard asking the others if they thought that was her real hair color or not, and the teacher got a good chuckle from it. These new kids were getting noticed already, more than usual because in the past, no one would even consider walking in on a class in session, not like the students would ever know, but he had been given orders to make them available to others when possible, and today seemed like a good start.

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Chapter 5: First Lunchtime

When they woke up they all felt really refreshed, and Casi yawned and stretched for a second until they heard a soft bell sound and they all looked forward to see the teacher watching and waiting.He then reached up and took out a small devise from his right ear and laid it on the desk and smiled.

“You can understand me now, correct?” He asked as they each agreed. “when we talked to you before, we used these...” he said holding up the tiny ear-bud for them to see. You’ll each get one later for talking to other civilizations, but now, your new language is Mayan and you can talk to everyone you meet now and be understood. Thats why we rushed this first lesson, without it you’d need an interpretor full time, and thats completely unnecessary.” He mentioned with a huge grin and Ken looked around and smiled and introduced himself and Cassiopeia and Krystopher did the same.

“Now that thats over, we’ll take a break. Its lunchtime and thats a great start in letting you be seen by other people. A few were here while you slept, and saw you and your hair color got some real attention.” he mentioned as Casi looked surprised but the guys didn’t seem worried at all.

“Is it odd here, my hair color?” Casi asked as the man smiled and said that everyone on their world had the same hair color, but now just these three would have different colors, so they all would stand out badly for a while, until more students came. “great... I was hoping to fit in here.”

“I’m sure you will, our people are friendly above all else, you’ll see. Let me show you to the lunch area, and don’t be too surprised, since this will be your first time being seen in public.” he mentioned as he waved them along and they walked down a hall and up another then as they rounded a corner, many people were standing talking and he waved and said 'hi’ and as they walked by, and the hallway... and then the room inside... got deadly quiet, and even the guys had an odd look on their faces as the teacher showed them how to order meals and what was available to them, and it became another lesson, as Ken looked around the room at all the young people staring and one young girl who was busy waving and smiling and he thought she looked like she’d rush up to him any second, but she didn’t, until they got their meals and sat down and the teacher nodded approval, and many there rushed in to ask a million questions and it looked like they’d barely get a chance to eat at all.

“Alright, alright...” The teacher called after a while and the other kids walked away whispering and laughing to themselves. “ they’ll be here for meals from now on for the next few weeks, so please be civil.” And everyone smiled and nodded as they left, all but the one little girl with the big smile and short gray hair, who sat there next to Ken asking more questions, and leaning so close he could barely move, until the teacher actually had to take her by the arm and help her up from her chair.

“I’ll be back to talk later...” She whispered as she was led away and Casi laughed saying Ken had a girl right off the bat and he shook his head no looking sad and upset, saying they had it all wrong.

“Didn’t you hear her? She’s a UFO and alien nut, just like some freaks back home, only here... I AM the alien.” He said looking upset as she got a good chuckle from it and he gave her a big grin a minute later. “ And you are too, she’ll get around to you soon you just wait.” He mentioned as she didn’t look as happy as she was a minute ago.

“We’re all aliens here,” Krys mentioned seriously,as they all agreed, “ in some strange way we’re a group here almost like a family, even though we started out on three different worlds. Here, we’re the same.” He added as Ken nodded agreement and Casi did too. They might be a class of aliens but that first day they realized they only had each other to understand the problems they’d run into, like Ken and his alien hunter, and who knew what else.

“But she is cute, maybe she wants your alien babies,” Krys mentioned with an obvious wink, as Casi nearly choked on her drink and Ken gave him a dirty look for it. “ hey, you never know.” He said going back to eating before the teacher returned to lead them back to the room for another lesson, this time...'health and sex education on Maya’ like they didn’t see that one coming.

By the end of the day they had two successful classes, and were all embarrassed to death as they walked back towards their rooms. ‘Sex education’ on Maya was not what they had seen or heard about on their worlds. They actually taught you ABOUT sex here, in great... or gory detail, depending on who might be ask. It was a sort of ‘all you ever wanted to know,but where afraid to ask’ lesson and no one said a word about it after class, and everyone knew that was for the best.

The next surprise was when they got ready for bed. It never got dark here, the planet was locked into position with full time sunlight around the clock, and when it was time to sleep, the window blinds on the windows, as well as the windows themselves, got dark, until there was no light getting in. The ‘day and night cycle’ was set at 22/12 hours, and everyone would have to get used to that from now on. As they each had to adjust and get as much sleep as possible that first night.

The next day they were back at the class room, and the teacher was different today. Today they were studying ships and weapons, and they learned about the many different and varied sizes they had built in the past. And that there hadn’t been a new armed ship built for over 300 years. But now they were working on a new class of ship, just for them, but it would be a while before all the details got figured out, so they weren’t going to get any anytime soon.

That was OK with them anyways, since they had a lot to learn about command, and crews and what and when to fight. Ken seemed to jump right into it though and the questions and answers after the class were largely him and the teacher, until Krys asked him to just sit down and shut up, and the teacher chuckled and Casi joined in and finally Ken saw he was stretching the lesson further than it needed to be and he left it go for now.

“Enthusiasm is good, especially when your very lives are at stake,” The teacher mentioned as Ken nodded seriously and Krys rolled his eyes and looked away. As far as he was concerned saying that was unnecessary. They all understood that if they weren’t careful, or lucky, they’d die out here. But if things worked out, then they would have a life beyond anything they could have ever hoped for back home.

Chapter 6: The Rush

Three weeks and two dozen classes and a few tours later, they were all well taught, as well as well known. They were the first class and while Master Griffon had a dozen more ready to ask, the President was getting heat from above and he had to call a halt until they could prove they had done the right thing. Now the research people were getting the heat, and they refused to hurry, saying their very reputations were on the line, as the first ship designers to make and manufacture a new ship in 300 years, their names would go down in history, for the good or bad and they weren’t taking any chances.

“Classes in space have been just flying around in shuttles,” The main instructor said on the coms and the President nodded he understood.

“The borders are erupting in violence, an autonomous freighter convoy was destroyed and the cargo salvaged just yesterday. Now those fools that said it couldn’t happen are screaming for us to do something.” He said as the man agreed that things were getting worse. “Do whatever you have to, see to it they are ready as soon as possible, and I’ll rush the research teams as much as I can.” He said and closed the link as the teachers all sat back after the video conference and wondered what to do. The kids were there too, sitting back listening and finally when everyone else had had their say, Ken stood up and ask the obvious question no one else had before.

“If things are getting bad so quickly, where are the old ships that you made years and years ago? Surely with your technology, you can patch up a couple for a temporary patrol.” he mentioned as the men there shook their heads ‘no’ and looked sad, saying that all the old ships had been destroyed or de-commissioned and sold as scrap, century’s ago.

“Are you sure? I keep hearing that you made thousands once upon a time, but not a single one escaped the scrap yard? Thats hard to believe.” he insisted as the Master finally stood up and nodded and turned to the other teachers and waved for them to follow.

They walked to a large control room and he waved them to sit and as they did he ordered a ‘Full Empire Sweep’ of ships that had ever been built and what happened to them, and they groaned, as he gave them a look that could freeze water, and their hands started flying a mile a second over the glass and pictures of ships of all kinds flashed on and off for over an hour, as he stood back watching over their shoulders and one by one they were all identified and written off as scrap, or being used as space universities, or old training centers, or finally, as ‘technology samples’ of their time. And they brought up a list of 6 ships still intact from all over the Empire, and Master Griffon looked surprised that they found even those.

“Technology Samples’ basically they were prototypes for their class, and instead of keeping the blueprints on stock for centuries, we kept one of each kind of ship. Of course that hasn’t happened either for hundreds of years, but thank the heavens things stored in space don’t degrade.” He mentioned as the teachers looked like they’d faint from the rush he put them into and the three kids walked over to see.

“Whats that one?” Krys asked as they tapped the screen and it got bigger and its full information package opened and its specs, from that long ago.

“ Convoy Escort, class: Light Corvette. Crew: 6... 2 engineers, 2 mechanics one navigator and a coms officer, and of course the captain. Back then it was a starter ship for young officers, so many were commanded by a new Leutenent.” He heard as he looked the specs over.

“5 AU per hour, is that fast?” he asked as the teachers got a chuckle.

“Back then it was very fast, today, our shuttles can outrun it in a second,” Griffon said as Krys nodded he understood.

“Then it needs upgraded,” he said as everyone looked around at him to see of he was serious, and they saw his face and beyond a doubt, he was. “two turrets, both beam weapons, capable of either cutter beams or burning beams it says, whats the difference?”

“A cutter beam uses polarized particles to cut through armor and anything else it touches, its really not hot at all, but like a huge knife blade. The burner beam is the exact opposite, it cuts through the hull, and often set off explosions on board as the enormous heat hits the oxygen rich atmosphere inside, burning everything it touched.” he said as Krys nodded he understood, and the questions had turned into yet another lesson.

“And this one?” Casi asked as another ship came up, a bigger one and they told her it was a freighter, an armed freighter from the old military. It too had twin turrets one front and one back, and lots of room inside, but it wasn’t made for fighting, only self-defense while hauling loads of materials. “ and yet it had the same weapons as a light corvette.” She added, pointing at the screen while the men there had to admit it was true.

“Add another beam weapon on the bottom, and maybe a missile launcher, and you have a corvette, or light cruiser maybe, just using the main body from the freighter, and adding new more modern parts.” She said with a flare at the end and even Master Griffon had to admit it would be possible, and weeks faster than making something totally new.

“So...then... if you like that one and you that one let me see....” Ken said as he looked the remaining ships over, but they were all larger and ugly as sin, to him. “ Which one is the smallest of these?”

“This one,” One man said as a bigger picture came up. It had a certain ‘tough’ look about it but it seemed a little boxy, and had too many straight lines and square corners for his taste, but then it was a temporary fix, so he admitted that with new weapons and upgraded engines it might work, and the teachers all nodded as notes were made and sent and the entire school got behind getting them and dragging or flying them to a repair base and then, getting the repairs and upgrades started. It would take a week for each at least but they’d have ships capable of scaring the **** out of someone, as Ken said and even the teachers got a big smile that these old pieces of scrap might be of use after all.

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Chapter 7: Rebirth

Several days went by and finally they were informed that the ships were all at an old base in orbit of one of their worlds, just outside the core sectors.

“Elan III...” The Master said as a picture came up for them to see, “ the planet itself is a water world, only its a tad too far away from the sun, so its covered mostly in heavy layers of ice. The base was put there for defense purposes, and was one of the last bases to be closed. Now, of course we have a new crew there getting started on the repairs and re-fits. All the ships are there now so if you’d like, you can grab a shuttle and go see them, the bases life support is up and running and the parts have arrived, so things are well under way.”

“And weapons?” Ken asked as Griffon looked less than thrilled.

“We cant find much so far, we have a few turret beams, mostly light duty that will fit. Great for small ships but larger vessels wont be too impressed, but until we can make a few new ones, these will have to do.” he insisted as Ken didn’t look too happy. “ Hopefully, just seeing military crafts again will give the enemies something to think about, and if they attack, then with draw until reinforcements arrive, and make the call letting us know what you’ve found. Its not a war yet, so if we show signs of awakening our military, they may think twice.” Griffon said as Krys didn’t look too convinced either.

“I think they’ll test us, just like they have been the drones, which by the way are still out there, right if we need assistance?” He asked as Griffon nodded but said their numbers had been reduced drastically while they were training. “ Great...” Krys added while looking a little upset.

“Lets get going then, there’s a lot to do,” Ken added as everyone agreed and a shuttle was made ready and the three of them got on board and it disappeared into space and docked at the base less than an hour later. They walked off to applause from the workers and engineers that had already been there getting things going and Casi and Krys made it a point to wave to everyone as Ken made a bee line for his new ship and the repairs and re-fits that were going on now. He wanted to make very,very sure that everything worked, and he knew he’d need some help with it, since it was large enough to have a full crew, even though ‘full crew’ meant 12 people, he’d have the last say who would accompany him on this first mission.

He entered while everyone seemed busy and some didn’t even see him go by. Those that did only stopped for a second and then went back to work, many times faster than before, and he made his way to the bridge and took a seat in the Command chair as one engineer walked up quickly and mentioned not to boot up anything yet since many conduits were still off line, and Ken nodded and thanked him as the man went back to work. Ken decided to remember that name from his uniform and would mention it later. Out of all the people he saw this was the only man to actually talk to him and he did it in a professional way, not whining or bitching about the work, and Ken appreciated that.

He sat back looking the bridge over for a few minutes, the outside was ugly to him but the inside had a sort of warm and professional feeling at the same time. He watched as people pulled out panels that didn’t look much newer than some on his world, and replaced them with the new blue glass panels that he had seen up until now. As he sat there another man walked in watching his notes carefully and he walked over to see one young woman getting some work done on a new panel and he shook his head sadly and criticized her for it.

“Not like that...like this...its more comfortable for the operator and more efficient in times of combat. Those aliens will expect more than we can give them so make sure it at least looks the way its supposed to!” he demanded as she tried hard not to look around at Ken sitting there as the man went on about doing things properly no matter who it was for... and they could just wait for it, and Ken smiled and waited for the other foot to drop, as the man turned away from her and started towards him, probably thinking he’d get something done on the chair itself, but when he looked up he saw the chair was occupied,and he dropped his note pad to the floor on the spot, and began to babble gibberish as someone behind him got a giggle from it.

Ken got up slowly and stepped down next to him and smiled widely, then patted the man on the shoulder and smiled point blank right into his face as the man looked like he’d faint from the shock.

“Christian, heh?” Ken asked looking at the mans name tag on his uniform,as the man nodded slowly, “ I like you, your my new chief engineer, make sure things are done properly for us, Chief.” He said as he walked off the bridge and the engineer stood there, frozen,and looked like he might have wet himself, as his whole world had just come to an end.

After that, Ken was a lot happier, he didn’t want people around him that kissed his butt, he wanted people that did the job no matter what, and he found one, that was one man he didn’t need to interview later, and he remembered the first man too, and decided that made another one, and his crew started taking shape in his mind. So now he went for a walk to see how everyone else was doing and found Casi watching the turrets getting replaced from the docks and her ship really was a good bit bigger than his, at least just from first glance.

“Done staring at yours already?” She asked as he walked up and he laughed about it.

“I checked it out and hired my first crewmember, the Chief Engineer,” he added while she nodded,looking impressed. “ Hows it going here?”

“I’m not too sure about these little guns...” She said pointing to one sitting on the dock, waiting to go on the ship. It didn’t look too impressive, not compared to what was coming off, anyways.

“I’m not either, but I’ll have my guy see what can be done to beef them up a little. After all, the enemy has seen these before in the drones, and that hasn’t stopped them yet.” He added as she agreed, not looking very happy either.

“Did you check the missile launcher on your ship? You were the first to mention it and this one doesn’t even have one yet, but I was told it might not matter, since missiles haven’t been made for centuries.” Casi mentioned as Ken rolled his eyes and thought ‘not again’ and went to an office off the side and sat down at a panel and she wondered what he was doing there, but she stayed and watched and finally went inside to see what it looked like there, as Krys walked up and saw Ken working away in the office and went in to see what he was doing there.

“Hey...” he called as he sat down next to Ken, “ what are you working on?”

“Cassiopeia mentioned that the engineers here said missiles hadn’t been made for centuries, so I’m doing an Empire wide search for warehouses, military bases, anything that might have an old stockpile.” Ken mentioned as Krys nodded and waited. “ Even if we find some this old they might not be too useful but then we can have them worked on too. We just need the basic design.”

“Any luck then?” He was asked as he shook his head no for a minute then stopped and smiled. in a military warehouse behind what was now a University, were 20 cases of something called ‘ MWHO - model 12‘ and he did a search to see what that meant.

“Aha!” he said a minute later as Krys looked around to see,” Multi-warhead Homing Ordinance, model 12, a standard missile used during the last Great War, 320 years ago, these missiles were used for defense of larger ships from fighters and corvettes and did good amounts of damage for a cheap price.” He read as even Krys got a chuckle, it seemed he had found an old sales pitch, probably from the corporation that made them back then, but it still gave them the idea what they had found. “ get me an engineer, please.” he asked, as Krys stepped out and waved for someone and they showed them what they found and the young woman ran to see who she needed to talk to about investigating this find for them.

“One more little thing fixed,” Krys mentioned as Ken said they might need newer computers or better explosives but they fit the launchers, and that was a big thing, and somewhere in the distant galaxy, a team stormed into a warehouse and carted away several cases of 'antiques’ and disappeared towards the base.

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Chapter 8: New All Around

Two weeks later and things were really getting in gear. The ships had new engines, new computers and new missile launchers and new missiles were getting made from the old pattern. They too would be ready, when enough had been made to load them all. Griffon never stopped mentioning that the kids were doing their best to help get the old ships ready and that Ken, working on his own had found the old missile design for them and had it brought to the base. The opponents of his plan were slowly looking the other way, and he had messages sent to another 6 more people and two agreed and were picked up right away. That made the program look better and when a few more came a week later, another class started while Ken, Krys and Casi made their first trips to the practice range to see the way the new ships felt in combat and to make sure the upgraded beams worked according to plan.

The Chief that Ken hired got into his work with full fury, and when anyone saw him, he was always yelling about something. But he got the job done, and in a time frame that made others jealous of him and his people. Ken had the ship ready for the first attempt, and jumped into another sector and back, showing that the new engines, and long range navigational targeting worked well together, and the navigation computer showed that they had successfully made the required jump in much less time than anyone had imagined possible.

“Thats fantastic!” Master Griffon declared as he saw the report, this meant that once it was properly armed the ship was ready for patrol duties, and then the detractors would quickly run out of things to say. “Make sure those missiles are sent over the second they are ready, and begin making the newer, heavier beams using the old weapons frames. With the larger frame and the newest equipment they should be a much more devastating weapon than they have now.”

“Yes, research says two weeks tops, they have a prototype working now and is in testing, once they are sure its safe, then production will begin,” He heard as his assistant read from the research report.

“And that other matter?” Griffon asked as the man looked much more sober after a second.

“A fleet of 4 ships has been spotted at checkpoint alpha, just 3 light years from the core sectors. It appears they jumped in to see if anyone would run out to meet them.” The man said as Griffon nodded seriously. They moved closer and closer all the time now, and the drones that kept them at bay were nearly all gone.

“We’ll show them now...” Griffon said looking serious, “ the new drones are getting ready and these first three will be out and about in less than a week. Then they’ll see that they waited too long to attempt any trouble here.” And with that he ordered him away and sat back to relish the thought that his office and their first three students were the front line of defense against the outer galaxy, and the troublemakers in it.

A few days later, Ken was standing talking to Christian when a small electric vehicle pulled up towing three flat carts stacked full with long , thin boxes.

“Sir!” The driver called as he stopped very carefully, “ your missiles are here, there’s 50 for each ship, and more is being made and put into the warehouse for later.” He said handing the orders to Ken who nodded and thanked him and told his new Chief to get them loaded.

“You heard the Captain, get our 50 on board!” He screamed as workers ran to and fro with grav beams and the first cart started getting empty pretty fast. “ And make sure that they get loaded into the tubes, and not just stacked up in cargo!” He demanded as he rushed to see for himself.

Ken pulled out his coms too and called the other dock and told Krys the missiles were all sitting here and he’d send them over as soon as he got his unloaded.

“No problem, I’ll have a cart come get mine, let them sit there for a few minutes and we’ll be right over.” And the link went closed. Not ten minutes later, he came riding in on a vehicle along side the driver and three men jumped off and started loading the cart they brought with them, and even before they were done another cart pulled in and started on the last pile.

“I left Casi know they were here so thats her people.” Krys mentioned as Ken nodded with a big smile. They were finally ready and he mentioned that he was going to let his crew have the night off to see friends and others before he pulled out, since he didn’t know for sure when they would be coming back in, and Krys agreed it was a good idea as he jumped back on the vehicle as his people yelled they were done. “See you at dinner tonight then,” He called as they pulled away and started back to the opposite side of the shipyard where his ship was docked.Ken went on board and made the announcement and everyone seemed happy with it and as he checked all the systems everything seemed more than ready for tomorrow.

“Its going to be a long patrol I think,” He said to his new Chief as the young man agreed, “ I just hope we all come back safely.” And with that comment he walked off the ship and went to get ready for dinner.

The ship got empty pretty fast after that as everyone got their last night off for a while. And as the dock got quiet for the first time in a while a single solitary figure walked over and looked the ship up and down. Getting this old vessel and the others ready in just a few weeks was a tall order, but they did it, and he saw that while his people didn’t have the instincts to fight alone, when faced with an impressive commander they did their very best. He walked towards the other ships sitting in different bays, and gave them all his private blessing, and his escorts waited nearby until an important call came in.

“Mr. President, sir, the Barron Ambassador wishes to speak to you.” And he hurried his little prayer and returned and started away.

“The first line are now officially ships Captains, see to it...” he mentioned as a young aid nodded agreement, and the call was made.

The new ‘Captains’ were all sitting at a table having a good dinner together and the room full of scientists and engineers smiled looking at them now. Just a few weeks ago they were oddities, and feared, but now they were what everyone wished they could have been. Strong, intelligent impressive, and not willing to compromise for anything, on a world where compromise was the rule of law, or nearly.

Thanks to them and their backers the Empire had a second chance, and not a single person there saw it as anything less. The enemies were at the gates, almost literally, and their ships were reported daily close by. Only the Gods knew what would happen when these few met their massive numbers, and they knew others were in training even now, if they got ready in time.

The new officers finished their meal and just started to get up to leave when a loud sound was heard and they looked around as every person in the room jumped to their feet and saluted them and Casi looked like she’d cry but fought it off and Krys stood as tall as he could and returned it as did Ken and finally Casi too and Ken stepped forward to make the announcement that they weren’t going out to die, they had friends and they’d all be back, and as officers they all would protect their ships and the people on them, and after his speech he recycled his plate and empty tray and started towards the door and the hall beyond as did the others, to the applause of everyone there.

Once outside, Ken looked a little less sure of himself, but he bucked up and tried to act tough for everyone else as that same little girl, the alien hunter from before, ran up and smiled and slid something into his hand and he took a quick look and his face went beet red.

“At times like this I read that it helps to have someone waiting for you. I know you haven’t said anything to anyone so far, so until you decide, you can keep this to look at when things get tough.” and with that, she was gone down the hall and out of sight, as Ken started to put the little screen into his pocket but Casi grabbed it right away to get a quick peek and it made her face red too, and Krys just couldn’t resist, and he smiled wide a minute later, and handed it back to Ken who wouldn’t even look up at them now.

“Didn’t I tell you...” He whispered and walked away as Casi got a quick chuckle and Ken nodded it might be true after all, that little girl looked thin as a rail in that powder blue jump suit she always wore, but it obviously wasn’t true,and he put the video screen away until he did need a reason to go on.

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Chapter 9: First Patrol

Captains Hawking,Rollins and Haskell were in full Captains uniforms the next day, each by their own ship and walking up the line of officers that had been assigned, or asked for to crew them. They made the customary little speech and then everyone cheered and went inside and got their regular uniforms on. As Ken sat the bridge for the first time as a full Captain, he looked a little less for the wear, but he smiled as well as could be expected and called for power to the engines, as the ship drifted slowly away from the shipyard, and all three started out into space.

“I guess we’ll see you in a week,” Casi mentioned as everyone agreed and she added she was getting the patrol along the western edge of the system and Krys mentioned he had the northern edge, and Ken nodded that his ship was going east from the base, and they all smiled and looked like they had something more to say, but neither one of them said anything anyways.

“Be safe...” Ken got out finally as they all agreed and one by one the ships disappeared into space and even the President himself felt a tug seeing them go, but he wasn’t about to say anything about it.

“How is the second group coming along?” He asked as he turned back to work, and their reports came in and he smiled that they too, were going to be ahead of schedule and he’d need more ships very soon.

The ships each had monitoring of the others in case they got jumped and didn’t get a chance to call for help. The old ships were very automated, considering what Ken had seen on his world, he had full weapons control in his Command Chair and that made him both Captain and weapons officer, but it couldn’t be helped, not an officer on board would make that call but him, and he knew it all too well.

He also had full verbal commands linked to the master computer, so when things got busy just giving the order was the same as doing it himself, probably faster, and he had decided a while ago to use that ability to its fullest.

“Entering sector MJ 213,” He heard as he agreed and they turned on every scanner in the ship and his command screen, a long, yellow mist like 3d screen above the heads of his officers, gave him full view of everything in scanner range, and that was a long way out from where they were sitting now. It showed a few trading ships and identified them as friendly, and far off the right, it showed scrap...and there certainly shouldn’t be any out here, so he ordered them in that direction.

“I want a full analysis of that wreck,” He added as the officer to his right agreed and a minute later it was on screen for him to see. The ID code found in the wreckage was the ship Columbus, a trading vessel of the western region, and while the ships ID was found not a single piece of cargo was here with it.

“Looks like we were a little too late,” He mentioned almost to himself as he called the computer to make a report, saying what they had found and make sure the correct authorities were notified so the owners could know what happened to their ship and cargo.

“Maybe not,” He heard as he looked up to see two medium sized ships coming their way slowly and they got a serious scan before they got in weapons range.

“Identify those ships,” He ordered and they were found to be Barron corvettes, and he nodded that they had crossed the boarder a long time ago to get this far.

“Who are you and what business do you have out here?” He heard as a mans face came on the screen and Ken smiled wide and acted like it might all be a mistake.

“Just happened to be traveling through, and saw the wreck, you never know what you might find in war time.” He mentioned as the man nodded agreement but didn’t give him any better looks than the grumpy one he started out with.

“Identify yourself, we have no reports of ships of this type anywhere in Mayan space.” He demanded as Ken’s face fell and he became very serious indeed.

“I am Captain Kenneth Haskell, of the Mayan corvette Star fire, and we will be asking the questions, mister, like...why are Barron military crafts in Mayan space, in close proximity to wreckage of a civilian freighter? Consider your answer carefully, or this little misunderstanding will definitely blow up into a full scale war.” He said and then just waited for the first shot to be fired, but it didn’t...they slowly dropped back as the officer looked shocked to see any Mayan ships out here, much less an armed vessel with a nasty new Captain in command.

“We...huh...were on patrol on our side of the boarder and saw an explosion so we ran in to check.” He lied and Ken didn’t even give him any credit for trying.

“Two corvettes against a freighter, what kind of fight did you expect? And I thought military Captains had honor...” Ken added as the man looked more than a little upset right that second.

“You can prove nothing!” He demanded as Ken finally smiled again, he just had to push a little harder to get the results he knew were coming anyway. “ We don’t take orders from young men in odd ships just because they say they represent the Mayan military, we don’t even know of any Mayan military at all, so who are you, and this time, you better speak much more carefully.” He went on as Ken sat back looking very relaxed and he ordered their identification to be broadcast, and the man looked shocked once again.

“The Mayan Defense Force? When did that happen?” He stumbled as Ken reminded him that they had no responsibility to inform ‘pirates’ about their military or its different sections.

“Pirates!? Why you...” The mans started and a second later a beam shot past his ships nose and a second ship jumped in, another corvette and another nasty new Captain and Krys added that if they weren’t careful there would be a good deal more wreckage in the area very soon, and the Barron ships immediately jumped away, leaving the two corvettes to talk about their first new intelligence since they left home.

“Barron’s Kingdom, should have known,” Krys added as Ken agreed, it was a large Kingdom right next door to Mayan space and they had been adversaries in the past, but he was sweating a little when he looked back up.

“But we turned them around without a fight, this time, and we got a real good scan of their ships and weapons.” He said as Krys nodded he had done well. “ Computer send this new report at once make sure the President knows just who his troublemakers are.”

“And I better get back, there was wreckage in my area too, but no ships so far. I’ll call if I need you.” He added as his ship jumped away as well, and Ken sat back and took a big sigh as his crew looked around and waited for instructions.

“Now that thats over, lets finally start a nice quiet patrol, come around on our main course and begin, at half speed.” And everyone nodded and the ship turned and Ken didn’t feel too bad looking so scared their first time, these scans showed they had heavier weapons than he had, and with more than one ship, he would have been in real trouble, and when the report made it to the Presidents desk, he ordered the new beams be on the dock waiting when this first patrol was over.

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Heres a little report for my few fans, this is going to be a good, long story. Book sized probably. I just finished the 24th chapter, so sit back and relax, theres more to come.

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Chapter 10: Retribution

The two Barron corvettes jumped back into their space and made their report, and the regional commander wasn’t at all pleased to see it.

“Mayan Defense Force? So, they finally got tired of us helping ourselves to their ships and cargo.” He mentioned and everyone nearby just nodded and waited. “and this new man, this Captain Haskell, he’s not a Mayan at all! Look at his hair and attitude, they recruited him from somewhere else... probably nothing more than mercenaries,so thats how we didn’t see this coming, its a brand new section of the military, even our spys wouldn’t know about it until it was too late.”

“It looks like we wasted our best opportunity to take over their Empire by worrying and moving ahead slowly, now there’s going to be a shooting war to settle this. At least they have very few new people, or we’d be seeing others, we only saw two so far and both light ships, there might still be time for us yet. Order the attacks to continue, and get every piece of Mayan technology we can. It might be useful before this is over.” He demanded and his aids went away to give the orders and the commander sat back wondering where they had found these new people, and what their orders really were.

But even as that was happening, Casi met her first enemy ships and they didn’t pause for a second to attack. Her beams came on and raked one corvette all along the side, but they didn’t penetrate very well, and little major damage was done. She topped that off with a missile strike and the ship fell back, with a gaping hole in its side and its partner ship ran in to cover it. The new armor on her ship was doing pretty well at taking some hits, but she was very upset that the little beam weapons didn’t do much at all against these small vessels. And she was taking a good hit again when Krys jumped in and opened fire on the last ship and it went up in flames as two missiles slammed into the middle and ripped it open badly.

“The beams might be OK for drones, but the missiles are the heaviest weapon we have right now.” He called as she admitted she had seen that already. Together they turned on the wounded ship but it managed to escape just as the last missile fired got to it, and Casi thanked him for helping, as she looked a little raged right now. “Thats why we’re here, so next time you owe me.” He added as he jumped again and she smiled thinking that she might have been alright alone, but just knowing the link was working made her and her crew feel a lot more relaxed, if that was even possible.

The Council President was not happy at all, in just a few days their new forces had seen and destroyed a ship and wounded a few others, they took small amounts of damage themselves, but their self-repair units were working and they would be OK for now. He got scans and videos of the fights and he soon saw that his biggest problem was the Kingdom next to them and had been all along. They knew of their peaceful ways and used that to get all the free technology they could, until now, and he made a call and an older man came on the link and they smiled at each other for a second before speaking.

“A new Defense Force, what a surprise...” He heard as he smiled back at Glen Glass,the Chancellor of Barron.

“You knew we wouldn’t let you have your way for long.” President Clark mentioned.

“So then, you hired mercenaries to defend your boarders? How very unprofessional is that?” The Chancellor asked as they both smiled widely and stared back at each other.

“They’re not mercenaries, they are new citizens of Maya, and they’ll be around from now on. They will live, work and retire here someday and add to our diversity where we left ourselves become to complacent. They believe in fighting for what they want or to protect their friends and loved ones, so we will do our best to support them, and we will defend our boarders against any and all threats.” The President added, very seriously as his old friend nodded he understood.

“I’m willing to bet that your new friends will leave you when things get tough, and with only a handful of good pilots, we have the numbers advantage, by a factor of 10/1 “ He added as they both just smiled again and acted politically correct for a second.

“We’ll see about that, its not like you’ll stop your aggression now that your people got a taste for piracy...” The President started as the Chancellor looked ready to scream, “ but know this...we will defend ourselves up to and including the death of our enemies, so tell that to your ships captains, their free rien of space is over, and maybe someday, we’ll be testing your defenses.” And with that the link went down and the President called in one ship at a time to get new weapons added and even before their first weeks patrol was over, they had increased their damage potential, and safety, substantially.

Within a few days they were all back in, and getting their ships checked over. Casi was nodding a lot as Ken walked over to hear her mentioning that some of the new armors she was testing worked better than others, and the tech nodded agreement and took the report away.

“See you made it in one piece,” He said as she laughed and agreed.

“It had its moments though,” She admitted and he agreed to that too, but just then a call came and they all got it at once and as they each opened their coms, a short message was on it, with a note saying their first weeks pay was in their accounts, and they all looked surprised. They knew from the start that they were hired to defend, but with all the work and lessons and making new friends, they had forgotten and Casi looked surprised she got paid for a kill for her fight with Krys against the two corvettes, and that bonus was pretty substantial indeed.

“We get paid well,” Ken mentioned as she agreed wholeheartedly “ one weeks pay here is what I’d make working construction in a year.” He mentioned, and she made a few changes, and sent some money back to her grandma, something she had decided that she’d do when the time came. She also knew that Krys would be doing the same thing, since his mom was in bad need of medical help, and they were not what you’d call well off.

“Its nice they set this up so we could send money home,” Casi mentioned as she worked and Ken laughed and agreed, he didn’t even want to know how much trouble they went through to get conversion from Mayan currency to every world they came from, and many others as well, he was sure there was a whole section somewhere that did nothing but keep track of it, and he gave them big credit for getting the job done.

“They are trying hard to keep us happy,” He admitted as she went along with that too.

“Speaking of which,” Casi added with a huge grin and Ken looked away to keep from seeing her big grin. “ have you seen that girl since you got back? She’s made it pretty clear what she has in mind.” She said with a big smile as he refused to look her in the eyes right now.

“Cassandra...” Ken mentioned as Casi’s face grew into a huge smile,” her names Cassandra, it was on a letter she added to the end of that video she gave me. She claims in it that shes not in love with me or anything just trying her best to help me get through this troubling time.”

“Even if I did like someone that much, I’m not sure I would have given them a video of myself to carry around....by the way where is it now?” She asked as he gave her a dirty look, like he’d carry that thing with him.

“On board ship in my cabin, locked away,” He mentioned seriously as she got a good laugh and he looked embarrassed even talking about it.

“I have some friends I met since we got here and we girls talk about guys and other things, trust me...no matter what she says no one would give something so personal to anyone they don’t care about...she’s lying...” Casi added as she waved and went towards the main offices to see about something only she knew for sure, and Krys nodded agreement to her last comment as Ken tried hard not to think about it just yet.

Chapter 11: The Cassandra Paradox

Ken went to make his report as well, and when he came out he went to get some lunch. The ships were getting rearmed, with new beams on those that didn’t get them yet and all the little damages fixed before the next patrol. He found out the second wing would be ready in another week or two and that would add a few more people, and ships to their little fleet and it would help a lot.

He got some lunch and sat down to eat as a few people said hi and waved, and as he sat there he saw Cassandra watching him carefully out of the corner of his eyes and he almost walked out in embarrassment, but he knew he needed to see about this, so he turned around and waved for her to come over, to the glee of nearly everyone in the room at the time. She too didn’t seem too sure but she slowly got up and walked over, and sat across from him as he stopped eating to talk.

“Cassiopeia thinks you like me...a lot....and thats why you gave me that video, is that true?” He asked straight out as she disagreed about the whole thing.

“My family is famous for being the perfect psychiatrists, and we know how very stressful combat should be. If you didn’t have a form of release of some kind, then your mind might snap and you’d become useless to us.” She went on with her nose held high and Ken wasn’t sure she was being serious or joking for a minute there.

“So...” he started looking around to see who might hear,” you gave me that video of yourself so I could....release stress...while looking at your video?” He whispered as her face got bright red and a few others close by heard it and went nuts.

“NO! Absolutely not! You’ve completely misunderstood the meaning! It was so you wouldn’t feel so lonely on long patrols. The research says....” and she was off on some talk about stress levels and the need for human companionship, and he sat there, looking embarrassed and sad for her at the same time. She had, if you believe her, given him a short, very sexy video of herself changing cloths, with a big smile, and even closeups, and she seemed to think it wouldn’t make him excited, or that her choice of videos might not be too revealing to be just for ‘companionship’, or to stave off loneliness.

“I must admit, it showed me something I didn’t realize.” Ken added as she stopped to hear,” your not as thin as that suit you wear seems to show.” He added as her face exploded in a new, deeper form of red and one girl at the table next door gave her a big thumbs up for the effort,and a huge grin, and that made her even more embarrassed.

“If you want, I’ll return it, since you obviously didn’t know what you were doing at the time, and no offense, but showing someone something like that, you’d better care a lot for them, on my world even people engaged might not be so forward.” He mentioned as silently as he could as she refused to even look at him as he got up and walked away and several girls nearby ran over to see what she had done.

“A video, of...yourself...now thats getting the jump on a lot of us!” One girl mentioned as Cassandra refused to say.

“I never knew you had it in you, and believe me there are a few girls that have been thinking of something to get his attention themselves.“” Another mentioned as she demanded it was nothing, just a mistaken experiment, and they all laughed and went on and on until she jumped up and ran out screaming.

“It’s not what you think, its not like that, someone needed to show him...that we care and worry about him...and his mental health. It just happens that I did something first, and he’s offered to return it,” she said a little sadly for a second,” so there’s no harm done.” She demanded as she ran out and the room got a good laugh from it all, now if her father didn’t hear about this...fat chance... then it might blow over, but they all knew they wouldn’t let it, and this was just the beginning.

But Cassandra’s father did hear, and he wasn’t too pleased that his idea of ‘fraternization’ between the new crews and his people had hit so close to home. Master Griffon heard the report, a very personal report made by one of Cassandra’s friends, that said she had a crush on one of the new pilots and she had very openly showed him her.....feelings....for him and he had not taken it too well. Saying on his world what she did might be considered pornography, something that was never mentioned,and he looked faint to think it.

“My little Candy....doing pornography....unthinkable!” He demanded,while almost out of breath at the thought, as the young woman smiled at his disgust and she was quickly waved away and she went to tell everyone that the ‘deed’ had been done, and they could all sit back and watch the fun from here.

The call went out minutes later, and Ken was seen running towards the teaching area. Everyone had heard it on the open PA system but even the President didn’t understand why Ken was being recalled, so he asked one of his men to find out. Once they completed their training, they were full time ‘employees’ of the government, until they decided to go it alone. But the private industries had been slow to ask for their help, and they needed an income, so patrols were it for now. But to recall a graduate was rare, and he waited to see why.

Ken ran into the office and the door closed loudly behind him as he walked over to the desk and saluted Master Griffon, as he stood there with his back turned and Ken held that pose, waiting for him to return it.

“What have you done?!” He heard as he admitted he didn’t know what he was talking about. “ My precious little Candy, reduced to pornography over some....some....mere pilot. Unthinkable!” He screamed as he turned around and Ken saw the wild look on his face and the look of death in is eyes, and he stepped back a step, in his time here among these quiet and peaceful people he had never seen someone so intense before, and it shocked him.

“Candy...who’s that?” Ken asked while his mind refused to focus except for the sight before him.

“Cassandra, my little darling, my sweet little girl, and YOU ruined her!” Griffon screamed as Ken nearly fainted thinking the little alien hunter was Griffon’s daughter.

“Let me assure you, I’ve done nothing, this is all a misunderstanding.” Ken added swiftly but Griffon wasn’t in a mood to listen and as he walked around the desk, Ken started looking for a way out of this, just as the door was ripped open and a young woman was standing there, panting, and with an evil look in her eyes, that even Master Griffon stopped short seeing.

“Daddy...what are you doing!??” She demanded as he wilted away and she walked over and grabbed him by the shirt and started back towards the door. “ We’ll be right back...” she added as Ken swallowed hard and nodded in silence. It was quite the sight, a young woman, a full head shorter than her father, and at least 30 pounds lighter, dragging him out the door like it was nothing, as he whimpered and whined and begged her for her forgiveness, and as the door closed behind them Ken fought off the urge to have a good laugh about it, but held it in,at least for now.

The ‘talk’ went on for a little while and Ken waited to see what was happening. Soon the door reopened and Candy and her father, now looking totally beaten, came back in with her holding his arm and guiding him back to his desk while she smiled widely and asked if Ken was alright.

“Yes, thank you,” He managed to get out as she stopped by the desk and the Master apologized for getting upset over what he now agreed was a simple misunderstanding. “No harm done sir.” Ken added, as he started back towards the door.

“Please be a good friend to my daughter, Captain, I get a little over protective from time to time, so she has to remind me to behave.” He admitted as Ken smiled and nodded he understood, and he went out the door with a quick salute and it closed behind him. “but, Candy, a video, really? And how detailed was it exactly?” He demanded after Ken had gone.

“Thats none of your concern,” She said seriously, “ and I’m not your little girl anymore. I’m a grown woman now and I’ll start acting and dressing like it from now on.” She declared as he almost cried seeing her this serious when talking to him. “No more of these outrageous outbursts of yours, understand? I’ll never have a normal life if you don’t let me make my own mistakes.”

“But I’m here to help you avoid mistakes...” He whined as she shook her finger in his face and he stepped back and sat down behind his desk with a plop.

“Some mistakes young women want to make for themselves,” Candy said all too seriously, “ and if this is one of them so be it, but no more of this!” She demanded and left him there, whimpering and regretting she had ever met an alien, or grown up for that matter.

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Chapter 12: New Ships and New Decisions

The President got the message about what happened an hour later and even he got a big grin from it. It was well known that Carl was overly protective of his kids nearly to the point of incest, but he never did win an argument with Cassandra who had her own ideas and a strong will. If thats what this was about then he’d take no part in it, since it was clear that Carl had lost the first round anyways.

But they had more to worry about for now than a girl with a crush, no matter how serious. The second crew was ready and with them their new ships. They weren’t as big as some of these old vessels, but they were technological marvels... not needing any crews at all,they could be flown by the Captain alone, making him or her the true ‘pilot’ of the ship. They were small, fast and well armed but compared to the older ships they looked tiny, not much more than a fighter craft, with mental controls. The second crew had been flying them for a week and got really used to them by now, but they were still in short supply, and they’d have to see who got these first few and who got the older ships until more were made.

He called a meeting and as everyone arrived the two teams saw each other for the first time, and made sure they got introduced. The new crew had a nice assortment of people, two girls and two guys. One young man was tall with medium brown hair and a big smile that never seemed to fade, that was James Hanson, the other young man was a little on the ‘nerdy’ side, shorter with glasses and even though they offered to fix his eyes he refused, saying this was who he was, and it didn’t bother him, and they left it go. He was Frank Jefferson, and the expression ‘nerd’ never seemed to fit anyone better. He was in love with the Mayan technology, and actually had ideas that were used in the new ships as he worked to get ‘acquainted’ with the ship assigned to him.

The two girls were both blond and one just a tad shorter than the other, one, Karen Smith was an athlete, and ran every day for exercise. The other, Catherine Holdings, was a macho type for a girl, with good strong arms from working out and short bland hair that she said was ‘easier to take care of this way’ meaning she didn’t like primping and messing with long hair so she just didn’t have any. They were both nice and friendly and after their introduction, they all took their seats as the Commander came into the room.

“I see you’ve gotten to meet each other, team two, you might like to know that the first team has been on patrol for a few weeks now and has a kill to their name. We aren’t demanding fights to the death between ships, but to think it wont happen is just crazy, since the enemy has begun attacking at their every opportunity.” He mentioned as even now, Ken could see them trying to not talk about combat, the very thought of it made them uncomfortable.
“But we have a problem, we only have 4 new ships so far others will be coming off the lines shortly but we need to see who gets these first few. The first team has combat experience now and has been with us longer, so we’re going to let them choose.” he added as Frank demanded that his ship was his and had been ‘customized’ to his exact specifications, and even the teachers there nodded it had and the President said they’d consider that before it was over. So they all left the room together and Ken, Krys and Casi got to see the new, little ships and their comfortable seats, much like the learning center seats had been. But after piloting bigger ships these weren’t too impressive to see even though they each got a chance to ride in one and do some maneuvers. As they each got out and walked over a little while later, the President asked what they thought and they looked oddly at each other before answering.

“If I take this new ship what will happen to my crew?” Ken asked and was told they might still remain in board, since someone else would command it until more ships were ready.

“But I just got a crew that works well together,” Casi mentioned as the President looked surprised they could be thinking that way. “ Its nice and all, but to sit there without getting up to walk around or have a meal, I think it would drive me nuts.” She said as even Krys nodded he understood that.

“A week at a time sitting in one seat with no one to talk to but the computer? I’m not sure I’d like that either.” He mentioned as they all agreed.

“Mr. President...the enemies have already mentioned that we are flying ‘little ships’ and that we don’t look too intimidating this way. With these new high tech ships they might be very fast and powerful but war isn’t always about what works but what it looks like or how impressive it is. These would make great fighters, and I’m sure we’ll need a lot of those, but new ships for the war? I’d say these are too small, and not nearly as powerful as you’ll need when they bring in larger ships. We’ve fought corvettes up until now, what happens when the cruisers come in or destroyers or battleships, will these alone stop them?” he asked as everyone there looked surprised and shocked and Ken handed him a chip he had been working on himself, and he mentioned that it was a rough draft, but it would be better than these, as the man thanked him for his work and handed it to one of his assistants.

“Then, you don’t want these new ships?” he asked still shocked as Ken shook his head no, followed by Casi and Krys who all agreed that their old vessels were bigger and more powerful or at least AS powerful as these, but they were bigger, more impressive to see and even at that the enemy thought they were small. To step down into even smaller crafts meant that even if they worked well, they would impress no one at first sight, and Frank cheered that he’d get to keep his custom ship and the President agreed they would all stay with what they had, and he’d see about more ‘impressive ‘ ships next time, as everyone smiled and then went their ways, getting ready for their next, or first, patrol.

Team two was sent out in pairs, since the first team mentioned that even their bigger ships didn’t impress anyone so far. They traveled around the into places where no one had been before and they did flush out a few enemy ships that fired a few shots and then disappeared when they started taking damage themselves. It seemed the enemy ships were not very combat oriented so far and that helped everyone, as Ken mentioned on the coms and even the new people agreed they needed more practice before any real battles began.

“They wont retreat forever,” Ken mentioned as everyone agreed, and they left the new people know that they were being monitored and help would be on the way if it was needed.

“Thats good to know,” Karen added and everyone smiled at each other for a second.

“Well, back to work everyone, lets see if we cant chase these ships out of our systems for a few days at least.” Frank commented as they all got a good laugh, and the coms went silent for a little while longer.

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Chapter 13: Fight or Flight

In a few days they were back on the docks again, and shaking hands before their time off. They had been lucky with some small damage to one of the new ships and a glancing blow from a missile on Ken’s corvette. The turret had caught it at the last minute or the entire side would be opened up instead of just the small gap in the hull near the engineering section where a piece of armor went flying. But either way everyone made it in alive and one enemy ship went home badly damaged and without the convoy he had been attacking.

It was still a small skirmish war , and they were happy with that since it was being fought between small and maneuverable ships instead of massive warships that Ken demanded would be coming soon.

“Don’t say that, you’ll jinx us,” Catherine mentioned as they laughed but Ken just smiled and walked away and they all knew he was serious, and that they were probably wrong to try and laugh it off.

“I’m too tired to worry about that now," Casi added as everyone agreed, and one by one they went their ways and their ships got checked over for their next patrol and they got a day or two off to rest up.

But Ken was not happy with the way things were going, so he went to see the President himself, and was told to wait and he sat down in the outer office and waited, until he actually fell asleep sitting there. But he was awakened by a secretary later on who said the President would see him now, and Ken straightened his uniform as best as he could and walked in and saluted as the older man just waved it away and offered him a seat.

“Is there a problem, Captain?” He asked as Ken looked like he wasn’t sure what to say now that he got here and the President waited with a big grin until he finally spoke.

“Something’s wrong, on our patrols,” He said seriously as the President looked shocked he could say that. “The enemy doesn’t stand and fight, they attack then jump away, their not fighting seriously, and that bothers me.”

“But, its in our favor isn’t it? The new team is getting some experience and they’ll be more ready when the real fights start.” He mentioned as Ken nodded but that comment seemed to bother him more.

“ When will it start, the real war,and why should they care, why?” He demanded as the older man looked worried now too,” why should they care if we get more practice or better as we go along. Isn’t that against what their side in this conflict needs? Is it in their best interest to see us get better or more powerful?” He asked as even the President looked surprised he hadn’t seen this before.

“If I was in command, we’d jump into their systems and attack their bases, and fleets that were docked there, then retreat after doing massive damage, why haven’t they done that or attacked us more forcefully? They certainly don’t need to fear our numbers and they know that, so why not attack more seriously and remove us from their field of view? Once we’re gone then they could have full run of the systems and no one would bother them.” He said seriously as they both sat there for a minute thinking.

“Your right, it makes no sense , since they have superior numbers and equal technology why aren’t they pushing their advantage?” He asked himself more than anyone else and they sat there for a while in silence. “ I’ll have intelligence look into it, there’s got to be a reason. Until we know something new, get some rest and try not to worry, I’ll put my best people on it.”

“Thank you, sir, the answer to that question will make me feel better once I know because frankly, it has me baffled.” Ken added as he saluted and walked out and the President sent his best team of investigators out to see what they could find.

The answer surprised even him, the enemy was waging a one on one war against them. Their military leaders were so disgusted fighting against such small and old fashioned ships that they refused to attack in full force, saying the military code of chivalry demanded a fair fight, and they were holding back watching for one.

Corvettes against corvettes, that had been the war up until now but if they made bigger more powerful ships, wouldn’t that mean the enemy had to send in bigger ships too? And the thought that this was happening gave the President a headache thinking about it.

“Chivalry, really?” Ken asked a day later as they both shook their heads in silence,” even on my world chivalry ran out on the battlefield ages ago, to see it here is....incredible.” He said slowly as even the President agreed.

“But if thats true, then if we make bigger ships they’ll have to send in bigger ships, thats how it works, right?” The President asked as even Ken shrugged in silence.

“There’s only one thing I know about this...” Ken whispered as the older man waited, “ it cant last. If the wrong person dies in battle, their family and friends wont agree to this ‘code’ thats how it happened on my world. Chivalry ran out because it was too regimented, too civilized, and frankly, war is not civilized, and never has been.”

“Thats the way we see it too, so do you think this is some sort of plan to confuse us?” He was asked as Ken laughed out loud.

“If it is, its working,” He added as they both shook their heads in agreement. “ but don’t hold your breath for it to continue. This makes no sense in a modern world so it has got to be a plan of some kind, and it will some to a serious stop, very soon.” Ken added as he saluted and walked out and the President sent his people out again, to make absolutely sure that this was not some trick.

But at the offices of the Barron First Fleet a talk was going on even now about this very thing. A young officer was demanding that this childish plan stop as an older, more seasoned Admiral smiled widely at him and tried to explain.

“Our men and women need a feeling of accomplishment,” The older officer mentioned as the young man looked sick having this discussion again. “ if they win battles from sheer numbers what kind of accomplishment is that? NONE, thats what, but if they win a one on one battle against an officer of equal ranking, weeeelll.... thats something to brag about, and a moral loss for the other side too. They lose the ability to say we abused the battle and we get the right to brag we won fair and square. Winning this way makes our people feel superior, as they should and not cheap and disgusted by their win.” Admiral Glass declared as the young officer nearly spat in his face.

“We have the numbers, we have the ships and crews, and we could crush them in a few days if you’d let me!” He demanded as the older man waved him away as a foolish child, which didn’t go over very well at all.

“And what would you gain from such a wild and erratic battle? Nothing...your people would feel disgusted and the victory they fought for would seem cheap and dirty. No, we will win with honor and dignity, not cheap tactics and massive numbers. They see what we’re doing by now and my intelligence says they’re working on bigger and better ships. Soon you’ll get the chance to use your military might in a good battle, so cheer up. your times coming.” he said and waved him away like his opinion meant nothing, and today at least it didn’t.

The young Major walked out and stormed down the hall, his immediate superior was living in a fantasy world of honor and dignity. Wining was all that matters, and He’d see to it they did win even if he had to go over the Admirals head to get it done.

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Chivalry? Well, now this is interesting....
I can understand the satisfaction of a fair fight between equal forces but still......

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Ideology in war? Is there room for friendly battles and handshakes after? Stay tuned.

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And here it is fans...the WEEKEND BONUS.....

Chapter 14: Rebellion

The old Admiral saw the writing on the wall, he knew that many people around him left him go because of his past glories and his son, the Chancellor protected him. But this was a different time and the people around him acted like he was a sick old man now, and he saw it clearly. They wanted everything done quickly, at any cost, and he disagreed and they were getting tired of it. He also knew that he was being watched, by both sides, and he left a message slip saying that his time as Commander was nearly up, and big changes would occur when that happened. It wasn’t exactly right feeding information to the enemy, but they had been as careful and honorable as he and he appreciated that from them. They needed to know that hot heads were coming soon, and if they were to survive they’d need to be ready, and even as he thought that the coms link buzzed and he saw his son on the link and he smiled at him who returned it.

“ Major Carlson was here just now, father...you cant keep antagonizing him like this. He has the ear of half the war council and they too are demanding we get on with it and do some major attacks. Can you at least compromise a little and see what happens? I understand your ideals and agree with them, if it were only possible to wage war like that, but it isn’t, you know that too don’t you?” he asked as even his father smiled at his concern.

“We wage the wars, we decide how they will be fought, we are the engineers of their battles. If we decide to battle honorably, everyone wins, but once we drop this ideal and attack without honor, people will die, in vast numbers, because being civil even on the battlefield will stop and barbarism will rule. If you leave him and his kind take command, be ready for losses, big losses, because our enemy is our equal no matter what he says.” Admiral Glass added as even the Chancellor agreed, but it was nearly out of his hands now and he mentioned it as they both agreed.

“Then when our losses and deaths start to disgust even these fools, remind them it was their doing, not ours.” he said as his son agreed, and he had the Admirals retirement on his desk that afternoon, and he signed it, taking away any blame for what was about to happen, and protecting his family from the disgrace they were sure was coming.

And, thanks to the Admiral the President got that message that very afternoon, and he saw who had been protecting them all along. He was a good man and a great warrior in times past and he made sure a gift for his retirement was sent to him and a card, thanking him for his ideals, and a meeting was called and everyone was told the reason things had been going so well, and that things were about to change.

“So from now on don’t expect any civility on the battlefield.” They were told as they admitted they thought it was too easy, but they certainly weren’t complaining. “New armor that we tested lately will be added to your ships and the improved beams are on them all now. Our research teams are working on heavier models of missiles that will fit your launchers too, so if things truly do go bad, then we’re on the right track at least and the third team is in training now, and more ships are being staged for use, as well as a new cruiser design, made possible in such a short amount of time by Captain Haskell, our engineering officer.” he added as some got a quick applause for him and Ken just smiled and waved it away.

“We were indeed fortunate that a great man like Admiral Glass was in charge for the beginning of this war but that has changed, and his replacement will be a more radical military man who believes that winning is everything, so lets not let him have his way, understood?” He asked as everyone got a good cheer out and their next patrol was quickly set up. Their scanners and early warning systems would be used more from now on, and their enemies would be more brutal, that they knew, so from this moment on it was war as usual, live or die, and little else and every member of the patrol teams felt the weight of that talk, since they had been getting used to the easy fights from before. Now, as they jumped away from the dock, it was no longer a sure thing that any of them would return, and the number of killed ships was going to go up a lot, or they wouldn’t make it back at all.

Krys was the first to see the new patrol tactics, as two corvettes jumped in right next to him and opened fire without saying a word. He was ready though and the first two missiles got shot down, followed by a real ripping along the entire one side of the first corvette, as it tried to get out of his beam range, and failed. It was adrift now and the second attacked and one missile did get through and armor as well as two of his engines was gone a minute later, but he focused all firepower on it now and the front section was gone a minute later as his twin beams sliced through it like a sharp knife and the ‘guts’ of the ship came rolling out, including some bodies that somehow managed to fit through the big cut. Almost instantly his computer warned him the ship was going critical and he just managed to get far enough away with his damaged engines to avoid getting caught in the blast as the ship was vaporized by the reactor exploding.

He managed to sit back for a second to catch his breath as two more ships jumped in, only this time it was the patrol of Karen and Frank and they asked if he was alright.

“I took a hit, but I got them both. One was totally destroyed and the other is over there...” he said pointing as Frank announced that he’d go see and Karen rolled her eyes at him.

“Anything electrical or mechanical and he has to see,” She reminded Krys who just smiled and nodded. “Will you make it back alright or do you want one of us to follow you?”

“Don’t split up no matter what, these guys aren’t messing around now, and their using their missiles more too.” Krys mentioned as she thanked him for the info,” we’ll be fine the only casualty is one engineer who got thrown around a lot. He seems to have a broken arm, but we’ll make it back for repairs alright, so you two get moving, they might have another group jump in to see what happened soon.”

“We’ll wait to see you jump first then we’ll return to our patrol.” Karen demanded as Krys nodded agreement and after a few minutes trying the ship did jump away and she called Frank to go.

“One minute...they have some fascinating stuff here, different from what we’re using...” he said as she finally screamed that more enemies were probably on the way and he finally agreed and they returned to their own area and started their patrol again.

The next day it was Casi, who saw a set of three ships jump in. Two corvettes and a bigger ship, even bigger than hers and she called at once for help and everyone heard it. She dropped missiles immediately and one corvette was gone a minute later while the bigger ship got off a few shots but her shields and armor managed to hold them back, as her beams sliced nicely through the side, and part of the ship lost atmosphere and stuff came rolling out the hole. The other corvette was coming around for a frontal blast when a second ship arrived, and sliced through the hull like a machete going through ragweed, and the little ship exploded and the bigger one tried its best to turn away at the last minute. Casi managed to get a set of missiles into it too, and after a minute they surrendered, in exchange for the right of free passage back home for the crew, and everyone agreed.

They rigged for towing and Casi dragged it back to the base where it was met by some intelligence men who asked some important questions before sending them home and they found out very quickly who their new enemy commander was.

“Colonel James Fredericks...” They heard at their next meeting,” a career officer with political ambitions, the very worst kind. He’s got this plan that winning the war quickly will make him a war hero and then it’ll boost his political plans and get him an Admiralty, or maybe even a job on the Council of his country. A very dangerous man in this job, since he’ll sacrifice anyone or anything to make himself look good.” The President said, as everyone looked sad about it.

“It hasn’t worked so far...” The President heard as he smiled and agreed.

“And our Captain Rollins, with assistance from Captain Haskell, captured an enemy cruiser giving us a lot of free information about their bigger ships, and their future plans, since the crew is talking freely.” He added as everyone cheered and Casi got a quick pat on the back for her work. “Enjoy your time off, this war is just getting started.”

With that the meeting was adjourned and as they walked out Karen gave Ken a quick slap on the back and he gave her an odd look.

“Well aren’t you becoming quite the little stud muffin?” She asked almost like it was a fact and he asked her what she meant by that and all she did was throw a thumb over her shoulder and he looked that way to see an embarrassed Cassandra waiting for him, only this time she was well dressed, and didn’t look at all like the shy little thing she had pretended to be all along.” Have fun, you little stud, you.” And with that everyone just left him there,as they both stood looking embarrassed and they each waited on the other to say something.

Chapter 15: Apologies

After a minute or so just standing there people walking by started laughing and Ken saw they were the butt of everyones jokes, so he stepped closer and asked Cassandra if she had eaten yet, and she said she hadn’t. They turned and walked, side by side, to the lunch room and got a meal and sat at a table off the side hoping everyone would ignore them for now. But it wasn’t going to happen, as they both could see. And finally, being just out of patience, Cassandra spoke to break the ice.

“I must apologize for what happened, my father is...well...” She started as Ken remembered the time and smiled at her trying to be politically correct right now, but even she saw she was failing miserably. “ oh, alright then, my fathers a freak. He goes way,way past over protective, but in his defense its not just me, but all my sisters, he just cant help himself.” She said with a deep sigh as Ken couldn’t help himself either, and got a good laugh from it that he had been saving up since that day.

“How many of you are there? Sisters I mean,” Ken asked as she finally seemed to settle down a little and smiled.

“Three of us, I’m the middle one, I have one younger sister, thats Cathy, and one older, Phyllis. It seems father and mother wanted to try for a boy, but it never happened so we have a family of girls that he just cant let grow up. Even my older sister sees someone she likes... secretly, because he works on dads staff, and if he found out god only knows what he’d do to him.” She added with a chuckle and Ken got one in too, and after a few seconds the ice did seem broken as they both sat smiling.

“You look nice in that,” Ken offered as she smiled wider and thanked him.

“In this I don’t look so much like a boy either.” She admitted as they both tried not to laugh about the odd jump suit she always seemed to be wearing before.

“Your dad help pick out your cloths too?” Ken asked as she rolled her eyes and he laughed again.

“He wants us all to stay 12 forever, and god bless him he tries his best to make it happen. I do love my dad but after a while enough is just enough.” She added as even Ken agreed. “ So, do you forgive me then, for what happened?” She asked shyly as he smiled and nodded agreement.

“I’ll accept your apology, since I’m pretty sure the one your dad gave me was under duress,” he mentioned as she nearly choked on her food and they both sat there, talking like a couple of good friends for the rest of the meal, while a few close friends watched from across the room.

“Looks like its finally happening,” Casi mentioned as Karen and Catherine asked what she meant. “ Cassandra was after him the second we made it to the cafeteria the very first day, going on and on about aliens and ufos, but everyone I asked said her entire family are scientists so ufos and aliens are sort of what they do for a living.” She said as they all laughed, “ Ken’s a little dense too, and he totally refused to think she liked him there for a while, and the fact shes Master Griffon’s daughter doesn’t help them either.”

“Griffon’s daughter? Whats Ken thinking? I’ve heard from everyone he’s a madman when it comes to his children.” Karen said as they all agreed.

“But somehow, even after Ken got dragged in for a talk.... it came to this.” Casi added as they had their lunch and watched as Ken and Cassandra talked and laughed and finally, walked out together, while everyone watched and waited for something good to happen, which didn’t, at least not in front of anyone.

“We should all be so lucky,” Casi added almost silently as they all agreed.

“It’ll happen, you can be sure about that, we might be aliens here but there’s a whole world out there just waiting for us.” Catherine mentioned as Karen stopped her flat.

“Three worlds,” She added as they all laughed. It was true on their home worlds they had friends and others they had never met yet, but they were just average kids there. Here they were heroes, and had good friends who they liked, so their chances of finding someone really special was a lot better here, or at least it looked that way.

Ken and Cassandra walked around talking about many things after they left the lunchroom. They were seen down by his ship, and then up in the ‘scenic overlook’ where you could see the ships coming and going. It started to look like they’d spend the entire day together and even Ken noticed she wasn’t in any hurry to leave.

“This has been nice,” He finally mentioned as they stood there, looking out at the spaceport below them and she nodded agreement.

“I’d like to be here for you whenever you come in, if your OK with that.” She mentioned and couldn’t look him in the eye for a minute from embarrassment.

“Being here for me might mean more than walking and talking, are you ready for something like that?” he asked as honestly as he could and she looked up and they gave each other a big smile and she nodded she was ready. “Then maybe we should go somewhere and...discuss it further, what do you think?” He asked as silently as he could and she smiled very wide and took his hand and agreed and they walked away together, and disappeared for the rest of the day.

When everyone was in the meeting room getting ready for their next patrol, Ken walked in with a very wide grin and the whole room got a good ‘ah’ out and he acted annoyed by it. But it was plain to everyone he wasn’t upset at all and seemed very happy about the whole thing.

“Someone got lucky this weekend,” He heard whispered as he tried not to even look around to see who it might have been, but his smile said it all, and he ignored them after that.

The meeting started and stopped and everyone went to their ships for their preflight checks,and Candy was seen standing nearby and waving and wishing him well, and he waved back, and went inside. She was definitely smiling as wide as he was and no one thought for a minute that this would be the last time this would happen. But they also didn’t know that everything that happened had been seen and watched and that someone was not happy at all.

Just a minute after Ken’s ship pulled out of the docks, a call came and Candy went to see what he wanted, but when she got to the house, all her things were lined up out front and a car was waiting on her.

“Whats all this?” She asked as her dad stood by waiting, with the most stern look she had ever seen.

“I’ve decided that you need to go away for a while. So you’ll be visiting your aunt Clare on Terra II for a few months.” He said without a hint of a smile or a blink of his eye,and her face fell and she looked extremely surprised.

“You cant do this...” She insisted even as her things were getting loaded into the car.

“Its been done,” He added seriously as she looked too shocked to speak. “ I feel your being too impetuous here, and your making some bad mistakes. You need time to think more clearly, and so does he. This time apart will prove wither there’s anything real between you, or if its just childish lust.”

“I will never stop caring for him so this is a fools errand.” She demanded as he just shrugged and turned away.

“We’ll see...your ship leaves within the hour, you better get going.” And with that he went inside and Candy looked like her world had collapsed as her mom walked over and gave her a hug , apologizing for all this trouble.

“Take a vacation for a while, this wont last long you know that, you shocked him finding someone so quickly, and he’s upset that he was part of the crew that brought these new people here.” She added as Cassandra looked up with tears in her eyes.

“I’ll go but I’ll be back sooner than he thinks, so don’t let your guard down. Father has done some odd things in his fight to protect his little girls before but this....” She said with a really sad look,” I may never for give him for this...ever.” The driver called everything was ready and she got in crying all the way, and her mom watched with a tear in her eye too, because she felt that she was right, and her family might really be starting to fall apart right before her eyes.

She walked inside to see Carl watching out the window and she shook her head sadly.

“It was the right thing to do,” He whispered as she walked by slowly.

“If you believe that, then you truly are a fool.” She said, and she too went away and left him standing there, all alone.

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Chapter 16: Terra II

The trip only took a couple hours, but when Candy got off the transport, her aunt Clare was seen waiting and she ran over and gave Candy a big hug and walked her to the car while someone loaded her things in the back.

“So, a really big fight this time huh?” She asked with a big grin as Cassandra nodded agreement. “ What set it off this time then?”

“I have a boy friend now, a really nice guy too,” Candy mentioned as her aunt nodded and waited to hear more. “yesterday we spent the day together....and part of last night too.”

“So, you two actually...” Clare started as Candy nodded it was true. “ your first time?” And Candy agreed again.

“Then that makes it your fathers first time too...first time finding out his little girls a real woman now, that must have been quite the shock.” She mentioned without even looking towards Candy at all but she knew she had just now realized that this was probably why she was sent here.

“You used protection right?” She asked quickly, as Candy made sure she knew she wasn’t stupid, and that Ken had also demanded it. “That’s good then, we’ll see how your dads feeling in a few days, after he realizes that you actually came.” She added as Candy nodded without saying a word, but with this deadly serious look on her face, and Clare saw that, this time, things were different, and that this wasn’t a little girl letting her dad run her life anymore.

“Forgive him, he’s a father worried his girls are leaving home too soon.”Clare added almost silently as Candy looked her way for a second and didn’t blink an eye.

“Not this time, he‘s gone too far!” She said as even Clare stopped talking and drove on to the house in silence.

But Candy didn’t even know how far it had gone this time, or she would have been a lot louder talking about it. Ken was just getting to his patrol route when he got a call too, and he took it inside his office and as he sat there, waiting, Carl made it abundantly clear that Cassandra was gone, not just not home, but not even on the planet, and that his ‘attentions’ were no longer needed or wanted by Carl’s family, as Ken’s mouth fell open as he sat there in shock.

“Why? What did I ever do to you?” He asked and Carl spent the next few minutes, nonstop, explaining just how he felt about losing a daughter so very young. “ Master Griffon, you haven’t lost anything, I’d never think of taking Candy away from you or your family.” Ken insisted but Carl wasn’t listening as he went on and on and left Ken know that if anything came of the night they spent together, that he’d get a first hand look at the legal system on their world, and as Ken sat back in silence, and shock, the link went closed.

Ken stayed in the office for a little while but slowly got back to work. It would be a week before he made it back home and then he’d see what really happened, but he was pretty sure that Candy was gone. To where, he didn’t know and wouldn’t be told, but he knew now that their feelings for each other was completely against her families wishes, or at least her fathers, and that they may never see each other again.

The transmission was also monitored by the intelligence people who reported it directly to the President. He sat there, shaking his head and wondering why he ever let Griffon head such an important and delicate mission in the first place, and he decided that, that he could fix, and he called him in and after playing the call, asked for an explanation.

“It’s personal family business,” He was told as he reminded Carl that he had dressed down an elite officer on the open coms, and it was not a ‘personal problem’ any more. “He assaulted my daughter,he’s lucky to be alive now.” He said finally, with his nose in the air as the President looked very sad for him.

“First off,it was consensual...we monitor the new recruits carefully as you should know,” The President started as Carl demanded it was all a lie, “ secondly,Cassandra is a adult, under our law,and she has her own rights in this.Ken is a good man, and SHE chased him since his first day here, as evidenced by everyone who knew them.If anyone might have charges brought against them it might be against her for stalking! But Captain Haskell took it all in stride and said nothing, but now that he’s shown interest, you step in and go caveman on him, you idiot! He’s out there doing a very dangerous job, and needs our support, not someone treating him like a criminal which I’d say in this instance is not true. Your the one who’s been acting shamefully, and now I need to decide what to do with you.” He demanded as Carl saw that his family matter had stepped into his professional life, and for a second he seemed a little frightened by it, and for good reason.

“I can understand a father worrying about his children, but Carl, this is way,way over the top. First you kidnap your own daughter and send her away, then verbally assault an officer under MY command for doing nothing wrong. What’s the matter with you!?” He demanded and went on without waiting for an answer.

“You’ll be relieved of duty as the officer in charge of the Defenders mission, effective immediately, and Cassandra will be informed that she can return any time she chooses. If I was her, and I will mention it, then I’d see about living apart from you for a while and let you reflect on your mistakes. Now you can go,I know you need to look for work and I’ll let you to it.”The President added with a wave of his hand as Carl begged for another chance, but didn’t get one. With this disgrace on his record he’d be lucky to get a decent job, and he knew whose fault it was, that damned captain did this to him, and he’d never forget it.

Cassandra got the message a few hours later, and then decided that it was true. The longer she stayed under her fathers roof the more obsessed he became, so it was time for her to get out on her own, and, sadly her mother agreed. She mentioned she’d help her look for a new place when she got home and Candy thanked her saying she’d stay for a few days to visit her aunt and then return, and it was done. Carl was a beaten man, to some,but he kept is nose held high over the whole thing. He got another government job almost at once, and everyone knew he had help, but he woudn’t get an important job working with aliens ever again, he had made a mess out of that, but he went on and seemed to let it all slide, something even his family knew wasn’t true, and they hoped he forgot it before he did something even more rash and ruined the rest of his life.

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Chapter 17: New Gains and New Losses

With Carl getting a new job, and Candy taking some time off. Ken finally got the message from the president that no charges would be filed, and he asked him to be patient with Carl for his outbursts, and he agreed.

“He’s a moron sometimes, but he’s a good man I’ve known for years,” He explained as Ken smiled and nodded. “ I’ll see he gets some therapy for his problem so maybe things will settle down after a while, just be patient.”

“Thank you, sir,” Ken said as the link went down and he returned to his work. At least now he wasn’t in any trouble and he and Candy might even see each other again. But that was for later, and he went on for another boring day not seeing anything new, and wondering what happened to the enemy forces they had fought for over a month.

But thinking that might have been the straw that broke the enemy camels back, as a sizable force moved into position a few light years away, and opened fire on a star base in orbit of one of the Empires outer worlds. There were cruisers and bombers and they made it very plain that they were here to stay until the work they set out for was finished. They moved into weapons range and dropped several heavy missiles towards the base, which went to high alert a minute later and crews ran to operate the weapons and defend the base against the heavy weapons on their way.

The battle was a good one with many missiles getting shot down by the high tech defenses of the base, but sheer numbers, as well as help from the cruisers big guns, was taking a toll, and the call went out for help, and Ken got the message a little while later and jumped that way.He wasn’t the only one jumping in as Frank and Karen called to let him know they were on the way too. That gave the station something to cheer about for a minute anyways as they continued to hold their own against the invaders attacks, but two heavy missiles got through, one hit the side of the base but thankfully wasn’t near anything essential. The other went right into a docking bay, and several ships docked there were destroyed and a raging fire was ignited from the burning fuel and the rich oxygen atmosphere.

It was a real disaster, but not as bad as what might happen if they didn’t get help quickly. Ken got there a few minutes before anyone else and attacked the nearest ship with missiles and did a good amount of damage to a cruiser that turned on him immediately. But he saw right away that the real problem was the bombers so he set out to destroy those as he ducked and weaved to avoid the heavy weapons fire from the cruiser, until his beam weapons finished it and it blew up into a dozen rather sizable pieces that drifted away.

Frank and Karen were there a minute later and they too attacked the force with full intent. They managed to finish one bomber quickly, but another jumped in almost at once and they saw that this was not just a skirmish , but a real battle for control of the planet. Just then another missile hit the station and even Ken swore that they might take it down yet.

“We need more help, send everyone,” He called as the message went out and he got the return saying that the entire team was on the way. Casi got there first and was posted to defend the base from attack and she took up position between the attacking forces and the base, and her beams started shooting down every missiles that approached her ship. That reduced what the base needed to worry about by more than half and they thanked her gratefully as she just nodded and went back to work. The battle was still hot, with two more ships jumping in and Ken started to wonder how big a fleet they had staged nearby, and if they planned on fighting until the planet fell or they destroyed the defending teams, or maybe both.

The President got the message too and he ordered every ship to the site, and was told that Ken had called for them a while ago, and he smiled thinking that his expertise wasn’t needed as bad with him on the job. They had always been told they would get help getting started then be on their own. But that hadn’t happened since the war got going the defender teams were on constant patrol and they fought almost daily. The original plan might have failed but the results were the same, they had a new defense team and they were doing a smash up job, and he looked to see where the battle was taking place and swallowed hard and called a friend before he found out for himself and did something unthinkable, since it was the star base in orbit....around Terra II.

The entire Defense Force was now in one place, not necessarily a good thing it left other areas open to attack, but they had no choice since the base would fall without them. Now several corvettes jumped in and were destroyed as quickly as the heavy beams could cut through them. Casi took a hit and had to fall back closer to the base as Krys made sure she got away safely, and she thanked him. Then he turned again on the corvette that managed to get past her and finished it , but not before it got several missiles into the side of the base and windows and stuff from inside started out across the space nearby and everyone knew that people were dieing in there, and that things were getting worse.

“We cant let any more missiles through!” Ken ordered as everyone agreed, but Frank got his two cents in saying he hadn’t been told Ken was in charge, as a few chuckles were heard.

“Just shut up and kill something,” Krys mentioned as Frank gave him a sour look and got quiet after that.

“I’m almost out of missiles myself, how many did these guys bring anyways?” Karen mentioned as Ken agreed they had been fully armed when they jumped in, and the counter on his command screen said that he had only 12 more left himself. But minutes later and a call came in saying a supply ship was on its way, and Ken knew that their coms were always monitored and this time was probably a good thing they were.

“That’ll help,” Krys mentioned as everyone smiled and went back to work, but Karen took a good hit this time, while trying to move into beam range to save the last of her missiles, and Frank covered her retreat, as she slowly made her way to the base for emergency repairs.

“Its getting tough here, lets concentrate on the bigger ships,and Casi, watch for smaller vessels getting past us,” Ken mentioned as she agreed and watched closely for any corvettes that might get past, but everyone was working to remove the defense team and it was clear to see from a distance, and she sent a few of her missiles out to help whenever a ship came within range. The battle was now into its third hour, and scrap was getting thick in some areas as ships from both sides bumped into pieces of ships that had not survived the fight so far. Some pieces were the size of vehicles and did damage to anything they hit, and people had to fly more carefully, until the area cleared itself, and even the enemy ships seemed to be more careful, as a large piece nearly ripped a hole into a corvette that wasn’t careful enough and lost shields when it rammed a tumbling piece from an exploding cruiser.

The Commanding officer of the enemy fleet saw it too, and his reinforcements were now all gone. The old Admiral had warned them these new people were their equal and until now he had fought that idea tooth and nail. But here he was, watching them first hand and their skills, and ships, were very good, and he saw that even he, personally, could not stand against them and after a while trying to remove as many as he could. He ordered withdrawal, and the ships jumped back to a fall back position, until he decided what he’d do next. The officer in charge of the attack, sitting back at the base was not happy either, to see so many casualties, but they hadn’t completely destroyed a single Defender ship. Two were damaged, but only one was forced to leave the battle field, as the other was big and strong enough to take the damage and remain working. They had wasted over a dozen ships trying to destroy the star base and take the planet, but had failed, and these new people hadn’t lost a thing, as far as he was concerned, and he recalled the fleet, until a better plan could be hatched.

But on the planet itself, the local news agency had a ship in place, watching the battle from a distance with special cameras. They’d zoom in to show the enemies and the defense force ships fighting and Candy was sitting on pins and needles as shot after shot was fired and ships exploded and she watched closely to see if Ken was among them. Her aunt offered her some tea and she took it as they both watched now and finally Candy pointed, all excited to a ship on the screen and Clare slid up closer to get a better look.

“Thats him, thats Ken...” She said as Clare looked impressed as the ship fired off shot after shot and dodged many missiles and heavy weapons. “ he’s the unofficial commander of the Defense Force.” She added as even Clare looked impressed.

“Unofficial?” She asked as Candy laughed.

“No one was ever named as the official Commander once they are in space...” Candy mentioned, “ but when he talks, everyone listens, except maybe Frank but then he wishes people would follow him instead I think. Ken’s a natural born leader.”She whispered as Clare smiled very wide....it was love... no doubt about it, and she went back to watching the screen as the battle stopped and the enemy ships jumped away.

The ships all docked and the repairs began as the fires on the station were all out now and the news crew got to interview a few of the Defender Force, and true to his manners, Krys refused their offer and Casi spent her time waving and cheering for everyone else. But Ken was all business, and he thanked the entire team for their hard work, mentioning that one member had been hurt in the attack and two ships took damage, but they’d be OK soon, and as he stood there talking Clare pointed and Candy nodded agreement, with her nose high in the air, and Clare smiled and said he was gorgeous, and Candy agreed wholeheartedly.

“Captain Kenneth Haskell...” Candy said with some pride, as Clare nodded she understood.

“THIS is the young man your seeing?” Clare asked as Candy agreed with the biggest smile ever.” What’s Carl’s problem anyways? He’s great looking has a cute face and nice build, and he’s the ‘unofficial’ commander of the new Defense Force...I mean come on...what more could a young girl ask for?”

“My point exactly!” Candy said with feeling and Clare laughed and gave her a big hug. It looked like Candy was taken and if she didn’t try for this young man, Clare would have wondered about her herself.

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Chapter 18: Repairs and Remarks

The call went through just a minute later, as Carl looked like he’d die from shock.

“The Defense Force held the line and saved the station, and the planet below.” The President said with some pride,” Can’t you see? These new people are better than anyone else, many times better than any normal Mayans. If any of your daughters decided she loved one, it would be a blessing for your family as well as our world.”

“I’ll take it into consideration,” Carl added, not too happily and the President just waved him away and left it go for now. It seemed that even Mayan men would not please him, so there was no reason to even talk any longer.

But Carl did have to admit that the teams were doing a good job, and that saving the planet was the biggest so far. Of course he wasn’t in a position to say anything to them now, he had fixed that for himself, but he sent a message anyways, just saying thank you to the team for their hard work, and got back to his job...supply and repair... and he made sure the supply ship got there with the spare parts and missiles and they got reloaded before going back out on patrol.

With the previous deal they were given, he knew they had made some serious cash today, even though they took damage and one young girl was hospitalized for a small injury, but their accounts were on the rise, rapidly, and having families and starting businesses would never be a problem for them later on. He also knew another class was getting ready, a bigger one this time. The last battle had only 7 people and ships to use, in another few weeks that would nearly double, and then they’d all be more safe and secure, and when that happened they’d all get more time off, and he knew what Ken would use some of his for, and he closed his eyes in disgust and hoped he could someday get used to it, or he’d lose his entire family.

The team made a quick trip to the hospital to see Catherine, who had taken a serious hit during the battle and got thrown around badly. She had a broken rib and some bruises, and would OK in a few days, but they kept her overnight for observation...mostly because many of the local doctors had never seen a person from another world, and was using this opportunity for themselves. It wasn’t bad, she was being treated like a queen, and she smiled when they all walked in.

“I see your still alive...” Ken mentioned as she pretended to take a swing at him and everyone laughed. “just lay back and relax, you’ll be fine in no time, the Mayan medical sciences are centuries ahead of ours.”

“They said that the bone will knit over night, but I think they’ve gotten more tests done than just for that, and some I’m really, really sure they didn’t need for a broken rib.” She said loudly,as the doctor standing by the door, quickly walked away and everyone got a chuckle at her expense.

“You’ll be back on board your ship in no time, just get some rest.” Casi added as Catherine nodded agreement. “after this battle we shouldn’t see too many ships for a while, so we’ll be fine.”

“And, with the extra time they’ll have, your ship will look like new again.” Krys got in as she smiled and agreed.

“Thank you for coming, and please....” She whispered and looked over everyone’s shoulders to see if the staff could hear,” get me out of here...quick, they’re coming for more tests, I can feel it.” She said and then laughed along with everyone else.

As the ships got repaired they left the docks, one by one and when the last was finished, Catherine was ready to go. Her patrol left the system last and went back to their area, but it was only two days before their next time off anyways and they got a good round of applause when they all docked at the main base, and their paychecks made even them looked shocked after all the damage they did during the big battle.

Money was saved, sent home, and even invested, and the Councillors saw that they really did need their help,and admitted it after all this time. The ships were constantly being looked at and new armors and weapons tested. If having a small but elite force was their very best option, then they’d do it right, and the President agreed, and he was sure that he’d never hear them complain again about his budget proposals after that battle.

But the enemy was just as sure that they’d get their revenge, and plans were made for that possibility. The Colonel sat behind a computer screen and looked over every video they had of the new Defense Force and the best information he had said they were humans from other systems, brought in because, quite frankly, they liked to kill, and would...without a seconds notice. That made him feel that they had been cheated. These were not Mayans at all, but profession soldiers, and he decided that he’d need to show them a little more respect next time , or he’d start looking like a fool losing so many ships to so few enemies.

He was just getting a handle on a new idea when an older more seasoned officer walked in and gave him a huge grin and he looked away to keep from antagonizing him any more.

“Ten ships, destroyed by what? Seven...and not a single enemy loss.” He heard as the man sat down next to him, all smiles. “ I did warn you, you know.”

“I refuse to think that a few mercenaries can hold back our plans. They have to go, the sooner the better.” Colonel Fredericks declared as the old man agreed, with a big smile watching the younger man staring at the screen.

“And how will you do it?” He asked as James looked deadly serious for a second.

“I will say this...the plan that I’ll use would turn your stomach, but it needs done.” He said as he walked out and the old Admiral looked sad that their military had sunk so low.

James moved the entire Second Fleet into position out side the Mayan frontier, and he set up a plan to deal with these new people. He sent two small ships in to look around and when the first patrol arrived to see what they were doing, they jammed their coms and attacked in full force. 20 ships, all sizes and shapes and in a matter of minutes, two Mayan patrol ships were gone, and they retreated from the battlefield, to cheers from their Commander, but not a single person in the attack force was happy with the way it had happened. And they knew they’d be trying this again really soon, to finish the rest of the Mayan Fleet.

Chapter 19: Rehab

Ken woke up a week later with Candy, her aunt and half his team standing by his bed. The last thing he remembered was a barrage of missiles that filled space around him and a second later his shields fell, and he passed out. Now, it seemed, he had been saved by a crew member, who at the last minute, pushed him and another officer into the escape pod just before his corvette exploded.

He looked over at the bed next to him and there laid Krys, and he didn’t look any better than Ken felt. He was just getting off the tubes and eating solid food again after a week, and they all knew that only the massive science of the Mayans had kept them alive up to this point, and left them survive.

“Both our ships?” Ken asked after a minute and he was told that they had been destroyed.

“They’re patrolling our boarders with a full Fleet, not less than 30 ships,and they attack anything they see with massive force. We were recalled from our patrols because we didn’t have a chance against those numbers.” Casi mentioned as he nodded he understood.

“So we lost everything we had gained then.” He whispered as everyone nodded it was true.

“But we haven’t given up yet,” He heard as people bowed and backed away as the President himself walked in. “ The next generation of drones is ready, much stronger and faster than before,and two new cruisers, both from the design you helped us make. Care to command of one of those?” He asked as Ken smiled and agreed and Candy grabbed his hand and squeezed it hard,he looked her way smiling.
” It’ll be alright, you have no idea what we’re talking about right now but you will, and those enemy ships wont have a chance against us.” He said as the President himself agreed and everyone looked shocked they could say that knowing what they were up against.

“And those other things I asked for?” Ken asked as even the President nodded and sighed heavily.

“It took some hard work, but we got it working...the ‘Pulse Shield’ you asked for for the cruisers. They take a lot of power and we added separate generators just for them, but they work.” The President said as everyone looked odd at him. “care to explain to everyone else?”

“There will be a small, separate shield thats ‘pulses’ once its activated.” Ken started as everyone nodded and waited for more. “once its turned on, every drone or missile within 1 km of the ship will get hit with a 5 mega joule pulse of energy, and their electronics and warheads will be destroyed. One big ‘boom’” he added and there were some cheers around him.

“We estimate that as many as 90% of all missiles will be destroyed before they get to the ship, its a huge defensive weapon.” Everyone heard as President Clark himself smiled and shook Ken’s hand. “ once this war is over, we want you to join the Empirical Engineering Academy....as a teacher, we need all the new ideas we can get and you’ve been an enormous help to us so far.”

“I’d be honored...” Ken added as Candy looked like she’d cry and her aunt was all smiles. To teach at the Academy was a huge honor especially for someone so young, and he’d be paid well above even the most successful engineer, and his future was already assured.

“But first we need to get out of these beds and back to work,” Ken mentioned as everyone laughed.

“In a few days, your both doing very well, so just rest, the new ships are getting loaded with weapons right now so they’ll be ready when you are,and the second generation of missiles is on board, and beams that include heat weapons this time,able to burn through cruiser type armor in just a few seconds.” They all heard as everyone looked surprised, “they wont know what hit them and we’ll take back every sector they patrol now.”

“Amen to that,” They all heard as they turned to see Krys smiling even with the isolation bubble around him. “ I need a new ship too, so the second cruiser is mine then?”

“If you want it, yes,” The President added.

“Then its mine, we will show them that the new Defense Force isn’t to be taken lightly.” He added as the nurse next to him demanded he lay back and rest, and everyone smiled and slowly walked out into the hallways to let them alone for a while.

“He’s a very strong young man,” Candy heard as she nodded it was true, “ you should be proud of him, he’ll save us all before this is over.” And the President walked away letting her standing there all smiles holding her aunts hand and she too looked very pleased he had taken the time to say all that.
“I knew that the day I met him...” She whispered as Clare looked like she’d cry.

Slowly they all went their many ways, some home to think about what happened so far and others back to their ships, making sure if there was anything new or improved they’d have it when the time came. There were two new cruisers coming out very soon, and they’d need escorts and together they’d do a lot of damage to this new Fleet that so surely thought they had won. They might be extorting money and goods from stations today in those sectors, but in another week or two things would be different and they’d see that Mayans, either new or old, don’t give up easily.

Two days later, as Casi was making sure her ship was loaded with the new missiles, an alarm went off and she turned to see a new ship moving in from space and docking. It was big, 5 maybe 6 times the size of hers and as it stopped in the bay next door she looked up at the side and smiled. It had a very shiny surface and was tall and thin. It looked a lot like some older water type battleship or cruiser, but the guns mounted on it made her see that this was no old vessel. It had two massive turret guns on top, one front and one rear, and then 4 smaller more or less standard guns mounted along the sides and the newer, bigger tubes up front showing right where the new missile launchers were mounted. It brazenly had a large number 1 on the side and a blank space where some workers were quickly moving in to make a change and within a very few minutes the name ‘Reclaimer’ was put there, and she laughed as a voice she recognized asked her what was so funny.

“YOU are not supposed to be out of bed, I’ll tell Cassandra on you!” She said turning around to see Ken walk up a little slowly but he was all smiles.

“I had to be here to see it coming in, not too bad if I do say so myself...” He stated and smiled looking up at it, “ oh by the way, there’s a smaller version coming too, about the size of yours now only vastly improved, so hold on a little longer.”

“Nice...” She mentioned as they both looked up at the big ship. “think those turrets are big enough?” She asked joking as he laughed too.

“If they do what I ask, yes, they’re big enough, but alone they’d still not make enough of a difference, so thats why the ‘Pulse shield’ was needed, now....their massive missile attacks mean next to nothing.”

“And the new corvettes will have them too?” She asked as he nodded they would.

“And when are these new corvettes coming out, sir?” They both heard as they turned to see a small group of young people, wearing the same uniforms with slightly different insignias,walking up all smiles looking at the new ship.

“Just a couple of weeks, I hear...who are you?” Ken asked as they all laughed.

“Defender class 3...” One mentioned as Ken smiled wide and stuck out his hand and shook everyone’s hand who would let him. “your Captain Haskell aren’t you?”

“Yes,and this is Captain Rawlings...also of the First Team.” Ken mentioned as everyone shook her hand too. “We’re really glad to see you coming down to check out the new ship. This will become the standard for cruisers in the future, and the newer, more powerful corvettes will fill in a very important place for convoy protection and patrol duties.”

“We heard from the teachers that you designed this new class ship, thats very impressive.” Another added as Ken’s face grew red and he looked away.

“I helped...” was all he’d say as Casi went on and on about it and Ken finally just asked her to stop.

“To answer that question better...” They all heard as President Clark and his aides walked up and everyone saluted him quickly, “ we’re putting a rush on the corvette class ships now, the very first one will be in this very dock by noon tomorrow.” He declared as even Ken looked impressed. “When the third class graduates in a few days, we hope to have ships for everyone.”

“Then we’ll be ready,” Ken added as they both looked at each other and nodded, and the teams smiled looking at the big ship. Their revenge was at hand and the President himself offered to give Ken a ride back to his dorm room, so he could rest and the third team looked impressed that he accepted as they walked away.

“Thats what we’re fighting for...” Casi mentioned as they turned to see her smiling face, “ a world where the President makes friends with a mere pilot or engineer, and they plan the future of the world together.” She added as they all nodded and stood staring at the new ship for a while more.

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well no matter the technology, corvettes and fighters cant win forever, so it was about time the real Fleet got built again. They had thousands once and then left them sit until they fell apart or was scrapped, so now they're rebuilding their defenses.

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Chapter 20: Launching a Sad Future

Cassiopeia had a new corvette before the next mission, and Krys got his new cruiser. The new missiles were double the power of the old ones, and the cutter beams could melt through a cruiser in 10 seconds and the side mounted turrets were slightly more powerful than the normal beams they mounted on the corvettes now. They also had another 6 more heavy fighters, and their beams had been upgraded and they carried the new missiles too. When the day came, they all pulled out together, and broke off into a few directions. Making up two assault teams, one under Ken’s command and another under Krystopher.

One went north, one west, and they had plans to meet near the outpost just 1 days travel time from Terra II, where a supply ship would be waiting. If everything went according to plan, they’d have a lot of kills, and be out of missiles by then, but the enemy would learn a hard lesson, that they didn’t own this galaxy or at least this part of it, and if they didn’t stay home, they might lose some of the territory they thought had been theirs for a long time.

The first battle happened not two hours from base and surprised even Ken to see a patrol so close. It was obvious that they thought they had won, and were slowly moving in on the main sectors, but that stopped now as his team jumped in on a cruiser and three corvette class ships, and the fight started without a word.

First the new team members got a few shots in and one corvette was destroyed by a combination of beams and two missiles. The second corvette was busy hammering Ken with its guns but it was a futile attempt, since the new armor was made for it and they barely burned the paint, as a turret along the side ripped through them in a few seconds. Then he turned on the bigger ship, which had been pelting him with heavier weapons fire, but doing almost no damage at all. Ken turned the main guns on it and when they fired, the entire side of the ship turned bright red for a second, then melted forming a hole big enough to fly a fighter through and the second shot hit it in the same area, and the ship exploded in a hundred pieces, as everyone moved away to keep from getting hit by shrapnel.

“One enemy patrol destroyed...” The report said with video footage of the battle, as they moved on towards their next spot. They had taken some hits but everyone was OK yet, and Ken ordered jump and they went on towards the boarder, and a sure thing for more fighting, as Krystopher saw his first enemy ship, three corvettes, and blasted through them like they weren’t even there.

“This is costing them some big bucks...” Krys said as the last one exploded and his bridge crew nodded agreement, all smiles. “ OK, lets got going, we’ll be late if we dally around here gloating.” They jumped on towards their eventual goal and soon encountered another enemy patrol this one seemed ready for them and he swore that he hadn’t stopped the first patrol from sending out any warnings.

There were 4 corvettes and two cruisers, and even now he was sure they had called for more reinforcements as the fight got started, but he had learned from them already and he ordered attack, as everyone dropped missiles and when the massive wave of enemy missiles came running in he activated the pulse shield and every one went up in flames before getting anywhere near the big ship, and after a few waves like that even the cruisers seemed to fall back a bit as Krys smiled and fired the new missiles they had loaded on board. They hit a corvette dead in the center, and ripped it in half while the next missile was still approaching, and he whispered ‘oops’ as the second missile adjusted and went after another ship close by.

“These new missiles are great, I’ll have to remember that.” He commented as everyone there smiled. When the first cruiser went up in flames, the others jumped away but he wasn’t going to let them, not this time as his group pursued them until they dropped out of jump next to the boarder, and attacked them again, taking down the second cruiser before reinforcements got there. Then they jumped away letting their own ships get their shields back up and making sure no one was injured before the enemy could catch them between two forces, like they had before.

President Clark saw the reports coming in, and he looked sad about it. 6 ships had been destroyed in less than a day and the fighting was not over yet, as another report came in saying yet more ships were spotted and some escaped back across the boarder, and he nodded that the new ships were doing everything they had hoped, but at a terrible cost in human lives. He turned to the coms link and opened it and after a minute it went through and the Chancellor looked like he had been crying for a second there.

“Chancellor...” Clark said very officially,” please...end this. Killing off your military wont settle our differences. Let diplomacy do its work, and not make us continue this war like this. You know once we get to full power you cant win.”

“Would that I could...” He heard in return, as he looked shocked, “ our military has taken control of the war, even when I call for meetings to discuss it I seldom get anyone of importance. If we’re not careful this could turn into a coup de ta...and our leaders will be running instead of our military. A few young officers have taken control and demanded that their fleets gain honor and reputation for them. I doubt any of them will retire from the war while they have ships left.”

“It’s that bad?” Clark asked as the man agreed.

“I have to be very careful...if they knew we talked like this, it would mean my life, and the lives of my family. Don’t call again. But please...end this war as quickly as possible, maybe a few of us old guard will survive to help forge a new peace.” He said as the link went closed and Clark sat back looking very upset, and a little tired.

He had always figured that his old friends were open to discussion about the war, and after a few battles, they’d concede and it would end, but young officers making war to elevate themselves and their Families into the spotlight. Things like this hadn’t happened for centuries, and it just went to prove that things might appear different but they truly never really change. Their people had been the exception, but now they learned from their mistakes and another class started and Clark sent a message to their factories and said not to hold back, they needed war supplies, something he had stopped short of doing before this, as they all agreed, and new weapons were made and stock piled and missiles by the hundreds and soon he’d have enough to carry on the war indefinitely, something he had always hoped would never happen on his world in his lifetime.

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Chapter 21: War Drums

There was a party going on on the Barron home world and as the new officers in charge of the war, or as they were calling it now, the ‘Occupation’ of Maya, walked around, drinks in hand bragging about taking down the most technologically advanced civilization in all space. The old Admiral listened in and smiled and nodded from time to time but they ignored him , saying that his time had past and a new more aggressive military was needed and they had stepped forward to fill the bill, and some women swooned over the young men, as he still just smiled and nodded like he wasn’t even listening to them and one young officer got pretty angry about it.

“We succeeded where you failed, old man, the Mayan home world will feel our wrath within the year and then this little skirmish war will end and the great Mayan Empire will be no more, but we will have their technology for ourselves.” Carlson demanded loudly as the Admiral just smiled and whispered ‘Bull’ and walked away and the young officer almost went after him until the leader of the group grabbed his arm and told him to let it go. ‘Old fools never learn’ he said as they all agreed, and the three of them laughed at him as he walked over to talk to the Chancellor who was avoiding these three idiots religiously.

“They think its over, young fools...” Admiral Glass whispered as even the Chancellor agreed, “ How long do you think until Maya counter attacks?”

“Any second now,” He heard as he saw the report in the Chancellors hands and smiled wide and waited and sure enough aids came running in and whispered to each of them and one threw his drink on the floor and stormed out with a look of anger on his face that had to mean something terrible had happened.

“And there it is...” The Admiral whispered and then laughed, and not too softly either as the remaining two young men looked his way and weren’t too happy about it. “this war is just getting started, anyone who ever fought the Maya before could tell you that, they will never give up so easily, and their technology will cost the people on the front lines billions in ships and repair, glad its not me...” He said sipping his drink while staring at the young men.

“You take too much for granted, old man,” Colonel Hendricks said loudly as they stared at each other for a minute before he rushed from the room, leaving it dead silent and Admiral Glass gloating about their losses.

“Be careful...they aren’t the military men you’ve been used to for so long, and I’d wager we all are in their plans before this is over.” Chancellor Glass mentioned, as his father nodded, very seriously.

“They aren’t fit to be called ‘military men’ they are ambitious, young and full of themselves, but they’ll learn we old men know a bit more than they do about war.” The Admiral said as he too sat his drink down and left the room and the Chancellor looked sad and tired that he had to be in power when all this started, but it was too late now and he set up better security around his home and offices and made sure the men working there were loyal to his family and no one else.

Needless to say the party ended there and everyone slowly went home, wondering what really did happen to make their Leaders walk out so suddenly, but it couldn’t be anything good, so they all went home and waited to hear more.

Not only were they looking at an all out war against Maya, but now, and with the Admiral’s serious meddling, they might well be seeing a civil war before long. Or a war of elimination, killing off the old leaders and taking command of the country themselves. If it happened the way he thought, then his Empire would be at war for a very long time, and many, many thousands of people would die. Chancellor Glass just hoped that his old friend got his message that last time...’end the war quickly’ so that he and his friends had a chance to survive, and help forge a new peace that would last. But these new Commanders would never step back now that they had made their foolish statements right out loud, their pride and ego wouldn’t allow it. So now here they were, on the brink of a new war, a bigger war, with fighting on both sides, and even these young officers couldn’t stand long against the threat of death from within, and without.

Colonel Hendricks was looking over his losses from the last round off attacks and he swore that they had brought out bigger, more powerful ships before he was ready for them. The Mayan research and development people were amazing, to say the least, and now these mercenaries were doing a huge job, wiping out every ship they found. 12 ships dead in a day, from two of their fleets, and 4 cruisers, thats a lot of money and people gone, and his brags earlier seemed more than a little hollow right now as he ordered his fleet to pull back to the boarder, and wait for new instructions.

“They aren’t going to give up no matter what we demand,” He heard as he nodded it was true. He had planned to wipe out their defenses and then let the core sectors surrender. He didn’t want to destroy everything to get it, he wanted their technology for himself, and his new Kingdom that was coming, with his friends help.

“And the Chancellor and Admiral aren’t letting go either, you said they’d walk away and let the government to us when we embarrassed them enough, but we’re the ones getting embarrassed.” Major Carlson added as he got a dirty look for even mentioning it. “Admit it, the Admiral was right, the Mayans will fight to the very end, and probably destroy their own computers and cities to keep their technology out of our hands, this war will be long and hard on us all, and we’ll gain nothing!” He declared, looking at his losses from the last round of attacks.

“Don’t wimp out on me now, we’re in this together, we agreed long ago.” Hendricks demanded as the younger officer nodded he understood. “We’ll take the Mayan technology, their world and their people, and they will serve us forever as slaves. I was willing to treat them as equals after the war but not now, they brought this on themselves.”

“And if we lose the war?” Carlson asked as the Colonel acted like he hadn’t said a word and went on planning his next move and bringing up some heavy ships from their reserves to fill in the slots made by the cruisers that got destroyed.

“I’ll die before I surrender to these people, on either side,” Hendricks whispered as they both looked deadly serious for a second. Planning to take over your own country or Empire from within was an all or nothing proposition. Either they won and became the new leaders of their worlds or they lost and their lives would be forfeit. Either way they had no choice now but to go straight ahead, no matter what that might mean to them, their families or their future. Either a new Kingdom was coming, or they wouldn’t be around be see what really did happen, and they wanted to live as much as anyone else.

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Chapter 22: One step Forward, Two steps Back

That first week things went really well for the Defense Force, but Ken knew that they had caught them by surprise. When they regrouped, then they’d see a lot more big ships, and the Mayan shipyards knew that up front. The new cruisers were nice and powerful but still not capable of winning against ships of the line, like carriers and battleships. Of course losing just one of those was a major loss, and the Barron’s would protect them with everything they had, so the battles of 6 against 10 or more would go on, but the size of the ships would change radically from time to time.

Now that they were in for repairs and resupply the President called a meeting and everyone was there. He made a nice speech about loyalty and how the First Team had held the line until the others made it that far and now they were doing much better and had enough ships and crews to let some people get some time off.

“The First Team has been on our world for nearly a year,” he mentioned as the other teams applauded for them,”I feel its time they get a break. It was once asked of me...’we can go home to visit right?’and I said yes, but things got so busy and dangerous that no one ever could. So, I’m giving the First Team time off, two weeks, to go home and visit, things have settled down for a little while so its a good time. We don’t know how bad things might get later so nows the time if you want to go.” He said as everyone looked their way and Casi nodded saying she’d like that and he reminded her that their technology must not fall into others hands, and she agreed.

They all agreed and as they left the meeting the other Teams shook their hands and said not to worry, they’d hold down the fort until they returned and they all smiled and went to get ready. Ken went to gather a few small things as presents for his parents and friends, and as he walked onto the dock edge where his ship was docked Candy was standing there, with a small bag and his mouth dropped open in shock.

“It sounds like the perfect time to meet your family,” She mentioned with a red face and he stammered a bit trying to think of something to say. “Your not embarrassed about seeing me are you?”

“Of course not, but my mom will go nuts, and my dad will ask some very embarrassing questions...” He went on as she nodded with a bug grin and took his arm.

“Thats what families do...” She added as he finally heaved a big sigh and agreed and they walked onto the ship together and a little while later it backed away from the dock and into space. Casi was by now long gone and halfway home, and as her crew asked about her world she tried her best to explain it to them.

“You’ll have to stay out of sight while I’m gone,” She mentioned as they agreed.

“The scanners on your world aren’t a problem, we can sit right in orbit and they’ll never know we’re there.” Her engineer said with her nose in the air as Casi said she hoped so, they weren’t ready for star ships and beam weapons yet, and they all laughed.

She took a shuttle down when she arrived and landed behind the barn where no one from the road could see it. Then she walked over to the house and was surprised to see that it had new paint and a second solar collector since she had been gone. She rang the bell and her grandmother came to the door, and she burst into tears and hugged her for a long time.

“I get money from time to time, so I fixed the place up while you were gone,” She mentioned as Casi said it looked a lot better now. “ The new solar panels make enough power that it lasts all night, and for days when its really bad weather, its a god sent, thank you.”

“Thats why I sent it, to help out, I hope you weren’t too surprised when I didn’t come back for a while.” Casi said as they walked inside and sat down on the sofa together.

“At first I was, then the money came and I knew you were alright then, and when I told people that a space ship took you away, they said I was nuts, but when I got the place all fixed up, people started saying better things.” Casi’s grandma said as she looked shocked at her.

“You can’t tell people I’m working on another world, if the government found out they’d do something bad to you or me when I get home.” Casi added sadly as her grandma shook her head no.

“When everyone was saying I was too old, or nuts, a nice man came,and we talked for a long time, and he had me draw a picture of the little ship you left in, and then he said when you come home he wants to talk to you. He should be here any minute.” She added all smiles as Casi jumped up, scared and shocked at the same time.

“Grandma...there are rules I agreed to, no one was supposed to know. If they found out they’d try and get my ship or some other stuff, for themselves. That would be a huge problem.” Casi added as she started towards the door.

“Wait, thats probably him now...” Granny said as they heard a vehicle sliding to a stop and Casi looked out the curtains to see a man in a very expensive suit and three armed guards running towards the house.

“With armed guards?” Casi added loudly her grandmother said it must be some mistake, and Casi ran out the back and around the barn to her shuttle as her grandma yelled that she wasn’t armed, to put their guns away but shots rang out and one bounced off the small ship as it lifted off and disappeared into the sky and the man got so upset he threw his hat on the ground and stomped on it.

“Hundreds of years of technology...gone...you stupid old woman, you were supposed to hold her here!” He declared as the old lady said that Cassandra would not hurt anyone but she had rules she had to go by and the man jerked a gun out of the holster of one of his men, and fired a single shot into her head and walked away, letting her lay there, as he called on his coms and said that there was an alien ship in orbit and he wanted it shot down.

Casi docked at the ship and asked if they could scan her grandmothers farm and they agreed, and her worst fears had come true. The government men had killed her for not helping them, even though she called the second Casi had returned.

“There is a line of missiles leaving the surface coming this way,” She was told as she took her command chair.

“I thought they couldn’t see us up here?” She asked as even her weapons operator just shrugged and mentioned they might be firing blindly, hoping for a hit.

“Shoot them down, and then the launcher that fired them,” Casi ordered as she was told that using their weapons against a low level civilization was a huge problem, but she demanded she didn’t care.” They killed my grandmother, a woman who has never had a bad word about anyone for as long as I’ve known her because I escaped them. I’ll take full responsibility for what happens.” She demanded as the woman nodded and in a second the missiles were all gone and a minute later, the base that sent them went up in flames.

“All targets destroyed,” Casi heard as she nodded that it was done, and then started to cry, and ordered the ship back home and they left orbit and jumped as she ran into her office to be alone for a while.

Chapter 23: Ken’s Reunion

Ken meanwhile, was home too, but under better circumstances. He had them drop him off and hide the ship behind the moon while he was home and then called his family from the same little field that he had left from and said he needed a ride home, and his mom came screaming in a few minutes later with the family car, and nearly ran off the road getting stopped, then ran and threw her arms around him and cried saying she thought he was dead.

“Dead people don’t have savings accounts...” He mentioned as she gave him a soft tap up the side of his head, saying she’d not know about anything like that and he agreed he could have kept in touch better.

“So, where have you been what have you been doing all this time?” She asked as Ken cleared his throat for a second and Candy walked out from behind a tree nearby and gave her a big smile, as his mom looked surprised and shocked at once.

“Mom, this is Cassandra, she’s a scientist studying alien worlds and....well... me.” He added silently as Candy started to laugh.

“He means we’re dating, nice to meet you, Mrs. Haskell.” Candy said as Ken’s mom looked faint for a second then shook her hand and welcomed her.

“My, my now at least I can see you haven’t been lonely up there.” She added as Candy’s face grew red and Ken’s wasn’t any better.

“You cant keep saying ‘up there’ and ‘in space’ mom, people have to think I’m just away working.” Ken added as Candy agreed, saying if everyone found out they couldn’t come back anymore, as she just waved the idea away.

“Everyone understood, and a lot of your friends want to go too...” She added as they got into the car and Ken dropped his head on top of the car, shaking it slowly and looked like he was ready to leave already, but Candy took his hand and said it would be alright, just wait and they went home to have a nice dinner and talk about what they had been doing.

“Pilot of a military space ship? Really?” His mom asked as Candy informed her he was a Captain of a Mayan cruiser, and had been successful in a dozen fights so far, as she looked a little scared, and proud at the same time.

“We owe him a lot, our people, we have great minds and build things easily but we can’t fight, not even to protect ourselves, so we asked him to help us and he’s wonderful at it.” Candy added and Helen Haskell smiled to see the love in her eyes when she spoke about him.

“Its not just me, there’s a lot of us from different worlds.” Ken mentioned as his mom smiled and nodded she understood.

“And you are a scientist, at your young age?” She asked as Candy agreed, saying her father started the Defense program and they smiled at each other for a minute.

“Speaking of fathers, Ken’s dad will be home any minute, you wait until he sees you...” Helen added as Ken looked like he’d hide Candy away somewhere, but he knew it wouldn’t do any good.

“And make sure that nothing goes missing from your belongings while your here,” Ken mentioned to Candy who looked oddly at him. “ My dads a businessman, always looking for the ‘next big thing’ he’s had some small successes, but nothing big, so seeing stuff from another world might drive him to act like a pervert.”

“Your dad works very hards supporting us, so it wouldn’t hurt you to help.” Helen added as Candy looked away chuckling.

“There are rules mom, if we break them then we’ll never be able to come back visiting again.” Ken added as the front door opened and his dad came running in and Helen made a wave for him to slow down and act cool and Ken saw it right away. “ No, dad I cant help you find some new tech, don’t even ask.” He got out even before his dad opened his mouth, and Candy got a good laugh as the family had a quick talk about what they could expect on his visits.

After a little while for things to settle down they were all sitting in the living room and Frank, Ken’s dad was looking Candy over very carefully as her face grew redder and redder, and finally Ken asked him to behave himself and he just smiled and said he had never seen an alien before, and Candy looked surprised he said that.

“Now you know how I felt,” Ken whispered as she got a quick little laugh under her breath.

“She’s human dad, just like us, if there’s anything I can tell you thats it, there are humans on a lot of worlds.” Ken hinted as his dad grabbed a note pad and asked for him to name them all, as Ken just laughed at him. “ No one here would recognize the names anyways dad, get real.”

“Star names, star clusters?” He asked excitedly as Ken took Candy’s arm and started towards the door.

“We’ll see you in the morning,” Ken added as his mom asked where he was going. “to my room of course we don’t need dad harassing us all night.”

“About that...” His dad started as Ken gave him a sour look.” it has been almost a year, we converted it into storage weeks ago.”

“But your old room upstairs is still there, you...two?” Helen asked as Candy nodded agreement, “ can spend the night there.”

“I have some time off, more than a night,” Ken mentioned as they both seemed thrilled, probably for different reasons, “ never mind, we’ll spend the night here and tomorrow we’ll see about getting a place to stay.”

“NO, you can’t!” Frank said quickly as Ken gave him a dirty look, seeing him planning something, “ I mean...we wouldn’t look like good parents if we left you stay away from home after coming all this way...what 10 light years? To visit.” He asked, hopefully as Ken rolled his eyes at him.

“YOU are pathetic, dad...” Ken added sourly and they grabbed their things and left right there as Helen cracked him over the head with a note pad for pushing too hard and chasing them away.

“If you would have just shut up and left him talk, he would have said something sooner or later, he’s right, you are pathetic...” Helen declared as Frank looked upset he was in trouble for trying too hard to learn about the new job, and where exactly it was. “ and I promised my fans that I’d have a big announcement for them on the extra-net this week, moron!” She added as she went to see what else she could add to her blog, the one she started months ago when Ken left, and her story had become an instant sensation, and she made a good living off it now that she found her ‘niche’ to write for.

“When we see them tomorrow...pictures!” She added as he nodded excited, and made sure he had film and everything he’d need for the next day of their visit.

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Chapter 24: Krystopher’s Big Surprise

Krystopher was on his old world by now too, and when he got home he was very surprised. The place was spotless, and his mom was walking around, all smiles like her heart problems had never happened. She saw him coming and ran...actually ran...out to meet him and gave him a huge hug. He was so happy to see her like this he cried and she joined in.

“I used some of the money you sent to fix the place up, hope you don’t mind.” She said, smiling as they walked back to the house.

“Thats why I sent it, mom, and I see that your feeling a lot better too.” Krys added as she nodded happily.

“ A doctor came about a month after you left and examined me and gave me a shot...just one...and then left. In the next few weeks I got better and better, it was a miracle!” She said as Krys nodded agreement. It wasn’t a miracle of course, but better medicine, and he was never more glad he took this job than now.

“Dr. Gray was astounded when I got better, he did tests and said the disease was completely gone, and he didn’t know the person that came and gave me that shot. She wasn’t from his clinic or the local hospital...” She mentioned as Krys could see things could get complicated from this.

“Mom, listen to me, your better now, and may never get sick again. Thats my gift to you so don’t worry about going back to the doctors any more, and don’t tell anyone about the doctor that came and gave you that shot. Its important everyone thinks it was just some miracle, not better medicine that did it. People do strange things when they find something new they don’t have, and if my boss found out, I’d never be allowed to come home again, and you would never see another doctor.” He explained as she looked sorry she mentioned it.

“But I’m glad it worked for you, and that I don’t have to worry about you any more.” He added as she nodded and thanked him for the money too, she had no idea what he did but her account had more in it than it ever had, much more and she said she’d be set for a long time now.

“I’m thinking of working part time, just to have something to do,” She mentioned as he nodded and said she should do whatever she liked when he was away. “So don’t worry about sending any more money, save it for yourself and I’ll be fine.”

“If your sure...” He said as she nodded with a big grin, he went away and sent home a miracle and now she was healthier than she had ever been and had a nice nest egg in her account, a mother couldn’t ask any more than that from a son, and she was happy he was such a good boy.

“Any one ever ask about that doctor again just shrug and say it was all a mirage or something, maybe God healed you?” Krys mentioned as she gave him a sour look, she didn’t like lying to people but if it saved her and him from getting in trouble then she’d let it go.

“Just this once...” She said giving him a dirty look and he agreed as they sat down for a nice talk.

“A war...oh my...and your doing OK then?” She asked as he nodded he was.

“Thats where the money comes from it’s full time job, we work a week then get a few days off. I had one close call, but you’ve seen how good their medicine is...” He added as she nodded it was true. “ I’ll be fine, so don’t worry.”

“You don’t have a nice girl yet?” She asked after a while and while he admitted he had met someone, they weren’t a couple or anything and she smiled. He was a nice looking young man, if she did say so herself and at his age it was now just a matter of time.

“Come on mom, I’ll take you out to eat,” Krys said finally as she agreed and went to change cloths and they got a cab and went out for the evening, and had a nice time as people who hadn’t seen him around for a while saw them and they talked about his new job...as a consultant...and his mom smiled the whole time and agreed to whatever he said.

While this was going on, Ken and Candy were doing better, as she got a tour of his hometown. They went to some stores, and walked around meeting some of his old friends and everywhere they went, they heard about his mom, and her blog and that fuzzy picture she had of some space ship she said took him away.

“It was just an airplane, moms a little kooky,” He would say as everyone laughed and they went on, but he could see that not everyone would take that as an excuse and it worried him.

“My mom has a blog, explaining to the whole world that I went into space...” Ken mentioned as Candy agreed, “ if the wrong people see it, we’ll be in big trouble, so we need to make everyone think she’s a little nutty.” He added as Candy gave him a sour look, it didn’t seem nice to do to his mom but then she had started this all herself.

“And we need to be careful, if they get some samples of your hair or fingernails, anything they can test for DNA, they might have some evidence against us.” He added as Candy reminded him that humans had a common ancestry, and even the Mayans didn’t know for sure where and when that happened.” But if we ever want to come back here again, we’ll need to keep them all in the dark.” He added as she nodded and they went on. They went to a nice restaurant and she made some odd noises looking at the menu, and he explained that food here wasn’t pre-made every time, that places made it fresh and you waited for it, and she looked impressed and said that on her word people would pay enormous prices for something like this and he looked surprised, since the pre-made food there was really good.

“To have a nice place like this to go out and sit and talk, listen to the music and get a ‘custom meal’ made, that would be the ultimate luxury.” She mentioned as he looked even more surprised, and she laughed at him.

“Kenny, you old dog!” They heard as he looked up to see his best friend walking in with a young woman and they asked to sit and he agreed as they shook hands and Ken smiled widely. “ So this is the alien girl your mom mentioned...” He said as Ken’s face fell like a rock.” Everyone wants to meet her , your moms a celebrity with her blog, I hear even some government agency’s are watching it now. She’s got everyone convinced that you went into space and found a nice girlfriend.” He went on as Ken looked like he’d be sick.

“When did you hear that?” Ken asked as he was told she had just made a big add to her blog,’ My son returns from Maya with his alien girlfriend’ and people are eating it up!” He said as Ken excused them and they ran from the building as the young woman with his friend opened her coms and said they were leaving now, and a man in a van nearby nodded and they started following them as they got a ride and ran towards his moms house.

“I cant believe it...my moms incredible.” Ken whined as Candy looked a little upset too, “have the shuttle waiting on us, we’ll need to leave soon.” He whispered as she nodded and she made a call and said to wait for further orders and someone was sitting in the shuttle in orbit an instant later. They pulled up in front of the house to see a news crew there and they barely got through without a major interview and as they ran in his mom and dad were all smiles gushing about the news and that everyone wanted to know more about them and her.

“You have no right, none! “ Ken screamed as they both stopped cold,” Now that this mess is out in the open, we’ll never be allowed to come home again! This is it, so say goodbye mom, we need to get off this world immediately before something even worse happens.”

“But you don’t understand, we’re famous now. Even the government agrees that peaceful relations with another world would be a god sent...” His dad went on as Ken nodded he understood. “They’re waiting to interview you two,and meet your young friend.”

“And dissect her for research, what kind of idiot are you anyways?” Ken screamed as they ran back to look out the door but the cab was gone and another one refused to come when called.

“They just want an interview with you, and maybe some samples of her blood, and they’ll pay well for it. You’ll be safe I guarantee it...” His dad said to Candy who looked scared now, and for good reason.

“And you think YOU control that? You idiot...” Ken screamed as his father stepped back, shocked.

“Follow me...” Ken said as they ran out the back to the garage and they jumped on his electric motorcycle and as the door opened they ran out, nearly running over a few news crews that were rushing to get pictures before they got away. They ran out of town and back to the field where they came in and as they got off and ran out to the middle the shuttle dropped down and they ran in as a van stopped and many men jumped out and ran towards them.

“Lift off now...go go go..” Ken screamed as the shuttle lifted back up with bullets bouncing off the hull and disappeared into the afternoon sky. “we made it, thank god.” Ken said, sitting down in a seat next to Candy who was looking a little upset.

“That was close but at least we got to see your parents before we left, they are a unique couple...” Candy mentioned as Ken nodded and now they could smile about it.” I wish I could have gotten my backpack from the hotel first though, my favorite cloths were in it.”

“Oh ****...” Ken said as she looked surprised,” what all was in it, anything that my world doesn’t have?” He asked as she thought and said one sweater that was made of the wool of an animal on yet another world, and some makeup, nothing special.

“ Wool from another world....thats just great...I guess they got some evidence after all, but at least they didn’t get to do anything bad to you.” He said softly and she saw he really was worried for her and she gave him a kiss and thanked him for it.

“Thats enough vacation for me, lets go home,” He added as she agreed and they docked to the ship and returned at best speed. It seemed that taking people from less developed worlds was fine for the Mayans, but they could never really return, and Ken decided that he’d mention that to the President when they next met and he was waiting to hear what adventures the rest of the team had on their worlds.

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Chapter 25:The Truth be Told

Casi got back first, and after her report, was out on house arrest pending a hearing into the matter.And when Ken found out he went to speak to the President personally.,

“When on her leave, she did ,with forethought fire her weapons and destroyed not just a wave of missiles but an entire military base. Its against everything we believe in.” Clark said with his nose held high and a very serious look on his face.

“Her grandmother thought she was doing the right thing, but the government got wind of it and attacked Casi. Then they killed an unarmed woman for not doing enough, and attacked the ship in orbit with nuclear weapons. In MY opinion Casi did what was necessary, and when they finally do meet people from another world again, maybe they’ll treat them with some respect.” Ken added just as seriously as President Clark took a minute to think about it.

“Its partially your fault too, you take people from under developed worlds then think their governments wont do everything in their power to grab anything new they can get? Even in my case we barely escaped and the shuttle took hits as we lifted off. Worlds less advanced than you fear that they will be overrun by you if you would choose to do so, so they beg, borrow or steal any technology they can get, and collateral damages are acceptable. Because of that and my parents greed, I can no longer go home again, ever...but I’m OK with that..this is my home now and I’ll make a life for myself here, just like Casi will from now on.” Ken insisted and slowly Clark saw that letting them go home for a visit was his fault, because they hadn’t planned well enough and figured for the way other people would respond.

“I understand what your saying, but there has to be a reckoning for what she did, many, many people died from this attack.” Clark added as even Ken nodded it might be true.

“How about this then...” we agree that what she did was wrong and she apologizes for it. Then as punishment she’s never allowed to return home again, hows that?” He asked as even Clark took a minute to think about it.

“If she agrees, we’ll let that go as punishment, but she has to apologize on the nationwide coms, then we wont have heat coming down on us for it here, it was her decision and she’s responsible for it.” He said as Ken agreed and they shook on it. He went and talked to Casi and told her he understood and explained what happened on his world too and she looked sad.

“Thats OK with me, my grandmother was my only living relative, so I have no reason to return home.” Casi mentioned sadly as Ken gave her a quick hug and she thanked him for his help.

“You have us, here, we’re family.” Ken whispered as she nodded and smiled.

The announcement was the next day and while she apologized for making the Defense Force look bad, she also made sure everyone knew her ship and crew were under fire at the time, something President Clark hadn’t mentioned but he nodded gratefully as she finished her little speech and the entire team stood beside her while Ken added his story, saying that returning people to a world where everyone knew they had gone into space was wrong and a bad idea. It would only cause more troubles, but if things could be contained, then they could control it better, and even as they talked they were worried for Krys who still hadn’t returned from his vacation yet, and everyone thought the worst.

But things on his world had stabilized pretty well, with his mom agreeing not to mention space and her health getting better so she could do anything she wanted now, she decided to get a job and work for a while. Krys had given her some money to help out and she fixed her place up nicely with it, but now she didn’t need the doctors she had been seeing and anyone who asked how she got better so quickly she’d say ‘its a miracle’ and then let it go.

They spent a week together talking and seeing old friends and finally Krys was ready to go back and he said he’d stop by sometime again, and she gave him a big hug.

“Maybe you’ll bring that girl we talked about with you next time,” She teased and he smiled and said ‘you never know’ and as she waved he walked away and around a corner out of sight. They planned it this way, she never saw the ships that came and went he never took her on board to brag and she never had anything to report even if someone of great power asked her. It was a sort of ‘forest for the trees’ type thing ...see no space stuff, and have nothing to say if asked, and even Krys made sure he never mentioned anything someone might do something bad to get. Ignorance is bliss, so she was happy just knowing he was doing OK, and even she started telling everyone he was working on another continent, and she missed him and hoped he’d come home more often, and no one thought a thing about it except that they were happy her family was doing better now.

Krystopher was back the next day and when he landed he was dragged in in front of the President himself and Ken was there and they asked if things went OK and if anything bad happened on his trip. He was pretty shocked and he explained what had happened and how they fixed it and even Ken smiled and nodded approval. Out of all of them Krys and his mom had worked it out and made a good cover story so no one would ask too many questions when she got new things or her health got better. He then asked why everyone was so upset and Ken explained what happened and Krys nearly ran out to make sure Casi was alright.

“She’s doing OK,” Ken mentioned with a small grin, “ but she needs a friend right now she’s hurting pretty bad after loosing her grand mother.”

“I’ll check on her as soon as we’re done here,” Krys added as even Clark nodded he approved.

“So, under special circumstances it can work, but only if everyone agrees to keep things secret, and greed or ignorance doesn’t make someone do something silly.” Clark mentioned as even Krys nodded, saying that his mom understood that if she wanted to see him again, she had to go along with the story and she agreed, and everyone there agreed that this was the way to go, and on worlds that were too suspicious or militant, then returning just wasn’t possible.

The meeting was finally over and Krys went right to Casi’s dorm room and asked to come in, she agreed and when he walked through the door she was still sitting on the sofa looking very down. He went right over and sat beside her and reached out and took her hand and as she looked surprised he leaned in and gave her a soft, quick kiss.

“My mom wants to meet you sometime,” He added as she looked speechless for a minute.

“But we’re not...” Casi started as he nodded it was true.

“Want to be?” He asked straight out as her mouth fell open and she looked very shocked he asked her now.

“That’s an interesting thing to ask, and I’d be very happy you did except for one small, but important thing.” She said as he looked worried and she leaned in and whispered something into his ear and his face went red right away and he cleared his throat and gave her a hug anyways.

“I didn’t see that coming...” He added as they both laughed for a second.

“Sorry your a great guy really...” She started as he stopped her with a big smile.

“Its OK, I’m not equipped right for you, I understand, its not my fault this way.” He added as she got a good, roaring laugh from it. It might be hard to say on her world but he had asked something very personal and now he knew, that she too was looking for someone special, but, just like him, it needed to be a girl.

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Chapter 26: Settling in for The Long Haul

There were meetings for a day and every team member had to come in and talk about their world and what they thought their chances were of being able to return someday. Many admitted that it would be tough, and one or two even mentioned that when they came, they were told they’d make this their home, and they planned all along to stay and live here, and President Clark agreed that it was the best way, for most people.

“I told my mom and dad that I was leaving to live on another world, and they laughed like I was nuts or something, but we haven’t talked since and thats been a few months now, maybe by now they understand I meant it.” Frank mentioned as everyone chuckled at the dinner table.

“You know...” Ken started while sitting there, scratching his chin and looking deep in thought. “ we might be able to send messages back home from time to time, saying happy birthday, Christmas, or New Years...that wouldn’t give anything away. Not to mention the people in my family and my world know what I did and roughly that I’m ‘out there somewhere..” he mentioned as many laughed, “so sending home videos or messages might work, if we make sure the signals can be captured by their equipment. It would at least let people know that your alive and well.”

“It would let our families know that we’re OK, and that might take a lot of the fear off their shoulders.” Casi mentioned as everyone agreed.

“I’ll mention it when I get the chance,” Ken added as everyone nodded agreement. “ but now that we’ve had our bad times at home. Its time we all think about settling in here and getting comfortable. I’ve got Candy with me now. If that works out we’ll be happy I’m sure, so maybe we’ll all find someone nice, and then we wont miss our homes so much.”

With that said, Casi got a big smile and Krys looked a little sad but everyone just left it go, knowing something was going on, but today they all were happy. Just talking about home, no matter how messed up it is, and planning for their new lives, now that that part of it was officially over.

Patrols resumed immediately and fights broke out where ever enemy ships were found. They were getting more serious and seeing a wing of 6 ships together wasn’t even a surprise anymore. But the Teams held their own and with the cruisers to call on in emergencies they fought off several good attacks on planets and cargo convoys. Of course they lost one or two and only the massive safety procedures built into their ships by the Mayans saved their lives more than once.

But the only ‘fall back’ ships they had right this second were the smaller heavy fighters and they just didn’t have the punch needed for big battles. So the President put a big push on getting a few more cruisers out and corvettes and soon a new assembly line was built just for corvette class ships. It had been centurys since they had more than one shipyard running, and they had not been needed, but now with the war dragging on he decided they were and the ship building part of their economy started seeing improvement, and even some suggestions about better ships still came off the drawing boards, as he happily agreed to try some.

There was a new design for a ‘heavy corvette’ that had some promise. It had 4 turrets instead of three and carried the heaviest missiles available at the moment. It still had the same speed and jump capability, but was slightly slower turning. But considering the advantages, they decided it was worth it and 4 ships were ordered to check them out and see who liked them and who didn’t.

Then there was the heavy cruiser...almost a small battleship. This would take a little time to build, but it had twice the firepower of the cruisers they used now and carried a few of the new drones that had been developed, giving it a ‘hard and soft’ attack. If they were assisting others, like the corvettes, then they’d launch drones from a distance. But in a major battle, they could move in and attack with massive guns and way waste to all but the biggest ships.

Then, Ken had a new idea himself. He had seen the new drones in testing, they were almost the equal of the heavy fighters all new teams started out with. Their beam weapons were good, solid guns and they had a power supply that left them run almost none stop. He liked the way they had good range, and even limited jump drives, allowing them to move around quickly but not as far in a single jump as the bigger ships. He also saw that in decent numbers, they were a threat to almost any ship but lacked the speed to be ‘everywhere at once’ as he explained and a few people chuckled at the sound of it.

“Take a heavy cruiser...” He started as the engineers nodded and waited, “ add more armor, and just the main guns, then along the sides, add launching tubes for the drones. Then inside have auto repair bays for any that return damaged, and you’ll have a drone carrier, capable of jumping across the galaxy to battles, and then sitting back and sending in waves of robot fighters to do the damage for you. The main guns are more than enough defense against corvettes, fighters and even other cruisers,” He added as many agreed.

“Then the extra heavy armor protects it against quick attacks where it might have to jump away, but even then its not a problem, since the drones also have a limited jump drive, so the mother ship can jump to safety if need be and wait until its drones return.” He said with a flare at the end and many nodded it was an interesting idea and it too was sent to the President for approval.And it didn’t take long either since almost anything Ken asked for was getting approved and the carrier was under construction less than a month later. The specs were good and every engineer was giving it their best, so the building was running at full speed. The first heavy corvettes were getting finished and Casi had her bid in for the first one. Her standard corvette had worked out pretty well but had taken some heavy damage once or twice so she was ready for something new and it was approved at once and she watched during her time off for the first one to come off the assembly line.

That meant her ship would be up for grabs after some repairs and upgrades, and Frank got his bid in for that one. He had some competition too since Catherine asked at about the same time, and they were told that the new ships would be ready soon and whoever didn’t get this one would get one of those and she nodded and accepted and stepped back to wait as Frank got all excited he’d get out of his fighter and into something where his ‘command performance’ could be seen, but to many that only meant that he’d finally get to order people around and they all laughed.

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Chapter 27: Beating back the Tide

With their ships in full retreat the Barron Empire looked like the idiots that the ‘chosen few’ had been all along. The old guard sat back smiling and mentioned from time to time on the news , when they were asked, that the ‘young’ officers had to learn the hard way that war was a losing battle. Since they had not fought a serious war since they got their commissions.

That sense of ‘it was their fault’ didn’t make them any friends with the new officers either, and secretly, one older man, a General from the Empirical Army, mentioned that a coup might be coming and if it did, then his men would stand to defend their way of life and not let ‘new young fools’ take over so easily. That admission made the online news instantly as many in and out of the military started watching these few more carefully and they either would have to back off or do something quickly, and they did.

First, the General who made that comment, was replaced with a new one, younger and more able to ‘adapt to new and better ideals’. It was said and the older man stepped aside with a grin knowing that he had done his best to make the entire Empire watch them more carefully. Then a few other officers either had to change their minds quickly, and very publicly, or get the same or worse. One man, a Colonel in intelligence, refused, saying he had seen the future, and these new people were not it, and during one mandated ‘training exercise’ he got ordered to take, a mistake was made as a real missile tore through his fighter and killed him in what was being called a ‘sad display of lax military maintenence’. Saying that it was the docking crews and maintenence men that made the mistake, and to prove it 20 people were dismissed and their house cleaning went on.

So obvious was their conceit that the media started condemning them at every turn. At first it was these sudden changes to positions normally run by the Chancellor himself, but when the new people refused even his comments and orders, the Media turned on the new men for their lack of respect for authority and respect for more senior and more experienced officers. When that came out the self-proclaimed ‘spokesman’ for the new ‘order’ stepped forward and General Hendricks said,loudly that a new era was here and those that didn’t want stepped on better step aside, and his comments were broadcast on every channel and some men and women agreed and others disagreed, loudly, and some commentators that had shows proclaimed them traitors, and disappeared from the airwaves instantly and when law enforcement stepped in to see why, they were ordered to step down,and many didn’t like that one bit.

It was shaping up to be a civil war, and some people who were squeezed out of the military disappeared for a while and so did many law enforcement officers, and the Media saw the truth that hostilities inside their very home world might be coming, and they ordered people to stockpile goods they’d need and stay off the streets if they heard gunfire. The new men weren’t happy about this one bit. They had hoped that a strong hand would pacify the masses, but their selfish ways of speaking and their arrogance towards others made them enemies even here, and they weren’t even happy within their own ranks.

“We cant keep doing this...” Major Carlson declared as Hendricks gave him a sour look, “ we cant fight a war on two fronts. There are groups even now gaining support from the people to carry weapons and hold out against our demands. One Union refused to enter the shipyards today as a sign of protest. If you don’t soften our demands a little, then we’ll have fighting in the streets!”

“Let them...” He heard as even he looked surprised. “ then we’ll know who are real friends are, and those others...” Hendricks said with a wave of his arm and a huff, “ we can eliminate them and move on. Our plan is unstoppable now, we’ve made our claims and our demands so now its forward or death, nothing else matters.”

“Your willing to die so casually?” He heard as he looked sad it had to be mentioned.

“ Things that don’t evolve over time die out, thats natural selection. If our people don’t change with the times, they will all die, so yes, I’ll sacrifice myself and a few others to force the change we need to survive.” He said seriously and everyone in the room knew that now, it was all or nothing.

The battle for the western line escalated into almost daily fights and ship debre was floating all along the boarder, and a new entrepreneur was seen emerging, the Salvager. There was thousands of tons of refined metals and electronics floating out there, getting further and further away daily, so why not gather as much as possible and save natural resources too? It turned out that with big freighters and transporter beams made for freight, that gathering loads took next to no time at all, and made a few people some serious money.

They also, however, gave the enemies someone else to attack and a few were lost making their fortunes, and their families asked for even more protection for businesses in Mayan space and Clark sent out waves of drones to help cover the area, and they too started getting into battles as the Barron Empire moved a full fleet into the space just across the boarder, and they set up a base in the asteroids there, within a few thousand miles of Mayan space.

Escalation after escalation happened and another class started getting ready and even President Clark helped get more people there, since Master Griffon now had ‘other duties’ and was not allowed to work directly with students or other ‘aliens’ again. But his original ideas and even some vids were available now and they didn’t seem to be having too hard a time getting help, so with over 20 new people either in training or out in the field now, things were looking up for them, so long as they could keep their incredible technology far enough ahead of their enemies that they could never catch up, this little Navy would do fine, and keep them safe for another century.

Thats what President Clark was hoping, and he knew that with time they’d know for sure, and he made sure that the necessary businesses that made their supplies were kept happy and the warehouses full of materials they’d need for the future.

But Ken, being the eternal pessimist, was worried that the enemy would figure out something they hadn’t planned for and he spent some of his time going over every possible scenario that might occur while even some of his friends mentioned that worrying too much wasn’t good for your health, and in true ‘wifely’ fashion Cassandra started insisting that he take more time for himself, and them, and she was seen walking him around by the arm like leading a dog by its collar and a few good a good laugh when they weren’t around and a few more wished it was them that seemed to be so very happy.

One particular day they were sitting eating lunch when Candy just had to ask why he was so distracted today.

“I just found out, Krys asked Casi to go out with him, and for him to admit that he liked her was pretty important, he’s not too likely to admit things that are so personal.” He admitted while she thought that was great, two more happy people."but she turned him down, for...personal reasons. It was hard on him and he’s a friend, so I do worry about him sometimes.”

“He’s a big guy, and tough, he’ll be fine, did she say why she turned him down?” She asked as Ken’s face grew into a small smile but he wouldn’t say.” If I know what the problem is maybe I can help, tell me.” She insisted but he said it was very personal and Krys probably shouldn’t have told him either.

“She turned him down, for very personal reasons that make you uncomfortable to speak of...” Candy sat back for a minute looking thoughtful and finally burst into laughter as he looked surprised.”She likes girls then? There’s no other reason I could see she wouldn’t like Krys he’s a great guy!” She mentioned as Ken hushed her saying it was a secret and she laughed some more.

“When she finds someone here she likes it’ll be the worst kept secret “ She said with a big grin and grabbed her coms and made a call and as she whispered for a few minutes Ken looked around, wondering what Casi would do to him when she found out he left others know about this.”There done, that should help her settle in.”

“What did you do, and am I in any trouble for it?” He demanded as she laughed and said that she handed Casi over to...’the person most likely to help her’ and Ken looked like he better hide for a while but Candy told him not to worry, things would be fine.

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Chapter 28: New Life

Cassiopeia was doing her normal supply checks when her coms buzzed and without thinking she answered it and never looked to see who it was, as she went on doing her duties.But this time she got a surprise when a good looking lady with long silver gray hair looked up at her with a big smile and caught her totally off guard.

“Cassiopeia?” The girl asked as Casi nodded it was true,” I’m Phyllis, Cassandra’s older sister, she ask me to give you a call so we could sit down and talk about....things.” She said with a big wink and Casi felt that she was in for a real hassle and she started to refuse.

“Being one of us on a new world must be stressful, so I want to see that you know there are a lot of people like you here, and we have our own hang outs and clubs where we meet. She was worried about you, mainly because Ken was worried about you too. So she asked me to call you and talk a bit.” Phyllis added and waited while it sank in that they were a lot alike and she wanted to help her find new friends. Casi was in shock and didn’t say anything for a minute so Phyllis told her to meet her in the lunch room and the link closed and Casi stood there for a minute then closed her coms and started walking that way. If Ken was this worried for her the least she could do was talk for a minute and she left the rest of the loading to her second and went to see what news this new lady was bringing.

When she got there, Phyllis was talking away to some other girls and she waved Casi over after a minute and she got a cup of coffee and sat down.

“You ladies know Cassiopeia of the Defense Force?” She asked as a few admitted they did and they all shook hands. “ Casi is looking for places to go to meet people. I’m here to help so anyone who knows a great place sit down and lets talk.”

With that several sat down and for a minute Casi felt overwhelmed, but she stayed, and after a few minutes more she started to understand that here, nearly 1/3 of all people were like her, with a ‘like sexual preference’ and they had their own places and celebrations and holidays, like everyone else. They were completely accepted here, and that was something shed have to get used to since on her world she was considered a throw back or worse.

“What have you being doing for entertainment since you arrived?” One girl asked and Casi admitted it was very little. “ then we have to go out and show you around! Your a great looking lady and with that red hair you’ll be the hit of every party.”

With that Casi got a good laugh and said she was worried that people would think she was odd for her red hair and a few looked very happy that she had it and said so.

“Here we got used to everyone having the same color, it’s genetic, but seeing new people like you and Kenneth and Krystopher, they add color to our world for the first time, and there’s even some companies now that are going to bring out hair color to match yours, and theirs...so when it happens make sure you get royalties for using your names in their advertising, because....you know they will.” She said as everyone laughed and nodded it was true.

“I’ll let them know...” Casi mentioned as everyone went on and on and time flew by as they had a meal together and Casi was asked out for the first time to see the sights around town and she agreed, and Phyllis smiled that her plan had worked out so far.

“But Phyllis...Candy mentioned that you were secretly seeing someone, so your father wouldn’t go wild on you...a guy he was working with,” She mentioned to Phyllis as a few there chuckled and she looked embarrassed.”then this, are you really one of us or just helping me out?” Casi blurted out, almost before thinking as a few others smiled widely.

“Lets say, I keep my options open...” Phyllis mentioned as everyone there nodded it was true,” there’s no reason to ignore anyone attractive so I don’t.”

“AH! I see...” Casi added with a big grin,as everyone laughed, it seemed that it was open season here, and she started feeling a little more at home now and her new life started taking shape.

“As far as my father goes,” Phyllis mentioned with a backhand wave of her hand as a few others laughed out loud,” he’s not the threat he once was, Candy took him down swiftly when she decided that she loved Kenneth. Dad went nuts and dragged him in for a talk, but she dragged him out into the hall like a small child and when they returned, Ken was shocked to see a beaten man. Candy was always dads favorite, so when she speaks, he listens, like it or not.” Phyllis added as Casi looked shocked.

“Its the quiet little ones that are the real threat, and Ken will learn that slowly.” She whispered as everyone laughed a good solid laugh and Casi felt a lot better now seeing that she was among friends.

Her night out went very well, and many people she met thought the world of her, and said so. Here she was a celebrity, and for the first time she acted like her true self, and everyone gave her a big thumbs up for it. She met new people and heard stories about Phyllis, from people who knew her very well. She was a good person going out of her way to help more than one who had troubles from time to time, and Casi saw her as a nice person and a friend to take the time out to help someone so far from home.

“Shes great,” One girl mentioned as they sat at a table having a few drinks with some others,” and she really can show a girl a good time...” She hinted as everyone got a good chuckle from it.

“Well she did me a favor, and for that I owe her, shes a good person from my standpoint.” Casi mentioned as a few others agreed.

“Don’t you worry, you’ll have no problems finding friends here,” One lady mentioned as she rubbed Casi’s shoulders and a few got a quick chuckle from it. “ as Casi’s eyes opened wide.

“You two want to be alone?” One girl asked as she started to get up.

“Not right this second, I need time to adapt here,” Casi mentioned as the girl nodded and sat back down, “ just...not this second, OK?” She asked over her shoulder and the lady smiled and sat down and everyone talked some more and had a few more drinks before they called it a night.

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WEEKEND BONUS TIME: maybe last until I get more done...bonuses that is...

Chapter 29: Horror Stories

Intelligence got the word pretty fast about the Colonel turned General, and his plans. They made sure the info made it back to the Empire as quickly as subspace could carry it, and President Clark wasn’t too surprised to see it coming. He had been warned, of course but he hoped for everyones sake it was a false alarm, but it really wasn’t this time.
The only bit of shining hope for his people now was the fact that while they fought them in space, others were lining up to attack them at every chance on their own planet, and even if they survived that, their propaganda about being loved and needed would be destroyed forever. A civil war is a terrible thing, but they brought it on themselves, so he had no pity for them at all. If they could hold them at the boarder, and their own people could destroy their credibility at home, then they’d have to give up eventually, and that was his greatest hope, as he put the report into the drawer of his desk and sat back to consider what would happen if they won their civil war, and he didn’t even want to consider that, since it would mean that the space war would go on and on, until someone got close enough to destroy their home world itself, and he’d see to it that it didn’t happen here, no matter what his enemy thought of them.

The next meeting had news that even the President didn’t want to tell, but he did. The enemy was in civil war, against this space war and the forceful way these new people were treating everyone. Even their own people were fed up, and everyone seemed to smile thinking they had new allies,even those they never met.

“This also means that they’ll get desperate from time to time, they need victories, to make themselves look better at home, and we’ve given them precious few to brag about, so watch for bigger ships and more of them, maybe a concentrated attack on some of the outer worlds.” They were told as they nodded they understood.

“In better news, the new Drone Carrier is in the testing stages, it will hold 50 drones when finished but there are some problems they are working out right now. The auto- repair units aren’t doing the job fast enough, and the speed of the ship is far below what the engineers thought it would be, so their fighting among themselves trying to see who got their figures wrong.” He said as everyone got a good laugh. “ and two more heavy corvettes are ready, one’s in the dock area now. We had someone waiting for one didn’t we?” He asked as Catherine agreed,waving her hand in the air, “well after the meeting go check it out and let us know for sure. It needs loaded according to your preferences, and check to see the crew we assigned is sufficient.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” She added as he nodded agreement.

“Then this meeting is closed, good luck to all.” And with that he walked out and everyone took a few minutes to talk and Catherine got many happy wishes on her new command and she looked positively thrilled to be out of the heavy fighter now.

Catherine went to see the new ship and it was very nice indeed. She could see herself enjoying flying around in this and with her experience fighting in that little fighter, she was sure she’d do very well. They made sure the missile tubes were loaded and the weapon links were working correctly and then she was ready, and they jumped away for their first patrol together, and she sat command for the first time, looking over her crew and smiling. It didn’t take long to find their first enemy though and as they ran towards them she didn’t give any orders for a minute...a whole minute they were beating on them at full power... then it struck her and she had to verbally call out her orders. Something new she totally forgot about... since all her experience had been in the fighters, with the mind controlled commands before this.

Now when she wanted to fire something she had to give the order, and she did and the first corvette was destroyed and she found a new order that worked for now..’ fire at will’ and the crew did... and another took serious damage and then withdrew at maximum speed, and as it did she sat back with a little sweat running down her brow and even her bridge crew saw it, so she apologized for the bad start and everyone just nodded and smiled. Commanding a corvette was harder than it looked, but she was learning, and she hoped this little incident didn’t make her look like giving her this ship was a mistake.

But that little shock might have been a good thing, since it made her realize that she had to learn a lot more about Command. They went on with their patrol and when nothing was happening she studied, right there at her station, about Command proto-calls and giving orders and even the true abilities of her new ship. Since she demanded she could do it, by the Maker, she was going to! And she finally saw that when Ken jumped into that first corvette all those months ago, that he must have been scared to death for the first few days, because she was...and she knew he had figured it out, and she would too.

As their patrol continued things got pretty quiet and that surprised her, because everyone else seemed to be finding ships to shoot at. First she heard Frank say he had found a wing of corvettes and he managed to kill half of them himself but Ken jumped in to assist and they were gone in no time. Then Krys found a wing with a cruiser and 2 corvettes, almost the standard thing now and when he attacked another wing jumped in, and soon everyone was there, for a few minutes at least then it was over.

But with her inexperience with the new ship she wasn’t complaining, and they were into their third day of patrol when her real test came and as she was reading her studies she realized that her crew was not scanning to full range. Either the ship was set for ‘medium range’ when they got it or someone was testing her because medium was 5k, and the standard scanning range on patrol was 7.5k, so she asked to extend the range and almost immediately they found a contact and the standard 3 ship patrol, skirting along the edge of the boarder next to her patrol lane. She called for reinforcements and then dove in and her first missiles hit a corvette solidly and blew it in two, but the cruiser got a good shot or two off and she had to withdraw to get her shields back up. By now Krys was there with his wing and they jumped into the battle and the second corvette went up in no time. The cruiser was a little tougher though and took a good amount of fighting to finally waste him and he fought to the very end and even Krys had to comment that their Captain was a stubborn man as everyone agreed.

“Your doing pretty well with that,” Krys mentioned after the battle as Catherine rolled her eyes and made him laugh.

“I’m a rank amateur compared to you and Ken and Casi...” She added sadly as he laughed out loud and she started getting a little upset with him and he could tell.

“You keep going, you’ve got kills, and your protecting your crew...thats all that matters. Running in and doing things that endanger you own life and others, is stupid so being a little more careful is not a bad thing, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Your doing just fine.” He said with a big smile and she finally smiled too and thanked him for the kind words, and they split up again and finished their patrol, and when they came in to dock everyone was there cheering as she got off the ship from her first Command patrol and she looked a little embarrassed but happy and she thanked everyone for making her feel like a real member of a Team and not alone here anymore.

Chapter 30: Bigger Troubles

But with the Teams having some good days the Barron military definitely wasn’t. The new Commander was livid about losing so many ships, but even the video from the ships that withdrew showed a good fight, and he had to admit that the Mayan ships were tougher than he gave them credit for. But that still made them look bad and as he ordered more and more ships to the Front, his own people started giving him the ‘evil eye’ when he walked by and he knew that things were not going according to his plan. He needed a win, badly, and not just some little corvette kill either and he made a plan, to get some respect, and when several wings of corvettes started up the boarder keeping the patrols busy, an entire wing of cruisers ,escorting a carrier, jumped in and attacked the supply depot around Tallis 4, and took it, giving them the first major enemy position in the war. They immediately drained the computers of all their information and designs and then placed weapons platforms around it and a cruiser patrol to hold it for them. It was their property now and they were making a big deal out of keeping it, as even President Clark saw on the long range scans of the patrol drones he sent in to check.

“Tallis 4 was our furthest outpost along the boarder,” Clark mentioned at their next meeting. “and they brought out their ‘big guns’ to take it, 4 cruisers and the carrier Panthinon. They only have 4 carriers of that size, so they were very serious about this attack.” He added as everyone nodded they under stood.

“It carries 75 fighters and has the weapons equivalent of two cruisers on it. It is by no means a weak vessel, more like a military base that travels.” He mentioned as a few looked very impressed.”since they brought out their biggest ships for this, we can assume they will again. In attacks involving these main line capitol ships, nothing less than full attention should be given.If your busy with smaller ships like this time, finish them quickly and jump in to help. No one corvette or cruiser can stand against this ship, and her escorts are equal to our own. So no heroics, understand? We’re Teams we need to keep that in mind.” It was obvious to everyone that this new development made him worried but they saw what he meant and they agreed not to act too foolishly.

“Then this meeting is over, get out there and be careful this war is a long ways from over.” He mentioned as everyone stood and walked out and he sat back, wondering when he’d lose these fine kids to some trick that Hendricks would pull, and thats what really made him angry.

But the enemy pulled back from the boarder and celebrated their victory as they fortified their position there.They had 2 cruisers there full time, and it seemed they extended their patrols to include the new base and they started using it as such. That pushed the war a few thousand KM closer to the core, and that made no one happy. They had to adjust their patrols too, and watch for their chance to hit them hard and retake the base. If this war was about a chess game, take one here, lose one there, then they were ready. They could play that game too, and Krys and his patrol wing left the boarder for a few hours and attacked the enemies base of operations in the asteroid field just outside the western edge, and caught them totally of guard. They destroyed 3 corvettes and as cruiser before with drawing back to their side of the boarder, and President Clark smiled that they hadn’t seen that coming. They were used to them flying along, all very regimented and easily calculated but that ended now, patrols became more sporadic, and less standard and ships that normally patrol alone joined a wing and they got stronger. Now things were getting adjusted and soon even the new bigger enemy ships wouldn’t be safe, and both sides knew it.

Also the next cruiser was coming online,and even Clark wasn’t sure who was ready for that yet, but of course Casi was the front runner and she admitted that Commanding her own Wing might be nice as another Team was just getting ready to join them now. That would bring their numbers up to 25 and with the third cruiser wing joining them the enemy had more and more to worry about.

The next Team already had some flight experience, flying the heavy fighters and even taking turns on a corvette that they kept for training now. That little incident with Catherine had made it clear that moving from a smaller ship to a larger one needed addressed and so it was, and everyone got Command experience before even seeing battle. So the Mayans were adjusting, and with that their battle strategy got better. Now no one attacked alone, saving more lives than they could even calculate. Then with massive new ships coming into play, they’d need teamwork, and it was stressed daily until everyone knew that was their only chance against them.

The new Team named themselves Gamma Wing and were made up, so far, of a corvette and 5 heavy fighters. They practiced together during training and learned to fly very well as a Team. Even Clark was impressed to hear them during training and they had another natural leader, in Captain Samuel Hines, a young man with a big attitude about perfection, and himself and it seemed to work for him quite well.He could be tough, but not in a ignorant way and even though some of the Team might complain, he’d stop and explain why he had said what he did, and no one ever disputed that he was right, just noisy.

This would make a great Team as they got experience and Clark watched as they got better and better, but before they were ready, by his standards something happened to make him wonder if he wasn’t being too protective of them. A wing of enemy ships was spotted and the Teams jumped in, then another wing and another and soon everyone was there, and not doing that great either, as Ken called for more missiles and a supply ship jumped in nearby...and was immediately destroyed. He called again saying people were taking hits and as a second ship got ready to leave,Sam demanded they be allowed to accompany it as guards and right that moment, the president thought he had no choice and he agreed. They formed up and jumped as one, in a sort of Pentagon shaped formation they made up themselves, but as they got to the supply point they found why the first ship had not survived, the enemy had a corvette wing just waiting for it but they didn’t see the attack wing with it this time and missiles went flying and the first corvette was gone a minute later, as Ken jumped in with his Wing to get supplies and saw the little ships fighting there.

“Didn’t expect to see you here yet...” He said as Sam came on the link with a huge grin and just shrugged and they both laughed. “keep our supplies safe and we’ll finish these guys.” He added as Sam nodded agreement and the fight went on and Sam’s corvette got his first kill, dancing with another enemy corvette until his beams ripped it apart, and his crew got a quick cheer, and he cleared his throat and said the celebration could wait until they all made it home alive, and they got serious right away again.

The battle was a tough one and it was clear that the Barron Command was stepping up their attacks in both size and regularity. President Clark was sitting on the edge of his seat during the whole thing, knowing that they were just now getting a small Fleet together and losing even one or two would throw their plans way behind and let them fragile in the eyes of the enemy. But it didn’t happen today. They did take some serious damage, and Frank was forced to withdraw when a missile took out a lot of his armor along one side and he lost power for a minute. Casi also took a bad hit as a cruiser laid waste to her right side as she ran past, and she lost three crew members that were sucked out into space a second later. No Team member died, not yet, but there were injuries... many of them... in the little fleet and as they withdrew back to the home base, they came limping in not looking like they hadn’t won anything at all.

One corvette burst into flames as it entered the atmosphere inside the hanger and sirens went off and emergency equipment brought in. The fire was soon contained but the smoke added even more people to the hospital list and as Ken walked off his cruiser, watching other ships carrying their wounded off on litters, Sam walked over and asked if he was alright, and Ken nodded and shook his hand vigorously.

“Thanks to you and your Wing we got the supplies we needed right on time. That was some fine flying out there!” He added as Sam got the biggest grin yet, and finally just nodded agreement. “I think Gamma Wing is ready for patrol duty, and I’ll mention it too.” Ken added as a voice was heard over the pa system as President Clark agreed, from his office and right there, on the PA he graduated Gamma Team and said they’d have patrol duty in a few days, and Sam looked thrilled that they were finally ready, and to calibrate Ken told him he’d ‘buy him a coffee’ in the lunch room and it was a joke, since food and coffee were free, but it gave these two Commanders a reason to sit and chat for a while.

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Chapter 31: Getting set Up

The next meeting, President Clark officially congratulated Gamma for becoming a working part of the new Defense Force and everyone applauded for them.

“This is a little more sudden than I had first imagined, but they have made it clear they can do the work very well. They also got their first paychecks for the battle yesterday, so now they should be self supporting.” He added as everyone nodded they were.

“Their first mission will be convoy protection, since they are a light wing at present, with one corvette and 5 fighters, but having 6 ships in one patrol is a bit much so we’ll take 2 fighters and add one each to the Alpha and Beta wings.” He mentioned as everyone agreed and Ken looked pretty happy to be getting more help.

“Sir!” Sam called out as Clark looked his way and nodded,” we’ll be getting a new heavy corvette wont we? This mission was with the training machines, so we used the older vehicles you took from the first few Teams just for training purposes.”

“Ah that’s true, so a heavy corvette and 3 fighters would make a decent patrol after all.” He added thinking seriously when a tall, attractive brunet jumped up and ask to be heard and he agreed.

“You are?” He asked as she looked a little bit embarrassed to have jumped in so quickly, but it was too late now to back off.

“Captain Sara Hemming, Gamma Wing...” She said as he nodded and waited,” if we have 2 heavy corvetes in the Wing we’ll be better suited for more missions. The fighters are great for maneuverability but they lack the firepower of fighting a corvette alone, if need be. So they need heavy support and we can use them as wingmen for the bigger ships.” She added and then sat down as Clark thought about it for a minute and agreed that 2 heavy corvettes and 2 fighters would be a usable Team, and it seemed settled right there.

“You will be getting the one corvette right, Commander?” He asked as Sam nodded he would,” then who will command the second one?” He asked like it wasn’t a bit obvious by now.

“Captain Hemming was always my choice for Second in Command...” Sam admitted as everyone nodded and someone in the back of the room got an almost silent ‘ooooh’ out and everyone laughed.

“Then so be it...Gamma Wing has 2 heavy corvettes and 2 fighters, as soon as you get the ships set up, and some practice time in them I’ll set up missions for you. Convoys have been getting attacked regularly by enemy fighters since they brought up Carriers, we need to see that supply’s get to our outposts from now on, that’ll be your job.” he added as Sam nodded and looked over at Sara and gave her a wink and big ‘thumbs up’ and everyone could see these two got along well.

One corvette was sitting in the docks already and they got to see it close up for the very first time. Sam made it his home instantly and had a meeting with the crew that was assigned to it and then got them working on bring in all the necessary weapons they’d be needing. Sara was told her ship would be there the next day, just now coming from the shipyards, and she agreed and waited not too patiently to see it for the first time, and the rest of the Team stood back smiling and waiting, and took a day to review and get some practice in their fighters so that when the time came they’d all be in top condition for their first weeks patrol or in their case, their first convoy mission.

Sam spent some time going over the reports of enemy activity as it pertained to convoys and supply shipments. Before, they saw a corvette from time to time, trying to threaten them into giving up their cargo and getting some that way. But lately the corvettes had joined the wings of attack ships they sent in and fighters had appeared , chasing convoys across the sectors. If that held true, then they’d not have a very hard time of it, but then the enemy had been pretty flexible so far and Sam knew they’d throw corvettes back into the mix when they saw his wing doing these missions full time.He’d be ready when the time came for that, and he’d see to it the rest were too. That was his job, after all, and he intended to do it to the best of his abilities.

In less than a week the Team was ready and they started out on their first real mission together, guarding a convoy of 6 ships full of necessary supplies for the outer stations. Once that was over, they’d have proven themselves, and when the first enemy fighters appeared, they got a real shock and only one managed to retreat from their fight, as scrap and parts floated in all directions as the convoy kept right on going, and did manage to make all their deliveries and return to the home base intact.

Clark was also happy the new team had done so well, and he sent them a note saying he approved and congratulated them on their first successful mission. After this maybe supplies would get through more often and things would get back to a little more normal along the boarders, and he hoped so, since many things the core needed were made out there, and needed shipped back and forth, so this new initiative was needed badly and seemed to be working, so he just sat back and watched to see what the enemy would do next, as he worked to close the many small holes in their defenses.

But while Sam and Sara were getting their people in gear even they had troubles. Sara had a young man on her team that didn’t want to fight unless there was no other way, and he tried twice to talk to the enemies during their first convoy mission, which Sara screamed at him for.

“Not everyone even on their side wants to die,” He’d say and she had to admit it was true, but this was war and he’d wind up getting himself killed trying to talk his way out of a battle, but he refused, saying talking didn’t stop him from doing his job, it just weeded out the few that didn’t want to fight in the first place, and she finally just gave up and let him think whatever he wanted, since she couldn’t change his mind anyways.

Sam also had a little trouble on his Team as a young man named Collins went after every piece of scrap and technology that he thought he could get anything for.

“You’ll get yourself killed running away from the rest of us, gathering technology samples,” Sam demanded as the young man left him know, in no uncertain terms ,that he was there to make his fortune, and would, no matter what he was told, and Sam also had to just give up and let him go, but he also made it a point to mention it to Ken and through him to the President, so they knew he had tried his best to stop him from putting himself at risk.

“It looks like we have a few troublemakers in this group,” Ken mentioned at their next meeting and Clark nodded agreement.”but we all did come here to work, and make a living especially since we cant ever go home again now. Maybe we should just make it clear that gathering technology to sell is OK, but not during missions. I’m sure there will be a lot left over after battles, if anyone wants to go out on their own time. But during missions they need to cover each other, thats important.”

“yes, and we all wish for peace but stopping a battle to talk about it only makes us look weak,” Clark mentioned as Ken agreed again.

“So, its all a matter of timing then...” Ken mentioned as the President agreed. Its OK to have peaceful tendencies, but not when it endangers someone else. And its OK to work extra for more money, but not when people are relying on you to cover their backs, so these thoughts were mentioned during the next briefing, and Clark made it clear that while he agreed they could do what they wanted, no their own time, during missions they needed to do what HE paid them for, and though a few looked upset, they all agreed, and the meeting was adjourned and everyone went back to work.

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Chapter 32: Doing Their own Thing

So, after this, Collins and Phillip, both had their own agendas, and they went about them just as seriously as they did missions for the Mayan. Collins made maps of where the battles had been and returned there on his time off, to find a few good things he brought back and sold. Phillip was an outspoken advocate for peace, and his name spread quickly and he was seen talking on one talk show, and he mentioned that even the President had said that Peace was preferred, but that war had broken out anyways, and everyone was sad about it. But mentioning things like ‘the President said’ on worldwide news will get attention... especially from someone who didn’t give you permission to use their names on the air, and Phil found himself getting an ear full and doing dirt duties around the docks for a few days for using the Presidents name without permission. But he was a very serious young man and he took his punishment silently, but everyone who knew him knew nothing had changed, except maybe he had learned a little more about Mayan Politics.

Collins, on the other hand was doing great. Some people around the shipyards made him deals for any technology that he could find and it was a good deal, for him. Now every time he got a chance he was out looking for new stuff to bring in, and his account went through the roof and he was seen smiling a lot, and started dating a few nice girls he met during his travels. He made it clear that THIS was why he was here, not to die fighting, and even Ken agreed that they were independent people, hired from their worlds to help here, and that their very existence helped the Mayans in some way.

He talked to people about business and what was needed most and mining and everything he could learn about the economy in the Mayan Empire. Business was his specialty, not war, and even President Clark saw that he’d not be doing patrols like the others for long. Ken also saw it and he just shrugged it away when Clark mentioned it to him.

“He has the right to do what he wants, if we order him to fight, then it’ll make us look like we’re selling a bill of goods to people when we recruit them,” Ken added as Clark agreed. “we’ll all become business men or women someday, so let him be the precedent for it, after all he did volunteer to leave his home to be here.”

“He has done very well on patrol, and even removing some debris from space helps us later on, so...I guess if he rushes to leave the fighting I can understand that.” Clark mentioned as Ken agreed.

“And hes openly dating, isnt that also what you wanted?” Ken asked all smiles as the President nodded and looked embarrassed.

“And not just him...” Clark mentioned as Ken agreed, but he was thinking a little more settled down than ‘dating’ and even Clark knew that.

“So then, there wont be a problem with him quitting the Defense Force and going into business?” Ken asked, to change the subject, as Clark smiled and agreed. “I’ll let him know then.”

Well it had to happen to them all eventually, so Clark just made a note to himself saying not to assume that every person would stay in the Force forever, and he went back to his job while Ken went back to being the ‘unofficial commander’ and let Collins know he could leave the Force any time he thought he was ready.

Collins was happy to hear it, but mentioned that his contract with the Mayan people had said, right in it, that he would fight and then become whatever he wanted, and he had chosen, and Ken just nodded agreement that it was still the case.

“But it never hurts to have it all nice and official,” He mentioned and after a second, Collins agreed, and the discussion was over. Ken went back to planning his next patrol, and Collins went back to calculating exactly how much he wanted in his account before he left the Force for good, and started his own business.

He had big plans, so he was going to be around for a while, and he left everyone know it.

“Don’t go planning my goodbye party yet,” He mentioned after a meeting and Catherine laughed and asked who he thought would do that for him anyhow, and the room got a chuckle as he pretended to look hurt by her remark.

“That was mean...” He commented and then laughed right along with everyone else. “well lets get going. If we don’t get out there, I can’t find anything worth selling.” And with that comment, they left the room and everyone went back to their patrol routes for another week and his leaving was postponed, for now.

But that comment might have set the scene for the next week, as ship after ship got into battles all over the frontier. Cruisers showed up in every sector and corvettes right along side them. They even tried another ‘bait and switch’ sending in a few ships then dumping a larger fleet in after the patrol team showed up. No one in the Teams died, but their crews took a hit and three ships were damaged so badly they had to be towed back to the docks. It was a bad week, all in all, and as Ken and his crew pulled into dock after it was over, he wasn’t very happy with the way things had gone.

He was standing by his ship, watching as repairs got started when Collins came in and his ship too had seen better days, and as he walked off, the medical team ran in and brought out a young woman that served on his bridge crew, and he looked pretty angry about it right that second.

“She’ll be alright, you wait and see,” He heard as Ken walked up but Collins was so upset he punched him right in the face, and knocked him on his ass, and glared down at him with anger in his eyes.

“The control panel in front of her exploded from the attack, and I saw the whole thing! Her eyes are gone, completely gone, and I sat there and watched it happen.” He screamed and ran towards the medical ward to see what else could be done... Ken sat there for a minute and slowly got back to his feet,looking shocked.

“He’ll be OK, it was his first time seeing something bad happen to someone he knew,” He heard as the rest of Gamma walked over. “ we’ll watch over him and make sure he’s fine...he’s one of us after all. And sorry about the punch, Commander, I’m sure he’ll apologize for it later on.” And before Ken could even answer they all walked away, in the same direction, and he just shook his head and whispered...’it was my fault anyways’ and went back to his own ship.

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the weekends here..

Chapter 33: Time off for Medical Miracles

They all had some time off for a few days and Collins wasn’t allowed to see her that first day at all. She under went tests and more scans than he even understood, but he demanded to be ‘kept in the loop’ about her as the doctors just smiled and nodded that they would. He didn’t get much sleep that first night and by noon the next day they left him in to see her, and she was sitting up in bed getting fed her lunch by a nurse, as her face was bandaged so completely you couldn’t see anything above the tip of her nose, and her hands had been burned and were wrapped up as well.

“Oh,look you have a visitor...” The nurse mentioned as the girl asked who it was.

“It’s me, Lieutenent,Captain Collins, I was worried about how you were doing so I made the trip to see for myself.” He said sadly as she smiled and thanked him for coming. “and I wanted to apologize...if I had acted quicker, maybe you wouldn’t have been hurt so badly.” He said, almost too low to be heard, and very sadly.

“Its a war, Captain, we all know we can die any time we go out. But with you as my Commander I knew you’d get me home safely, and you did. Thats all I was thinking all this time, if it had been someone else, maybe none of us would have made it back alive, so I was going to thank YOU, for saving me.” She explained and he had to turn away to keep the nurse from seeing him cry. But he sucked it up after minute and made sure he sounded as serious and thankful as he could when he thanked her for her kind words, and left before he started crying again.

But the nurse had seen it, and she smiled wide as she turned back to finish feeding the young girl.

“He’s a good man isn’t he?” She asked as the girl admitted he was. “ it takes a special man to cry for his crew. You should remember that.” She hinted as the girl looked more than a little shocked.

“He...cried for me?” She asked as the lady said that he did cry, but who it was for she wasn’t sure, but she was impressed either way.

“Yes, he is a special man, I’ve known that for some time.” Cathy mentioned as the nurse smiled widely looking at her expression, that even the bandages couldn’t hide, and asked if he knew how she felt about him. “we’ve talked, maybe thats why he’s so upset about this.”

“He’s not from our world, so he doesn’t know this isn’t permanent, maybe he thinks he destroyed your face forever in the battle.” The nurse thought right out loud as the girl laughed for a second.

“I’ll surprise him in a few days, you wait and see.” She added as the nurse herself had to smile thinking it might take a little longer than that but she definitely had the spirit to see the surgery through.

“The cloned eyes will be done in a few days but the surgery will need another week to heal before you see him again.” The nurse reminded her as she nodded and smiled, but she WOULD see him again, and she was sure that that would surprise him more than her thinking he might have cared more than he left on.

When their time off was over, Ken walked around the corner to go to the meeting room when he saw Collins standing there, looking totally whipped and a little scared and he just smiled as he walked up.

“Commander,sir! I am more than a little sorry for hitting you the other day and I want to apologize right here, and right now,sir!” He screamed as even the President smiled inside the room while everyone else waited for them to come in.

“If I had seen one of my crew get hurt like that, and then some fool asked me dumb questions right after, I might have done the same thing, so no harm done.” Ken added as they both looked a lot more relaxed now than a minute ago. “ Is she someone special? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“ She might well be...I haven’t decided yet.” Collins mentioned softly as Ken patted him on the back.

“Give them a little time, they can do wonders here, now come on, they’re waiting for us inside.” And they walked in together and took their seats and Clark gave Ken a big smile and a wink, showing that he had done the right thing, and the meeting went on and his whole Team told Collins that apologizing was the right thing to do, and they were proud of him, as they walked back to their ships once again.

“And don’t you worry, in a week or two Cathy will be back, good as ever. Things like this were beaten ages ago here, she’s probably getting new eyes right now.” One member added as everyone agreed and Collins looked shocked. Sometimes he forgot where he was, and what these people could do.

“I hope so...” was all he managed to get out as they walked along, and everyone smiled and realized that maybe he had found something more important to him than money or business, and they’d just have to wait and see.

“You really like her don’t you?” He was asked as he admitted, right there in front of the whole Team, that he did.

“If she gets better, I’ll have to work even harder to get us both out of the military, and into a safer occupation...if she’ll have me of course.” he added with his nose high and he walked faster, towards his ship and everyone just shook their heads, smiling, it appeared he’d never change, but they’d still wait to see what Cathy had to say about this all, and he might be surprised.

Chapter 34: Triumphant Return

Two weeks went by without a word and as they pulled in from another weeks patrol, Collins was startled to see a young woman standing, waiting for him as he got off the ship. She wore the cleanest, neatest, uniform he had ever seen and had this huge grin that seemed to never fade. She stepped forward as he approached and gave him a snappy salute, and as the rest of the crew smiled widely she gave him her announcement, the one she had practiced for two days now.

“Lieutenant Catherine Hooker reporting for duty sir!” She declared as the crew stopped to applaud her and she held that pose until Collins returned it, but then it was all him, as he stepped in and gave her a big hug and looked like he might cry again,and no one said a thing but there were some really big grins going around right then, as she hugged him back and there was some whispering going on that no one really heard, or weren’t admitting to anyways.

After a minute, he stepped away and stood there, holding her hand and whispered,” welcome back,” and she nodded looking a little like she’d join him in a good cry any minute. But she had returned, something everyone knew she would and maybe they even got a few special words in , right there while everyone watched, but it was their secret, and even though the entire crew had seen and heard, no one mentioned it again.

They turned and walked away, hand in hand and as the rest of the Team watched all smiles one of the girls looked at another with a chuckle and said...

“Well one of the Catherines found someone, what about you?” And the young woman got a good laugh from it right there. She had been recruited so she wasn’t a native here but someday, she’d like to have a moment like this one. Just two people in love, it hadn’t happened yet but she was still hopeful, and she mentioned she had lots of time, and they all went their separate ways, and one young officer not too far away smiled secretly to himself, and no one seemed to even notice.

Lt. Carl Harding was a technician on Ken’s ship. One of the young men that he chose from the large pool of engineers that volunteered to serve on it. He had worked his way up to being number 2 on the repair team and he was working as hard as he could to make Captain himself.

He didn’t want Command, god knows that, but he needed that promotion before he made his intentions known. He had seen Catherine many times, as they came and went and her nice figure and dark brown hair, cropped at shoulder length caught his attention like no other. But she was a Captain, and did Command and he didn’t know how she might feel about a lesser officer making these kinds of comments to her, so if he was her equal, in rank at least, then he might have a chance. Thats what he was thinking when his friend,Clara walked by and slapped him into reality again.

“For the name of God man...tell her...” She demanded as he just smiled, she obviously didn’t understand, and she knew exactly what he was thinking, since they had known each other since childhood and had shared the same basic skills. “ if you don’t, someone else might get ahead of you, would that make you any happier than standing by and saying nothing?”

“Soon...” He added as she rolled her eyes at him, thats what he always said, and she knew he wouldn’t say a word until he felt he was her equal, but if that was even true or possible, then she wouldn’t be here in the first place.

“Moron...” She whispered as she walked away and he just smiled at her back as she went. She worried for him like a younger sister, and he appreciated it, but this was his fight and when he was ready it would be all or nothing, and the ‘nothing’ part made him feel sad thinking it but he forced himself to not consider it, and walked away.

But, Clara was tired seeing him like this and so she made it her business to see what could be done. In her mind it was better to get it over with, one way or another, than to just wait around, and so she went about seeing what Catherine did on her time off and made sure she was nearby.

On Friday night, Cathy went out for dinner to her favorite restaurant, where she had made friends with a few of the regulars and the manager of the place. They treated her special, since she was a Defender, and a friend and they’d talk and laugh and she didn’t feel so alone there, but tonight there was an odd feeling as she looked around a lot and even the manger mentioned she was being followed, and they tried not to look at the girl sitting in a booth just a few seats down who stared constantly at her.

“A friend of yours?” One man asked as Cathy shrugged and said she didn’t know her,” a fan perhaps? There are a lot of young people who seem to gravitate towards your group.”

“Maybe its just better to find out...” Cathy mentioned as the manager said she had her back, and Cathy turned and waved for the girl to come over, and she did, looking very serious indeed.”and you are?” Cathy asked.

“Sergeant Clara Jennings, engineering department on board the Reclaimer,” She mentioned as she sat down and Cathy waved the manger away, feeling she wasn’t in any danger.

“So, Sergeant, why follow me around all evening, and even though I’m impressed, I’d like you to know that I dont ‘go that way’ just in case thats what you had in mind.” Cathy mentioned having a drink of her coffee while watching to see what the new girl would do next.

“In your dreams, alien...” She heard and she almost choked on her drink, it had been a while since anyone had called her that and it wasn’t a good surprise. “ if Carl hadn’t fallen for you I never would have spoken to you, ever...”

“Carl who?” Cathy asked and even asking seemed to make the girl angry.

“Lt. Carl Harding, of the Reclaimer, the number 2 man in repairs...he’s had a crush on you for ages but the fool wont say it out loud to anyone but me, and I’m getting sick of hearing it! He wont say anything until he makes Captain, so that you’ll be equals, he says, and he’s killing himself to rush through the officers exams to get there before someone else says something.” She said sourly and Cathy looked surprised, and a little envious that this girl cared enough for him to try and step in.

“And your worried for him enough to try and help? Isn’t it a bit obvious that your in love with him yourself? Even mentioning all this to me seems to anger you enormously...so why not tell him?” Cathy added as the girl finally looked like she’d settle down a little, but sadness replaced the anger of a minute ago.

“I’m his little sister, thats all he ever says, and all I’ll ever be...” She whispered as Cathy sat back, all smiles, so that was it...and she felt a little sad for her knowing he loved someone else and even trying to give him a push...a push away from her and towards someone she obviously didn’t care for.

“ Your a strong and brave woman, try...tell him...if he still doesn’t get it then I’ll consider it, but not while your doing all this childish stuff without giving yourself a real chance.” Cathy added seriously as Clara looked a little relieved to hear it.

“Maybe I will...” She said as she got up and walked away and Cathy sat there smiling thinking she had noticed that man before, watching her and he wasn’t bad looking at all but he lacked the courage to say anything, and now, maybe he never would. But that was fine there would be others, and she gave a big sigh and went back to her dinner and wished things were a little more ‘simple’ in her life.

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Chapter 35: Big Battles, Small Victories

Cathy went home that night feeling a little better. She had a man watching her, a nice man but she was pretty sure that was over. If this young woman made her feelings known, then she was sure he’d respond well to it. She cared a great deal, more than Cathy had ever felt for anyone, and she felt like she admired her for it and felt she wasn’t living a full life herself.

Having a crush on someone wasn’t new, she herself had someone she watched from time to time, a sort of ‘long distance relationship’ that was totally one sided on her part, if Clara could get up her courage maybe she’d have to consider it herself. He wasn’t a Defender at all, not even military, he was a young scientist, Steven Henderson, working on research and development along side them and their new ships. His specialty was weapons systems and from what she had learned he was very good at it. He sat alone many times, like her, eating while reading the latest science journals or checking the figures on his research before submitting some report. But he was anything but a ‘dorky,nerdy young kid’ he was a little older, maybe a few years, and good looking, very ‘super heroish’ on her world. To think a man in such great condition with that short hair carefully combed and taken care of, was a scientist and not some model....it boggled her mind...or at least something about him did.

She finally decided, this was the night, and she made a call or two, and went back out. If she was going to have a normal life here, then she needed to put this behind her, one way or the other, and she now knew how Clara felt just an hour or so ago, coming to her table to talk.

She went back into town to another restaurant nearby and found him sitting there, alone in the corner, reading like no one else was in the room. She smiled widely and then walked over and as she stopped by his table he looked up and smiled and she felt warm inside for the first time.

“Captain, what can I do for you?” He asked as she felt surprised he knew her at all.

“May I sit?” She asked and he waved her to the chair cross from him and she did, and looked a little embarrassed by the whole thing as he waited for her to say something.

“I want you to know...” She started as he nodded and waited,” that I usually don’t do these type of things...” She added without looking up at all and he chuckled and she did look up to see his big smile and he said ‘your acting like your trying to pick me up or something’ and her face went beet red and his smile faded for a second and they both looked seriously embarrassed.

“Is that a bad thing...” Was all she could manage as he looked surprised, shocked, and maybe a little happy at once.

“Not to me,” He whispered as she looked relieved and they shared a big smile for a second. “ why ask someone like me, I’m not a Defender like you, not even military just a bookworm who likes challenges.”

“I can be a challenge, believe me,” She whispered as he burst into laughter and a minute later she joined him.

“The prettiest challenge I may ever have then,” He added as her face went red and he reached out and held her hand for a minute and she felt really good about it.
They sat there, hand in hand and talked and after a while they left and she followed him home and they spent the night together. It was a great time, and as she dozed off a while later, she silently thanked Clara for making her see that sometimes a woman needs to be a little more forward, or nothing will ever happen.

Catherine went home the next morning and got ready for the meeting. Then she walked, nearly skipped, down the hall as everyone around her either looked shocked or surprised by her attitude.She waved at everyone and smiled a lot, and even a few people who barely knew her, knew something had happened to make her so happy, and one or two might have guessed what it was.

The meeting went well and when it was over, she started back towards her ship as a few members of her crew walked along beside her, asking questions only friends could ask, or get an answer to.

“Someone new in your life, Captain?” Her navigator asked as Cathy smiled and nodded it was true. “ nothing like a good night out...or in...to make a girl feel refreshed.” She said as everyone there got a quick chuckle from it.

“Anyone we might know?” Another ask as Cathy looked a little embarrassed but admitted it was someone they saw from time to time, an older, more mature man who worked in R&D.

“You made it with Henderson, the research geek?” Her weapons officer asked, shocked as everyone stopped dead and Cathy mentioned that he wasn’t that old, or bad looking, and even those there agreed.

“I didn’t think so either, when I slept with him,” One said as Cathy’s face fell.

“Yes, or me..that guy acts so quiet and shy but he gets around.” Another mentioned as Cathy started to see a pattern here, and she wasn’t sure she liked it.

“But he’s always good for a nice time when you get lonely,” Someone nearby added as everyone agreed, and Cathy started seeing that she wasn’t special, but just one of a long line of lonely women he had been with.They saw her face drop almost instantly and one nodded towards another, and another for a few minutes until one brave woman cleared her throat and spoke.

“Captain, he is available, if you think you are serious, but he has a bit of a reputation around here, and he certainly does know how to show a girl a good time. So, if thats what your looking for sometimes, then he’s definitely the man for the job.” She added as everyone walked quickly on board and Cathy waited a second and called and asked if this was all true, and he didn’t deny it but he did say that all the women he had been with ask him, he didn’t go running around gathering a harem or anything, and he would like to find someone special someday for himself, and after the talk she felt a little better, but his reputation was still a little tarnished in her mind and she wasn’t sure she’d be calling him again.

That talk ended her good mood and after a day of work she was sitting eating dinner all alone when her friend, Karen her navigator stopped by and sat down without even asking and Cathy looked up and looked a little sad.
“He really is a nice guy, but if you feel like it might get serious, we thought you’d need to know.” She whispered as Cathy nodded and thanked her.” you never know you might really be the one, the one that makes him settle down and get serious. Others have tried but lost, so maybe some of what you heard was sour grapes from people he wasn’t really interested in.”

“I would have thought he’d mention it thats all,” Cathy added as Karen laughed, as silently as she could and got a dirty look for it.

“Would you...if things were going that great for you, would you volunteer that kind of info when you meet someone new?” She asked as she got up and walked away chuckling to herself, and Cathy thought about it for a minute and smiled, even she could see that being popular wasn’t a crime, it just seemed a little sleazy after the fact, and she did have a good time, so maybe it wasn’t a total loss.

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This story will be over in about 2 weeks. So I was trying to think of something different that I dont usually do. Some said before that a 'darker' story would work, but to me if tis dark and dangerous, the story is 'sickening' because it gets depressing too fast for me. But I did get an idea for a story from the 'dark side of the X universe' all our heroes are medium to well of, and get some help from their parents to get started. But not every kid is so lucky. What if...he was raised on a backward planet with no spacecraft and started out doing farm work or something? What if his parents sold him into slavery, and that got him off world?

It could slowly turn around for him but for quite a few chapters it would suck, in my opinion, but then theres always a better ending I guess. What do you think? New ideas with new feelings or more of the same?

25-07-2013, 10:37 PM
What about finishing Tactical Roar In the XTC universe? Or is that off the cards now that you've had such a long break from writing it?

Either way, keep up the awesome stories :D

26-07-2013, 11:01 AM
you're the first person to pick a story and ask me to add to it. I'll have to consider that. I know some of the stories I did seemed to end quickly, thats when my new ideas run out and the chapters I wrote were getting dropped fast. But its always possible to think of something new...so we'll see.

26-07-2013, 11:36 AM
Sorry, I thought that it wasn't finished. I guess I remembered what you said wrong :/ If you've finished it then by all means write a new story, just make it another awesome one like the 3 I've read so far :grin:

As I side note, the only fan fiction I've read so far are yours, I think I'll read more of your old ones whilst I wait for you write more so expect more likes and thanks from me 8)

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Chapter 36: War without End

The war was in its second year now, and as meetings became common place and repairs everyday occasions, people started getting a little numb to it all. So much so that those that never found anyone for themselves found new and sometimes odd ways to entertain themselves.

Krys was sitting, at his favorite bar, with two other men at the counter. They had piles of cash in front of them and as one called out a rather unusual looking drink was placed before them.

“Anderian wine...” he said as he took it and chugged it down with a single drink and Krys followed and the third man as well, as everyone watching applauded for them and another 20 dropped onto each pile.

“Alderian Lizard Juice....” The third man said as the bartender set three new drinks up in front of them and the people watching made odd noises at the new, red drink.He took it and downed it in a single chug and slammed the glass down again as the other young man looked less than sure of himself, but he gave it a try and spat it out all over the counter, and his cash was divided up among the other two as he admitted defeat.

Now Krys took his turn and chugged it down with a big smile and even his opponent didn’t look too happy, he figured that would finish the competition, but it hadn’t and now he was worried, since it was Krys’s turn to call a drink and he was at his limit, as Krys added yet another 20 to his pile and the man agreed and added another as well.

“Colembria Fire Liqueur...” Krys called and a few looked shocked and even curious, since they never even heard of it before but after making sure he was sure, the bartender got out a special bottle and poured two shots and sat them down in front of the men and even the smell made his opponent look sick, but he gave it a try and grabbed his mouth and ran for the toilet, as Krys finished his and claimed his winnings, as the room applauded and cheered.
“You know...” The bartender whispered a minute later,” you’ll be out soon and then you wont win as often unless you bring more from home.”

“I’ll get us some later...” Keys mentioned as the big man nodded and Krys slipped him a few bills for letting the competition happen there every weekend.

“I’d like to try a shot of that,” He heard as an older man sat down next to him and laid a wad of cash down and Krys had to remind himself that he was nearly toasted already, and he mentioned that he had enough cash for now so he wasn’t looking to bet any more tonight but he agreed to let the man have a drink as the older man smiled and said that if he couldn’t hold it down he’d give Krys his daughter, and motioned towards a rather tall, well built young woman sitting at a booth along the wall looking upset that her father was doing this...again.

Krys gave her a good look then burst into laughter and poured the old man his drink himself, and said ‘no bets, just a free drink’ and he sat back looking smug as the man sipped the drink and looked like he needed another to was it down with, since it was for the most part the equivalent of Tabasco sauce in liquor form.

“My God...” The older man whispered, out of breath, as Krys laughed and he gave him a glass of water to wash it down with. “you should have taken the bet.”

“Don’t try and con a con...” Krys whispered as the man’s face lit up,” just look at her, if you lost she’d kill you and she’s not at all sure you were going to win. How often have you done this that you’ve actually lost?” Krys asked as the man smiled and looked embarrassed and admitted that he had never really lost at all, since this wasn’t a bet and it didn’t count.

“Even from here I can tell shes unhappy with you for doing this and glad that your as big a con as you are...it probably saved her some real embarrassment once or twice when you had to talk your way out of something to keep her safe.” He added as the older man gave him a serious look, he was saying that he would do anything to win even lie and offer his daughter as a prize, and he wondered when this kid learned about him or if he was just guessing.

“Krystopher Hawking...” Krys said with his hand out and the man smiled and shook it.

“John Smith...” The man said as they shook hands and Krys almost laughed to see a ‘Smith’ conning people around the local bars. It seemed more and more like a universal thing, but he didn’t mention it. Just then the young woman walked up and took her fathers arm and smiled at him, ignoring Krys for the moment as he got a good close up look at her, and she turned towards her father and made sure he knew she was ready to leave.

“Father, you’ve had your fun so lets go, mom will be worried.” She said as the older man chuckled and looked towards Krys once more.

“And this lovely thing is my daughter, Larisa, and she will chew me out for betting her at the local bars again, all the way home, you can count on it.” He added smiling as the woman gave him a sour look and Krys laughed out loud.

“Just so everyone knows...” She said loudly,” my father is a fool, and I did not agree to help him with his bets, so if you win one, your on your own.”

“I strongly doubt...” Krys mentioned as he took her hand smiling,” that anyone thought he was serious, especially after seeing you giving him the ‘eyes of death’ for mentioning it. But maybe, just maybe, he thinks you need to get out more, so this is his way of giving you a push.” He said with a big wink and the old man got a laugh as she looked very embarrassed and finally said that she needed to take care of her father, he wasn’t well, and Krys nodded he understood and she all but dragged the older man out the door and Krys sat back, smiling to himself. He not only met the local con man, but he met a very attractive young woman tonight, it certainly wasn’t a total loss, and he took his winnings and went home.

But a few miles away Larisa was walking her father to the door of a very respectable looking little estate, as he finally pulled away from her and gave her a hard stare.

“I might be old but I’m not sick, so stop telling people that!” He added as she apologized for the comment,” and that young man was right. You need to let me the hell alone once in a while and get out more. Your 22 and don’t even have anyone to go out with, thats incredible. And don’t tell me you don’t need one, your MY daughter after all.” He added with a good chuckle and she smiled and looked away. When he retired she felt it her duty to help around the house. She had a real job, as a computer specialist but she did that from home like many others, and that gave her all the time she needed to see about her mom and dad, even to their distraction. But she felt she was right, that as the younger family member she needed to be there even though her mom had taken her to the side and told her to let them go, they had lived for nearly a century without her help and they still could...if she’d let them... but she was stubborn and maybe too shy to go out alone. So she followed her dad on his outings and made sure he didn’t get into trouble, a sure thing with his odd hobbies.

Now John walked into the living room and sat down, looking upset as his wife looked up from her reading and smiled.

“Larisa brought you home early tonight,” She mentioned as he gave her a sour look that she tried to avoid but she smiled widely at it.

“You have to do something with her!” He demanded as she got a good laugh about that.

“Me?! Your were a High Councilman for over a decade and YOU cant make her listen, how am I going to make a difference?” She asked as he finally moved over next to her and gave her a big kiss and she smiled widely since they hardly ever did this any more.

“I introduced her to a nice man tonight, a Defender Captain, a man with good morals and nice looks, he too is a bit shy with the opposite sex I hear...” He mentioned as she smiled even wider.

“Your setting her up...God bless you darling.” She added as he looked embarrassed by it all, but he kept talking.

“He’ll be at the bar again tomorrow night, around 7 its his favorite hang out, I want her there, alone this time, I saw how he looked at her and her him, out of the corners of her eyes, of course but she did! She needs someone, and WE need time alone for a change, so please, help me.” He begged as she finally agreed and decided it was time mom put her foot down and Larisa got a life of her own.

Chapter 37: Set Up

They said nothing for the rest of the day and most of the next. But when evening came and Larisa was just coming down stairs from her ‘work room’ her mom caught her at the bottom and swung her around and walked her right back up again, to her obvious shock and dismay.

“What are you doing mother?” Larisa demanded as the older lady looked her over carefully and looked disappointed in what she was wearing. She wore such bland things odd off colors and soft pastels that made her look faded and old something she at her age certainly was not.

“Thats it get out of those and I’ll find you something else,” Carla demanded as Larisa looked shocked.

“You have absolutely nothing in this closet that I’d wear going out...” Carla said looking through all her cloths and looking disgusted.

“I don’t go out much,” Larisa mentioned as her mom almost broke out in a good laugh to her face, she NEVER went out and her cloths showed it.

“Get undressed , I’ll be right back...” Carla said as Larisa looked shocked and began getting undressed because she knew her mom was being totally serious, she just didn’t know why.

Carla was gone for a little while and when she returned she had a new outfit for her but as Larisa looked at it her eyes bugged out and her face went red, she wouldn’t wear this outside the house if the world ended, and she said so, but her mom demanded and soon she was dressed and her mom was fiddling with her hair as Larisa demanded it was OK the way it was.

“You have such beautiful hair and you never do anything with it. It’s long, but straight as a poker, you really need to go to a hairdresser." She said fiddling with it some more."This isn’t much but its better than nothing.” Carla added as she twisted here and combed there and then finally just threw her hands in the air and gave up.

“What’s all this about?” Larisa asked as her mom stood dead in front of her with her hands on both of her shoulders and looked deep into her eyes and Larisa looked too shocked to speak.

“I want you to go out, to the same bar you and Father went to last time, and have fun, find a young man make friends ...hell...get lucky for the first time in your life!” She demanded and Larisa couldn’t believe that her own mom was ‘putting her on the street’ like some cheap slut.

“But...I..don’t know anyone nice and I certainly don’t need a man that bad!” Larisa declared as her mom looked sad for her. It was very,very plain to any woman that she had needs that were not being met, but Larisa just didn’t know how obvious it was.

“You’ve met someone lately haven’t you?” Carla asked as Larisa had to think about it for a minute, she never even considered it until now, Krys had been a shadow, somewhere in the back ground when she was talking to her dad, so she paid no attention to him at all, and she wasn’t in a hurry to try either.

“But mom...” Larisa started as her mom stood her in front of a mirror and she had to look at herself. Her mom thought she looked hot enough to get any man, and Larisa thought she’d get arrested for prostitution in this, and her mom got a good laugh from it.

“You look fine, and the cabs almost here so lets go,” Carla added as she handed Larisa her handbag and dragged her to the door as a soft beep was heard and Larisa looked like she’d cry.

“Give it a good try, honey I have faith in you, and don’t come home sober or alone, now...out!” She demanded as Larisa found herself walking to a cab... to go to a bar... in a dress that showed way too much, and with orders to ‘get drunk or lucky or both’ and she felt like a good lawyer might be needed before this night was over, but she went, out of shock and respect for her parents if nothing else and when she walked in, everyone looked around and there were a few whistles and Krys turned from the bar to see her sitting in the darkest corner in the place and she looked like she’d cry any minute. He watched her for a minute and several men approached her and she forced them away looking both upset and scared at the same time, so he felt like he needed to do something and he took his drink and walked over like it was all planned and sat down across from her and smiled and waved ‘goodbye’ to the guy that was harassing her at the moment and he looked upset but walked away.

“Larisa...” Krys started softly as she looked up to see him sitting there all smiles.” you shouldn’t be wearing something like that in here, you’ll get molested or something.”

“My mom made me, she put me out on the street and told me not to come home alone."Larisa said softly as Krys looked shocked beyond belief.

“Your MOM is turning you into a prostitute!?” Krys asked as softly as he could while Larisa looked up, shocked he could say that and a little confused.

“NO...moron... she thinks I never go out enough so she dressed me up in this and threw me out of the house.” She insisted as he burst into laughter, a good solid rolling laughter that made her look angry, and everyone in the room looked to see why and he gave a big thumbs up showing she had said something finny, and no one else thought they’d have a chance tonight after that.

“Come on then, I’ll get you out of here safely and we can talk somewhere else.” he said and stood and held out his hand and as everyone looked on she took it and they left together and they all knew what was going on, but in reality they spent the next hour sitting on a bench a few miles away, looking out over the base and talking. Larisa was livid her mom thought she needed to do this and Krys mentioned that she was worried for her, loneliness is a terrible thing, and she saw his eyes fall when he said it and she tried not to ask.

“But those cloths...” He added with a chuckle as she nodded she understood.”Come on with me lets see what really would look better on you.” He mentioned as they got up and walked around looking in store windows until he saw something he liked then they went in and she tried on several outfits and he nodded and waved for a salesperson and they left with two bags of new cloths and her wearing a very nice looking dress that, while a little short and with a dip in the front, wasn’t as daring or ‘cheap looking’ as the one her mom gave her. Krys mentioned she looked good in it and she was covered a little better than before, so she mentioned she’d pay him back for the new cloths and he laughed saying he worked for weeks on end and had nothing to spend his money on, so he saw it as his way of helping her out, and she smiled for the first time that night.

“Maybe next time we meet you can wear this and we’ll actually go out.” He added as they pulled up in front of her house and she smiled and agreed. She gave him her coms ID and he gave her his and she gave him a soft kiss on the cheek as she got out, and then waved as he drove away and as she turned to go inside the door opened and her mom was watching and asked why she was wearing those cloths and Larisa just smiled and said : “ Krystopher thinks I look good in this.” And went upstairs and as she heard the door close, her mom did a little dance around the entryway, with her hands in the air and a big smile on her face saying ‘YES,YES,YES!' Until her husband came out of the living room and ask what she was doing and after hearing he too got into the act. Maybe he had done the right thing after all, and Carla mentioned they might actually have some time to them selves for a change and they both laughed.

Chapter 38: Changes

Two weeks went by and as Krys was getting ready to go out again, he thought about it and gave Larisa a call. Either she’d agree or he’d just forget it, but she seemed happy he called and finally he stopped the cab in front of the house she asked him to come to and, being sober this time, he realized that she was neither poor nor worried about her ‘sick mother and father’ since it was plain that they could afford any health care they wanted.

In a minute she came out and he smiled pretty wide this time. She was wearing a nice dress, blue but a little flashy for a regular bar and he changed his destination even before she got in.

“Where are we going?” She asked even before the door closed and he smiled pretty wide about it, she was a knock out wearing that and he said she had good taste in cloths as she looked shocked and mentioned it was one of the dresses he bought her last time, and his face showed he didn’t remember a thing but she tried to ignore that until he caught on.

“How about a nice restaurant,” he mentioned and the cab drove on and they stopped in front of a nice place and they went in. Krys was known here as he was nearly everywhere from his appearances on the entertainment channels when they got medals and awards for their work. So it wasn’t long before someone asked for his autograph and while he looked pretty embarrassed by it, he gave them one as Larisa sat back smiling and feeling special to be out with him like this. But she tried not to look too eager since this was their first official date and she just kept watching him all evening as he tried his best to show her a good time without being too obvious about the fact he chose her cloths, a little flashy for him usually but then he had been drinking, and she was very pretty, so maybe that had something to do with it.

“That was good,” Larisa mentioned as they paid for their food and stood to leave.” where to now?” And Krys looked a little surprised since he really had just planned for the dinner and dropping her off at home.

“Hmm, well...” he started and it was plain he was searching his memory for something else to do. “ Its late evening how about a walk along the docks I’ll show you my ship.” He mentioned and he waved for a taxi and she looked at her cloths and wondered what about this outfit screamed ‘take me to the docks’. But she went without saying anything and he gave her the royal tour, from the engineering section to the bridge and she sat the Command seat for a minute but not long since her dress was a little short for sitting with crew watching from the front, and Krys finally showed her where he lived most times, his cabin... and she smiled and asked if he wanted her to stay a while, and his face went white and he looked totally lost for a minute.

“You did bring me to your bedroom, you know...” She mentioned like it wasn’t obvious, and he looked embarrassed and lost for a minute, then sucked up some courage and, looking a little more sure of himself gave her a nice soft kiss and said she could stay if she liked and she dropped her bag on a nearby chair and they sat down for a while in his living area and made out until he was sure she understood what was going on, like she hadn’t planned it for weeks now, and they went to the bedroom and she stayed the night, or most of it, and when she left the next morning, Krys looked very happy, and embarrassed just remembering it... but definitely happy, as everyone there could tell.

His Second, Jason Muir, was waiting for him outside the meeting and when Krys arrived it was a sudden assault on him to see who the drop dead beautiful girl was he brought back to the ship.

“Ship groupie right?” He asked with a huge grin,as Krys looked oddly at him and said no just a nice girl he met a few weeks ago, and the young man looked seriously surprised and Krys asked why. “The Groupie thing I mentioned I’ve met some girls that get very excited around big ships so thats why I asked, but if it was a regular date...who brings a hot chick like that to an old cruiser for the night? Doesn’t she deserve a fancy hotel room with room service?” He asked as Krys looked sad he hadn’t thought of it and everyone nearby, listening started to laugh, and he looked even worse.

“You finally found someone nice and you brought her to the docks?!” Casi asked as Krys tried to explain that he ran out of ideas, and everyone who really knew him smiled..it was a short list since he never really dated.

“But she stayed...” Jason mentioned quickly and with his index finger in the air making his point,as Krys smiled wide and nodded agreement.

“You did take her out for a nice dinner someplace decent first though right?” Someone else asked as he got his nose up and declared he did, and he named the restaurant and a few there looked less upset with him then.

“She must really like you a lot, not only staying all night but on the docks? Just having someone take me to the docks would just piss me right off!” Casi added and her face got red. “ Its like saying she’s a slut or something, she not right, so you better apologize for this or she’ll probably never speak to you again.” And with that she walked into the room and a few others nodded she was probably right, and they too went in.

“Well,” Jason added as they walked in together,” it was a fun one nighter at least, it seems.” And while Krys admitted it was great he was seriously hoping these people were wrong and he hadn’t messed it up that badly, because he really wanted to see her again.

After the meeting Krys had Jason take care of some loading details as he ran into his office and made an emergency call. It buzzed a few times and then Larisa grabbed it while trying to talk and remember the figures she was working on at the same time.

“Larisa, its me, Krys, I’m getting ready to go out on patrol and I wanted to...” He stopped and wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but it was important that he apologize and he said that, as quickly as he could as she started to smile. “ I wasn’t being odd or suggesting anything by bringing you down to see my ship. In fact, I don’t date much and my mind just went blank...”

“I understand,” He heard and he was sure she was a saint after the way he acted.” you know that my parents are seriously worried about me because I never leave the house either. So, I understand when you say your mind went blank, mine did too for a while there, but I’ll never regret being there with you. I hope you can say the same.” She hinted and bit her lip waiting.

“It was the best night of my life,” Krys blurted out while he had the courage.”your a beautiful woman and I was a lucky man.”

“Was? Are you through with me then?” She asked and felt a terrible fear for a second when he didn’t answer right away but he was in shock and his courage was running low but he knew he had to say something before she misunderstood.

“Absolutely not!” Krys managed to get out as she started to smile so wide and she felt like she might cry.” I want you in my bed a million times, and no one else!” He added as she felt wonderful right that second and he wondered why the hell he said it like that.

“Me too...” She added in a whisper and they both sat there waiting and no one said anything else for a long time.

“I have work, will you call me when you get back?” Larisa asked softly and he admitted he would and she felt like her whole life had meaning now and he closed the link and felt like he might faint any second. But he didn’t and when he finally came back to his senses, he walked out of the office with the biggest grin he ever had and Jason asked him why and he admitted, right on the bridge he had a girlfriend,and he was happy about it, and he got a cheer from the crew and their next week was all about who could find out the most about the Captain’s new woman, and Krys didn’t seem to mind the attention a bit.

And when Larisa hung up her end of the link, she sat there, work forgotten and all those figures gone. But she remembered what he said over and over and she felt like she’d wet herself in excitement, as her mom walked in with coffee and saw her sitting there with tears running down her cheeks and the biggest smile ever and she asked what happened and without thinking for a second, Larisa said : “ I think I’m engaged...” And her mom looked faint and had to sit down.

27-07-2013, 11:24 AM
Two great young people...who never go out...find each other and.........dont know what to say, so they say the truth, no matter how embarrassing it might be. Theres a lesson there somewhere I think.

28-07-2013, 12:24 PM
Dang it, I hate this when it happens. I woke up recalling a story, that I wrote some time ago. It was a sort of 'Crest of the Stars' type thing, but after going through 6 pages of storys here, its not here, but I swear I wrote it...very sure...possibly sure...no, sure...lol. Either way its definitely not here so maybe will consider re-writing it or whatever...hehe.

Anyone remember reading one like that? A young nobleman and a princess on the same ship? Cant find it listed, oh well.

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Chapter 39: Proposal or no Proposal, thats the Question...

Larisa’s mom took her by the hand and they went to the living room to have a serious talk about this when her dad walked in with a fresh cup of coffee and asked what the big deal was.

“It appears that your Captain Hawking has proposed to our daughter after one good date.” Her mom said as he looked surprised, a little shocked but other words pretty happy about it, but his wife’s face didn’t say...’happy’..and he wondered why.

“What’s the matter then?” He asked as she made sure he realized they only had one date and that even though Larisa was very happy about it, it seemed pretty fast to Carla.

“Larisa dear, are you SURE he proposed to you over the coms link?” She asked as Larisa nodded very seriously and said she was positive about it and her dad looked pretty settled down,but her mom still wasn’t as she gave him a dirty look and kept hinting that he question her more. He took a deep breath and smiled and asked what EXACTLY the Captain said and Larisa puffed out her chest and said: ‘I was worried that after we were together he might not want me around any more....I read in some books guys are like that...so I asked and he said very seriously’... “ Absolutely not, I want you in my bed a million more times just like that night!” She said and looked embarrassed she had repeated it out loud, but her dad just sat back and looked worried and her mom was still not convinced especially since ‘forever’ or the word ‘marriage’ hadnt been mentioned...yet.

“Thats not exactly a proposal though not technically,” Her mom mentioned as Larisa looked shocked. “ he’s just admitting that your both having a good time he didn’t actually say ‘marry me’ did he?”

“Well no, but a million times mom, thats not just seeing each other on weekends!” She declared as her mom looked tired and her dad tried his best not to laugh. Larisa was a good woman and tried to be nice to everyone. Her math skills were second to none and she had her own computer software business that she did very well at. But when it came to men, and a few other things, her mind just didn’t have the ‘clarity’ many others had but she made her own way and seemed very happy, just maybe a little too spoiled and nieve for her own good.

“So, thats all he said then?” Her mom asked and Larisa said no there was more and her dad looked up and waited.

“He said he wanted me and no one else, ever.” She added as her mom slowly looked around at her dad and he smiled and nodded and said..

“Thats getting pretty close there.” And even Carla had to agree.” I think we need to have a nice dinner right here at home the next time he comes in and we can see for certain whats going on. Until then I’d wait about telling all your friends your engaged. He might want to make an official announcement himself.” With that Larisa agreed and went back to work as her mom and dad sat on the sofa whispering between them.

“A million times, thats pretty serious!” He said sipping his coffee as her mom looked less than sure. “ and no one but you, ever...thats the clincher.”

“Maybe...but did he mean it like that?” She whispered as he smiled at her serious looks. She wouldn’t be satisfied with anything short of the man on his knees, and he hoped that her stubbornness didn’t mess up Larisa’s first real love.

“Well , we’ll invite him over when he comes in and get this clarified,thats all.” John added as she agreed, and he wanted to make sure he was ready, because even though she had forced Larisa out that night Carla had never thought she’d find someone so soon and it frightened her, and he saw it from a mile away.

The next week went pretty fast and when Krys came in his first day seemed taken but he didn’t mind. He sort of saw this coming after the talk they had. He got out of the cab and was met by John, who shook his hand and they started in.

“Larisa was very happy with your proposal last time, we’ve spoiled her a bit so her moms a little worried about her finding someone so soon.” He mentioned as he watched for any sign and for a second Krys seemed lost and shocked, but he swallowed hard and just went along as they entered the mansion. Larisa was next, giving him a big kiss and Krys could see when he might have over stated his intentions, but even now he wasn’t unhappy about it.

They went to the living room and met Carla there who seemed more than ready to see this settled quickly, but John made sure she waited and left Larisa make the first move.

“My mom and dad are worried,” Larisa mentioned as Krys nodded he understood,”when you said you wanted me forever, I was so happy!” She mentioned while holding his hand and he looked a little lost for a second.
“I said forever? I don’t remember that...” Krys said as Carla started to intervene but John pulled her back.

“You said you wanted me a ‘million times’ that would take forever, wouldn’t it?” Larisa mentioned as finally Krys heaved a big sigh and agreed it would.

“Then forever it is,if that makes you happy. I’ve never found someone like you before and I don’t want to lose you now.”He said seriously,as she gushed and agreed.

“Me too...” Larisa added as they held hands and he got a big grin. They all talked for a while and even Carla stopped asking questions after a while,as the pair sat,talking in what others might consider a ‘circle’ where one would say something and the other would finish it then agree...wholeheartedly... to everything. John took Carla by the arm and they left them alone for a while and as they walked into the kitchen she looked very shocked by it all.

“They’re the perfect couple,” John mentioned getting another cup of coffee.”I had no idea when I set them up it would work this way.”

“Its uncanny,” Carla admitted as she sat down at the table,” I always worried about Larisa since she’s a little nieve about things, and we did spoil her a bit,but seeing them together...they’re so much alike...its scarey.”

“He has a perfect reputation, he’s shy and very serious about things, and she loves him seriously and he her,its hard not to see that. Its like they were made for each other, on two separate worlds...isn’t Fate incredible? ” He added and even Carla’s usual scientific instincts couldn’t cover this one.

“So now what?” She asked as he sat back laughing.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He started as she smiled, “ we plan a wedding!”

And with that even Carla agreed and they sat there laughing that they had worried about this day and it was all for nothing.

Chapter 40: New Battles

The next time he was in, Ken made a trip down to the research department to see how the new Carrier was coming along. He wasn’t surprised to see the team assigned to it still trying to figure out who made what mistake instead of fixing the problem.

“If your team had calculated the correct weight...” One engineer went on as another man blamed his team for not figuring the correct thrust of the new engines.

“Gentlemen,please,” Ken butted in as they seemed to stop their bickering for a minute to listen.”it doesn’t matter where the blame lies,we need this new ship, and very soon! Just fix the problem and get on with it.”

“But sir...who is to blame will be important when new assignments come out. We expect many new classes of vessels eventually and if there is any question of impropriaties then one Team or the other might not be chosen for them.” An engineer explained as Ken started getting upset about this childish in fighting,their egos were holding up the entire project.

“let me see the specs,”He demanded as they all agreed that he was a good judge and they set up a room for him to use and then waited as he went over everything himself. It took a while but when he returned they knew something would be done and this would finally be settled. He didn’t look very happy but they had a meeting right there on the research floor and he cleared his throat and looked very serious.

“Who did it,who made the mistake,he should be fired immediately for holding up the project!” One engineer demanded as Ken looked sad for them.

“Everyone did...” Ken started as the entire room started arguing with him at once,but he wasn’t done with them yet. “ the team making the engines didn’t figure for the new fuel we were making since it has slightly less thrust per ton but is cheaper and faster to make. That changed in the middle of the project, so they didn’t notice the difference even now.”

“Ahha!” One engineer started as Ken threw up his hand and stopped her cold.

“The Hull Team added the new armor just like we asked but failed to change the specs to account for it, so no one knew the ships weight increased either.” He added as everyone there got quiet, it seemed there was enough blame to go around after all.”MY suggestion is...we stop blaming each other and get on with it.Add two more engines,here and here,” He said showing the locations.

“It might look a little like an after thought but it’ll fix the problem,for the most part and we’ll get the prototype ship finished and out for space testing.” He added as everyone agreed that would work.”you’ve got a week.”

And as he started away everyone started going on and on about not enough time as he turned back at the door,looking angry and everyone stopped cold.

“One week!! Or I go to the president and tell him you’ve held up a major ships testing because neither Team would take credit for their mistakes...he’ll be sure to remember that when other contracts come out later.” He added with a wicked grin as the entire room looked away,sadly.”I suggest you get every worker you’ve got here and get to it and coffee,lots of coffee.” With that he left them standing there and even before he made it back to his ship he got a call from Clark.

“I don’t know what you did but the research team called and said the new carrier would be ready by next weekend,do you know anything about this sudden change of heart?” He asked with a big grin and Ken returned that grin with his own.

“Not a thing,” He lied as they both laughed and the link went down. President Clark kept a tight rein on things while making it look like he didn’t.He already knew the teams had messed up, probably heard the details when Ken explained it to them a while ago,and he was pretty sure that team wouldn’t be getting any new major contracts for a while,but that was just business and he had more important things to worry about.

He went to yet another research area,but here he was welcomed with handshakes and big grins.

“What do you think?”He asked as several Team members told him of their work.

“Drones carrying missiles might be pretty hard, but if your looking for a really serious weapon against capitol ships we did come up with an idea.” The team leader said as Ken nodded and waved them on. A picture came up on the big screen and Ken looked surprised. It wasn’t a missile drone at all more like a huge torpedo and he smiled and said he liked it.

“By using the same frame and body, no one could tell these are different. They are the same size and shape compared to the drones we use now,but they contain a large antimatter warhead, enough to badly damage the biggest ships made. And since they’d look the same the enemy wouldn’t know which is which until it dives into him.” He said as Ken smiled happily. He liked the idea of a few killer drones mixing in with their regular patrols,it would be a huge surprise if they got it approved.

“The cost isn’t too bad either, since we have antimatter facilities on two worlds,but we’d need to redo the power system since the magnetic bottles for such a large amount would need a lot of power.” The man went on as Ken agreed. “And for such a big project, the President’s approval of course.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Ken added as they all smiled and shook his hand. Since he designed the first cruiser, he had become an outstanding example of a young engineer on his way up. There were even rumors of an appointment waiting for him after the war.A teaching job in one of the finest schools on their world.His reputation made him THE chosen man when it came to designing anything Naval and he had the President’s ear, no small task, so everyone treated him with the respect he deserved and then some.

“We’ll expect good news then,” One man said as Ken rolled his eyes and everyone laughed. He waved as he left and was just walking onto his bridge when the coms buzzed and he took it in his office. It was Clark again and Ken laughed as soon as he saw his face smiling back at him.

“I might as well just ask for your permission to do things while I’m still standing in the research labs.You’ve got me on a short leash.” He commented as Clark shook his finger at him with a serious look on his face.

“You are the only one who knows I’m monitoring everyone during these serious times.” He mentioned as Ken nodded.”so lets just keep that our secret. But do you think redoing some drones for single use will be necessary? They work pretty well now even against cruisers.”

“But thats their limit, once we start seeing more ships of the line,then we’ll need more firepower yet again. No use in waiting to plan for new weapons.” Ken mentioned as even Clark nodded sadly that it was true.

“Lets wait a week or so...it looks bad if you get everything you ask for while some other engineers have to wait to see their projects finished.” Clark mentioned as Ken looked sad but agreed. “It’ll get approved I guarantee it, just not right now.” With that the link went down and Ken saw the time. He promised Candy they’d go out to eat tonight and here he was,back on board ship again. He’d better hurry or she’d get upset, and he liked her smiling and worked to keep it that way, and he smiled and went home to get ready and his work could wait for another day.

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ok thought of a new one and started today..this one is going to please a few people, its not the standard love story I tell, this one will be a little darker and theres a mystery going on in it too...so lets see if anyone gets into this one when I start posting it. It could be around a while but then maybe not, I'll see how it turns out.

31-07-2013, 09:08 AM
this one will be a little darker and theres a mystery going on in it too... hmmm you made me curious :) Looking forward to reading it.

31-07-2013, 11:06 AM
it'll be fun I think, a new story with some darkness to it, and a new set of heroes. From the infamous star base 13, where the military sends their best, and weirdest people and where every odd and unusual thing ever seen gets investigated. Think....the X files...100 generations into the future.

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Chapter 41: Next Wave

In three weeks the new ship was sitting in the main hanger with a crowd of people around it. Ken was there of course and his entire Team who wanted to see the first real ship of the line made just for the Mayans.The President was there too,making the official announcement that the ship was ready and who would command this first one while everyone waited to see how well it performed once it took its place on the front lines.

“Its big enough thats for sure,” Casi mentioned as Krys agreed wholeheartedly.

“Its based on the Heavy Cruiser frame,” Ken added as Krys got a big grin and asked...

“Does that mean there’s a Heavy Cruiser coming then too?” And they gave each other a big smile while Ken refused to say for sure. “hmm...I think I’ll wait then.” He added quickly as everyone nearby got a good laugh.

“No one said you’d get this one any ways.” They all heard as Krys looked embarrassed and gave a quick salute as President Clark walked up. “Because its the first of this design and needs special care and research still needs done on it...” He started as Casi just laughed out loud and Clark gave her a serious look for interrupting his little speech.

“No offense Mr. President but we know Kenneth will get it,and everyone here knows it. Hell you might as well adopt him as your son.” She blurted out as the entire dock got deadly quiet and both Clark and Ken looked badly embarrassed by what was said. “oops..too much?” She asked and waited until Ken started to chuckle to himself and the tension was broken,possibly saving Casi’s job which she was sure might happen after saying that out loud.

“Well,I never did have children,” Clark added,laughing and she smiled wide...and left the many comments that came to mind pass for now.”ahem...but your right Kenneth will be given command of this first vessel and made a Major, in accordance with his new post as official Commander of the Defense Force,any objections?” He asked looking right at Casi who shook her head no, and was clearly seen biting her lip.

“Its only right,” Krys got in just as everyone smiled at the comment.”he’s been doing the job for months anyways.”

“Yes and we appreciate it, and he’s been doing it for free,so to speak so its time he got paid for it.” Clark added as everyone looked around and stared at her again,waiting for another comment as Casi looked embarrassed and looked away not saying a word as the dock got a good laugh at her sudden silence. “Its settled then.”

“Don’t know why everyone picks on me...” Was softly heard as they all ignored it while Ken got his new command codes and a new uniform with his new rank on it. But Krys leaned in and whispered after a minute that she had stepped on a land mine of emotion that they had been hiding for a while.

“It was mentioned,once...” He whispered as her face fell and she looked surprised. “but its never been said right out loud like that,just so you know,it wasn’t a joke to them.”

“Damn it me and my big mouth...” She whispered as he smiled wide.

“Big enough to get a 36 C in it I hear...” He whispered and quickly walked away as her face got red..she needed to have a talk with someone about rumors, and she had a good idea who as she saw Krys laughing to himself and she left the dock, after the day she had she needed a drink,bad.

Ken was in the new ship a few days later and took it around the proverbial block for a ride. It was still slow, but not as bad as before and for its size he figured the next version would have the improvement in it instead. It held 50 fighters, all drone fighters with beam weapons, and he knew that if they were all launched at once, that it would take a massive enemy force to with stand them.

He also knew that the enemy would be watching for something like this, and he wasn’t fooling anyone thinking it would be a surprise. But it would make them worry, since it was the first new ship of this size, and even the Barron’s knew that it would not be the last.

He made a circle of the system and brought it back in as engineers from all over waited to get his report. He left them know it was usable, but the speed needed faster for the next model and for the heavy cruisers that would use the same body.

“It’ll do, for now.” He stated officially and the Team that had been working to repair it looked tired and glad he approved of their last minute changes, which of course he didn’t but then this ship had been waited on for too long, and the researchers got the order to make the cruiser version next and Ken informed the President that he’d make a few changes to the Carrier design after the research team was gone.

“You should have kept closer tabs on them I guess but then...” Clark started as Ken just waved him away. Ken wasn’t the oldest or most well known engineer here and he didn’t want to make it seem that he was being spoiled by the government. But he could have done better, if he was in charge of the ship but he just couldn’t be everywhere at once and he admitted that was true.”you might want to think about giving up the military too soon, we sure could use you as a full time engineer, and Cassandra probably would feel safer for you if you weren’t fighting.”

“I’ve thought of that,” Ken admitted as they both got quiet for a moment. “maybe after this next few patrols, making sure the carrier works well enough, then I’ll come in and help design the next wave of ships.” He said as Clark smiled and agreed, and his near future was settled. Just a few more weeks, and Candy would have him home full time, and Clark would not worry about him either and he’d look forward to that day.

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not so slowly winding down...hehe.

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Chapter 42: Wars and Worries

Ken was given a patrol area and he jumped there and started looking around. The slow speed was never more evident than now, as he realized it would take the entire week to make one pass along their stretch of the boarder. He looked the maps over and watched for enemy ships for the whole first day but saw none and he finally decided he was going about this all wrong, and he picked a spot in the center of the sector and parked there and sent fighter patrols out in both directions, as he sat back, waiting. It wasn’t so much a patrol as it was a home base for his drones but then by definition thats what a carrier is.

“No problems so far,” His navigator mentioned as they watched the screens and the cameras mounted on the drones, as they flew back and forth and then returned for recharge.

“I don’t like it, it’s too quiet.” Ken said finally as a few looked around from their consoles to give him the evil eye and he laughed and instantly added...’but I can live with that’ and they went back to watching their scanners as well. But he had told the truth on all his patrols he had seen enemy ships and had gotten used to some combat but this was the third day and nothing, with drones flying up and down the sector edge he expected a corvette patrol or something but saw none. He finally just got bored and made a call to see what everyone else was doing and that surprised him more. It appeared that no one had seen anything for a few days and that meant the boarders were perfectly safe for the time being and he had a meeting on the coms link talking about his plans for the future.

“So your going to retire... at your young age.” Krys mentioned as everyone laughed, he wasn’t retiring he was moving into the private sector as an engineer and everyone had seen it coming for a while now.

“It will save Cassandra from worrying for nothing about me and I think I’ve done my part so far.” Ken added as everyone agreed.

“You’ll become this famous rich engineer, making ships the rest of us fly forever.” Casi dropped in as everyone laughed.

“So, get back there and make my new cruiser then, I don’t trust those goof-balls that made yours to make one for me, they seemed too self-centered to make a good product.” Krys added as Ken got a good laugh.

“Its being worked on now and they are not the crew making it believe me. President Clark was pretty upset about them this time, and they’ll not be making anything bigger than fighters for a while.” Ken mentioned as everyone chuckled about it.”so,what will you do when you give up fighting, Krys? There’s a lot of good jobs out there for us, and you have someone special now too, so don’t make her worry for too long.”

“I like it here, maybe I’ll make this my career,” Krys mentioned as Ken looked surprised.”until I came here I didn’t have any special skills, so the Defense Force suits me fine, and its not like we aren’t well paid. In a few years I could really retire the way things are going.”

“You probably could if your careful.” He heard as another member got their two cents in.

“I don’t intend to die out here, but I might have a nice little piece of land out in the country someday to raise some kids and just keep busy. Maybe raise a few animals, I kind of like the idea of being a ‘gentleman farmer’ in my retirement.” He added as everyone got a good laugh and he nodded with a huge grin...he couldn’t see himself doing that either and neither could anyone here but it sounded good for a minute.

“Retire an Admiral or something and just sit back and relax.” Casi added as he nodded that was more like it.

“Either way everyone be careful the wars not over yet.” Ken mentioned and everyone agreed.

“So then maybe another month for you?” Krys asked as Ken nodded agreement.

“After I work all the bugs out of this carrier design then maybe,” He added as no one said anything for a minute and it sounded kind of lonely.

“Have a few beautiful kids and a nice home, and we’ll come visit.” Casi mentioned kind of softly as Ken agreed.

“You’ll always be welcome in my home, but not if you bring trouble get it?” He added as everyone just smiled and said nothing.

“We get it don’t worry, no trouble makers here.” Frank added from somewhere far away and that was the last word since he was quitting this week too. He was the first and everyone knew it long ago, but they all figured Ken for a old timer, and he had surprised them all today.

The rest of the week was as silent as the first part and even as they docked for resupply and time off no one understood why the enemy had pulled back so suddenly but they all knew it wouldn’t last.

President Clark had drones flying Ken’s patrol while he was in for resupply and to get some ‘adjustments’ done on his ship. The two engines they added at the last minute were still not enough so Ken mentioned that the original design needed changed and the researchers made up a slightly different one with 8 engines instead of the 6 this first ship had.

“The next new carrier will need the speed, even though it doesn’t really travel a lot, and has a jump drive, moving from your jump point to a place less conspicuous takes too long, so make sure it gets added and their Commanders will thank you.” Ken mentioned as everyone agreed and the changes were made to the plans before any more ships of that type were started.

“I hear you’ll be here full time soon...” One engineer hinted as Ken just smiled and agreed. “it’ll be nice having you around if we need advise on some things.”

“I’ll be a full time engineer then, so no free advise, you’ll have to talk to my manager about prices,and that would be Cassandra.” He added with a grin as everyone laughed and shook his hand, happily.

“We look forward to it.” Another added as they all laughed and had a cup of coffee together, but somewhere out on the frontier, an entire patrol of 6 drones went missing, and Clark looked very tired as he set off the alarms and ships launched once more.

Ken had barely jumped in when his scanners spotted a cruiser patrol, and they weren’t just riding around, they had just finished off an entire convoy and were looking for someone else to mess with. They saw the big ship and the corvettes ran in as the big guns opened fire and the first one went up in flames a second later. The call went out and as the cruiser got into the act, a patrol joined them and Frank got his first kill this week and thanked Ken for calling so soon.

“Every little bit helps starting next week.” He mentioned as Ken nodded he understood, at 50k a kill this was just giving them more to settle in with later, but he knew that this was more aggressive than they had been for a while and nothing was going to surprise him, he thought, as another cruiser patrol jumped in and joined the battle and Ken launched 12 drones to assist and the sector started looking like a real war zone with scrap and ships everywhere and another Defender team jumped in as Krys laughed, saying Ken just couldn’t go without another good fight and the coms went down as the battle got even more intense as an enemy carrier joined in and dropped a dozen or more heavy fighters, and Ken called immediately and said this wasn’t just a fight, this was an invasion! And Clark ordered every available ship to the site and things got more and more serious as ships were destroyed and damaged and Ken started wondering what had changed to make them suddenly so aggressive, and he worried this might not be the only attempt along the boarder today.

Chapter 43: A Strong Farewell
While this was going on, Casi and her patrol were waiting on new orders too. She was listening in on the battle and had her ship ready to jump, but Clark hadnt called her yet, obviously holding a few ships in reserve. She was getting nervous about it when suddenly a enemy patrol jumped in near her and she was involved in a battle of her own. She called and reported it and even Ken saw that this was going to be a bad day for them, as the enemy held back until all their ships were repaired and resupplied and now they were making their move.

“Will you be alright?” He asked as she smiled and agreed.

“So far, just a heavy corvette patrol we’ll have them cleared out in no time!” She bragged and the link went closed as Ken smiled. If anyone could do it she could and he went back to taking down his opposite, the enemy carrier, that had sent 6 heavy fighters over to harass him soon after getting there. Ken realized at once that the single light gun mounted along the side for fighter defense was not enough, and he made a note of it while his shields started dropping too quickly for his taste. He launched a few more drones for his own defense and soon one of the heavy fighters was gone and the damage slowed a bit.

Ken checked his resources and found that he had only 8 more drones left and he looked around the system to make sure that the ones out there were doing OK. If they got too damaged then he’d recall them for repairs, and that would slow the battle down a second or two too. But as he went on about the damage to his ship, the need for more turrets for fighter defense and even making a report, right there on the battle field about how the new armor was holding out, Casi had lied, and as her patrol made another pass, the cruiser finally went up in smoke as her beams sliced through the whole side and many unspeakable things came rushing out through the hole.

“We need to report this...” One crew member demanded as they started around, back towards the corvettes that had come in with the cruiser.

“We can handle it,the Commander has his own battle going on, and he’s going to retire this week. I’m just helping him make it thats all.” And they launched a wave of missiles and one corvette took heavy damage. The next one swung around and sprayed them with weapons fire and the shields went down, for a second, as Casi dumped emergency power to them and they started back up again. She got several good shots off and that ship too drifted off into space, disabled, as she heaved a big sigh and said ‘I told you...’ just as another cruiser patrol jumped in and even she looked doubtful they could hold on.

“Commander...” She heard right away as she called for them to fall back a little and dropped another wave of missiles that killed one corvette, but not before they all got together and sent a wave of missiles her way and she activated the pulse shield and true, 90% got destroyed, but this time that left more than enough, and as her corvette was ripped in two, her Wing Commander screamed for her and her only response was...’JUMP!’ and they did, calling all the way back for help.

By now, the battle field had settled down a lot, Ken and his people managed to hold on, sending several enemy ships into pieces and a few jumping away, heavily damaged. He too heard the call just as the fighter wing jumped towards base, and he called back demanding they return, with him and his task force, and they agreed, and in a few minutes 12 ships entered the site and the remaining enemy ships with drew immediately at the sight. They found Casi’s corvette, or what was left of it and took the survivors off the hulk. But Casi hadn’t made it this time, as her and her bridge crew gave everything to save the rest of the crew, that they had sealed in their chambers seconds after the blast that destroyed their ship.

All the bodies were taken off and put in storage until they could be given the necessary religious rights they had asked for, and Ken sadly reported the loss of not just nearly a full crew, but the death of the first Defense Force pilot, as Clark nodded sadly and said she had served well and honorably and no one said a word for a while, as they all went back to their own problems and President Clark got an unusual request.

“She was the very best, and getting more this good might be nearly impossible...” He heard as he agreed but not wholeheartedly.

“They wouldn’t understand, they don’t believe like we do, you know that.” He added as Carl gave him a seriously hard stare.

“Its not even a question if it can be done we’ve done it hundreds of times, in emergencies.” He added as Clark looked tired thinking it.

“Kenneth would never approve...” He added sadly as Carl made a ignorant noise and the President looked upset for him. It seemed they never had settled things between them.

“Like I care what that fool thinks, sir if we’re going to do this we need to act now!” Carl demanded as Clark nodded he understood.

“Do what you think is best, but I’ll have no part in it.” Clark said as the coms went down and Carl saw it for what it was. He agreed, that Casi was one of the best and should be preserved, but he knew there would be trouble and he wasn’t getting in on it.

“We have permission...” Carl said loudly as the scientists ran to get the necessary samples, to begin the cloning process and make Casi live again.

Weeks went by and Ken retired from active duty and became the engineer’s favorite alien, as he demanded daily more and better ships for the Force, and got nearly everything he asked for. He made sure the next carrier had more capacity, not just in drones, but in speed and maneuverability. It had three fighter defense turrets on a side and the main guns on top, and had 2/3 of the speed of the heavy cruiser, that now was the main ship on the front lines.

He worked tirelessly every day and as President Clark watched from afar, he smiled that he had brought such a fine young man here and that he accepted his place and made the most out of it.

Ken was walking along, talking to another young engineer, when a voice got his attention, and he looked around to see a young woman, but not just any girl, he saw Casi, walking by in a uniform that said she was a new student in the Defense fleet study class, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head, and he stood there, speechless for a minute until his friend asked if he was OK.

“Yes,yes, I’m alright,” He stammered after a minute and looked again but the girl was gone and he smiled, thinking his mind was running away with him and just left it go for now as they returned to their conversation from before. But it bugged him badly, and later when he was having a meeting with President Clark he mentioned it thinking he’d get laughed at or worse but he didn’t, and as he looked up at his old friend, he refused to even look his way, and that was very unusual by itself.

“It’s not possible, right?” He asked as Clark heaved a big sigh, and Ken saw the truth, it was very possible, and he demanded to know why no one told him.

“She was special, one of the Original Three like you, and when she died, Carl mentioned we might never find anyone as good again. It was quite the honor actually, and shes the first alien we ever cloned for her skills and personality.” He mentioned as Ken sat back with a thump, and said nothing as Clark refused to even look at him now.

“Did you name her Casi again?” Ken finally asked as he was told no, that was the original, this was Cathy, a name she herself liked from one of her old friends, and then he cleared his throat and as Ken looked up he looked very serious indeed.

“And Sybil, and Charlotte...” He added as Ken looked shocked beyond belief. “It went so well he got carried away, and nearly made a new class by himself, but he was chastised for it, believe me. I did it personally! But they aren’t all identical, the hair color is different on each one.”

“If I would have died out there, would you have done the same for me?” Ken asked almost silently as his friend just nodded and he knew that no matter what happened these first few would always have a place here. It seemed a little odd but he did see that she had been special and now, she would be again.

Chapter 44: Wedding Plans

All this heavy thinking made Ken realize how lucky he had been. He volunteered to leave his world and come here, to fight a war, but with the very best of everything to back him up. Even people, others from all over the universe were here, and he now knew the answer to an age old question people on his world asked: “Are we alone...or are we the only humans in the universe?” But that wasn’t true and even Cassandra mentioned that the Mayan themselves knew that humans had started long,long ago, from some yet unknown world, and had spread out over the universe on a lot of different planets.

It also made him consider that she was always here for him, no matter the time between or the reason, if he called she answered and never refused to see him. That took some serious patience, considering the life he had led up until now, and he gave her full credit for it. She cared a lot, and now after all these months, so did he, and he saw their relationship growing into something even more special, and he smiled to think that she had gone through so much just to meet his parents, the fools that they were, and that made it official. He decided that it was time,and he went shopping for a ring and made sure it was as special as his love felt, and then when he got the right moment, he’d give it to her, and their lives as husband and wife would begin.

He had been a little worried about this before, and kept putting it off, but he was finally ready to say things out loud that he had only thought until now. He made a call and she answered and agreed to meet him at their favorite restaurant and when she walked in the manager made sure they got the best table and the best wine and she looked pretty happy he was working so hard to make her happy. They talked about things in general and Casi in particular and when he finally ran out of small talk, he laid the ring on the table for her to see.

“Its beautiful!” She declared as he smiled and took her hand softly and asked his question.

“Will you marry me?” He asked as several people nearby smiled until it looked like they’d burst and she looked oddly at him for a minute and didn’t say anything, and he started to worry.

“What do you mean will I? We’ve been officially a couple for weeks, maybe not living together yet, but many working couples have separate places...” She went on as he looked confused and she saw it immediately.

“On my world...” He started looking embarrassed,” what we’ve been doing is called ‘dating’ its not a full time relationship, even though ours has been, I admit. But when someone decides that its for real and never wants it to end, then they get married. Its an official ceremony, in front of friends and family, and they declare their never ending love for one another.” He said as she smiled very,very wide. It sounded like an old custom on her world, but no one had done things like that for ages.

“Thats a very old fashioned way to do things, but if that makes you happy we can do that.I considered us married a month ago...dating full time without any other involved for 6 months, is a binding contract here.” She said softly as he nodded and smiled.

“Then we’ll split the difference, our time limit is up, so we’re officially a married couple, and I’m giving you this ring in accordance with my worlds custom, it signifies that we are joined and the ring of life is bonding us together forever.” Ken said, slipping it on her finger and she looked like she’d cry.

“How very romantic!” Someone at another table said as they suddenly realized the entire restaurant was watching them.

“Do you agree?” Ken asked officially and Candy nodded she did, with tears in her eyes, and the entire restaurant applauded as they kissed and even Ken knew now they were married, in accordance with both their world’s customs.

It made the news the next day, and both Ken and Candy had a million questions asked of them and he asked when they would go shopping for a house or apartment to share and as always, she laughed and said she already had it. She was so sure that when she moved out of her dads house she looked all around for a place close to his work, and with all the necessary technology for hers too. He laughed saying he should have known, she was terribly dependable after all,and even her mom called and said that it sounded so romantic doing things his way, that they might have to restart their old customs, and Candy laughed saying it was very nice, and she had a special memory of that night now forever.

Ken moved his things in the next day and sold the place he had bought when he first arrived. Now they were always together, and they spent time talking about a family and how or when they might do it. Again he was surprised since they could have kids without her ever getting pregnant, and she seemed to like it that way, but when he asked if that meant they weren’t going to keep ‘being together’ she just shook her finger at him and said she married him so he better not stop keeping her happy, and he laughed and agreed and he found out that even after all this time, there was still things he was going to learn about Mayan life, now that he was a married man, and a full time citizen.

President Clark got the word too, and he smiled like he was their father. Carl would never approve, but then he was an idiot, but the entire world was happy for them and their friends, the Defender Force. They had all come as aliens, in the truest sense of the word, but now they were friends and citizens of Maya and while that had started out being just so much propaganda for the news. Now it was real and they were acepted.

He poured himself a drink and sat back to take a break from his hectic life just for this minute. He remembered Ken and Casi and Krys getting off those first shuttles, and getting trained and their next class when they started. Cloning had helped same one special person and even now he was thinking it was a good plan. It gave them the new genes they needed for their world and new people without making someone leave their world forever.

Of course many that came were not complaining a bit, and he was happy with that. Krys was the only one who had covered himself at home and they learned from him, so many others had done the same. They could return someday because of it, but not those first few. Maya was their home now and he looked sad but felt happy about it. They would take good care of them and make sure they were forever happy here, like Ken and Cassandra now were.

It made him wonder, sitting there, when the war ended would they go home or stay? Would a new generation take the place of the ones that were entering the Mayan economy and do as well?They needed their expertise, thats a sure thing and he felt that many would stay no matter what. That gave him hope for their future, a future with people from all over the galaxy working together for a common goal, and he leaned his head back on his chair and dreamed of the future they had made together, and it was a great one. With new fleets patrolling their systems forever, and new people some hybrids of Mayans and others, keeping the peace, and new ships, never before seen or even thought of, and someday, maybe a President that had more in common with the Force than Maya itself. It was a wonderful future, and he wouldn’t have changed a thing. So now he just sat back and watched as it unfolded, and his friends became pillars of the Mayan community, and mega- industrialists.

“to the man and woman they were exceptional, even now, and he smiled widely thinking how things had been in the beginning, with enemies nearly at their door. But that would enver happen again, and he could relax and hope his friends in the Barron Empire got this chance one day. To sit back and smile about the future. He knew they would. The last intelligence said one of the ‘Terrible Three’ that started the war had died...suspiciously...and the others were worried they were next, and probably were. It was just a matter of time now before peace took hold again and maybe even exploration could start fresh, something they hadn’t done in centuries but Ken has mentioned it, and he saw that the galaxy was a huge place. Something the Mayans had forgot over these millenia.

The Great Future was upon them now. And he never wanted to see it end. Their new citizens, new businessmen, and new children all changing Mayan culture forever, and he agreed now that the original idea was a sound one. and Carl would get credit for it after all, but when the realization of his dream came, off worlders loving Mayans, he couldn’t accept it, because it had been his family not someone else. That would be remembered too, as a lesson for them all.His idea was right and worked... his predudous was wrong and failed and Clark made a note of it in his personal log, his record of this time and experiment, and he closed it and had another drink. Like it or not the future was coming and Carl might die denying it but it would. And he,personally was happy about it, and would watch over them all forever, or until his time ended, then another would, maybe even Ken himself, and that thought made him happy too, and he drifted off to sleep there in his office as the universe changed around him and he felt that he had made himself a family after all.

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this one might take a while since its not going to be about lovers and kids its more mature, and more dark and mysterious, not usually my forte, but I'll give it a try. Looking forward to reading it ;)

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