View Full Version : Script Idea: Does this tire have any hopes of holding air?

12-10-2013, 05:18 PM
Considering that sometimes people like to add script ideas that may not be Lore compatible, just to complicated or out right off the wall. I been pondering things that might give some extra flair to the game in it own special way. Being that I have not written a script yet, many more knowledgeable members in the past have let the air out of a few ideas that they could not be done do to complex or flexibility to script them.
Lets say if I would like to mess around are any of these doable?

Nebula, Gas Processing
Just like we have collection of rocks (Not asteroids) is it possible to create a bunch of anomaly “gas fog” like a nebula sector, or at deep reaches in some sectors. A bunch of over lapping objects that make of a cloud of gas like rocks.
Then either use the rock collector or create a ship equipment as Gas collector? Is it doable to insert a command line to Collect gas or just use collect rocks. ( aka mine; silica, ore, “nividium is missing anyway” if able to add other items to mine for in the drop down selection?
Then take those to a gas processing station or modify a factory to have that gas ware as a sec resource?
My thought was give some pretty nebulas in game place in deep sectors , and alittle side track off the game norm. LOL maybe even scan anomaly gas cluster. Anyway who knows.

Pirate Factories
Pirate Stations sell things such as Slaves, spaceflies, sidearms and rifles ect… Would it take to much to duplicate a pirate station files, rename them up, or take a known factory and make it where a “Pirate Factory” needs Slaves, noble gases, to produce wares like bombs or NON effect game wares?
If a pirate life is for some, capping and boarding ships, then sell off of the stuff for profit. A little gas lab or slave production house might help fund the operation a bit.

I don’t want to post dozens of dozens of ideas, I just am at the point of trying to modify some stuff if doable, but do not want to go down the road thinking that there is some flexibility left when there may be none.

Please dont be to harsh *Squinks eyes, waiting for backlash* :p