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Chapter 1: Graduation

James Soul was ecstatic, he got nearly the best grades in his class at the Business Institute and his mom and dad would be thrilled, since going there was their idea. At 18 he had passed every course, got his Associates Degree in Business, and even had time for some fun, running around, and even studying first aid and medicine in his spare time with a few of his friends, who were training to be paramedics. He was thinking he might become a hospital administrator, or even run an ambulance center or firehouse. He had a lot of choices to make in his young life, including more studies if he chose, but summer vacation was coming up now and his birthday, always a fun time around their house since his mom went all out for his party every year.

He started home on his scooter and as he rounded the corner he saw his dad out checking the store front, and he waved and slid to a stop and asked if he needed any help.

“You know better, I can handle the store, your meant for better things.” Frank, his father said as James just laughed, they always said that and perhaps because of it he had become harder working and more down to earth than many his age.”Get inside your moms waiting on you , you know what day it is.” He said with a big grin and a wink as James chuckled and shook his head, it might be his moms idea of a surprise party for him since today was not yet his birthday but tomorrow was, and he smiled even wider and parked the bike in the garage and walked into the house to hear the big ‘surprise!’ that he thought might be coming and to see his friends and mom, waiting with streamers and weird little paper hats, and all the trimmings and he reminded her he wasn’t 6 any more, but everyone laughed and they started their party just like they did every year.

“I’m so proud of you...” His mom went on as he showed her his Diploma and he smiled even wider. Making her smile and not cry was his life’s work and hard to do since she cried if she was sad, or happy so trying to keep her on an even keel wasn’t easy.

“What now? On to the University?” One of his friends asked as James just rolled his eyes, he wasn’t going to think about that until the fall, he said, and they all agreed that summer vacation was for partying and not worrying and James laughed along with them all as his dad came in after closing the store for the day and joined the party.

James got a few nice things for presents, like a new jacket just like all the ‘cool kids’ wore and he laughed about it. He was by no means one of those, he thought selfish and foolish things had their place but not in the center of your life. Life was too precious for that but he admitted he did look good in it standing in front of the hall mirror as his friends laughed about him fitting in on any campus he might want to join.

James took a few minutes to check his black wavy hair and keep it out of his eyes, he might need a trim, he decided, and he took a deep breath and checked out the young man in the mirror in front of him. The black half jacket was nice, made of the newest faux leather material, and with his blue jeans and walking shoes it seemed to fit right in. He worked hard to stay in shape and days like today it showed with his wider that average shoulders, he wasn’t a muscleman by any standards but he certainly wouldn’t be looked down on as a lazy slug either.

“Time for cake!” His mom called as he laughed some more and went back into the living room and sat down as everyone cheered for him and laughed and he opened the rest of his presents and thanked everyone who brought one.

The party lasted for a while and then they all filed out, saying good night as they went. James was a good host thanking every single person for coming, just like he had done since these parties started many years before. As the last one left he sat back down all smiles and thanked his mom for doing this...again...and she started to cry.

“Too late mom, the parties over so you can stop crying now, I loved it...as usual.” James mentioned as she nodded but didn’t stop anyways. Now it was his dads turn and he waved James over and told him he had a surprise for him, and James thought he had missed out on another birthday present, and he was not wrong.

A tall man with wide shoulders and a big smile walked over and shook James’s hand as James asked who he might be and the man just smiled all the harder.

“He’s a...distant relative...” Frank mentioned as James thought that was nice, meeting someone he didn’t even know he was related to on his birthday and the man nodded saying that he came for him,and James thanked him for traveling from where ever he lived to see him on his birthday but the man laughed and said he didn’t understand and James’s mom jumped up and Frank got a hold of her and hugged her while she cried even louder.

“Its too soon!” She screamed as the young man just smiled and walked over and kissed her hand and thanked her for doing such a great job, and James was completely lost by now... and he would remain that way for the next few minutes at least.

“Come with me...” The man said as James looked curious and they walked out of the house into the back yard, as James looked all around for another present. There the man took a deep breath and pulled out a small device, like an older model cell phone, and hit a button on it and then as the timer counted down, he grabbed James up under his arm like he weighed nothing, and as he demanded he leave him go, a brilliant white light hit them... so bright nothing was visible...but for some reason it didn’t hurt James’s eyes either, and for a few seconds there was dead silence and then bitter cold, and finally a warm breeze as they stepped down into some tall grass and the light disappeared again and the man stood James down in the middle of the field as horsemen rode up at top speed a few minutes later, and he turned towards him and dropped to his right knee and bowed hie head,as James looked shocked.

“Welcome home, your Majesty.” He said as James looked around him at the field, a pink sky, a few small houses and several men in uniform on horseback sitting there, all smiles, waiting and he felt that he had fallen asleep and this was all a dream.

Chapter 2: Home Base

James got a crash course in riding a horse which, as it turned out wasn’t enough. So he rode double with the big man that had come to get him. They were well on their way when he felt he needed to talk a little, just to prove this was all real if nothing else, and he asked the obvious question.

“So...you are who again?” He asked as the man laughed a roaring laugh and apologized for not telling him sooner.

“I am Lord Christian Von Christ, your aid and body guard, sorry for the late introduction.” He said softly, as James just nodded and smiled. It seemed he was so serious about getting him here these ‘little things’ had just slipped his mind. “ Hope the ride isn’t too hard on you, after all its your first time on a horse isn’t it?”

“Yes, but I think I’ll survive...maybe...” James added wiggling around a little as the men around him got a good laugh.

“We’ll see you get proper horse back riding lessons at the castle.” Christian added as James nodded and looked around some more. They had traveled a few miles at least, but as far as the eye could see were fields full of odd colored grain and corn and vegetables, and trees full of fruit, but no sign of the machine that brought them here.

“Wheres the building with the beam that brought me here I don’t see it.” James asked as Christian nodded very seriously.

“The ancient Travel Beam...its also at the castle. We just learned how to use it again after some time, and we aren’t very good at it yet, obviously.” He added as James felt less safe all the time.”But the good news is now that your here, we’ll never need it again.”

“Why not? If you own such a powerful machine you should use it and take good care of it.” James added as they all seemed very sad right now.

“We don’t know how...” Christian added as James looked shocked.” Professor Saints will fill you in when we get back, I’m sure, all your questions will be answered.”

With that they hurried up a little more and James felt like he was slowly losing the battle to scream for a break to let some blood flow into his legs, and to get off that horse before his rear end went completely numb. But as they rounded a small turn in the road a town was seen ahead and people who saw them cheered and waved and James started to think about other things and his rear was forgotten.

“The Kings here!” He heard as they rode by.

“Long live the King!” Another called as James found himself waving at everyone as they went by and they cheered and waved back.

“Your Majesty, your Majesty!” He heard as they stopped for a second and a little girl ran over, barely ten years old, and handed him a flower and he took it and thanked her for her kindness as she laughed and ran away as one man mentioned not to accept things from just anyone, it might endanger your life.

“She was just being kind, see..its just a flower.” James said showing him as Christian nodded saying it was a ‘Satan’s Rose’ and a very nice one at that, as James took a big whiff and choked for a second as Christian laughed and said that they had a strong scent, and he shouldn’t breath the pollen in so hard, or you might get a headache.

“Too late...” James added as everyone there laughed and they ran on, through the town and up the hill to a massive stone structure at the top and the guards opened the huge wooden doors to let them in as they stopped at the bottom of a wide set of stairs that led up into the center of the structure. There, standing at the top of the stairs was one of the biggest, strongest looking men James had ever seen, and he didn’t look happy.

“You may get down now, your Majesty...” Christian added as they stopped but James had to slide down very slowly because his legs didn’t want to work just yet.”Francis...I was successful, I brought our King back from Earth!” He added loudly as the big man just nodded and walked away and James wasn’t at all sure he liked him being there.

“Who was that?” James asked as Christian mentioned that was his older brother, and James nodded not looking too thrilled because they didn’t look a thing alike. Christian had short brown hair and was masculine of course with wide shoulders and lots of arm strength. He was maybe 2 inches taller than James making him just over 6 feet. But Francis..he was a head taller, jet black hair, and had shoulders that looked like he could hold his own in any arena and Christian mentioned that Francis was in charge of the military, for now, and had been since the last queen gave up the throne.

“So, the Queen died and they sent for me then?” James asked as Christian looked mildly amused.

“No there was a war, and when it ended she decided that if she couldn’t avoid things like that she wouldn’t be Queen any more. So it was decided that if we could get the Traveling Beam to work, then we’d bring you home to be our King.” He said as they started up the stairs and James nodded he understood, wither he did or not.

“I’d like to meet this old professor and talk about the big Beam if thats alright.” James added as Chris just smiled and agreed and they went down a long hallway and before they even got there a puff of black smoke came rolling out of a door on the left side and into the hall and James heard a woman’s voice screaming ‘AHHA! I knew it!’ And he looked surprised. They stepped in the door to see a young woman, very nice looking with bright red hair that reached all the way down her back... tied in a ponytail at the top, as she dug around through some boxes of chemicals and James stepped over to see what she was doing as she looked up, all excited.”Oh my... are you the new King?” She asked with a dirty face, but a big smile.

“Your making gun powder I see,” James asked looking at the stuff laying there as her face lit up at his attention... and obvious good intellect... as she asked him what he was talking about.”here watch this.” With that he took a little bit of carbon, and a little bit of sulfur and added some saltpeter and stirred it up carefully in a small clay bowl. The lady watched over his shoulder the entire time and nodded intendedly as Christian smiled and stood back waiting. James managed to get a nice medium gray color going and took a small item that looked like a thimble and filled it with the mixture, then he tamped it in with a short piece of string mixed with it and left about 2 inches hang out. He then crimped the end shut and carried it over and sat it down a few steps away and waved her back as she nodded and he set the string on fire. The results was a short burst of smoke and a sizzling sound and then a bright flash that threw the thimble to the ceiling and back to the ground and it was nearly ripped in two by then as the lady picked it up and screamed in joy. Then she gave James a big hug and said she thought loved him, as Christian laughed and dragged him away saying she had better write all this down before she forgot, and she agreed and ran to her office while Christian took James back the hall.

“We should talk to her some other time,” He added as James asked why.”because now that you’ve taught her something new, she wont leave the lab until she wrecks the place.” He insisted as James rolled his eyes and walked away. He knew people like that, to them it wasnt work it was fun, and he hoped that she didn’t get hurt with what he had shown her.

“Wait...” James said stopping short as Chris looked curious why he did this,” you mean SHE’S the professor?” He asked as Chris nodded it was true and James saw that this world was further behind than even he first thought. “I don’t understand how you have things like the long range transporter beam and don’t understand gunpowder yet.” He said as Chris looked sad he mentioned it and he waved him to a chair and they sat on the front porch right where they had been walking and Chris tried to explain.

“ We were once a great and powerful people,” He started as James nodded he understood,” but we started thinking we were as powerful as the Gods and we left it go to our heads. Then one day a new enemy came by, right to our front door. It was said they sat in space and looked down on our stupidity and rained Hell upon us. The result was the loss of everything we knew, the machines, the people of education...everyone that knew and understood these things were gone in short order, and those left behind were sealed inside this world for centuries, until Lady Clare was born and started re-learning the ancient ways. Now we live a better life and someday we hope to understand all that she says and does. Right now its just her, so we honor her wishes whenever we can.”

“She’s the only one who even tries to understand the old machinery?” James asked as Chris agreed it was true.” what about medicine, and first aid after battles, and speaking of that, what weapons do we even have to defend the Kingdom with then?” He asked seriously looking shocked as Chris pulled a short sword from his belt and showed James what he carried and James felt like his new world was going to need a lot of serious help before he’d be satisfied he had done his best for them.

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Chapter 3: Council Meeting

“We should hurry,” Christian mentioned as James got back up and they walked all the way to the other end of the building and into a new set of rooms there. Christian opened a door for him and they stepped inside a room where more than a dozen people were either standing around or sitting, waiting to meet the new King.”Sorry we’re late we stopped to see Lady Clare, and the new King gave her a lesson.”

“HE gave CLARE a lesson??” Francis declared, in shock, as Christian shook his head yes and told the story.

“It would appear our new King is a Builder too, and of some repute.” Another man added as people around the room whispered among themselves.

“Not really...” James interrupted as even Francis stopped to hear. “ the technology that brought me here is still beyond my home worlds science but thats a rarity here I was told, so what I learned and know was just basic knowledge back home.”

“So, it was the right decision to send him to Earth to be raised then, they have taught him well.” Another much older man said as James just smiled and waited for any more questions they would ask.

“Christian told me that only Lady Clare knows how to operate the Beam, but if thats true how did I get sent to Earth 20 years ago? Shes not that old as it looked to me.” James said as a few got a good laugh and some chuckles were heard until Francis called them to order.

“Shes much older than you think,” He was told,” we all are, time is...different...here so you’ll live much, much longer here as well.”

“How much longer?” James asked as they seemed to have to consider before saying but finally one old man nodded he agreed and they turned to answer him.

“About 5x as long,” He was told as he felt a little faint and Christian made him sit for a minute until it started sinking in. “ of course there are exceptions as well. Our Most High, the Priestess of the Shrine of the First King is over 800...and you’ll be surprised when you see her too.”

“Now thats impressive,” James added as many agreed.

“I believe you had questions for our new King before he takes the oath?” Francis asked looking as impressive and dangerous as ever and many shook their heads in agreement.

“Then begin,” He said as he sat down and one older man stood up.

“Your name is..James is it not?” He asked as James agreed.”if I were to mistake you for someone else, or use your name in a bad way what would you do?” He asked as James looked shocked, first off how do you mess up ‘James’ and secondly what did he mean ‘do about it’ and he thought for a minute and then smiled.

“I’d correct you asking if you were felling alright because to mess up a name like ‘James’ is a real bit of work.” He said as even many in the room laughed and the man agreed and sat down. Then another man stood up and James looked his way and waited.

“How many children to you plan on having in the future?” He asked very seriously while James got a big laugh while many there seemed shocked he was being so silly about it.

“That would surely depend on my wife and not me don’t you think?” James asked as the man agreed and sat down again.

Then Francis stood up and after straightening his uniform to clear it of every possible wrinkle he looked down on his new King and asked...”If I were to declare war on a neighboring country without your permission, what would you do then?” He asked, as the room got deadly quiet, but he didn’t sit down just stood there staring, as James saw this as a challenge to him personally so he too stood as the room looked surprised.

“First off, I admit I’m not even a fraction of the warrior you seem to be,” James started as even Francis looked impressed he admitted it just like that,” however...if you really are making me your King then declaring war would be MY job not yours don’t you think? And if an outright coup or civil war was what you were planning then me and those loyal to me would have to answer that threat, wouldn’t you agree?” He demanded with some volume, as even Francis smiled and agreed and then he sat down.

“Well said...” He heard so James felt he had said the right thing even though standing ‘nose to nose’ so to speak with Francis was no easy matter.

“What about Business,” Another man asked as he stood and waited “ what are your thoughts on what is and is not a good business. Understand we have Guilds that make all our household goods and even grow our food. Is that acceptable to the new King?” He asked and then sat as James thought about that for a minute looking as serious as he could muster.

“If there is a system in place that is and has worked in the past successfully, then I have no problem with it. So long as it doesn’t allow slaves, or forced prostitution.” James mentioned as a few nodded agreement while a few others looked shocked.

“But your Majesty...slaves taken during war have always been a business here, we have an entire Guild that over sees it.” A man said as James looked towards Christian who nodded it was true.

“Then that Guild must be watched closely. There is not to be a Guild operating inside my Kingdom that abuses humans no matter if they are prisoners of war or not! And we all know what a woman does with her own body is her business...but how often are attractive women abducted and herded into houses and forced to make money for someone else? That type of thing will not be tolerated here.” James said very, very seriously and he could tell looking around the room that he might have made an enemy or two just now.

“But your Majesty...” Started one older man who stopped immediately when Francis gave him the ‘evil eye’ and he sat back down.

“I respect soldiers for their sacrifice in the name of their country and I respect women for giving us all birth...as well as other less... impressive feats.” James added as many laughed even some that were less than thrilled a bit ago.” So those people need protected, and will be. I am not against prostitution as a job, thats up to the women involved but they should be paid according to their skills and then their ’manager’ can get his share for supplying the house or other needs.” James added , trying to smooth a few ruffled feathers in the room, and it seemed to work.

“On behalf of the soldiers of the new Kingdom, I agree with the King,” Francis stood and said very seriously, his normal facial expression it seemed, and no one even tried to question it after that.

“Then this first meeting of the Council of Elders is over, may the King live a long and fruitful life!” One older man said as everyone agreed, some less happy than others as James shook some hands and then was led away by Christian and Francis who seemed to want to talk some more. They went into a very large office area and another man, tall and very handsome with bright white hair waited and he threw himself at the Kings feet the second they entered the room screaming that he had waited forever to meet him, and James looked at Christian in shock as he got a good chuckle then cleared his throat.

“This is Lord Gunter Von Plank, your in house aid and manager of the castle.” Christian mentioned as the man looked up while holding James’s hand tightly and his eyes said a lot more as James smiled weakly and tried to pull his hand back.

“Nice to meet you...” James got in while getting away and Francis actually picked Gunter up by the back of the neck, to his surprise, and said they had business to discuss.

“The King has made his opinions on some things very clear, so there will need to be some new laws made.” Christian added as Francis agreed, and Gunter looked shocked that the King was making changes so soon. “By the way, your Majesty, this is your office when you are inside the castle, which we hope will be for a very long time.”

“Really? Hmm, nice...” James said looking around, he had planned on being an administrator back home but this office made the best corner office in any high rise look pale by comparison.

Chapter 4: Duties

“Then we need to get ready for the Kings coronation right away!” Gunter screamed as he ran from the room and James watched after him as Francis tried not to notice and James looked around at Christian who seemed mildly amused.

“Is he always like this?” He asked as Chris nodded and smiled.

“He’s very excitable, but he gets a lot done and when it comes to the Law of the Land there’s no one better.” He added as even Francis agreed to that.”He’ll also be your tutor in the ways of our Kingdom so you can better understand us and your new job.”

“If you say so,” James added as he walked over and sat down behind the desk, and Chris looked very pleased to see him there and Francis tried to get his attention for something by clearing his throat, so James asked if he needed anything else.

“You expressed interest in the troops, so maybe a tour of the military base just outside the castle walls will let you see how we do things here.” He added looking a little embarrassed they were getting along this well, as Christians face exploded with a smile so large that it might hit his ears, and Francis saw it but looked away.

“Excellent idea...” James said as they started back out the door and Francis asked if he had served in the military on his world and James said he didn’t, he spent all his time in school and Francis looked a little disappointed in him. “I never wanted to actually be a military man back there, seeing hundreds maybe thousands of people die in a war, running people down with big machines or exploding entire houses killing everyone inside...just didn’t interest me.”

“Running...down... and exploding?” Francis asked mainly to himself as James just kept on walking and Christian whispered that on his old world things were done very differently, even war.

“Obviously,” Francis added softly and they took a little walk as James smiled and waved at all the help around the castle as they walked by, who seemed very surprised to see someone of his stature taking time out to even notice them. “ This way your Majesty.” Francis said as they went through the gate and over towards a set of medium sized tents set up near one wall and within sight of a small stream.

The men saw their Lord General coming and soon a small group rushed over and saluted as he returned it.

“This is our new King, or soon will be... I guess,” Francis mentioned as James gave him a dirty look and thought ' I guess huh?’ and Christian gave him a sour look too, ”he has asked to see the base and meet the troops, so lets show him some respect.”

“Yes, sir!” they screamed as they walked along and told James about their little base, and why it was important for them to be ready to run out into battle at a moments notice.

“Does everyone have sufficient weapons in case of a battle?” James asked and everyone looked at Francis who cleared his throat and said they did, and only then did the men agree. “I see...” James said as he looked at Francis too who tried hard to look impenetrable at the moment.

“Can I see the armory then?” He asked as even Francis looked surprised but the men led him to a large tent and opened the flap for him to go inside. There were rows of swords, some smaller than others, knives of different sizes, all very shiny, and a few long poles with blades on them as James looked up at one with some disgust.”Pikes,am I right?”

“A type of spear, but correct enough.” Francis added as the men with him agreed.

“So...this is the sum of our defenses then...” James said softly as Francis looked like he’d step up and ask why he was acting so badly when he asked to be shown this. “What about ranged weapons?”

“Ranged?” Francis asked obviously lost,as James felt sick,” You know bows and arrows things like that.”

“We....don’t...um...” Francis started but drug it out so long James stopped him there.

“We will...” James added as Francis looked shocked he’d say something so sudden in front of the troops.”if we are to protect the Kingdom then I’ll help to ...modernize things... a little here. We need a LOT of help too, I can see.”

“We have the same weapons as all the other countries around us do.” Francis added as they started back with James leading the way.

“Thats not good enough...we need to have more and better thats what makes negotiations with other countries run smoothly, when they know your doing them a favor just talking to them.” James added as Francis asked why they’d want to talk to all the other countries anyways, there were always skirmishes along the boarders but thats what the military was for.

“But...if we make friends with a few then we can get their best materials, food or other things in exchange for things we specialize in here, its called Trade, Commanding General, and thats not your concern, thats one for me.” James added as Francis looked slighted and turned on his heal and started back towards the base.

“I have an inspection to do, sorry your Majesty, you can make it back from here.” He added as he kept right on going, and Christian saw that the two of them had a little ways to go in respecting each other.

“I hurt his feelings this time didn’t I?” James asked without even looking around and Christian smiled wide, he was sharper than he gave him credit for.

“You said things that were positively going to happen in the military, in front of the troops and without asking the Commanding General first.” Christian added softly as James stopped walking and nodded he knew he had screwed up.

“I’ll apologize for it later, but Christian...we’re hundreds of years behind my old world right now, there’s so many things we need. I just get in a hurry sometimes.” He added as Christian laid a big hand on his shoulder and reminded him they lived long lives here and James just laughed and said he needed some basic comforts before then and he walked on towards the castle.

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Chapter 5: Family

The next day Christian was watering his horse early in the morning when Francis came in to see about his too. They nodded towards each other and kept working until Christian was done and he walked over to Francis and told him they still had much to do before the new King could be crowned and he looked sad but agreed.

“He hasn’t been shown any of our abilities yet, he knows nothing of why we never worried about better weapons until now and of course he needs to meet the late Queen who will be a part of the coronation ceremony too.” Christian mentioned as Francis looked like he’d cry any minute.

“Do we have to?” He asked and for a minute sounded all the part of a little kid while Christian laughed out loud.

“She will over see the coronation, showing she is giving up the throne of her own free will, and we have other Family he needs to meet too, Like Kitain, our younger brother, and some assorted cousins and aunts and uncles.” He added as Francis nodded agreement.”Then lets plan a dinner party, mother’s always up for a party.”

“Thats one of the things I’m afraid of.” Francis added, rolling his eyes while they both chuckled and they sent word to plan a large dinner for the entire Family and the kitchen help went into overdrive.

The invitations were sent out... and then rethought. If this was the new Kings first dinner party maybe keep it simple, he had enough to learn already. So they planned it for the immediate family, and told those others that they’d get a date later on for their party to attend.

The night came and with it the main hall where formal dinners were planned and as James sat at the head of the table, wearing new cloths Gunter supplied made of some nice material in solid black, he asked why this color and Gunter told him only the King and those nearly equal to him could wear all black and he looked shocked but he sat and waited, as Francis, Christian and Gunter were all present, in their best uniforms and waiting impatiently for the rest to arrive.

“Mother always did like to make an entrance.” Francis whispered as Christian agreed and suddenly the doors opened and in walked a woman, very pretty with long blond hair and a rather skimpy looking dress, that showed more than it covered as Francis dropped his head and shook it in disbelief. She didn’t appear more than 40 to James but her looks were astounding, and on her arm was a young man/woman? It was hard to tell, with brilliant blond hair too... short and with the cutest baby face that made proper identification nearly impossible without removal of the heavy uniform that it wore.

“Christian long time no see! Your getting more handsome every day!” She screamed and ran to hug him warmly as he just smiled and said ‘hello mother’, this time right out loud, and James nearly choked on his drink.

“Francis! You still have that frown on that you use on the troops don’t you? You’ll never get any goodies from the pretty girls in the Kingdom looking like that!” She declared as Francis looked like he wanted to hide under the table.

“And this is our new King? How wonderful!” She screamed as she ran around the table and gave James a big hug too, and he nearly drowned in her bosoms as she squeezed him tight and told him to call her by her first name..Cybil..and she waited to hear it even though he was talking right into her chest at the time and the men around the room looked away in sadness at her actions while Gunter dragged her off James and told her she needed to stop that, it was totally inappropriate for a retired Queen to act so rudely to the new King, and James looked more shocked by the minute.

“This ladies the retired Queen?” James asked as everyone nodded sadly and she gave him a big wink as even Francis hid his face behind a massive hand.

“Let me make the official introductions then,” Christian started standing as James agreed and Cybil finally got into her seat to the right of the new King.” You’ve met my older brother Francis his official title is Lord General Francis Von White, and this is my younger brother, Christian said laying a hand on the small blond’s shoulder as James tried to smile without laughing, so it was a man after all, James was afraid to say anything until he was sure, but it was instantly clear where he got those looks from.

“His title is Lord Kitain Von Grants, he heads our Quartermaster Corps here at the castle.” Christian said as the young man looked less than impressed with any of this. “And of course our mother, the former Queen Lady Cybil Von Grants. As you can tell all three of us have different last names because we each have a different father. Because of that we don’t live together but have our own family estates that surround the main kingdom.”

‘Wow’ James thought, ‘three different kids to three different fathers, and she was the queen? Whats up with that?’

“You became the new King rather suddenly, poor boy...” Cybil mentioned as James just smiled and agreed,” if you have any questions my darling children will be more than happy to help you out just ask.”

“Mother please!” The little blond yelled and jumped up, getting angry,” we haven’t decided yet if he’s even remotely capable of doing the job, much less gaining our loyalty!” Kitain declared as Francis whispered ‘here we go’ and sat down his drink as James pretended not to hear.”I will not be convinced simply because he speaks our language fluently or because Christian was deceived into going to another world to get him, after all any lowly person with skills can be a charlatan and try and take over our Kingdom. I personally think Francis is the far better choice for King!”

“But Kit darling you know thats not possible. I was given the job through lineage and only because the King wasn’t present. Once he came of age and returned then the proper lineage of the King instantly gets the throne.” She explained but Kit wasn’t listening at all and got even more agitated.

“Our family ruled through the last war so our family should rule in times of peace! Why should we have gone through all that just to hand over a peaceful land to some stranger?” He demanded as James started getting upset he was being talked about like he wasnt even there.

“Kit...be reasonable...the King has the blood of the First King in his veins. Its his place to rule, if it hadn’t been for outside intervention in the last war none of this would have needed done.” Christian added seriously but Kit was getting more upset by the minute, as he threw everything in front of him on the floor and made a mess of the fine table setting and James jumped up and screamed for him to act like a grown up instead of a child, and Kit looked shocked he had the nerve to say anything at all, as James walked over and picked up all the utensils and the plate and sat it before him again, and demanded he act more appropriately from now on.

“So...you picked it up...” Kit said with a weird look as Francis looked shocked and Christian demanded Kit stop right now but he went on, declaring a duel between him and the King as James looked shocked and looked around and asked Gunter why he had declared a duel suddenly.

“Throwing down a knife even a butter knife and then having the opponent pick it up is the sign of accepting a duel on our world.” He said looking very upset right now and James looked sad and took a deep breath and leaned closer to Gunter for a second.

“We WILL need to talk more about these wired customs soon right?” He demanded as Gunter apologized for not sitting him down and letting him know about these things in advance, as Kitain was going on and on about ‘teaching this moron a lesson’ and even Christian and Cybil looked shocked at his behavior.

“I swear if he was a woman I’d worry about his actions right now.” Francis hinted as Kit declared he was not ‘ragging it’ he was just standing up for his family, even though no one else seemed worried about it.

“And keep your opinions to yourself, I’m not particularly afraid of you either!” Kit demanded to Francis who took that poorly and stood and asked him what he meant by that, as he immediately saw he went too far, and apologized for it.

“Tomorrow at sunrise!” Kit declared as he pointed at James be there or I’ll come for you!” And he left the room in a huff and Francis looked at his mother and asked if she was sure he really was a ‘he’ and she smiled and wouldn’t say.

Chapter 6: The Duel

Christian and James were outside after dinner and Christian was trying to find him a sword he could handle well, even though he’d be up all night taking lessons.

“This surprises me,” James added looking the small sword over,” I thought it would be far heavier than this.” And with that he did some tricks he had seen on tv, like a circle on each side and then switching hands while in motion in front of him and making a figure 8 out of it as Christian looked impressed.

“You’ve had sword lessons before?” He asked as James just laughed.

“TV and movies thats all no real lessons.” He remarked as Christian looked lost so James took the time to tell him all about it.

“You can copy these moves after seeing it done just once on a screen? Thats impressive too, but not too helpful tomorrow I’m afraid. Kitain is pretty good with a sword, I know...I taught him.” Chris added as James looked surprised.

“Does it have to be a swordfight?” James asked as Christian thought about it for a minute and called for Gunter. They talked it over for a while and decided they had something to work with, by law the King... as the challenged... gets to choose weapons and James got a big grin that surprised them both.”Then I’ve got it...Kit wont know what hit him.” And with that he went inside while both Christian and Gunter pondered what he was going to do.

At sunrise they were all out in the courtyard, Gunter, Christian, Francis and even the Queen, sitting on a nice chair waiting for some excitement.Kitain was wearing his full military uniform and a sword at his side, no surprise since sword play was nearly a standard for such things. Gunter stepped forward and announced the duel would begin, and that the King was to choose the weapon, and Kit nodded agreement, but held tight to his sword none the less.

“I choose bare hands...” James said loudly as Gunter looked impressed and a soldier walked over and asked for Kitains sword and he handed it over, with some regret. James took off his jacket and walked into the center of the yard and waited all smiles while Christian and Gunter looked shocked at him.

“There’s no way the new Kings a brawler...” Francis said softly as the Queen gave him a big wink and he looked unsure what was going to happen. But they faced each other now, James and Kitain and Kit gave a mighty yell and rushed in ready to trounce this new man but found himself thrown over James’s shoulder and landing roughly in the dirt a few feet away. Francis was shocked and the Queen seemed to have a new respect for her replacement, as Kit got up coughing and got his breath and tried again, with the same results.

“What the Hell is that kind of fighting??” Kit screamed as everyone looked at James who just laughed.

“Judo...” He announced as no one seemed to know what that was,” my mom was worried about walking the streets alone so I had to take lessons with her for a year, its a Martial Art of my world and very serious if you don’t know what your doing. Even our military trains in it.” He added as Francis smiled very wide, and James was pretty sure they had something else to talk about.

“How wonderful!” Gunter screamed as everyone looked his way,” a way to settle a duel without a drop of blood being spilled on either side. This will long be remembered as a marvelous day!” He went on as James just smiled wide.

“Once more people learn Judo here it’ll probably just be thought of as a funny joke, but a victory is a victory.” He said as he turned to go.

“I don’t appreciate your funny jokes...” Kitain yelled as James looked around and saw a wall of flames coming his way and he dove to the ground and rolled out of the way as his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“Lord Kitain...stop! You cant use your specialty on the King he’s already won the duel and he hasn’t even been trained to use the elements yet!” Gunter screamed as he started in but Francis stopped him and he asked why.

“I have a feeling we’re about to see something unusual, so lets just watch.” He explained as Gunter gave him an argument as Christian yelled instructions to James who jumped out of the way of another attack.

“If you can get your hands on him you can win! Try and close the distance.” He yelled but Kit heard it too and danced around making it hard to get any closer at all.

“Francis..if just one of those attacks hits the King he’ll die! And Kit will have to hang for treason, do you want that?” He asked as Francis started thinking better of it, he had thought something more would have happened by now, since the King had been on their world for a while now, any element that he called on should at least respond and even showing a little power would stop Kit dead in his tracks.

But just then a door at the far end of the courtyard opened and out stepped one of the castles maids, and she was carrying laundry to be put on the line near the door and James saw her and yelled to get back inside just as Kit unleashed another fireball than streaked towards her and she dropped the basket and froze. James was horrified, and he threw himself in front of the blast and as it engulfed him, Christian screamed for him and Francis looked away, holding Gunter back from rushing in himself.

But just as Kit looked sick to see how it had ended a voice was heard, coming from the fireball that was now just sitting there, rolling as if hung on a line too.

“You stupid FOOL!! How dare you call this a proper duel!” It screamed as everyone looked around and a whirlwind was screaming in place around a solitary figure that didn’t quite resemble James at all. It was slightly taller, and more rugged looking the face was definitely pissed and the eyes shone like black lights in a dark room and the fireball was gone a second later and he started towards Kit with that deadly stare as the Queen nearly had an accident gushing about his great ‘manly looks’ and Kit looked a little faint.

“Your Majesty??” Christian asked softly as James looked his way and smiled then started back towards Kit once more, preaching all the way.

“You are an arrogant fool you’d trample a row of pretty flowers as if they were nothing but a lowly worm...” He went on as Kit started to stammer a little at his approach.”I had no intention today of drawing blood but you gave me no choice, you’ve attacked an innocent who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, for an act of a coward like that there can be only one punishment...I will kill you NOW!” He screamed as the wind lashed out and Kit was lifted high into the air and just hung there as everyone begged James to forgive him, just this once, and after a minute he looked towards Chris again and he nodded it was the right thing to do and he looked tired and turned back to the choking and crying Kitain and said...”I can be merciful but only to those that repent, so change your ways Kitain Von Grants or this will be your fate once more.”

And with that, he dropped him on his ass, from 12 feet in the air and Kit landed hard and rolled over holding his butt and crying, and James turned to go, and passed out. Christian and Gunter rushed to him to find he was just like before. His magical transformation was over and with his power went his looks and he was back to normal, sleeping sounding there on the ground, but otherwise normal again, so they picked him up and took him to his bed.

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Brilliant Kev .. simply brilliant ! Loving this story .. not sure if you getting better or ive been away for longer than i realised :p

Keep up the great work buddy

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Loving the story Kev, simply brilliant, can hardly wait for more O0

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this is a remake of something from long ago a story called kyo kara maoh...about a kid sucked through a toilet. I hated that and when he got there he did nothing to help them update their technology, so this is a completely new story based on that old one only better.

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Chapter 7: R&R

James opened his eyes a while later to find Gunter watching over him and he looked like he’d cry.

“Its been 3 days, really?” James asked as Gunter agreed saying that using his abilities for the first time drained him badly and his body just shut down. “These abilities...are they something else you forgot to tell me about?” He asked with squinty eyes as Gunter apologized once again.

“Many of the Nobles have such abilities,” Gunter added as James nodded he understood.” but we thought it would take longer for yours to show themselves, but the duel seemed to draw them out.”

“So thats why Francis wasn’t too worried about better weapons, his whole army has magical powers.” James mentioned as Gunter just laughed and said no, that only a very select few had these, and they were planning on showing him soon but the time just hadn’t come yet.

“Its not magic, their the elements of this world, our first King the man we worship today, made a contract with the elements of this world saying he’d never harm the world or the natural wonders of it, so they could live forever with us in peace. In exchange they gave him power to defend this place, and the people, and we’re all his distant relatives... while you are a direct descendent.” He added as James tried to get his head around talking to ‘the elements’ of their world. He looked around to see Kitain looking out the window and as he gave him a sour look, James asked why he was here.

“He and Christian have guarded you since the duel. That way Chris gets some rest because he wouldn’t sleep without someone here to watch over you.” Gunter added as James looked at Kit once more and then just left it go.

“I’m OK now, so you can go...” James added as Kit nodded and left as Gunter smiled really wide and James asked why.

“He’s never been embarrassed in a duel like that, he’s quite skilled really, but your marvelous wind powers made a fool out of him in front of everyone.” Gunter said chuckling while James gave him an odd look and he asked why.

“What powers did you say I have?” He asked as Gunter looked scared once more.

“You don’t remember the duel at all?” He asked as James said of course he did, right up until he took that hit and then woke up here.”We’ll talk again later..” Gunter said and ran from the room as James got up and went for a bath.

Gunter ran down the hall and into the large office that should be James’s and saw Christian and Francis there, doing his work for him while he was asleep.

“Is the King awake yet?” Francis asked while signing yet another set of papers and Gunter nodded he was.

“There may be a problem though,” Gunter added as both other men looked up to see what he meant.”He remembers the duel clearly, but nothing after the second the fireball hit him. Its like someone else stepped in and took his place to protect him. He swears, and I believe him, that he passed out that second and remembers nothing until today.”

“Thats odd,” Christian added as Gunter agreed but Francis was thinking hard for a second and then waved for them to follow.

“Since that day something has bothered me,” He added as the others asked what, as they walked up one hall and down another going towards the main structure where the castle shrine was located.”When the fireball hit, for a second we lost sight of him but when we did see him again, he was different, bigger, stronger even his voice seemed to change.”

“An illusion caused by the whirlwind, I thought.” Christian mentioned as Francis looked thoughtful.

“Maybe... but I’m not sure... if I had to say for certain I’d say that he’s more complex than any of us realize.” He remarked as Gunter asked him why he said that as they walked into an outer room of the shrine and up to a wall with several paintings on it and Francis stopped before one and looked up.”I thought so...” He added as they all looked up at it and the painting depicted the great First King, commanding his troops during one battle and his face, features everything looked like a much more mature James and even Gunter’s face dropped in shock.

“The resemblance is certainly there,” Christian added as everyone agreed,” but what makes you think something more complex is taking place?”

“I’m a trained soldier, I must see in an instant and make serious and sometimes life threatening decisions for me and my men.” He said as everyone agreed,” If I had been the one dueling that day then I would have said that THIS man was the one that defeated me, not our new King. That change was remarkable and no one not even me, could have taken Kitains fire without some damage. There’s more going on than we know, thats my thoughts on the matter.” He said as he turned and went back to the office while Christian looked at the painting for a minute. The size was right the maturity and the face even looked right but how could anyone think a dead King from 2000 years ago had anything to do with a duel today? It baffled his mind to even consider,so he left it go and went to see if James was really alright.

As Christian walked into the bedroom he noticed James was gone so he figured that he would want a hot bath after sleeping so long. So he went down a short hall to the main royal bath, a large stone hot tub that was for the personal use of the King and as he approached the door he heard yelling and he rushed in to see James, fighting with Kit, again, and they were both wrapped in towels.

“I said I don’t need any help,” James exclaimed as Kitain said that he had been defeated and as such his life belonged to the King and he’d be beside him no matter what.”This is not one of those times!” James screamed as Kit offered st scrub his back for him and James looked like no one was listening to him at all.

“Christian...get this nut job out of my personal bath. How am I supposed to relax with him around?” He screamed as Chris had to turn his back to hide his laughter as even Kit looked embarrassed to be caught here.

“I’m sorry James your just too hot on this world there’s nothing I can do...” Christian added, while laughing, as James growled and screamed back at him while pushing Kit away.

“You are SOOO dead you wait,” James yelled as Chris finally stopped the fight and made Kit leave the room so that James could get a proper bath. Out in the hall Christian mentioned that the King had shown ‘obvious preferences’ that Kit would need to accept as his face went beat red.

“I was merely offering to scrub his back nothing more...the thought that I’d have feelings for some wimp that cant even control his abilities...its absolutely absurd!” He demanded as he walked away and Chris stood there smiling. He didn’t remember saying anything about feelings...but it was mentioned, so maybe for the King’s sake he had better keep a closer eye on these two.

Chapter 8: Research

James had a good meal and then went for a walk. He just rounded the corner and heard Clare screaming about something so he stuck his head in and asked if she was alright.

“Your Majesty..your awake!” She said as he nodded and they both grinned.

“What are you working on now?” He asked as she showed him her latest experiment.

“I’m attempting to use the abilities within many of us as a power source.” She started as James felt that might be a stretch,” but it seems that they only run at decent power levels during battle or in times of emergency, so harnessing them for everyday use just isn’t working.”With that James got a chuckle and she asked what was so funny.

“You’d love electricity then, its what we used everyday for our homes and offices, even some vehicles ran on it.” He said as she looked odd and kept repeating him very slowly.

“Vehicles...and e..lec..tric..ity??” She asked as he smiled all the more. “Wait...the power of the Gods? Your people have that now?”

“What do you mean? Its just power made from generators or reactors,” James mentioned as she nodded agreement.

“It runs the Great Beam, I know... there’s a lot of writing there on the subject.” She admitted as James looked shocked.

“That I’d like to see,” James mentioned as she agreed and they started out and down a hall then down some stairs and finally out another long hallway and if James remembered correctly by now they were underground and well outside the castle itself.

“Here we are,” She said as they stepped through a door and she flipped a switch and lights came on and she looked so happy she might wet herself.”I never stop marveling when that does that.” She added as James just smiled and walked over to a console to see. She showed him the writing that explained the beams workings and though he didn’t understand much of it he did understand more than her even though she blindly ran it with what little she knew.

“Really a reactor then, whats that?” She asked as he did his best to explain while she took notes.
“Makes this wonderful power then, marvelous! Can we still use it?” She asked and he reminded her she was using it the second she turned on the lights as she looked thrilled. James sat down right there and read everything he could and some of it didn’t seem hard to under stand at all. The reactor, known here as a ‘Breeder Reactor’ used metal as a fuel. The original rods would have been very, very high tech but slowly as time went on the ‘oracles’ of the shrine used whatever they had, and each successive generation had to reload it faster and faster with softer and softer metals.
“When was the last time someone ‘fed’ the reactor?” James asked and she admitted it hadn’t happened in her lifetime and he nodded seriously. After all the generations keeping this going if they left it stop completely then they lacked the technology to ever get it started again, so something needed to be done and she agreed and sent for the Most High, the Master of all the shrines and they waited as James read on. He moved to another console and it had a design of the reactor on it, there were 6 tubes each with two caps one on the outside one inside, when one ran out of fuel the inner cap closed sealing it, so that fuel rods could be added from outside, and when it ‘sensed’ new fuel it opened the cap to slowly add fuel to the reactor. According to this once the cap inside was closed it was perfectly safe to uncap the outer one, but if it failed to close, then it would be a tube full of radiation right to the core, something James didn’t even want to consider.

“Ah, Enrique...your here.” he heard as he looked around to see a young woman, maybe even girl who looked maybe 13 at best, walking in with hair all the way to the floor and the biggest smile he had ever seen walk up with two attendants walking along at her sides. “We are researching the Great Beam and the new King thinks we can keep using it, if we feed the ‘reactor’ that runs it.” Clare mentioned as Enrique looked surprised.

“Really?” She asked as James nodded and introduced himself as Clare apologized for not doing it sooner.

“See here...” James mentioned as she walked over to see, there was a power meter, a bar with red at one end and green at the other and it was deep into the red as she nodded she understood.

“Then this is my fault the great writing says that when the Great Beam bleeds we must feed it, and I haven’t been here to see this for many years. Of course going for the new King might have rushed this a bit too.” She added as Clare admitted it might have.”I will gather the materials at once.” And she called someone over and whispered to them and they nodded and both young women ran out as James asked if she had rods made already for its use.

“It was said that ‘shiny metal’ fed the power of the beam, so we’ve tried to keep some ready just in case.” She mentioned as James nodded and waited and soon 4 young women came in dragging a cart with 2 rods on it and James walked over to look and saw shiny brass rods, not exactly a hard metal, but he understood why they ran out so fast now.

“Are these standard equipment for this task?” James asked as Enrique looked shocked.

“Its what I was told to use by the person before me, why?” She asked as James waved her over and read the instructions from the console and she too looked like she’d have an accident since no one in her lifetime had been able to read more than a word or two at once, even Clare and James looked around to see both women looking positively flushed at him and he cleared his throat and mentioned that ‘hard shiny metal’ was the original type used but not soft shiny metal so it ‘ate it’ much faster.

“The words of the Gods so easily understood is amazing!” Enrique declared as Clare agreed saying they had a lot to learn from him as James started getting embarrassed.

“Anyways...the metal used needs to be a hard metal an alloy thats shiny and as hard as possible, tempered steel, some iron alloy used for swords maybe for a start, the same size as these only harder, better metal.” He explained as she nodded she under stood and made a note and sent it back with one of the girls to have better rods made and she asked if it was OK to use these for now and he admitted that if it had worked before then it would be OK, and they took them inside the main housing and popped open a cap and slid one in and closed it and then another, and soon the power gauge moved slowly up towards center and Enrique and Clare cheered that they had ‘saved’ the Great Beam once more.

Chapter 9: Supply Run

“So with all this new power I can go home again!” James said as both women stopped dead and looked sad and a little shocked at him as he asked why.

“Your our King now, you have not been through the coronation yet, but thats just days away!” Clare explained as James just smiled.

“I mean... I can go and bring stuff back, we need so many things here, and as brilliant as Clare is having books explaining things or objects to see that actually work will speed up our understanding greatly.”he mentioned as she nodded looking very happy and Enrique said she’d be glad to help in any way she could.

“Then after the coronation, I’ll go and get us some materials for our world, since this uses so much power it cant be done often, so I’ll plan very carefully what to bring back.” He added as they agreed and Clare was thrilled and talking a mile a minute about seeing new things and getting new experiments going, and James kept in mind that they were living in the Dark Ages here...with huge technology just sitting there no one totally understood, so he’d have to hold back on bringing back anything too advanced for a long time yet.

In a week the time came for his coronation, and with it he felt more sadness than ever before. He was becoming a King, a real life King, and his parents would never see it. He almost cried thinking it but when he mentioned it everyone just smiled and said that it couldn’t be helped and he finally agreed.

He took an oath to serve with honor and keep the Kingdom safe and then the last bit of ceremony, as he walked down an isle between two rows of Nobles and other Monarchs, and up onto a stage where Queen Cybil was waiting to hand over the reins of the country to him.

“So all I need to do is stick my hand in this waterfall and swear not to harm the country or the land under it and that constitutes a contract with the Element of Water?” James whispered as she smiled wide and agreed.

“Your wind power skills haven’t returned so this guarantees you one more skill to use when necessary, water is everywhere and abundant, so its something that will always be around to protect you.” She explained as he just nodded and walked up and stuck his hand into the water and smiled as the room cheered for him. He then repeated the oath the First King had given to protect the land and all on it but his mind wasn’t with it, as he could only think that he missed his mom and dad a lot and they would never see him in his fine cloths becoming the new King. And when he thought that, the water pulled him in as everyone gasped and in a second he was gone, even after they shut off the water flow, there was nothing but a blank wall, and the new King had disappeared.

James was in ‘that place’ again, the white light was all around him and he was really cold, for about a second, then he was warm again and he opened his eyes to see water...above him too and he stood up and his head and shoulders barely broke the surface. He looked around and found he was in the river, right between his moms house and the ball field where he played with his friends on weekends. He smiled wide and nearly cheered as he swam to the shore and got out and started home and the people that saw him laughed that he had gotten dressed for a costume party and fell in the river, and he laughed and went right along with it and when he opened the door and walked in his dad dropped his coffee cup on the floor in shock, and his mom started crying all over again.

“Thought I’d come home for a visit,” He said as they both laughed after a while and his mom ran to him and gave him a huge hug, and his dad said he was a little over dressed for a visit.”I was wearing this for my coronation, and thought you might like to see it.”

“So, its official?” His mom asked as James agreed it was , he was a real live King... of course he wasn’t there right now but he also knew that with the power restored, someone would be along shortly looking for him.

“Damn it Clare!” Francis screamed as she stepped up in her full dress outfit and screamed right back that she didn’t do this, and they both looked around and Enrique was waving at them from a table across the room and she too was dressed to kill for the Kings coronation.”Then who sent him back, he must be home again there’s no other place he can be, unless our King can walk through walls.” He declared as a few visitors around him looked shocked.

“There’s one way to find out, even with the new power back up the Beam takes a huge amount to do this, so it would be low for at least an hour before it can recharge.” Enrigue said as they all ran to the room and sure enough the power had dropped substantially since this morning.

“It appears our King went somewhere after all,” Clare added as everyone agreed and Francis was livid because now he had to cancel the dinner and party with 40 guests and dignitaries because the King ‘went home’ for a visit.”Hmm he’s getting more interesting all the time. Because the three of us are the only ones who know how to activate the beam, and we were all in the room together, so who sent him back then?” She asked as Francis looked shocked and Enrique took that moment to pray.

“He had been very sad his parents weren’t here to see the coronation,” Enrique remarked,”so maybe the Elements sent him home to show them his fine suit and tell his story. He HAS made a contract with the Elements now, officially, and he had powers even before this, so its hard to tell what abilities he might have now with their help.”

“Great...” Francis said softly, while looking disgusted, and he took a deep breath and forced a smile and went back to the hall, to talk to the many people there and tell them the new King was recalled home ‘for an emergency’ and hope they bought it.

James had learned enough to know that a day on his home world was a week back in his Kingdom, so someone would be coming pretty soon he was sure. He got dry cloths on, had a nice lunch with his parents and then got some money and went out and jumped on his scooter. He knew just what he wanted to get and a few things he wasn’t too sure about, so he went to a warehouse outlet that sold odd ‘toys’ and he found a replica of a flintlock pistol, that used ‘caps’ but looked nearly right so he got that. Then he found a toy ‘crossbow pistol’ for target shooting and he got that and some bolts for it.Then he ran over to the neighborhood electronics store and got a beginners kit for electricity, showing how magnets could be used to form generators and with lots of little bits of wire and some tiny lights and things for experiments and he knew Clare would go crazy over this. The one more thing, as he ran to the corner drug store and bought the biggest bottle of aspirin they had, and he took all his treasures home and loaded them into a backpack he used for camping and then waited for the inevitable bright light to come for him.

This time he had the time to tell his mom and dad a proper good bye and that he’d stop back some other time, so she was a lot happier he could say that now, but even before anyone came for him he was sitting holding his pack in the backyard, and bingo...he was away again. But this time he was pretty happy about it because now he had samples of technology that his world desperately needed and had the chance to properly thank his parents for taking good care of him before he left. A huge weight was lifted off his shoulders now and he closed his eyes and thanked whoever helped him this time and he felt they heard him as he dropped to his feet right inside the castle walls and even the guards looked scared to see him appear so quickly.

“I’m back...” He said loudly as a few laughed and one officer that he knew well mentioned that General Francis would be looking for him and James rolled his eyes but the first person out the door was Kit, screaming at the top of his lungs that James had ruined his own coronation and that they had to cancel the party and dinner and throw it all out because of him.”I didnt do it, yell at Enrique or Clare they were supposed to wait until after the coronation.” He added as Kit slid to a stop and looked odd for a minute.

“They were both AT the coronation, they didn’t do it they thought you did,” he mentioned much softer as James looked odd too, there had to be someone who triggered it so maybe they had someone else around that understood how it worked, and he decided he better find out who.

14-03-2014, 11:50 AM
the new king thinks hes got this time thing figured out but he doesnt, its not mentioned here but later on he gets the big surprise.

16-03-2014, 08:50 AM
writing the story is going very well but for some weird reason my word processor is giving me fits...like: started a new chapter wrote CHAPTER 41...but the 41 jumped 3 inches away, so deleted it and did it again, same thing, also typing some sentences and look up and...looks like every other word is missing...their aren't, but it looks that way...so delete it do it again, same thing, so if you see weird lines that read ok but look bad, just keep going, its driving me nuts. And no, shutting ti down and restarting doesn't always help.
Chapter 10: Stepping Up

James walked back into the main castle area as Christian saw him and ran to ask if he was alright.

“He just popped up out in the courtyard without a bit of warning, how unsightly...” Kit said with his nose up as James looked tired of him already.

“It was nice, Christian, I got to properly thank my parents and get some things that I thought we could really use here.” James mentioned and Chris saw how very happy he was, so he left it go for now.”Come on, I have some gifts to show you all, and Francis might just forgive me after he sees these.” James added as they started up the stairs and back the hall to his main office, and Francis who was always there when the King was out doing something else, and not his Royal duties to the Kingdom. They opened the door as Francis looked up, shocked and he quickly looked at Christian who shook his head no...they had planned on him going for him again but it hadn’t been necessary.

“Before you start yelling...” James said quickly,” I have something to show you, two things actually, and they will revolutionize our military.” He said seriously as even Francis looked intrigued by that last comment. James asked for Clare to come too and Kit went to get her as James opened the backpack and slid out all the stuff he had brought back with him.

“What is that?” Christian asked as James got a big grin and put the handle of the pistol against his stomach and pulled until the string locked into place. Then he put a bolt on it and showed the men there what it looked like ‘loaded’ as Chris looked impressed and Francis was still showing signs of some anger. But James turned around and fired and the bolt struck the back of the door and stuck there, some 15 feet away and Chris just smiled wide as Francis nearly jumped up to go see, and caught himself and sat back down trying to stay mad.

“Remember I asked about bows and ranged weapons and you said we don’t use any? This is a new design, it has decent range but needs to be made bigger than this. The power this has is too low for me to think its a real weapon its more like a toy.” James explained as Francis looked shocked and leaned over to look around James who stepped to the side to let him see the bolt still sticking in the door.

“This is a toy??” He asked softly as James just smiled and agreed.

“Once its been made bigger this will do that same damage...at 50 yards or more.” James added seriously while Christian looked like he might applaud any second and Francis was looking less upset as the explanation went on.” I want our men to have the best equipment so more can go to war and come home alive. If the other countries have swords and knives, then we have these...and we can kill and defend against attacks before they can even get into fighting range.”

“Well....” Francis said softly and with very little anger left,” at least you were thinking of the Kingdom this time.” And with that comment he reached out his hand and James handed him the little bow, but not a bolt until he had time to explain it better. By now the door opened and Kit and Clare started in but nearly ran into the bolt sticking in the inside of the door. She looked surprised but wiggled it a few times and pulled it out and saw Francis holding the little bow and she looked thrilled.

“This looks interesting,” She said checking it out while Chris took a second to tell her that was for Francis and that the King had brought many things back to help them out.Clare looked very happy and ran over and snuggled up against James while Francis seemed to choke there for a second and she just winked.”Did you bring me anything..hmmm?” She asked teasing as James just laughed and he slid the box out of the backpack and ripped the plastic cover off it, and before he could start to explain she wanted that to play with and he shook his head sadly and said it was the box that he got for her, not the wrapping.

“But how can it be clear like that? And what is it made from?” She started as James took it crumbled it up and put it in his pocket as she looked sad.

“This is a beginners kit for electricity, just like what runs the Beam and the rooms downstairs. With this you will learn how it comes from magnets and generators and even sunlight, so that you’ll be better ready to use it later.” He went on as even Francis sat back and looked shocked as Clare wanted to know...right now...and James showed her a small pamphlet that she couldn’t read, but he said he’d help her get through it, and she went nuts looking at all the little parts and wires and asked a million questions as everyone else looked like they might start laughing at her silly, almost catlike curiosity.

“Oh and remember the gun powder we made the other time?” James asked as she nodded she did and he showed her the little matchlock pistol that he bought.”this is a copy of a real gun used many years ago on my world. It uses a very small charge of powder you put in here...” He said showing everyone,” then a round metal ball and a small piece of cloth to hold it all in. Then a tiny bit on here where this uses ‘caps’ a form of percussion cap to detonate it. The ball then rushes out and it can do more damage at greater range even than that.” He added pointing towards the crossbow, “but the bow is silent and this is very loud, so they both have their place.”

“In a few years, swords will be useless,” Francis added softly and with some sadness as James disagreed.

“Not everyone can learn to use these, it takes a steady hand and good eyes, so there will always be room for a good swordsman in our military.” James added quickly as Francis nodded he understood, while Christian looked away smiling and saw the truth, James was becoming a better King already since he knew just what to say to keep Francis under wraps.

“And whats this?” Clare asked as she lifted up the big bottle and shook it and the pills inside clattered around a little.

“Medicine, something we need and can make without too much trouble. Its a pain pill used everyday for toothaches, headaches and even for fevers when you get sick.” He said as she looked surprised. “Its called aspirin.”

“Our first wonder drug...” She said looking shocked as James looked away smiling and Chris could tell that it wasn’t that great a deal to him.

“These are things that will make us stronger and keep our citizens healthy longer than others around us. Once we figure out how to make these then we can sell them to everyone and make a great trade for the entire world.” James said as Francis jumped to his feet to disagree.

“These things will make us near invincible, and we must not let other countries have them or we lose that advantage!” He declared as James looked a little sad and Chris saw the truth. This wasn’t just for his Kingdom today but his larger Kingdom later on, since he thought seriously about sharing them with the entire world.

Chapter 11: Officially... ‘Home’

Francis got a lesson in the use of the new bow, and James spent an entire afternoon reading the instruction manual to Clare so she knew what the experiments were all about. Now she had new toys to play with and in a matter of a week was shocking people all over the castle and even had a small crank style generator hooked to the door nob on her lab, just waiting for someone to try and come in.

She was like a little kid with a new toy and James heard about it too, from people she was teasing now. But he just reminded them that she was still learning, and when she was ready the entire castle would change almost overnight, and after that everyone left it go for a little while again and James mentioned to her that electricity can be very dangerous, and asked how she’d feel if one of her jokes killed someone, and she stopped playing them shortly there after.

James read the ingredients off the back of the aspirin bottle to her and she wrote it all down. Some of those things weren’t even on their world, she said while James just reminded her that names were probably different for a lot of them and she did agree. He also made sure that she knew to be careful with this experiment, while it would help many people, poisoning someone while learning would be a terrible thing.

“I’ll try and break a few down to their parts and then see what they really are.” She added as he agreed and she started grinding up pills for her experiments and disappeared into her lab for another week.

Now Francis had a well known wood craftsman in the nearby village working on making a wooden copy of the little bow that James told him about. It would be bigger and more powerful if it was done right, and Francis said if anyone could figure it out he was the man and James left him go and work on it as his own project, while Clare went nuts for days on end trying to find the ‘missing ingredient’ that she said was still off of the list needed for the pills.

“You certainly know how to stir things up your Majesty.” Christian said one morning as they did their morning run.

“Just trying to help thats all,” James added as Chris nodded he under stood.“It might take a while to figure all this out but it will change a lot of things around here, like not using oil in lamps anymore, or making whole new jobs for the military, to use the new weapons best.”

“It will cause a real uproar when the countries around us find out we’re inventing new weapons.” Chris added as James nodded he had figured that out too.

“If they feel helpless around us we’ll offer them new deals,peace and trade, our guilds will run wild across their boarders making huge profits where many have to sneak in and out now trying not to be caught ‘smuggling wares.” James said as Christian looked surprised he had figured it out that far. “ Gunter has been giving me lessons in economics here. I was surprised that the only income the castle has is taxes on land. If we added a very small tax on profits then the guilds would help to support our military as well as new inventions like the weapons and medicines we’re doing now.”

“They’d be very upset about that though,” Christian mentioned as James just laughed.

“Its really hard to have a job or guild with no land or country to run it in. If they don’t like the way we do things...there’s the door, or boarder as it were. I’ll make a speech telling them what new ideas we’re working on now and what they can expect in the future. If they really don’t want to pay a little extra to help they can go, and someone else will take their place.” James said as Chris nodded he under stood but he still felt that even a little change would be met with stern criticism.

“You’ve already made new laws making it harder for some of them to make a profit, like demanding medical care for any sick prostitutes that work under them. It can get expensive if they arent careful.” He mentioned as James said he understood that.

“There are some things that just have to be done, people deserve no less if they work hard for you, you need to see to their needs. They can always raise their rates to make it up, and we both know they did.” He mentioned as Chris chuckled and agreed he’d heard it from some of the castle guards and they weren’t happy either. “I’ll slow down now for a while, and let things settle down, I promise.”

“Thats a good idea James, change might be good but not all at once.” Chris mentioned as James saw that maybe he was rushing things too fast and people were getting upset with him for it.

“Yes, well sorry, once I get started I tend to run full out until I fall.” He added as Chris reminded him that a ‘fall’ in government would be a bad thing, and he nodded as they finished their run and started back to the castle.

Clare was taking a hard earned time out and she was very happy about it as she rolled over and kissed the massive man next to her who also smiled wider than ever.

“We’re not fooling anyone you know.” She mentioned as he looked sad about it.”If you dont really want me forever just say so.”

Francis looked her way and looked shocked he had never considered she would be like this after all this time.

“I have my duties and so do you, more now than ever.” He insisted as she laughed out loud and he tried not to look her way.

“You big coward! Your afraid of a little woman?” She declared as Francis made it very clear he wasn’t afraid of her but demanded he’d not be a good father or husband, as she just snuggled in beside him some more.”Coward...” She repeated and he finally just smiled and thought maybe his time was about up for drawing back every time she mentioned ‘forever’, and he’d have to think about that seriously now.

“Speaking of which...” Francis said softly as Clare looked shocked he might be actually saying something tonight, “does the King have someone? I mean besides fighting with Kitain every day demanding hes not ‘like that’?

“The KING!!?” She asked loudly,” we’re talking about this NOW??”

“It will be needed for the future, something he seems to be working hard at.” Francis mentioned softly as Clare looked surprised that he was being so considerate.”No amount of fooling around with another male will get him children and I feel he’s being honest when he demands he’s not into that kind of companionship, so maybe we should see if there is anyone he’s interested in.”

“Hmmmpf...” Clare said as she got up to get dressed and Francis nearly called her back.”the King is a smart man when hes ready he’ll find someone, and maybe so will I. I might even offer to see what he says, since no one else seems to care.” She said getting dressed as Francis opened his mouth to say something but it just wouldn’t come out, as she walked to the door and pointed and he got dressed quickly and walked out into the hall as the door slammed shut.

“Maybe I should...” She thought but she knew her heart would never be in it and she hoped a little extra pressure might finally brake the ‘camels back’ and they could finally have a normal relationship.

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Chapter 12: Match Making

Clare casually mentioned that she thought the new King ‘needed a friend’ and the word went around the castle like a shot. There were bets going about exactly what that meant and who if anyone might be interested in him.

“Well the list looks like this right now...” Said Doria, the head maid as they looked the betting list over.”there’s Lady Clare who did mentioned she noticed the new King has been alone all this time. Then Kitain of course but the King constantly demands that he’s not into men so that might be an outside chance, then Christian of course no one knows if he has anyone or not, but a few around here wish he’d ask.” She said as someone squealed in excitement and she cleared her throat to restore order in the meeting.

“We cant rule out an outside contender suddenly appearing, he IS the King after all.” She added as others agreed, ’Don’t for get the ex Queen, shes made a pass at him once too’ she heard as she had to add Lady Cybil too.” so we’ll keep this list up to date and see what happens. The more names the more bets, and lets see if the castle guards want in on it.” And one young woman said shed check into it and they all cheered as the great ‘Get the King a Girlfriend’ contest began.

It was only a few hours before the late queen made her first pass and Gunter expertly warded her off from seeing the King in his office.

“But Gunter the poor man is getting lonely I heard it all around the castle myself.” She insisted as he insisted that she was not for the new King, it was totally inappropriate, and she gave him a good argument about it in the hall outside the Kings office.

“If the King wants a female companion then perhaps a younger woman would be better suited for him.” He insisted while she stopped and gave him a really dirty look.

“Very well then... a younger woman, you say?” She asked sourly, and he knew she’d not let him forget that comment for a while. “Then what about Charlotte? The poor girl works so hard and never goes out with anyone.” She added as Gunter’s eyes popped and he demanded that Charlotte didn’t need a boyfriend... now or ever.

“Your being an over protective father, I think they’d make a great couple, as a matter of fact...I think I’ll see to it.” She declared as he turned to stop her and she was gone,back the hall and out of sight as he sighed a heavy sigh. He never had children of his own but he adopted Charlotte when one of the castle guards died in battle and she was left alone at the tender age of 3. Now she was a medic, and a good one with elemental powers for healing, and he made sure she kept busy just to keep ideas like this from getting started in the first place. But now that Lady Cybil got it in her head...he had to decide wither it was in his best interest to wait, or make sure the King didn’t like her before the real test came.

The decision seemed obvious so he went into the office as the King sat signing papers and seeing to his normal duties. He looked up as Gunter entered and said ‘hi’ and went right back to work and for an instant Gunter could see his lovely daughter being happy with such a good man, but he dismissed the idea immediately as absurd.But the time was coming fast so he decided to make the first move.

“Your Majesty...you haven’t been seeing anyone I don’t know of have you?” he asked softly as James just laughed saying he hadn’t even met anyone nice yet.”Lady Cybil was just outside and it seems she has some ideas for finding you a mate, don’t let her bully you into rushing into a bad relationship, after all you’ve only been here a few months now, you can wait a while longer right?” He asked as James got the distinct feeling that something else was happening here.

“Gunter....whats going on?” James asked as Gunter demanded nothing was but he refused to even look at James when he said it. “ Your acting weird today so come on...out with it. Your not still going on about me not seeing men are you? Kit hasn’t spoken to me in weeks after the last time.”

“No your Majesty, I’ve adjusted to that by now, its not that.” Gunter went on as James saw a chink in his fake armor.

“I’ll ask Lady Cybil then, she’ll tell me I’m sure.” He mentioned as Gunter went nuts, begging him not to take his ‘little girl’ away as James’s mouth fell open wide.

“YOU have a daughter, how did that happen?” James asked without thinking as Gunter looked around and ask him what he meant by that, as James covered for it quickly.”I mean...how wonderful! I’m sure shes a great person.”

“She is shes wonderful, one of our medics here at the castle, she specializes in elemental healing and she is very good.” Gunter went on as James could see his fatherly pride coming out.

“Gunter....if Lady Cybil was trying to set me up for a date, do you think I’d be shallow and ignorant enough to take advantage of someone I just met?” James asked as Gunter looked sad and apologized saying he knew he wasn’t like that, but it was his daughter after all.”So you were worried that Cybil might find a cheap and even sexy way to introduce us then?”

“Almost certainly...” Gunter added looking towards the door, as James started to laugh, to Gunter’s embarrassment.

“So all we have to do is take the advantage away from her. If I go meet Charlotte at work lots of people will be around and we can say hello without Lady Cybil even getting involved.” James mentioned as Gunter did see that as better but it still wasn’t what he was hoping for, but it appeared that that boat had sailed by now.

“I’ll go to, for the introductions...” Gunter jumped in quickly as James laughed at him and he looked away, sadly.”I’m sorry your Majesty, its a habit I’ve learned these last 20 years.”

“Its alright Gunter,”I’ll be good, trust me.” James added and got directions to her tent, where she would be doing examinations for the soldiers today and James just gave him a big smile and thanked him for his confidence in him...something neither one felt was really true at the moment.

Gunter camped outside James office all day and watched him like a hawk but James saw this coming and after a while called him in and handed him a document.

“This is a requisition for funds for the new bows. Francis needs this right away will you take this to his office so he can get these built? Tell him I want to see the testing when the first ones come in too.” James said very officially as Gunter agreed and left the room and delivered the document and Francis looked it over and thanked him for ‘rushing this through’ as Gunter asked why.

“I told the King there was no hurry, by his order the craftsmen needed Hickory wood and we had to order it cut special, this wasn’t needed for another week but now its all settled and we can get on with it. James is getting better all the time isn’t he?” he asked as Gunter’s face fell and he
agreed as he ran out the door at top speed. Francis looked up as he ran out in a frenzy and he didnt know for sure what was going on but he had a small idea, since Clare had started all this a week ago, and he smiled that James was learning right along how to get things done.

Gunter ran to the main gate and was stopped by two armed guards as he demanded they let him through.

“Sorry Lord Von Blank, the King went out a few minutes ago and said that while he was outside the castle you were in charge so you can not leave until he returns.” He was told but he gave them a good argument getting pretty loud too as James smiled a few meters away, walking down to the soldiers camp and when he got there he looked around and asked and was pointed to a smaller tent on the end and he went over and asked if he could come in and was told to ‘have a seat’ and he did and as the young medic worked to get ready for another physical, he got a pretty good look.

She was just average height, but had medium length black hair that was nicely done. She had a decent figure too even from the back and James was checking that out when she turned around and said to take off his shirt, then saw who was sitting there, and nearly dropped her stuff.

“Your the King aren’t you, why would you come here for a physical??” She asked as James got a good laugh and took a few minutes to explain it all, as Charlotte’s face got redder and redder.

“Lady Cybil got in on it so your father and I decided that me coming first was better, the Elements only knows what she’d try.” James said with a wink and Charlotte got a good chuckle from that.

“But...you and I...I mean... I’m not royalty or anything just a military medic, what would I have to offer the King?” She asked almost to herself but from this angle James didn’t have to wonder too hard what that might be, as he looked away and he decided that maybe everyone was right, he needed to get out more as his ‘little man’ seemed to like what it saw too.

“You don’t give yourself enough credit,” James added as he stood to go,” your attractive, smart and a noblemans daughter, there’s absolutely nothing wrong that I can see.” He said as she got red faced again. “If your interested, then we can talk again some other time, by now the gate guards are getting beaten to a pulp by your father since I had him stopped back there.” he said with a wink and Charlotte laughed for a second and thanked him for coming to see her and James just smiled and walked out and Charlotte took a few minutes for a break to settle herself down again before going back to work.

Chapter 13: New Addition

“Lady Charlotte Blank?” The head maid asked as the younger girl said it was definitely true. The King went to meet her himself, and Gunter was in a panic about what happened and what they might have said to each other. “Thats someone new for the betting list then, we’ll need to keep an eye on this, I didn’t see this coming at all.”

“Yes, right? Shes pretty but she never dates they would be a nice couple I think.” One of the other maids said and new bets were made.

“She never dates because of her father,” Someone mentioned as they all laughed, Gunter was not the best example of a father in the Kingdom but when he put his mind to something then he went all the way. Too bad for Charlotte, who hadn’t been able to get out from under his thumb for the last 17 years.

“If these two crazy kids get time alone together who knows what might happen.” Another maid mentioned as the room got a good chuckle about that.

“Two young people who never had sex yet, thats a lot of pent up energy.” Doria said and many burst into laughter over that. “ Shes on the list, now lets wait and see.”

Even though Gunter made a special trip to talk to Charlotte about her and the King she just waved it away as being a nice talk they had and nothing more. Gunter looked relieved that was true but mentioned over and over that he didn’t want her dating yet, it was too soon, even though Charlotte left him know that 2 of her best friends were married and had children already and he looked away and said he was putting his foot down on this before it got started and she started getting a little angry too and it surprised him.

“I’m past the age of consent father, I don’t need your permission to see someone if I want.” She mentioned while trying to sound less aggravated than she was and Gunter looked like he’d faint because she ‘talked back to him’ for the first time.

“What are you saying, Charlotte please say it isn’t true!!” He went on as she finally could take it no longer.

“I liked a young man 2 years ago, a farmer, and he wasn’t good enough for me so you said,so I waited. Then it was a young soldier an officer too and you put a stop to that because he still wasn’t good enough and mysteriously he got shipped away!” She declared as Gunter looked away and tried not to listen as she went on about his lack of under standing and being pushy even with his own daughters life.

“Are you saying now that the KING isn’t even good enough for me? How sad this looks for you father, its become clear that you have no intention of seeing me happy while you still live.” She said sourly but wanted to take it back almost before she said it but it was just one of those things.

“Thats not true...” He said softly,” I just want only the best for you thats all.” He admitted while she felt bad just talking back to him now.

“You saved me when no one else would and I’ll be forever grateful.” She mentioned as he nodded sadly.”But today I become a woman and your permission is no longer needed. Just continue to watch over me and wish me well.”

“Oh my God, your going to...today??” He screamed as people even outside the tent stopped to listen as her face went beet red.
“Thats not what I meant...” She insisted as he looked a little better.”but if the King really wants to see me... we’ll see... I’d be a fool not to consider it.” She added and pointed towards the door and Gunter walked out and started back to the castle looking like a herd of wild animals had run him down.

“She DID?” Doria asked as the maid nodded it was true.

“After talking to the King she stood up to her father and said if the King wanted her, she’d consider it.” She heard and Charlotte’s name moved up the list a step.

“I never would have guessed all she needed was a man talking to her to get her started.” Someone said as the room hummed with excitement.

A few days went by and James was just sitting talking to Francis and Christian when a knock came at the door. He called ‘enter’ and Charlotte walked in, in a nice fresh uniform and her hair done just so. James looked surprised but he smiled as Chris tapped Francis on the shoulder and nodded towards the door and they slipped out as quickly as they could without looking panicked.

The second the door closed Francis asked how long that had been going on and Christian shrugged and said he didn’t know it was. They both looked embarrassed for a second and Chris mentioned they probably shouldn’t be standing in front of the door if they came out.

They turned to go and of course here comes Gunter, mumbling to himself, which is what he’s been doing for a few days now and Christian looked a little panicked as Francis tried not to

“We need to help the King,” Chris mentioned as he waved and started towards Gunter who stopped to ask if he was needed.

“Francis and I were just thinking about a little light exercise, maybe some sword practice. I know your officially retired but it never hurts to get in a little practice from time to time.” Chris mentioned as Gunter nodded saying it might make him feel better and Francis saw the plan and excused himself saying he had paperwork to do and Chris gave him a sour look.

“Ten silver on Christian...” Francis said with a grin and Gunter got his nose in the air and accepted the challenge. They turned at once and walked down towards the practice field as Francis smiled wide and went to his office. He didn’t mind helping a little but Gunter was a maniac when upset, and he didn’t want on his bad side, a sure thing if anything was going on right now.

But they had nothing to worry about. The second the door went closed James welcomed her to his office and she thanked him. They acted all the part of two shy kids and James asked why she stopped by, but made sure she knew it was alright with him anytime.

“Clare mentioned you brought back some medicine from your world and there’s a child I keep checking in on in the village who has been running a high fever for a day or two and we cant get it down is there any way we could get some of those pills to try?” She asked as James jumped up and reached into his desk drawer and took some pills out of the big bottle he kept there, mostly to keep Clare from using them all in her experiments. Then he said ‘lets go’ and Charlotte looked surprised but definitely didn’t refuse, as they went down to the courtyard and a carriage that she had waiting. They were gone in a minute and the word got back to Francis and he looked impressed that James had such a rebellious nature in the face of Gunter’s wild temper. But he said nothing because Chris was busy keeping Gunter from finding out his precious daughter was going on a road trip alone with their King.

They went straight to the little house and just as they got there a group of men walked up and chuckled and Charlotte looked angry already.

“Stay back your Majesty, and don’t let on who you really are.” She said as she slid a short sword out from under the seat and the men laughed saying they came along just in time for some fun.
“Something we can do for you gentlemen?” James asked as they laughed all the harder for being called gentlemen after the way they were acting, and one stepped over and tried to get Charlotte to get off the buggy and James stepped right in front of her and the man stepped back, surprised.

“You really should be going now...” James added as they all looked at each other and seemed mildly amused he stepped in to save the girl who by now was armed and looking for a fight.

“5 against 2, seems like a fair fight to me, and if we win we get the girl.” The bigger man said as James just smiled and didn’t blink for a second and as they started towards them a strong wind ripped up and black clouds rolled in overhead and lightning struck on either side of the wagon, and the men jumped back as Charlotte looked more than a little surprised, but suddenly a voice was heard and she turned and looked back towards the other side of the wagon to see a bigger man there, laughing at them all and everywhere he waved his hand things happened and all 5 men were flying into the air, and then dropped, bouncing off of house roofs and porch roofs and finally landing back on the road along either side and she looked terribly impressed at the sheer force that it took to do that.

“You call yourselves men...” He said loudly... much louder than even Charlotte thought possible,” men do not threaten women, men do not force themselves on the unwilling. Men are sought after for their strength and sense of honor. Not for their loud attitudes and vicious actions. Be warned! I will protect those close to me and the land under my feet equally and those that don’t listen to the Law will pay!” He screamed as they hit the dirt and bounced and finally just lay there, out cold.

“I have made my judgment...” James said as his voice started to return to normal,” let the law be withheld and crime be dismissed and those that break the law, let them be punished to the fullest extent of it. THAT is my decision, and so it stands!” And with that he fell over again on the road as Charlotte jumped down to see if he was alright, and was surprised to see he was ...sleeping... right there on the road, and she didn’t know quite what to do.

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Chapter 14: Recurrence

Francis was talking to Clare in his office when she looked out the window and looked suddenly shocked as he asked why.

“There’s a tornado in town just a little one though but its not moving at all.” She said as he jumped up and looked out the window too and his eyes popped at the sight of lightning on a clear day.

“No... it cant be...” he said right out loud, grabbed his sword and ran out screaming for his horse and as he got to the courtyard, Christian was just getting there too and they jumped on them at the same time and ran towards the town at their best speed. “How did you know?” Francis asked as they rode and Chris said he had someone watching James when he was busy and they both nodded as they rushed down the narrow streets to see a squad of soldiers from the local patrol tieing up 5 hoodlums as Charlotte ordered them around and James slept comfortably in the back of the wagon.

“Looks like he did it again,” Chris said as he jumped off his horse and Charlotte looked around to see them coming.

“Is this the power of our new King?” She asked in awe as Christian nodded with a big smile.”It was incredible, these hoods were threatening us and the next thing I know the King steps down here beside the wagon and BANG! A storm comes up out of nowhere wind, lightning, it was a little terrifying really.”

“James will never hurt anyone around him he’s here to protect us all.” Chris added softly, but with some pride, as Francis checked to see who the men were.

“Simon Solo...we’ve been looking for him. He’s one of the top smugglers in this area and he’s been very hard to find.” Francis mentioned as Charlotte got a good laugh from that, he wasn’t hard to find today. “The King saved us a very substantial reward by catching him himself.”

“Oh I almost forgot, Jam...I mean....the King passed out after the attack is he going to be alright?” She asked suddenly looking a little scared as Chris just smiled and nodded he would.

“The King doesn’t hold back, and when he does something like this he’s dead tired after, he’ll be alright in a day or two.” Francis added as she looked glad.

“I’ll be watching over him myself, he saved me after all.” She said very seriously as both men just smiled and they loaded the thugs up and they all went back to the castle where Gunter found out all about it, and Charlotte left him know...again...and in no uncertain terms, she was a grown woman who didn’t need his protection, and that James probably saved her from an attack and she owed him and he did too, and finally Gunter agreed and just quit fighting with her for the day.

“That was interesting...” Clare mentioned a while later in Francis’s office as he and Chris asked her what was.”the first time the King used his power it was all wind, and he controlled it very well.” She mentioned as they all agreed.

“But today, it was a storm, wind, rain even lightning...OH!... And I know why his abilities changed!” She added with her nose in the air but looking very happy just now.

“Alright, I know your just waiting for us to ask..why?” Francis asked as she shook her finger at them like it was all a lesson.

“He made a contract with the Element Water at the coronation, and he owned the wind power before that, wind + water equals?” She asked and waited as Francis looked tired of this already and Chris just nodded he understood.

“His abilities have grown again. Now he can call on storms at will and make one if none are around.” Chris added as Francis looked sad just thinking it.

“But he still cant stand the loss of energy, or learn to use only what he needs... he’s like one of us working our abilities for an entire day, but he does it in a few minutes, thats why he gets like this.” he added as everyone agreed.

“He’ll be alright though...” They heard as Charlotte walked in and they all thanked her for watching out for him now that he needed his rest. “he rolled over just a few minutes ago and asked if we gave that family the pills for their child and fell right back to sleep. I think he’ll be OK by tomorrow.” She said as both Francis and Christian looked impressed and Francis said that maybe he was getting more used to their world after all. “ I need to go back in and drop these off for that family. I’m pretty sure things are safe there now.” She said as she turned to go.

“I’ll have a team ride along with you, just in case,” Francis said as he yelled out the window and men ran everywhere getting horses ready.

“Thats a good idea...” Clare added after Charlotte had gone,” she might be the next Queen, you never know.” She said and walked away looking very pleased with herself and her match making skills as Francis looked even more tired than before. Gunter was a handful now, if his daughter was Queen, he didn’t even want to think about it.

True to her word, James was up and around the next day and starving, as he told everyone. He got a good hot meal and started getting right back into his normal routine and Charlotte was seen from time to time eating with him, or walking around the castle, over the next few days and it started looking more and more like they might become something more than just friends eventually.

Gunter finally decided that if she really was serious he’d have to accept the fact she wasn’t a little girl anymore, and things got a little quieter after a while. But now that money was involved and the maid service was seeing a lot of bets coming in everyone wanted in on the deal. One servant sent a message to her cousin, a former beauty queen in one of the northern regions that the new King was available, and her family got ready right away to get in on it too. The word even spread by boat and bird, to many other places that no one had any idea of yet, and soon it became a race, to see who controlled the new King and his country through him.

The first to call was Crystal Von Gains from the Gains family a noble from the northern region of the Kingdom. They were known for being very quiet and almost xenophobic in nature but it was said they had the most striking women and their representative was no exception. She came walking in with 2 maids accompanying her in a grand carriage that looked like it might be inlaid in Gold. She was all the picture of a Beauty Queen in her long gown and long shining hair and just the right amount of makeup, but James greeted her that first day and then didn’t pay a lot of attention after that. Gunter left him know that she was there for the contest and then James was told that he was the prise, and he didn’t take it too well.

“Your kidding, I’m supposed to get a wife this way, from a group of strangers that just happen to show up at my door?” He asked in a meeting with his staff and Christian mentioned it had worked before for other Kings and James looked sad for them.

“Ladies that come from noble families are best suited for a Queen,” Gunter added as James gave him a sour look.”they already know all about culture and proper manners so they make great representatives of the country when official functions happen, and making new friends with other leaders or nobles are needed. Proper training and manners can not be over stated in a possible Queen”

“Perhaps, but I’ll decide who I marry on my own and politics wont play any role in it, thats for sure.” James added seriously as Gunter looked sad that everything he said seemed to fall on deaf ears.

“Just be careful, things like this have set off minor conflicts in the past so we need to handle this all with a soft touch.” Francis mentioned as Chris nodded it was true.

“Great, just when I was getting comfortable here this happens and I have so much more to do yet.” James mentioned as everyone just smiled. He was changing their world by leaps and bounds and he still wanted to do more. Maybe a fine young woman would slow him down a little and they all waited to see who might win this contest.

Chapter 15: Competition Raises Its Ugly Head

Charlotte was coming out of the ladies bath and getting toweled off when a group came in. She nodded at them in a friendly manner but got the cold shoulder just the same, as the tall girl looked her way and smiled.

“So, your my competition for Queen,” She started as Charlotte looked a little embarrassed.”I must say I’m not impressed. I expected more from the Demon Tribe.”

“Just because we have powers doesn’t make us Demons, besides aren’t you from the Kingdom as well?” Charlotte asked as she got dressed.

“We are TRULY human we have no special abilities, besides pleasing our men to the very greatest extent possible, against me you might as well just quit now!” Crystal said with a rude laugh as Charlotte took that as a personal challenge, as it was intended.

“I do alright, don’t worry about me,” She added standing as straight as possible and giving Crystal and her maids a good stare.”you need to realize, our King isn’t a cheap and ignorant man. He cares for people and does his best every day. He’s changing our Kingdom to make it stronger and adding things like medicine from his world to keep us healthy. He’s more than a piece of meat...he’s a real man.” She said proudly as Crystal looked a little more impressed than before. It appeared Charlotte had some feelings after all, emotions can play a big role in these things so she better not sell her short just yet.

“Get it while you can...because once he’s with me you’ll be a faint memory.” Crustal said laughing as she dropped her towel and went into the bath with her attendants right along side, and she looked back over her shoulder to see that Charlotte wasn’t looking at all and had left the room while her back was turned. Her opponent was a nice looking woman, Crystal had to admit, but against her obvious better figure and ‘I’ll do anything’ attitude she had no real chance.

Charlotte went right back into the main part of the castle and went to James’s office at full speed. She opened the door and came stomping in...to see everyone was there having a meeting. She stopped and cleared her throat and apologized for rushing in.

“Its fine...actually as one of our best Medics this meeting will interest you, please sit. Clare go on ahead with your report.” James added as Charlotte took a seat next to her father, who was trying not to see the anger in her face.

“I have managed to get about 75% of the elements of the ‘aspirin’ diagnosed now. My formula isn’t complete, but its working. There will be better formulas added later but tests show its ready to be used.” She sad as Charlotte did smile wider. Having a new medicine to work with would be a boon to her job and help a lot when formerly they could do little when soldiers and people had been hurt or were in serious pain.”The young girl Charlotte gave the original aspirin too has since recovered, and her family sent a nice gift to the King for his help.” She added as everyone looked pleased.

“Many people will gladly give something where their families are concerned,” Charlotte added as everyone agreed,"so charging them for our medicine shouldn’t be necessary, they will give willingly, and sometimes more than we would ask.”

“Thats an excellent point... for our people... but the word of this will get out fast and when it does we will sell them, all made here, to whoever wants them. Its good for business and doesn’t give them any military advantage at all.” James added , giving in a little to Francis’s previous worries about giving away too much.”The Kingdom will make a profit from this and with that, more money to run experiments and build better tools and weapons. It only makes us stronger.”

“I suppose...” Francis added sadly and everyone could see that he still didn’t want to share any of the new things outside of the Kingdom, but trade was important, so he gave in a little too. “ the first new bows are coming in too and we’re setting up targets to start training our men in their use. Once we see who is skilled using them we can put together a ‘ranged team’ like the King mentioned and harass enemies from afar.” Francis added and looked a lot happier saying it.

“Excellent Francis...well done, I want to see those tests too.” James mentioned as Francis nodded he understood. “ On my world trained people who were good at sneaking around could get into position high up on ridges or in trees or on top of buildings and fire down on men who marched by. The enemies numbers could be reduced and their moral destroyed before they ever got into a major battle.” James mentioned as Francis seemed to think that sounded pretty good too.

“I’ll keep that in mind during the training.” Francis added as Chris and even Gunter smiled that he was giving the King a little more respect now.

“Is there anything else, what about you, Charlotte as a representative of our medical staff is there anything you might want to add?” James asked as Charlotte took a deep breath and wasn’t sure this was the time or place, but they were all watching now.

“I actually came to warn the King that...certain...people were declaring themselves around the castle saying that they would use any means, any pervertedness necessary..to control his Majesty. I personally thought he should be warned that a true Queen is a lady of high caliber, and not some common sl....I mean... woman of dubious pedigreed.” She threw in there quickly as a few looked away chuckling and Gunter looked thrilled she was staying the course, taking the high road in all this.

“Wow, pervertedness and dubious pedigreeds huh? Sounds like the competition is heating up!” James said as every man there burst into laughter while Clare and Charlotte sat there with their mouths hanging open and Clare finally jumped up in disgust.

“Men are such sick *******s, I have serious work to do I’ll not listen to this dribble.” And with that she walked quickly from the room and Charlotte bowed for her King and followed as the men got a good laugh and Gunter begged James not to expect such nastiness from Charlotte and James just nodded that he understood.

“Oh I don’t know Gunter, if shes not willing to put herself out a little maybe she doesn’t care enough to become Queen.” Francis threw in there with a wink, and looked away quickly while Gunter raged on about his daughter being ‘too good’ for those types of things and everyone just smiled a lot and he finally left too.

“I do understand what she meant though,” James said finally,” a Queen is expected to be a high quality lady, not used to just jumping in bed with someone to get what she wants, a pillar of the community as it were.” He added as he looked up to see Francis and Christian looking very sad just now.

“ Oops...my bad. Sorry guys, I forgot.” James whispered as even Francis just nodded and walked away.

Chapter 16: Imports and Exports

120 miles down the coast, in the country of Appleton, another meeting was taking place as a young woman asked repeatedly why she had to do this, as her family insisted she had as good a chance as any.

“The new King needs a wife, even his attendants say so, so they are just starting to gather there, young woman of all the best countries and Families around their Kingdom. One of their Military Medics is currently in first place we heard, but we have faith that you can replace her very quickly.” She was told as she looked less than happy about it.

“I’m barely 18 I’m not ready to get married yet!” She insisted until finally her father put his foot down and it was settled wither she liked it or not, she was on the next ship heading north and with her one of the families maids as an attendant and all her best cloths.

In 3 days there was another arrival and James and Christian watched from his office window as the carriage stopped and two women got out.

“Wow, how unusual, light blue hair its got to be dyed right Christian?” James asked as the girl stopped to look in awe at the castle and even saw him standing there and looked away shyly.

“I don’t think so your Majesty, she might be a member of the Royal Family Casity, they all have light blue hair, its a family trait, and very rare. The only people I saw more different were the Family Holiday from the far northern regions, they have pure white hair from birth.” He informed him as James looked impressed. “ I’ll check at once if its true you’ll need to greet her personally since shes royalty.” He said as he turned but Gunter ran in with the official word, and James quickly made the trip to the courtyard to welcome another member of royalty to the castle.

“Your Majesty,” She said with a deep bow and her long hair waved in front of her as James got down on one knee and kissed her hand and welcomed her to his Kingdom and even her attendant looked impressed.” I am Princess Christina Von Casity,please forgive me for not coming sooner, we just now got official word that you were here full time now. My father was at the coronation, and you left abruptly.”

“Yes, important personal business that couldn’t wait I’m afraid.” James mentioned as Chris tried hard to hold a serious face.

“And Lord Von Christ, how nice to see you again.” She added as Chris gave her a respectful bow and she did the same for him.”Its been a long time since I saw you last.You should stop by more often, father thinks his sword fighting skills are second to none again, we could use a little reality injected there.” She said almost laughing but she held it in as Chris just nodded all smiles, then stepped forward again.

“May I formally introduce our Royal Majesty, the 23rd King, James Von Soul, direct descendent to the throne of His Majesty, The First King.” Christian said very seriously as Christina gave him a deep bow once again, and James thanked her for the courtesy.

“Man... that official title is long, we need to work on that.” James said without thinking, and Christina actually did get a laugh out of that as he took her arm and they walked into the castle together.

But nothing is missed by the Royal Maid Squad and the word got back to Doria almost as fast as James heard himself.

“A Royal Princess from the Casity Family, another good addition. Things are heating up.” She said as they added another name and as the word got out even more bets were placed.

“Shes very pretty and with that stunning blue hair, shes like a goddess,” Someone mentioned as Doria smiled, maybe the King won’t be able to rush through this after all, and she wondered how many more were on their way.

But things were not so cheerful elsewhere as Lady Von Gains watched from the shadows and she wasn’t happy at all.

“Another one? And look at her... shes gorgeous! That pale blue hair and those pale blue eyes are a killer, hell I’d marry her myself!” She went on as her attendants tried to make her settle down.” For weeks now I’ve been here and not once has that slug of a King taken time to see me privately. How can I show what I can do without the proper time to do it?? And that Gunter person, stopped me twice in the hall before I got to the Kings room. I swear there’s a conspiracy going on here.” She ranted on as they reminded her she was still a strong choice even now and she finally settled back down.

“We need to do something before anyone else arrives, so get busy trying to thin out these women so I’m the only one left.” She screamed and walked away with her maids following, but little did she know Francis was listening from not too far away and he was not amused at her way of doing things.

“Its obvious she has no feelings for our King at all, and is using dirty tricks to try and get rid of the competition... this is unacceptable.” He said seriously as Christian agreed, she needed to win fair and square not by cheating.

“We need to be careful though, we cant just throw her out that would cause an incident that might blow up on us.” Chris mentioned as Francis agreed, sadly.

“Maybe...” Christian whispered mostly to himself,” we can have her leave of her own free will.”

“I doubt that her family will recall her so long as the King hasn’t chosen anyone yet.” Francis added while Christian just smiled and winked.

“We’ll see,” He added and seemed to have a plan, so Francis decided to let it all up to him.

Everywhere Crystal went for the next few days people were whispering and then ran away without telling her why. Then finally she cornered one of the castle guards and demanded to know what was going on.

“I’m not supposed to say...” he whimpered as she got him by the neck and looked outright ready to start slamming him around if he didn’t, so he decided it was time and he whispered that the contest was over. It had all been a hoax, James and Charlotte were really in love and she was pregnant right now with his child, and James was thrilled. The wedding had been postponed until they could find a way to let people know without causing any trouble, and she shoved him away and stormed back into the castle with her maids in tow, and within a day they were gone, screaming all the way that they had been made a fool of and no one told them any different.

“That was tricky what if she didn’t go for it?” Francis asked as Chris just laughed, with her ego he was surprised they didn’t leave in the middle of the night, and they both laughed as Gunter ran in screaming at the top of his lungs that he just heard the King had ‘abused his precious daughter’ and she was pregnant as Chris sat him down and explained what happened and after a while he stopped acting like a foolish father and took a few minutes to think about it further.

“Do you honestly think James would do that?” Christian asked as Gunter decided that he probably wouldn’t.”At least...not yet.” Chris added softly and turned his back, chuckling, as Gunter jumped up and ran to see Charlotte and warn her before something terrible happened.

“You can be cruel sometimes, you know that?” Francis asked as Chris just smiled, and said nothing.

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Many ideas from many different shows I've seen with a common theme al coming together here, so dont expect it to end soon, passing 50 chapters now.Good times, bad times a little darkness some new people coming some old going...looks like fun.

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Chapter 17: Fair Game

Princess Christina had the inside track right now, since being royalty meant she had the Kings ear anytime she wanted. They ate together and walked around the castle while she did her best to see what kind of person he really was. In her mind he might be some monster just waiting for the right moment and she’d find out sooner rather than later if it was true.

They were sitting out on the front porch looking down the stairs into the courtyard just talking about their countries and their people when Clare came running out looking very pleased with herself, and screamed for James to look quick, and he jumped up as Christina looked shocked to see her jump in on their conversation so quickly.

“I got it! I got the last ingredient now we can make all the aspirins we’ll ever need!” She exclaimed while Christina asked what she was talking about, and who she was.

“I’m sorry, Princess Christina Casity, this is Professor Clare Von Saints my Royal Inventor, we’ve been working on a few things together for a while now.” James mentioned as Clare apologized for rushing in like that.

“ Wait, THE Lady Clare Von Saints the lady said to singlehandedly figured out the machines of the ancients??” Christina asked as Clare made sure to let her know that she still had a long ways to go on that.

“But with the Kings help we’re gaining by leaps and bounds now. I’ve never seen anyone able to read ancient text like him. We even recharged the Transportation Beam just last month, and he found out we were using the wrong fuel rods, its all so exciting!” Clare went on as Christina looked at James with new eyes for the first time as he said it was nothing, but that Clare was the one who had finally made a huge discovery.

“With this new medicine pain will be less of a problem for hurt soldiers or the old, or even sick people will have less to worry about from fever. Its really a big thing.” James added as Christina looked more than impressed.

“He’s a scholar too?” She asked as Clare said he certainly was and went on about their work together so far.

“Clare, please...” James hinted as she started to back away.

“He calls me an inventor, I call him a builder, I think in his native language their the same thing, I hope so at least.” She mentioned as he admitted they were.” I just had to let the King know... I’m so excited... we can start manufacturing these medicines as soon as we get a big enough supplies of the plants and other things we need.”

“Sounds wonderful I’d like to see what these are like sometime, maybe my country could buy some from you, we have a fishing economy and with our capitol, Atlantica right on the edge of the ocean, people work hard and hurt a lot after.” She mentioned as James agreed they could make a deal as soon as the supplies were gathered and suppliers found for everything.

“Wonderful,I’ll send a message to my father telling him about this he’ll be very happy to hear it.” She added as Clare gave a respectful bow and ran away again, screaming for Francis to come see what she did, as Chris and James laughed at her antics.

“She has more energy than 10 people,” James said as Christina agreed.” but she knows what shes doing thats for sure. Aspirin will revolutionize medicine here, and thats one thing I demanded of myself. To make things better for everyone on this world not just my country.” He said and with the most serious face she had seen him have yet, and her face crept into a big smile and her secret plans to go home early were suddenly forgotten.

Christina suddenly ran out of questions to ask and excused herself to go to her rooms for a while, and James thanked her for walking with him today and she thanked him back. She walked in very lady like as her maid, Rosetta, asked if she had a nice walk and she agreed with the big grin going still and they talked about what she had learned and that even Lady Clare herself thought him impressive, and they were making new medicines to use against pain, and she was going to get some for them before she went home again.

“Send father a message telling him that we’ll be staying for a while, and that I’ll get this new medicine for us before I come home. This new King is more interesting than I first imagined.” She said as Rosetta went to go do as she asked and she too started to smile. This was the first time Christina had been so impressed by a young man, and it bode well for anything that might happen next.

A day later the message got to Solomon Casity,the King of Appleton, and he read it with wide open eyes.

“Fixing ancient machines and making new medicines at his young age? Incredible!” He said to no one in particular,” I must meet this young man even if it looks like my family is rushing to his side. If all these things are true, we need him as a family member more than Christina can ever imagine.” He said and his personal Yacht was readied and supplied and he set out for the Demon Kingdom at first light.

Even Christina was surprised when her father walked in the next day and Gunter introduced him as she asked why he had come.

“I read your report and if its true then I just had to meet this young man myself. After all I missed my chance to meet him at the coronation, his departure was very sudden.” He added as James apologized for that saying it just had been very important, and that this new medicine was just one of the things that he brought back... as Francis cleared his throat loudly and James nodded he got it and stopped short, as anyone could see.

“Anyway we’ll have a feast for dinner tonight to celebrate your coming for a visit, and we can have a nice talk too and maybe make some deals?” James hinted as the older man laughed and agreed and they all went to the living area to sit and talk while the kitchen staff went into high gear getting things ready in time.

“Appleton sells more fresh fish than any other country nearby but its just far enough away that we cant get much sold here.” Christina mentioned as the older man nodded agreement and James looked thoughtful for a minute.

“What about boats with holding tanks with fresh water in them every so often?” James asked as Clare started to laugh and said ‘there he goes again’ and James gave her a dirty look out of the corner of his eyes.

“I think he means like this...” She jumped in and grabbed a paper and pencil and drew a picture of a boat with a live well at its center with water coming in and out of it as it traveled so it could keep the fish alive for days at a time.

“Thats amazing, do you two always work like this?” King Casity asked as James laughed and Clare said she finally found someone who she could talk to about ‘stuff’...that understood what she was saying most of the time anyways, and many people there got a good laugh but Francis looked a little tired hearing this all again as James saw it and gave him a big wink because he had already told him Clare was safe around him and Francis still wouldn’t admit they had something going on.

“And if you’ll build a boat like this for a test, or remodel some boat for it, then I’ll guarantee you a place in our town market to sell your fish, and we’ll buy some for the castle.” James added as Gunter agreed and the first deal was done.

“ 1 ton of fresh fish for 1,000 of your new medicines. Your quite the businessman for someone so young.” The King said as James thanked him saying he just wanted what was best for everyone. “I can see why my daughter has taken a liking to you.” he hinted as Christina gave him a sour look and a little growl and people around the room laughed.

Chapter 18: Relief: from Pain and Stress

As dinner time came they all went to the dining room and sat there looking at all the fine food. The smells were fantastic and James said they had the very best cooks here, and the staff got a big smile hearing him brag them up. But as King Casity went about eating it was clear to everyone that he was having a little trouble with his utensils,as Christina asked if he was alright and he looked sad but said he was.

“Sir, may I see your hands?” James asked as Francis nearly choked on his food at the personal nature of the request, and Clare waited to see what was going on. James walked over and looked at the Kings hands they were strong and calloused a bit but the knuckles were swollen and as he squeezed one the King jumped and James apologized and looked sad for him.

“My grandmother has hands just like this, its called Arthritis and its very painful, I’ll be right back.” James said as Christian asked where he was going as James just waved and left the room but in a few minutes he returned and held out his hand as the King looked curious as two white pills dropped into his hand and he looked surprised.”Its our new medicine, just swallow them with some water, please don’t try and chew them or you’ll be sorry.” James added as Clare agreed and they both kept looking at the older man who looked towards Christina who smiled and said that King James would not hurt him so the man threw them into his mouth and got a quick drink and seemed to be waiting to die or something as Clare said that he’d feel better soon, and they went back to eating.

After dinner they sat talking some more and Christina was shocked to see her father having such a good time. She asked him about his pain, and he looked odd for a minute as James and Clare both cheered out loud and he admitted much of it was gone.

“Thats the power of aspirin,” Clare mentioned and he said he’d pay a high price for some on a regular basis and she agreed saying they were making a big batch right now in her lab, so that wasn’t going to be a problem.

“I’d like to make the entire world pain free someday,” James mentioned and he seemed very serious as even Clare looked surprised at his lofty goals and King Casity looked right at Christina and said... loudly... ‘marry that man!’ and her face went red and James wasn’t much better but everyone else took it as a joke, wither it was or not.

While this was a nice evening the real excitement started the next day, as Charlotte got a hot bath and was toweling off when some of her medic friends came in...to congratulate her on her upcoming marriage to the King, and her new baby, so her eyes bulged out and her mouth fell open in shock.

“But I’m not...we never...” She stammered as her friends chuckled at her face and gestures.

“We know...it was all a plan to get rid of that snooty bitch, and it worked, she left in a huff. Now its smooth sailing for you two, if that new Princess doesn’t beat you to him.” One friend said as Charlotte looked sick that someone had used this as an excuse and ruined her reputation in so doing.

“This is outrageous!” She screamed as her face got redder and redder, as everyone told her to calm down.”The King never even kissed me we haven’t had any time together since this new woman came and they still used me for this mess?”

“It was just a plan, no one who knows you thinks its anything but a joke.” One friend said as Charlotte got her uniform on as quickly as possible.

“I have something to say about this, my reputation is ruined now and my father, oh my god...what does he think of me now?” She said as she ran from the room and the girls looked at each other sadly.

“I told you not to mention it didn’t I?” The taller girl said as they all agreed it was a mistake.

Charlotte ran right to the Kings office and he wasnt there so she turned and ran into the living room where she found him seated having a nice chat with the new King and all their aids. But today was not her best day and even as Christian saw her coming he didn’t get to her in time and even Gunter was trying to get her to calm down.

“How dare you!” She screamed as Francis looked at Christian and nodded, who then rushed over to help settle her down too.” To say I was having you’re child when you weren’t man enough to even ask me yet. And to use me as an excuse to get rid of someone you didn’t like! I thought you were more of a man than that!” She ranted on while Gunter grabbed her and started walking out of the room whispering that it was all a mistake, but she wasn’t listening.

“Well James if this is who you really are then we’ll never be together you hear me? Never!” As the door shut behind them and James was left standing there looking at the door with his hands in front of him like he was waiting to be attacked and looking completely shocked as King Casidy cleared his throat and said maybe they better go to their rooms for a while as Christina looked just as shocked as James at the moment. They left too and James turned to Christian and Francis who seemed to know more than they were saying but the first words out of his mouth were...” so, I’m in trouble for NOT asking for sex then?” As Christian sat him down to explain.

“Ah...your kidding...why didn’t you say something to me about this?” James asked as he finally got the real message.

“She was a devious woman who was planning on cheating to win, thats not someone we want as our next Queen.” Christian said seriously as James agreed.

“But now Charlotte thinks I’m an ignorant fool who talks badly about someone behind their backs.” James mentioned as Christian added that Gunter was with her and he’d fix everything as James said he hoped so.

And he was working on it right now, in her room, but things went from bad to worse as she realized what she had done.

“Oh my God...James will never speak to me again.” She cried as Gunter assured her that wasn’t the case at all.”I made such a fool out of myself in front of him, and his guests, they must think I’m terrible.”

“Your a young girl in love getting upset from something someone said, thats it isn’t it?” Gunter asked as she started to agree then caught herself, and wouldn’t look him in the eye any more. “He’ll forgive you just tell him the truth, and make sure its when you two are alone and can talk seriously for once. I’ll understand if you need a little time to work things out. But not if he ever does hurt you, then all bets are off.” he said as she laughed and shook her head yes, he was right, she needed to thank James for being such a good friend so far and apologize for making such a scene earlier and she said that she would do it as Gunter nodded it was all OK now and she gave him a big hug and wiped her tears away once more.

James had had a very interesting evening so he did the right thing, got a hot bath and got ready for bed. He was laying there thinking about what happened when the door to his room opened ever so slowly and Charlotte snuck in, wearing a long nightgown with white lacy trim and smiled and slid the big cross bolt lock into place as James looked like he’d faint.

“I came to apologize for tonight, and to say something that I’ve wanted to for a little while, if you don’t mind that is.” She mentioned as James shook his head no, he didn’t mind and she smiled and slid in beside him looking very warm and friendly.”I’ve wanted to be here like this for over a week now but things got out of control with everyone coming in. Then the big misunderstanding about us and getting rid of Crystal... it was a real mess. But now I realize if I want this I better speak up because there are a lot of good women out there who would like very much to be here tonight, but for tonight at least,I just want it to be me.”

“Thats not a problem here,” James said as he reached out and gave her a warm embrace and they kissed really seriously for the first time.

“Let tonight be all about me...just lay back and relax.” Charlotte whispered as James agreed wholeheartedly as she gave him the biggest smile she had ever had, and their first real night together got really rolling along.

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my timing is off somewhere so to make it up..MASSIVE WEEKEND EDITION:

Chapter 19: Things Get Complicated

The next morning, they woke up early and James gave her a soft kiss once more and she thanked him for a wonderful night.

“You are incredible, it wasn’t me.” James insisted as she thanked him again for the compliment.”but we better get up and around now before your father comes in and catches us.”

“That might be a little embarrassing right now,” Charlotte agreed with a big grin, as she jumped up and got dressed again. But even then she stopped for one more kiss before leaving and nearly danced out of the room.

James had never had a night so very hot and exciting and he laid back all smiles for another few minutes and dozed off until he heard Gunter calling him from the hall, long before he had gotten out of bed.

“I’m up Gunter and on the way into the bath.” He called as he grabbed his cloths and ran that way. Now he got his morning bath, got dressed and finally went for a good breakfast with his friends and guests, and it wasn’t hard to see he was very happy today, and while Francis tried to ignore it, Christian had a good idea why, but said nothing.

“Is everything alright now your Majesty? “ King Casity asked, looking worried, as Christina whispered it was impolite to pry, but still he waited for a response.

“Everything is fine, that was a good friend of mine and she got all excited when someone played a prank on her. We talked and I made sure she knew that it wasn’t me and she settled back down after that.” He said seriously but with a big smile that even Gunter got to see and wonder about.

“Oh good, then shes not really pregnant with your child, that’s good.” The King said giving Christina a wink, as James got a good laugh and said ‘I certainly hope not’ and everyone laughed while Christina looked a little curious about how he answered just now, and Gunter seemed to be thinking about leaving the table early.

“Our King is a very serious and stable person he’d never do something so crude without taking full responsibility for his actions.” Christian added seriously as James agreed and everyone seemed happy to hear that.

“A King must be responsible at all times, as you well know, so if something like that ever happened by accident, I’d be happy to make it right. Its my duty after all.” James insisted as King Casity nodded he agreed.

“As many of us have done in the past,” He whispered softly while Christina yelled at him for being crude, and they all got another, good laugh at her embarrassment.”Its what makes us different from the beasts, we have morals and we live by them.”

“Amen!” Everyone said as they joined his toast and James felt that he had done his best to clear that up without embarrassing too many people again.

Enrique walked into a different chamber of the Great Shrine of the First King today. It hadn’t been necessary for her to be there for many years but she got the call and went, looking shocked and honored at the same time.There, in a glass like tube were the remains of the First King, stored and kept under constant care since the Great War, 1,000 years ago. He lay there, floating in some odd liquid, just as the day he was entombed. One arm missing, and part of a leg, just as he was brought from the battlefield. He wore his ‘crown’ that he had worn for centuries and he spoke to her from here, using that devise.

“You called Great One?” She asked as his voice rang softly in her head.

“He is doing well...” It said as she smiled and agreed saying he should be proud, James was indeed a direct descendent of his. The facial features were striking, and his mind was sharp.”He is the most compatible of any yet, it might be time after all.”

“Pardon my insolence, Great One but he is a direct descendent, so your spirit abides within him. We have seen it manifest itself several times already. Would direct intervention be necessary when hes doing so well?” She asked without looking up and he saw her worry for the new King.

“Would you deny me relief from this eternal pain?” It asked as she looked shocked and worried at the same time and she agreed she wouldn’t. “If this isnt what you want to see perhaps someone else?” He asked as she jumped up saying she had served him for 800 years and she would continue, and he thanked her for her sacrifice. “To walk the world again, to see things through new eyes, to have a woman again after these hundreds of years. To make new descendents for my Family that will rule for generations to come, thats my wish, will you help me?”

“If it is your wish and if the Great Machine can handle the strain of doing it after all this time, I will.” She admitted as he seemed happy with that.

“Then go to the control panel and do this...” She heard and even as she did it her eyes filled with tears she had to wipe away. James was a good man, to be made into nothing but a puppet for someone else’s mind was unthinkable, but it was her duty as the Most High, to hear the voice, and obey him forever, as her mother had before her and very likely her daughter would after even she was gone. But today she wasn’t happy with her plight, as the new power from the reactor gave them more options and she turned up the power for the ‘crown’ and the voice got louder still as she looked like it hurt a little but she endured it.

“Now bring the King here so we might try the new adjustments on him and calibrate his reactions.” She was told as she bowed for him and left the room and even now he could hear her crying in her mind and he felt bad for her. Maybe after this she could be released from her vows and be made into a normal woman once more, and maybe even give him a child someday since her DNA was the most pure in all the Kingdom, preserved here much like him since that sad time, now long in the past.

Enrique went herself out of the shrine and into a carriage, and from there down the road and through the town to the castle. She walked in all smiles as people rushed to greet her and she asked to see the King, and was rushed into James’s office where he was working and complaining about his workload, as she laughed a near silent laugh as the door opened for her.

“Enrique, its been too long come in!” James called as she gave him a respectful bow and entered as Christian and Francis gave her a bow as well.

“I come officially as the Most High, the voice of the Great One.” She said with her nose especially high today and Francis looked at her with hard eyes that she avoided expertly.”The Great One has called and wishes to speak directly with the new King. I wait for your compliance.” She said seriously while Christian looked shocked and James wasn’t much better, but he nodded he understood and he laid down the pencil he was using and grabbed his jacket off the back of the chair and put it on.

“Lets not keep the Great One waiting then.” He said as she agreed and they left the room and when Christian tried to follow he was stopped and told that his services were not needed, and he looked shocked.

“The King will return shortly,” He was told as the door closed and he looked around at Francis who looked a little upset. He had heard of times like this from the past when the Great One called a descendent into his personal presence, and they never came back the same again, and he hoped his imagination was running away with him, but he walked quickly to Clare’s lab to ask her directly what was going on and when he told her her eyes welled up and she looked away.

“Theres nothing that can be done, its the will of the Great One.” She said but she was weeping and Francis looked upset and he got his horse and he and Christian rode to the shrine to be stopped at the gate by armed guards, and they gave them a good argument about getting in, but they didn’t allow it and were held there until their King returned, and Francis hoped he failed this one very important test, or that stupid soft voice and big smile might never be seen again.

Chapter 20: Meeting the King

James stopped a few places to look around as Enrique led him deeper into the massive building. This was completely different technology and a completely different design of any building he had seen yet, even the Beam Room underground at the castle.It reminded him more and more of a large industrial laboratory, and his first thoughts were that Clare could go nuts here, and Enrique smiled as he thought that and he saw it out of the corner of his eye, and started to understand a little more about this place.

“Through here...” She said softly as a door opened and James stepped inside to see the tube and others like it all now empty, and he nodded he was starting to understand as a voice rang in his head and he smiled for it.

“You surprise me...” It said,” and I’m not easily surprised.” James walked over to the tube and looked in as Enrique mentioned not to touch anything but was told not to worry, this one understood more than many others and she looked shocked.

“So, let me guess, its an advanced type of stasis chamber probably with a field of some kind around it and maybe the entire building, thats why Enrique is 800 years old and still looks like a little kid.” James mentioned as she looked surprised he said that right in front of her, but said nothing.

“Not exactly,” he was told and ideas streamed into his head and he nodded and listened some more.

“I’ve studied the culture and legends here and now to see all this I think I under stand. You were never the King here, 1000 years ago you helped design this place and when they found you in this condition after the war, they saved you for this knowledge as a storage devise, not really a man at all. Is there a lot of pain?” James asked as it admitted there was and James saw the control panel and looking into his own mind he saw what to do and pressed a button for a second and the color of the fluid changed ever so slightly as he was thanked for the relief.

“I know...” It said,” the medicine as nearly gone so this is my last chance at revival.”

“But you do know,” James mentioned,” that you, personally were never meant to be reborn, but you found a way didn’t you? I’d hate to think what Enrique and others like her were forced to do to create your ‘family’ over these many centuries.”

“It saved her Family as well, she was one of the few that were not effected by the attacks, so together with me we shared this tomb for centuries, waiting on a descendent that could carry on my work.” James heard as he looked sad for them both.

“So, Enrique is the last of the old world, the last human with perfect DNA from before the Great War, her and her mother before her stayed here, watching and hoping to be left to have a normal life again and have a Family of their own some day.” James said as Enrique looked sadder by the minute and the voice laughed now that the pain was lessened greatly.

“You DO understand. We were saved, her to restart our world... the world that the great enemies thought they destroyed. I waited for a new body to put my information in and she waited for a perfect man to be her husband and give her a child to carry on her DNA into the future. Seeing the destruction of your world at hand,would you have done any less?” James heard and he admitted that it had been a grand plan but that it had failed more than once before and even the voice grew silent.

“Will you take her freely or will I have to force it upon you?” He heard and there was greed in that voice as James saw the truth, this man from the past had started to believe that he was a God after these many centuries and he wanted his lineage to continue while he laid back and watched it grow.

“I would, freely, but only if she decides it not you... your blind aren’t you?” James asked as he was told that sight wasn’t necessary he heard every voice here and beyond.”Shes has patiently been here for you and done your bidding for centuries, but the field has effected her too, shes not more than 12 now and incapable of having children. She needed to be outside the barrier far more to be ready but now its not possible.”

“I see...” He heard and there was silence for a few minutes.”then take her out of here and return when she is ready, then the new world will begin. I give you this...” It said as James dropped to his knees in pain but after a few minutes he opened his eyes and smiled. Now he knew what some of these words meant those long words that had baffled him before and he thanked the First King and said he’d watch over the place in his stead and Enrique just as he had done, and he thanked him saying to come back later for another lesson and James agreed and they left together, him and Enrique and they returned to the castle and this time she got a room for herself just down the hall from James,and everyone looked shocked but no one dared ask, because to them to ask was to question a God and none were ready to do that.

But at dinner time there were some questions and Enrique was ready to answer them even though there were some very odd looks around the table.

“So then, you’ll become our new Queen in a few years when your more mature?” Clare asked as Enrique just laughed and disagreed saying that for her it was a matter of family preservation, saving her genes for the future to add to many other families on down the line.

“I have no such lofty ambitions.” She admitted as a few looked relieved but still had an odd look thinking it. “But it wont be a few more years, only a few more months since the field at the shrine held back my...um...natural progress... for many centuries,out here away from it my physique will rush to maturity. The Great One said I will go through some ‘growing pains’ for a while then it’ll slow down to normal after that. I should be a mature young woman in say, 6 months.”

“Thats incredible!” King Casity added,looking shocked as Christina cleared her throat and asked a very personal question of him.

“Father...why are you still here?” She asked as James nearly choked on his food and Clare got a soft chuckle out of it.It was obvious that she didnt feel right looking for a husband with her dad watching over her shoulder.

“I like it here.” He said as James toasted to that and King Casity did too.” Maybe we can work out some more deals. I sent the note back telling our ship builders to start on the new vessel and they sent one back saying they thought a common freight hauler would work well, with some modifications, so the construction is under way.”

“But FATHER...” She insisted as he got a good laugh and many others were fighting to avoid it.

“I’m not here to cramp your style daughter do whatever you want, I’ll say nothing about it.” He hinted as the room seemed to smile a large collective smile and Christina just got more embarrassed and went back to eating.

Chapter 21: Hearing the Truth

A week went by and Enrique took a little time to be alone in her room. Clare visited her there and Charlotte and James remembered her saying she’d go through ‘growing pains’ for a while, and if that meant her body rushed to maturity then she might be hurting a lot, and he was glad they had something to help if even a little.

But he got a message from her later that day asking to see him and he went to find her in bed looking pretty sad and the pain was obvious even to him.

“I will endure this my King, don’t worry for me.” She said with sweat running down her brow and even dripping off her nose.”But there is something I must tell you. I wasn’t supposed to, but going through this now makes me feel that I understand what happened to those that went before you, and what happened to them in the end.”

“ I have some idea, I think.” He asked as she looked shocked. “The Machine seeks those like me that are the same mentally as the First King. After laying there for centuries he needs relief, and the medicine... even the fluid that he’s in... is probably running out by now. So he gives me the information needed to keep them going. To make more medicine and more fluid, so he will live on.” He finished as she smiled really,really wide for him. He truly was the Chosen one, and she nodded he was right.

“With the increased power to the machine, he can even take control of you, when you are close enough. So he gets to ‘step out’ of the chamber for a while, and live once more in a real world.” She mentioned as James looked sad for him. To become a vampire of others bodies to just stave off death, even if it meant eternal pain, was asking too much from anyone.

“He gave me some new information already and I can see what he’s thinking quite clearly.” James added as she looked impressed. “but we can not return this world to the way it was, not in any short time frame. I also know if he wanted that he would have trained you better, and started reconstruction long ago. He likes it this way, with people worshiping him, his mind might well have snapped after all these centuries and he’s lost track of his original missions.”

“Without more and proper maintenance the Great Machine that keeps him alive will fail. Most likely soon, in another year or two, and when it does his mission will end and his life after all these centuries.” She hinted as James nodded sadly and said he deserved to rest after all this time.

“You have a small amount of his spirit within you, thats what lets you use your powers here, but every time he gives you more knowledge, he adds a little more, and if you allow it, he’ll live again through you.” She said sadly as James nodded he understood. The power of the machine copies his mental state right into a descendent, and through that connection, the old body had consciousness again. It was a sad way to live, for both of them.

“Its time he rests,” James said seriously while she looked shocked. “this cycle of forced control and stagnant death needs to stop.”

“But the Great Knowledge he holds...” She said as James agreed it would be a terrible loss.

“But thats the only card he has to play and he’s done it well for many centuries. He doesn’t want to die even if that means living in a stasis tube for hundreds of years, blind and in great pain. Thats the definition of insane I think. I also have faith, in us and you and this world. We will regain a wonderful new world here, and we can do it without his help. The little he gave me lets me understand many things about the old world I didn’t know before. That, with what I already know will get us through. Now he needs to go and rest, he’s delayed that for too long now.”

“You would do this?” She asked softly as James looked near tears and she saw that even now he was sad for his ancestor.

“Its mercy, for him and us, I’ll not let him control me or my children or yours.” He added seriously as she smiled sweetly.

“So long as the power remains you can not get close to him, or the controls. He will hear your thoughts now when you are close and force himself into you to protect himself.” She added as James looked sad and nodded he understood.”But I agree...our child will need a life free of control and happiness that only freedom can give. On the side of the control panel, there’s a box with a red handle on it. Thats the power that keeps it all running. Shut that off, and the machine will stop, and he will finally rest after all these centuries.”

“There’s a way, I think...” James mentioned and smiled and walked out as Enrique looked after him and hoped for his success. James went right to Clare and mentioned that the First King needed new medicines for pain and he searched his mind for the new information and found it. It was a mixture of chemicals and herbs that gave a numbing effect and was diluted within the fluid to help stop the pain. He also saw that one particular ingredient was a narcotic, and not safe unless diluted very strongly. He changed that mixture in his formula and he and Clare mixed up more than a gallon to use ‘for now’ he said as she agreed. They put it into a jug and James took a carriage to the shrine and was immediately left in.

He walked to the door and even with it shut he could feel the First King probing his mind so he concentrated on the job at hand and his deception. He opened the door and walked in all smiles and mentioned that the ‘first step’ was done and he had more medicine for him and the voice was thrilled and showed him where to put it. James walked to a metal panel, opened the door to see a medium sized metal tank and he opened a cap along the side and poured the mixture in. Then he quickly returned to the control panel all the while with his mind being probed, and he knew he’d not be able to keep this wall up much longer. But he wouldn’t need to if his plan went right. He took a coin out of his pocket and laid it on top of the green button then pushed it saying that this would make you feel better, and slid the coin under a metal lip that protected the button from popping out too far. The result was that the button didn’t pop out at all as the First King thanked him when the mixture started running into the tube and the color changed quickly.

“Thats enough, thank you my son...” James heard as he looked up at the color getting darker and darker.”whats this?? What are you doing to me!??” He screamed as James said he was sorry but he needed to rest now. His time had long since past. But suddenly his mind felt like it would explode with pain and James was thrown away from the controls and onto the floor.

“When did you become so pathetic?” James screamed as the pain lessened just a tad.”When did the great teacher, engineer and scholar become nothing but a vampire on his own family?”

“I must live, the knowledge I possess must be maintained...” He heard as James asked him what he had done to help anyone but himself all these centuries and where the great Rebuilding was that he had planned when they stored him away. “But...the Knowledge...” Was all he heard as he demanded to know...’Where is the rebuilding you planned!’ and the voice got quiet for a minute and James saw he was winning.

“At what point in your life did you ever want to be worshiped as a God!!” James demanded as the voice said nothing for a minute and James got control back just long enough to jump forward and throw the switch and the power for the control panel went out and the voice stopped entirely.

James was down now, on his knees with sweat running from his face and whole body. His nose was bleeding and his eyes looked like he had been on a three day drunk but he knew he had done the right thing. The First King died, long ago, but his mind was kept alive by a machine because even they didn’t have a computer big enough or fast enough to outdo the human brain, and because of that decision he was doomed to eternal pain, and by the time the world was ready to be rebuilt, he had become a God to his people and that was more than anyones sanity could endure.

The medicine James gave him was so terribly strong that once it started flowing into the chamber he was doomed anyways. But not to pain... to peace, as the narcotic took control of his mind and brain and he felt absolutely nothing at all, and death came after the power shut off the stimulation that had kept that small part alive for so long. The First King was dead, finally, and he was in no pain and never would be again.

James walked on shaky legs out of the door into the sunlight again, as many of the young women that served the First King here at the shrine rushed to his side to make sure he was alright. But he stood as strong as his shaking legs could let him and declared that after all this time the First King had died and his knowledge and job were handed to another, and they cheered for him as Christian and Francis came running in to help him to his carriage and back to the castle.

“Is it true then?” Christian asked as James laid back silently in his room and Francis waited to hear as well.

“Yes, he gave me a little more information before he died. The country will be reborn into a better place but it will take a long time, but it will be done. I promised him that before he died.” James said softly as even Francis smiled for once and they left him alone to rest.

Chapter 22: Legacy of Deception

Enrique felt much better a week later and went back to the shrine to see about locking up those parts that were no longer needed.

“Someone else can do it for you,” James mentioned, looking worried for her, as she just smiled warmly.

“Its still my job, and I can release many of the Shrine Maidens that are there to have a normal life too. Their time has come as has mine.” She admitted as he nodded he understood.”It wont take long and I’ll return.”

James waved as she rode away in her carriage and rode slowly and leisurely back to the building where she had spend her entire young life. She told the driver to wait and went inside, being greeted by many who had served with her all these years. She gave a short speech about living for themselves now and that they would all still have responsibilities to the shrine, but that they now didn’t need to be here daily anymore, and many cheered the change.

“Go, and have a new life a warm and wonderful life and many healthy children.” She added as they cheered and many started away on foot, just glorying in the warm sun and the pink sky above them like it was their first day of life... as Enrique smiled and went inside.

She walked back into the dark room and turned on the lights again and saw the dark color of the tube and smiled a little to herself. Then threw the switch on the side for the power to return and as she did she could hear a soft giggling sound, laughing softly and she knew what that was instinctively.

“Enjoy your nap?” She asked as the First King laughed and giggled and asked for more as she got a good laugh too.

“This is the best mixture yet!” He declared as she giggled herself. The automated controls refused anything too dangerous into the tube but the pain killers were fine since his body itself died long ago, and only the brain was still intact. “Get me some more of this later, I really like it.”

“Your supposed to be dead, getting you more drugs might be a little hard to explain.” She insisted as she heard a slight humming sound and looked up at the camera in the corner of the room and waved.

“The pain is subsiding then?” It asked and she smiled and said it wasn’t so bad today and he chuckled again, in his drunken stuper. “He’s quite good you know, I barely could tell he was planning something. He truly is the best one yet.”

“He’s a good man.” Enrique mentioned, looking a little embarrassed to admit it out loud as the voice just stopped for a minute, but she felt like there might be a smile there somewhere.

“He thinks he knows enough to help the world return to its greatness...without even knowing what its greatness really was... thats a sign of ego but then it does run in the family.” She heard as she agreed with a huge grin. “I approve of him as my replacement, so let him see the library, but only the first room. They aren’t ready for the shock they’ll find in the others yet.”

“If he meets your approval maybe we can tell him the truth some time?” She hinted as he laughed some more.

“If I know him, he wont be fooled for long, his mind is always searching looking for reasons for everything, just like mine was all those years ago. If I need to play the part of the evil and arrogant First King forever, then so be it, but together we can start them all back towards a better future.”

“You gave up a real life for this centuries ago, just to keep the knowledge of the past safe and to make a lineage for the future rulers of this world. One based on learning and skill, not ego and arrogance. I don’t think thats evil at all. You too were a good man.” Enrique added as she shut down the machine for now and went back out and on the way she opened a new door, and got a single sheet of information from it to take back with her. It would be the first of many that came out of that room. Starter medicines from before, drawings from buildings of the past, and new energy sources to modernize the country, and in James’s hands she knew they would be better off than any King to date.

“Lets hope the Great Enemy has died off by now too,” She thought as she got back into the carriage and went home again, to show James and Clare this new thing. The single pane of glass that held so much more, and she knew he’d see it for what it was immediately.

“There’s an entire library of these then?” Clare asked as she refused to even let James see it for a minute or two as she tried unsuccessfully to get it to show her anything.

“There’s probably a tiny switch somewhere,” He offered as she did everything but bite it to try to get it to turn on, as Enrique looked amused by her antics. But James was watched Enrique and she saw that right away and after getting a little laugh out of her she mentioned that it ‘came on’ in the carriage on the way over but she couldn’t read much of it at all, as Clare looked shocked.

“And you didn’t turn on anything your self?” James asked as Enrique mentioned it was just laying on her lap and suddenly she looked down and it had writing on it, and James was thinking hard she could tell and after a minute or two he grabbed it and ran to a window as she got the biggest smile yet. He held it up in the sunlight and after a minute to charge it lit, not brightly but it did and he saw some writing that he could now read, as Clare declared he cheated and Enrique got another good laugh.

“Its solar powered, “ He said smiling wide,” it needs to charge after being in the dark for ages. Once its charged fully we should be able to see what all is on it.”

“Not bad...” Clare added as she looked over his shoulder at the writing that slowly became brighter. “its something to do with a list I believe.”

James took a look too and with what he had learned from the Great One he could read it with a little time, and what he read made him a little suspicious of how this particular page came out of the room first.

“Its a library index card...” He said slowly looking around at Enrique who tried her best to look shocked at her good luck. “with this we’ll know every book in the library even before we go and get them, and where they are located there.”

“What wonderful luck!” Clare said loudly as she leaned on him to watch it as it got brighter and brighter.

“Yes...”James said softly ,” what wonderful luck.” He repeated and looked over his shoulder to see Enrique was gone and he smiled thinking there was more to this than meets the eye.

Chapter 23: Partners in Crime

Enrique did go right back to her room and after being up and around all after noon she was
hurting pretty badly again, so she asked one of the maids to ask Clare for something for the pain and waited. But when the door opened up, James walked in with a glass of fresh water and two pills for her and she looked shocked.

“This will make you feel better,” He said as she thanked him and chugged them down."So...very lucky wasn’t it..getting the library index the very first thing? Out of what...dozens of possible choices you had as you stuck your head in the room, to get that particular one right off the bat.”
“Do you have a question you want to ask me?” She asked and looked a little annoyed as he just smiled.

“Not today... but eventually we’ll have that talk, and we both know it now. If I’m not controlled or your not in danger, I’ll let it go. But the truth will come out, you know that right?” He asked as he got up to go.

“I was never in danger and neither were you.” She whispered softly as James chuckled to himself.

“Tell my poor eyes that, I had black eyes for a week, and for a minute there I thought I’d die.” He said laughing as the door went shut behind him and she laid back in her bed smiling. The Great One was right again, he did analyze everything, so keeping secrets around here would be a major job, if it were possible at all, but she felt that was only right and she dozed off to let the pain go away.

A few days later as she sat out on the porch sunning herself and relaxing a carriage came in and she recognized one of the lady’s from the shrine that waved and then walked over and knelt before her.

“I bring a request,” She said as Enrique shook her head and waited,” he...she is asking for you, it seems shes getting impatient.”

“I said when we agreed to this that the system was made for newborns, and very rarely then, but he insisted, and since we did modify him at birth by orders of the Queen I felt we owed it to him to repair the damage. Tell him...oh never mind..I’ll go back with you for a little while.” She said as she got up a little slowly and got on board the carriage and went back out the door and towards the shrine once more.

“Are things not going well?” She asked the technician who admitted it was even slower than they had hoped, but the change was evident even now.”I feel his pain...quite literally at this moment so I’ll speak to him.”

They stopped by one of the out buildings and Enrique got out with the young lady and they went in. It was a little different from the main structure but did many of the same things. It was a lab for doing gene therapy and other research long, long ago, and the only part of that research they had permission to continue all this time was the sex change therapy used mainly for nobles who had successive girl children but needed a boy to carry on the family name, but a few times it had been used less wisely, like for personal pride or just plain ego, and she didn’t agree with those at all. Nature might need a helping hand sometimes but not always and it, like any other technique had been abused.

They walked into a well lit lab and in the center was a hastily put together tube and pipes like the one that held the First King, and in it was a young woman now showing her small but noticeable mammorys and longer bright blond hair, flowing in the fluid. She looked over with the breathing mask on and waved as Enrique stopped to ask what the matter was.

“I want to get out soon, its done now isn’t it?” She asked as Enrique checked the last results of her tests and it was very close. The male organs had been absorbed back into the body and disappeared and her female organs were in working order, but the results should read 75% or more female and it was hovering at 60%, so she said no, it wasn’t done yet.”Its been weeks, and the King is getting tested daily I’m sure..”

“You chose this path for yourself, not the King, so don’t lay this on him. Even if you dont get his hand as you hoped, you’ll be what you were meant to be all along, a lovely young woman, and other elegitable men will ask for your hand I’m sure.” She said seriously while the young girl looked sad to think it.”Don’t turn your head when I’m talking Kitain, listen! It was your mothers fault you are this way but I wont let you out until the process is complete, another week probably.”

With that she turned and left but not before adding another shot to the fluid, now if that didn’t rush things along then only time could undo what they had done all those years ago, and she couldn’t wait to see Cybil’s face when she realized her son was now her daughter....again.

The next day James was working in his office and just finished his paperwork when a knock came on the door. He called ‘enter’ and was happy to see Princess Casity walk in looking the very picture of a pretty young woman, but today instead of her long dress and royal finery she was wearing a white blouse and pants and she smiled to ask if he was done for the day and he agreed he had finally caught up.

“I want to ride down to the beach by the docks for a walk, will you accompany me there?” She asked as James agreed and they walked out to a waiting carriage and were taken down past the town to a stretch of beach that was right beside the ships docking area. There they got out and walked along for a few minutes with her taking his hand and rushing them along a bit towards a small jetty that divided the beach into several pieces, and where some fishermen usually sat during the early mornings. But no one was there today and they walked past that and James saw a small tent in the distance and she led him there saying she felt like a swim since it was a hot day, and he didn’t disagree either so they went inside and got their cloths off and she was wearing a one piece bathing suit underneath and looked a little embarrassed letting him see her getting undressed. But he just wore a pair of trunks she brought for him and they went out to frolic in the surf for a while and he was surprised she was such a happy person outside of the sight of her father and maids team.

“My country is right on the shoreline like this,” She said swimming along backwards as James swam along beside her.”I learned to swim almost before I could walk. I love the ocean its so peaceful most of the time but it can be vicious too, like any good woman.” She said and laughed as James joined in. He had learned long ago that anyone of substance had a temper but thats what made it interesting.

“Your medic friend hasn’t been to your room lately...” She whispered as James looked shocked she kept track.”does that mean your not sleeping together anymore?”

“It seems it was a one time thing...” James mentioned but even he wasn’t sure since Charlotte had avoided him since.

“A man needs constant attention, as my father seems to think, since my mother calls him an old pervert for his actions even now. But he might have a point, there’s a large amount of stress that someone who rules gets over time and its not good for you. I’d like to help with that if you’d let me.”She offered looking a little shy and embarrassed just saying it.

“Your a Princess and already a good friend, are you sure you want this?” James asked as she nodded she did.

“I’m a woman too...” she hinted as James smiled very wide, that was more than obvious. “ and stress goes both ways.”

“I’m not ready to get married just yet even though I have some very beautiful women around me right now, is that agreeable with you?” He asked as she smiled and agreed, she wasn’t really in any hurry either but she had never met anyone quite like him and she felt very ready right now. “Then I’d be honored.”

With that they swam back to shore and went inside the tent and had a very nice time that afternoon. But even though they thought they were being sneaky the castles Maid Team saw everything and some people cheered and people booed and some were just waiting to see what happened next.

“She’s making her move on him right now,” Was the report and Doria smiled and agreed, it had taken some time but the competition was well under way now.

“I thought for sure Charlotte had it sewn up after that night together.” One added as a few got a good laugh about that.

“The King IS a man after all, you think he’ll turn down all these chances at free stuff before making his decision? Not likely.” They heard as they all agreed and new time tables were set up and more bets made as every guard,maid and servant in the castle got in on it, and by now many of the soldiers as well.

“Depending what happens someone could retire on this.” Doria said as a few got a good laugh going. It might not be entirely true but it certainly was getting interesting.

Chapter 24: Real Excitement on the Way

Charlotte was in the cafeteria that day when one of the maid team that just so happened to have bet on her to win came in cleaning. She made sure she was talking to the other maids loud enough for everyone to hear, and they gave her a dirty look for it.

“How lucky can one King get?” She said watching out of the corner of her eye as she changed the plates in one rack,” first our very own Lady Blank makes him a happy man...for a couple days at least... and now Princess Casity is down at the beach showing what she can do. One man doesn’t deserve such beautiful women falling all over him not even the King.” She said loudly as Charlotte slammed down her cup and jumped up and ran from the room and the maid chuckled to herself.

“Thats cheating!” She was told while she just mentioned that maybe Charlotte, who worked hard every day as a medic, just didn’t get to hear all the latest gossip so she helped her along, while a few others nodded as well. One thing was for sure, things were going to get more interesting now that people were dropping hints and hedging their bets a little as the word got out.

“Well...” Doria said rubbing her chin thoughtfully,” we didn’t make any rules against it.” As a few of the other maids complained about doing things to push the contest one way or another.

“But we might have to regulate this a little or our plans will be seen and we’ll all be in trouble. I’ll see about making a few more rules up but for now I’l leave this one go. It was subtle and not arrogant so its OK, this time.”

“Very well then...” The young woman said but didn’t look too happy about it either and Doria stopped right that second to post new rules about getting personally involved in the contest, and many agreed that was the best idea.

But down on the beach things were wrapping up as Christina laid back looking very happy just now and asked the one question women have asked for centuries, always hoping for a better answer.

“What are you thinking right now, James?” She asked as James smiled wide.

“That you are absolutely fantastic...” he answered quickly as she laid her head on his shoulder happily,” and that we need a second dock down here for more trade when things start picking up.”

“What??” She asked as he smiled and nodded it was true and laid out his ideas right there for her as she looked like she might slap him any second. “Your one dense man, you know that?”

“I said you were fantastic, thats not something I’d say if I didn’t mean it.” He answered as she did agree that was nice,”and we admitted before that neither one of us was ready to get married so whats the problem?”

“I guess its time to get back,” She said sourly as she got dressed and James got his cloths on too. They walked along back to the carriage and had to wake the driver up who was napping waiting on them to return, and Christina looked less than thrilled as James apologized again on the way back, and the driver decided his bet was still well placed.

With all that going on Lady Clare got a visitor and she was thrilled and gave the woman a big hug.

“Aunt Florence, its about time what kept you?” Clare asked as the older lady smiled wide.

“I have my own research you know I couldn’t just drop everything at a moments notice you understand that right?” She mentioned as Clare agreed that might be too much to ask, “but a chance to work with the Builder King and make new medicines, it was more than I could take not to come.”

“Wait until you see, its fantastic!” Clare went on as they walked back to the lab.

By now James was back and sitting at his desk looking a little worried as Charlotte ran in giving him the evil eye.

“Charlotte what can I do for you?” James asked looking a little shaken at her stare.

“You had to do it didn’t you??” She demanded as he asked what she was talking about, “ I just heard...you were down cavorting all over the beach with that princess and you never thought how I’d feel about that once did you?”

“We were not cavorting all over the beach...we had a tent.” James said as she looked for something to throw at him. “Besides I didn’t think you’d care you never even spoke to me after that night.”

“Its not the woman’s job to make the next move.” She demanded with her nose in the air, as James looked tired, this was starting to wear on him a little.

“I thought you didn’t care enough to stop by even once after that, so I didn’t hesitate when the chance came again. If you have any real intent here you should say something. I admitted I was in no hurry to get married and you agreed.” He mentioned as she looked even more upset.

“You didn’t have that conversation with ME!” She screamed as James decided he needed to think more before talking.

“Well...thats the way it is...if you want to be with me again I agree, your very special to me, and I want you to know it. But we never agreed not to see anyone else either so this isnt my fault entirely.” James added seriously as she threw her arms in the air and walked to the door.

“Then I still get access to you if I want, now and in future times?” She asked not as loud as James agreed saying until he made a real decision anyone could stop by or make plans and he’d agree to it. “Then remember you said that!” She said and slammed the door behind her until the windows shook and James started thinking he might need to get away for a while.

Chapter 25: New Ideas and Improvements

James worked the rest of the day and the next day was just walking in for the morning meeting when Clare stopped to introduce him to her aunt, and second now at her lab.

“This your Majesty, is Lady Florence Von Hellsing..my aunt and the best chemist in the country.” Clare said with some pride and the woman bowed for James and he knelt and kissed her hand and welcomed her to this Kingdom.

“Clare told me about you and the new more modern medicines your making together. I’m thrilled to be a part of this new time for us all.” She said seriously as Clare nodded she should be.

“Well, welcome to my Kingdom and our castle, there are exciting times ahead.” James mentioned as everyone agreed as Clare introduced her to Christian and Francis and they sat down for their morning meeting.

“There will be a slight pause in the shipping of the first 1,000 pills we sold. It takes a few minutes to get the proper compression on each one or they are too fragile and they just fall apart in shipping.” Clare mentioned as James looked thoughtful for a minute.

“Wait...” He said after a while,” your not making each pill separately are you?”

“Of course..I had a metal worker make me a press, but we can only do one at a time, and after a couple hours the peoples hands get so tired holding steady pressure it gets hard.” She admitted as Florence agreed, saying they took turns with a third lady getting them done a little quicker.

“Sorry...” James mentioned as everyone looked at him in shock,” I should have seen this coming, can we get the metal worker here quickly? I need to talk to him.” He said as Francis walked to the window and screamed for him to be brought immediately as the ladies looked curious why he needed him here right now. But the meeting went on for a while until the knock came at the door and a soldier opened it to let the man in.

“Your Majesty may I present Master Craftsman Phillip O’Hare.” Clare said as James shook the mans hand and he looked shocked to be standing before the King.

“Clare tells me you built the press their using in the lab?” He asked as the man nodded with some pride and said it was a simple matter for someone of his skill.”I’m glad you said it just like that...because I find its insufficient for the job, so we’ll be ordering a bigger more elaborate machine to be built.”

The man looked a little embarrassed and even shocked by this sudden development but James grabbed a piece of paper and started to draw as Clare jumped up to see.

“The tubes each need to hold exactly what the material needs to make a finish pill,” James said drawing a box with 6 little circles on it,” then the press itself will be weighted, enough weight to add substantially to the compressing process. What the weight is made of is unimportant, but the metal here needs to be iron or steel so it lasts a long time.” James said drawing some more and when he was done it looked a lot like an Earth style drill press, only with a large weight at the top.

“The bottom block with the tubes on it can be slid in and out for cleaning and to shake the pills lose. This way we can make 6 at a time for now, and maybe make even bigger machines later. I have already made a deal for 1,000 pills and never thought once about poor Clare’s team trying to get them made, for that I ask she forgives me.” James mentioned as Clare looked surprised and added that this new machine would speed things up greatly and James mentioned that weighted like this once it was dropped down, no one needed to hold pressure, if the weight was big enough, and they could go about getting another load of tubes loaded full of material while the first was getting compressed.

“Its called ‘Mass Production’ on my world. It means literally making in mass, or a lot at a time. When your doing small things like this we can make machines that will do much of the work, like this weighted press.” James mentioned as everyone looked impressed.

“How are you mixing the materials now?” He asked as she looked embarrassed now that he was having such a good day and she said she had someone doing nothing but measuring and mixing in a big bowl and Florence put her hand up saying that was her job as James looked tired again, he needed to plan better and more in advance. With that he looked up at the craftsman who was busy looking at the plans for the machine and nodding that it could be done when James grabbed another piece of paper as Clare an Florence looked shock.

“Your going to need to hire some help...” James mentioned as the man looked shocked too and they sat down to make another machine, a set of rollers and a half moon shaped device and a small metal barrel with a screw on lid enough to hold several pounds of material at once.

"Tumbler...” James added after a while and he said all they needed to do was measure correctly all the ingredients and then put them in the barrel and roll it around on the rollers. Since it was in a half moon shape it could not get away and it mixed the ingredients evenly more than using a spoon or some fork or something as Clare looked like she’d wet herself in happiness.

“We might want to consider a room right beside the lab for this. Laborers can do the mixing and compressing but not handle the measuring of the ingredients. Thats a technical job that an expert needs to do.” James said as he handed the new plan to the man again and said ‘rush it’ and the man looked like he’d choke.

“I’ll get right on it your Majesty.” As he took the drawings and ran from the room and James sat back taking a deep breath for a minute and letting it out as everyone looked surprised.

“Two new machines in a single morning, thats incredible!” Florence said as Clare agreed with a big grin.

“Thats our Builder King,” She added as they both looked very happy.

“I have a question for James after all this,” Francis mentioned as James nodded and waited.” do you ever sleep? If I needed to come up with things like this it would take me and a team of workers a week, but you do this stuff at the drop of a hat!” He said and even he looked impressed as James smiled wider.

“I sleep quite well, thank you,” He added as Clare whispered ‘not lately, I hear’ and laughed as James gave her an odd look that everyone got a good chuckle about.

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Chapter 26: More Surprises

The meeting was over and Clare and Florence went back to work. If they had followed the men this morning they might have seen something even more unusual than James making machines, as a soldier screamed and hit the mat backwards and Francis stood over him all smiles.

“Again...”He said as the man got back up and attempted to grab him again and went flying once more.

“Not bad, but your supposed to let someone else win from time to time, its how they learn.” James added as Francis looked a little upset, he hated to lose. “You’ve got massive strength to use against anyone, but others need to practice the techniques so they have a chance against someone bigger than them.” James added, in their weekly Judo lessons.

“You two practice...” Francis said as two other men came on the mat and James gave him a hard stare. Francis was all about being in charge, and never losing, it made his ideas about anything seem one sided.

“I have a better idea...clear the mat!” James said as everyone backed away and Christian and Francis looked on to see what else he would show them today. “Christian..you and me.” James said as everyone looked surprised and even Francis smiled a little. It was not the type of challenge he would have James to try since Christian was 2 inches taller and at least 20 pounds heavier than the King, not to mention a trained soldier for many years. But he walked onto the mat and they took a stance and James waved for him to start, and Christian yelled loudly and rushed him...to find himself flat on his back coughing and gasping for breath a second later, to the cheers and applause of the troops.

“Judo isn’t about strength, its more about balance, and if you keep a close eye out you can see where your opponent is weakest. Christian is strong, very strong compared to me. But he rushed in and his speed gave me the advantage. He could never stop on a dime once he started running like that, so I just blocked his way and tripped him up, his speed did the rest. One man with a dagger and using this technique can kill a man twice their size...if they don’t have the same knowledge.” James said as everyone nodded and looked impressed.

“Now you Francis...” James said as Francis declined saying he had some training and he just heard the report on Christians mistake and would not make the same one.”thats fine, come on.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, your Majesty.” He finally said seriously as even his soldiers looked surprised.

“Let me worry about that, you’ll do just fine for todays lesson.” James added as Francis did walk back onto the mat and towered over James looking as indestructible as he always did, and Gunter and Christian begged James to reconsider, as many there nodded agreement.”Begin.”

Francis nodded he was ready and instead of rushing in like Christian did he dropped into a wrestling like stance and then suddenly reached in to grab James and when he did, James stepped in tight to his chest, catching him completely by surprise and then grabbed his uniform, and dropped onto his own back, pulling Francis over with him. Then he put his feet into Francis’s gutt and pushed and even that massive man went on over from gravity if nothing else, and when he landed flat on his back gasping for air, James flipped over right on top of him and sat there with two fingers poking him in the chest.

“Stab,stab,stab...” he said as even Christian and Gunter looked surprised and the men there cheered loudly. “Even a Commanding General can learn something new.”

“Would you please get off me, your Highness?” Francis asked coughing as James stepped off and put out a hand to help him up and after a second to consider Francis took it and the two were standing there glaring at each other once more, as Gunter suggested that that was enough for today as Francis turned to his men and demanded another 30 minutes practice as James and his aids walked away.

“Did you see that! The King is stronger than he looks,” Was mentioned as even Francis who refused to say a word had to agree,and this new Martial Art form from Earth would be taught to every soldier from now on.

But they weren’t the only people watching as King Casity saw everything from a second story window in the castle and he smiled a lot watching it, and he turned to Christina and smiled as she looked surprised as well.

“No matter what happens between you two, I’ve decided, our country will officially align itself with the Demon Kingdom from now on. Anyone who has seen what I have in the short time I’ve been here will also, I’ll bet.” He said as she smiled wide. “The world will get a lot smaller and more friendly very soon, I’ll wager.” He said and smiled and he walked away and Christina watched James walking back in and smiled to, and cared for him more every day.

“That had to be embarrassing for the Commander,” Charlotte heard as she sat down to eat at lunch time and she got all the latest gossip then. It surprised her too, but then James was a surprising fellow as she had learned. But it made her happy to think he was teaching even General Francis something. It would make him a better officer,and better Commander.

“My friend Phillip is becoming an Archer, a new post in the military,” One girl said as they all looked impressed.”He’s been training for 2 weeks now, and he says he can kill someone at 40 paces with no problem at all, swords are becoming less and less important now that the King is here.”

“James is a very surprising young man, I know.” Charlotte said without thinking as a few chuckled and one looked very excited to hear it as she tried backing away from it but it was too late.

“Whats he like? Is it bigger than this?” They started as Charlotte got more and more embarrassed as time went on.

“I refuse to talk about it here, that would be disgusting, its lunch time after all.” She used for an excuse and started slamming food into her mouth as the guessing and teasing went on.

“How will you ward off Princess Casity, shes gotten the Kings attention lately and you’ve stepped back a bit haven’t you? Have you given up on being Queen?” Finally came out as Charlotte gave the girl a seriously dirty look.

“I don’t care about being Queen, I just...enjoy being with him thats all.” She admitted as some there looked surprised while others agreed wholeheartedly.

“Then don’t give up, keep at it and you’ll win.” She was told as she finally just agreed and they left her alone for a while.

But even now things were getting more complex by the minute, as Enrique walked into the shrine to see Kitain getting her hair done and saw the new cloths that she was wearing. She had always been an attractive person, both men and women noticed and that made her life sad. But now she was back to normal and that blond hair, baby face and rare attractiveness would serve her well in the future as she looked around as Enrique walked in and smiled warmly.

“I heard you left the shrine and were thinking of taking a husband. Its not hard to see that your maturing quickly and will be a fine mother some day.” Kit mentioned as Enrique smiled and thanked her.”Will I be able to too, someday?” She asked as Enrique agreed saying the process was complete and everything showed as normal now.

“My Family needs to meet the new me first, then I’ll think about things like that later.” She admitted as Enrique mentioned that she had a long life ahead of her and she hoped she enjoyed it immensely. “I heard your thinking of marrying James too, how did that happen?”

“While you were in the process, King Soul defeated the Great One and took his place, now I serve him, its the will of the Great One. The world will be transformed soon and my children will help bring back our greatness.” She said happily as Kit looked shocked and sad and she saw it quickly.”I have told everyone, I don’t want to be Queen thats not my purpose. I was saved with the Great One just for this time. Having children is my only task, and I’m happy with that.”

“I understand, I think...” Kit said as Enrique just smiled and they walked to the door together,and Kit saw the sunshine for the first time since her transformation and even some guards that hadn’t been in on the process looked surprised and smiled at her fine looks now. Her blond hair was still short,but done just right. She was wearing a long gown, slightly open close to the top. Not glaringly open but enough to show that this really was a young woman now and many smiled widely as she got on her carriage and started back towards the castle to see her brothers and her friend, the King.

Chapter 27: Francis Glares, while Cybil Faints

It was early morning now and as the morning meeting started Lady Cybil walked in and started gushing all over James again as Francis and Christian looked sad once more.

“It been ages your Majesty! I have heard good things about you, a new trade deal and new medicines and weapons...I’ll bet Francis is chomping at the bit to try them out!” She went on a Gunter pried her off of James once more.

“Lady Von Grants, please settle down this is highly inappropriate!” He demanded as she insisted he was acting like a jealous lover and he declared that wasn’t true at all, and finally James cleared this throat loudly and ask why she had come in today.

“But didn’t you invite me here today? I got an invitation yesterday.” She insisted as she was guided to a chair at the table and all three men there admitted they didn’t send it.

“Let me explain,” They heard as the door opened and Enrique stepped in and smiled as Cybil went on about her looking every bit the young woman now and she admitted her maturity now was just passing 15, and even James admitted she was getting prettier every day. “But this isnt about me this time, I have an announcement to make.” She said as everyone waited all smiles as she stepped aside and in walked Kitain, in her new gown and with that big patented smile and the room stopped dead as James laughed saying that in the outfit he’d never recognize him now.

“Its not HIM now, James.” Kitain mentioned as he looked curious about what he meant,” I’m a real woman now, what I was supposed to be from the start. Mother had my sex changed when I was born because we all know, Mother loves her men.” Kit mentioned as Lady Cybil jumped up and ran over and gave her and serious looking over and even being crude enough to grab a handful to prove it wasn’t true, then fainted on the spot.

“I’m back Mother,” Kit said softly looking at her in Gunter’s arms knowing full well she couldn’t hear her,as Christian too looked shocked and Francis looked like he’d scream any minute.

“Why did you...how can you even do this?” James asked as Enrique mentioned it was rarely used but the techniques did exist but had never been done on a mature young person before.

“She did it for you, James.” Ehrique added as Kit demanded she stop there but James looked so shocked he too might faint.”Kitain cared for you so much and you refused him so often it came down to this. Didn’t you personally say that he was so attractive that if he had been a woman there never would have been a problem between you?” She asked as James was stuck with muttering half words and gasping for breath.

“Poor Kitain was so desperate when the contest for the new Queen started that he came running to me, and after hearing his story the Great One agreed to let us do it. Even if things never work out between you two, she’ll be able to live a normal life now and even have healthy children someday, just like me or any other young woman.” Ehrique added as Kit looked very embarrassed and James was totally out of it at the moment as Gunter, Christian and Francis all looked too shocked to talk too.

“Don’t stare so much James its embarrassing.” Kit mentioned as James didn’t know where to look or what to do.” I wanted this to be my grand coming out and my Family got to meet the new me first. I haven’t been doing my job for a while so there is probably a lot of work piling up so I better get to it. I’m having new uniforms made so they should be ready by now.” She mentioned as she gave James a respectful bow and turned and left as Enrique looked around the room at the shear shock on every face and she excused herself too.

There was shear total silence for a few minutes until finally James spoke in sheer shock.

“What the Hell just happened??” He demanded as Christian stopped staring at the door to let James know that this was very real.

“I never thought she’d go this far,” He added while James nodded slowly and Francis turned, looking out the window.

“I think we always knew he was to ‘pretty’ to be a real man, it was mentioned a dozen or more times and even some men were interested in him.” He admitted while James sat back still in shock. “ Now we know for sure, it was Mother that did this all those years ago, all to have just one more son.”

“Will she be alright Gunter?” James asked as he nodded she would as she started coming around even now and he sat her down at the table once more.

“What a terrible dream I just had,” She started as Christian mentioned it was no dream, she had a daughter...again, and she looked too sad to speak.

“Why would you do that to her, Lady Von Grants, you had a beautiful daughter and made a son out of her at birth? Why?” James asked as everyone looked her way and she admitted it was true.

“We were at war,” She started as everyone waited to hear.” Christian was wounded and near death. Francis was running amok on the battle field and I wasn’t sure he’d survive to carry on the Family name, so when she was born I took a chance, another son too young to be in the war and another chance for my Family to carry on.” She admitted as James looked sad for her.

“You should have had more faith in the sons you had.” James mentioned softly as she admitted that was true, now that she could look back on it.”But thats over now and you’ve got a daughter and after we all get used to this around here, I’m sure she’ll be as attractive and exciting as you are now. You owe it to her to be there for her after all this time dont you think?” He asked as she admitted it was true and Christian and Francis looked shocked that she was acting as mature about this as she was.

“I need to go,” She added quickly and she got up and walked quickly from the room as Francis looked sourly at James who waited for the flak to fall.

“You were a little harsh don’t you think?” He asked and James could tell he was a little angry w ith him.

“Its been what? 18-20 years? How would putting off saying it for another 20 years solve anything? Your mother is a serious woman, if shes forced to be. Maybe this time she needs to be serious if only for a while. I apologize for being so blunt, but have any of you said anything to her all these years?” James asked and even Francis left the room and Christian sat down now looking very tired and worried.

“We did ask questions form time to time but Mother just waved it all away. Thats part of the reason she gave up being Queen she didn’t want the responsibility of it any longer.” He said as James nodded he under stood.”What will you do now...with Kitain?”

“Me??” James asked as Christian agreed “ why should I get involved in this it seems like a very serious Family matter.”

“She3 admitted it just now and even Ehrique mentioned it. She loves you, enough to go through weeks of very painful changes, like Enrique did and still is. Can you ignore her now that she relaly is a woman knowing that up front?” He asked as James dropped his head in his hands and thought about it for a while.

“I have no idea...” He admitted as Christian smiled widely, at least he was being honest.”It hard enough getting my head around the change, but knowing it was done for me, thats a burden I’m not sure I wanted to hear.”

“Sorry,” Christian added as he too started out of the room, “ but thats the way it is, so I’ll let you consider it for a while. I think you need some time alone.”

“God, I wish I didn’t have to deal with all this right now!” James cried to himself, and a second later...he was gone.

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I saw a show where a girl finds out her dad was a pirate and she gets hi ship after he dies. The first thing I thought was..a girl really? But being politically correct I left it go, but the thought came to me that if argon and all the other nations went on like they were piracy would become commonplace and even accepted. They would slowly break into specialists like the yaki did and over centuries even become ship builders/combat clans or even entertainment troupes.What would that universe be like? hmmm.

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Chapter 28: Home Grown Happiness

James was so deep in thought that for a second even he didn’t notice he was traveling again. But the intense cold got his attention as he opened his eyes to see the bright white light again and he was shocked.

“OK, I really didn’t mean it this way.” He thought but a second later he was standing in his backyard at home, in a freezing rain and he ran to open the back door but found his key no longer worked. He knocked a dozen times and finally squeezed as close to the wall as possible to get some relief and waited until his mom and dad came walking into the kitchen carrying bags of groceries and she saw him standing there against the sliding glass door and she dropped the bags and opened it at once.

“James your home!” she screamed as he shook his head and rain and ice flew everywhere as she grabbed a towel and gave it to him.”its been so long, we thought you’d never come back.”

“I said I’d come to visit sometimes and its only been 8 months, mom.” He added as they looked surprised and his dad smiled.

“Its been over 3 years son,” He added seriously and James forgot the time difference and apologized for not coming more often.”Get a hot bath, I’ll dig out some of your cloths for you, their all in boxes in the attic now.”

“And I’ll make us a nice hot lunch, and you can tell us all about your adventures.” His mom chipped in and James agreed and went upstairs to get a bath and while his mom gave his dad a big hug.”I knew he’d come back at least once more.”

“You were right,” He admitted as he went upstairs and she went to put things away and make them a hot meal.

An hour later they were at the dinner table and James got to eat real Earth food for the first time in a long time and he really enjoyed it.

“So what have you been doing, your not starting any wars are you?” He was asked as he laughed and said he had decided long ago he would avoid war if at all possible and his mom looked happy with that.

“Things have been tough lately though,” He admitted as they waited to hear,” Gunter, my castle manager sent word out that I’m looking for a wife, a new Queen. Which by the way is completely false.” He mentioned as his moms eyes glowed brightly, her son was dating seriously over there and she would never have known if he hadn’t come to tell them.

“BUT...” James said slowly,” girls started showing up, very pretty girls.” He mentioned as his dad gave him a big wink and his mom slapped him softly for being so crude.”They are great, every one of them, and just recently had another I knew from before showed up and declared she loved me, the pressure is getting pretty intense, so I wished for a break, and here I am.”

“Must be nice,” His dad said as his mom agreed,” to wish for things and get them. We’re still doing OK don’t get me wrong but the house was broken into 6 months ago, and we lost almost everything. It was a real professional job.” He said sadly as James looked shocked.

“Is the store still doing ok then?” He asked as his mom agreed saying it was doing fine it just made them upset they needed to use a lot of their savings to replace everyday things that were stolen.

“I see,” James said thinking and he smiled,” will you take me to the bank dad? I need to do some things while I’m here.” And his dad said no problem they could go now and he gave his mom a kiss on the cheek saying they’d be back soon, and she smiled and a tear rolled down her face.

“Its great seeing you again.” She mentioned as James just smiled and they went out the door.James had been brought here pretty quickly and without much time to prepare but he always carried a few coins around with him for everyday use and when he asked to see the bank manger they agreed. He went into his office and sat down and the man said they had heard he was studying overseas, as James agreed.

“Archeology,” He said as the bank manger got a chuckle and mentioned ‘another Indiana Jones’ as James laughed too.”I want to see what this is worth here.” James said and laid a large gold coin down as the manager looked shocked but took it and examined it closely.

“Here the bank can only give you what the gold weight is, but its not a coin I’ve ever seen before. It might be worth a lot more to a collector.” he said as James said he didn’t have much time but the manager made a call and a within a few minutes a man in a fine suit came running in to see and he went nuts.

“This is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, where did you get this?” he asked as James said he was on a ‘dig’ and found a small sack of these hidden long ago and claimed them. “Solid gold no doubt about it, heavy too and this writing, must be some ancient civilization maybe 1-2 hundred years old. How many do you have?” He asked as James put his ‘pocket change’ on the table and the man looked at every one carefully.

“Another gold one and this one’s solid silver, with the same odd writing.” He went on as the bank manger gave James a quick wink.

“Make me an offer,” James said seriously as the man looked very thoughtful if he could prove even one of these was from some odd civilization then they might be nearly priceless, but he wouldn’t say that.

“50,000 for all, the man said but was gripping them so tight his knuckles were pure white and James noticed.
“I’ll keep them as keepsakes then it might be years before I get back there to look for more.” He said as the mans eyes popped out.

“There might be more??” He asked as James agreed, and he had to think about it again.”75,000 thats my best offer.”

“One hundred or I take them home.” James said seriously and even the bank manager looked impressed and after grumbling a while the man agreed and wrote him a check, then disappeared as quickly as he came.

“You’ve become quite the business man,” He said as James thanked him, and he put a nice deposit into his mom and dads account while he was there and deposited the rest in his checking and the manger mentioned he hadn’t used it in years as James reminded him he was overseas a lot and didn’t carry a card with him as the man took that as fact and said he’d keep an eye on his accounts then for when he made it back home visiting, and James thanked him.

He left the bank and slid back into his dads car and as they pulled out he told him where he wanted to go next and he looked surprised.

“You were never into knife collecting and that weird stuff before.” He mentioned as James laughed and said he had never seen his world, as his dad agreed and they shared a nice laugh.

They pulled up outside a specialty shop and James went in with his dad right along side. A big man with a lot of tats asked what he was looking for and James mentioned ‘gifts for swordsman’ and the man looked impressed.

“There arent too many good swordsman anymore its a lost art.” The man mentioned as they went into the back room and James got a good laugh as the light came on and it was wall to wall knives, swords and some very odd looking weapons of all types. James took some time to look around and picked up one or two and waved them around as the man looked impressed. Then he chose two he was looking at and the man agreed.

“Can you do custom jobs in a hurry?” James asked as the man asked why and James pulled a sword down from a rack and turned it for the man to see.”I like this one but its for a woman, so maybe shorten it about 4 inches and get me scabbards for them all?” James asked as the man took it as a personal challenge and took the sword into another room and all kinds of noises came out and finally he walked back out and showed James who agreed it was what he wanted.

“Hmm, “ The man said looking them over,” a Dragon, an Eagle and a Fox handle, so the Fox is for the woman then?” He asked as James agreed and he thought that was appropriate, and James paid for them and carried them to the car and laid them into the back seat.

“One more stop,” He said as his dad nodded and they were away again.

This time nothing as ‘weird’,as his dad said, it was just a department store and James looked a little embarrassed looking at fine night gowns as the young sales lady asked if he had something special in mind.

“Silk I think,” James mentioned as she looked surprised.” One black, one white, and one light blue, all long, floor length, and 2 probably...” he stopped to consider how fast Enrique was filling on and smiled.”about 36 chest and one maybe 38.”

“Thats not exactly how we measure women, but..I think I can help.” She said looking a little slighted as James tried not to laugh. She brought a few things out and he nodded and picked a few, one black night gown with small red trim, with Charlotte’s back hair that should be very nice. One light blue with white trim for Christina and with her light blue hair and eyes she would be stunning, and one pure white for Enrique after waiting for 800 years it seemed more than appropriate.

He paid for them all and they went home and as he walked in carrying all his gifts his mom turned around from the kitchen table and the men saw a young woman, brilliant blond hair and wearing a uniform drinking coffee and James asked why she was here.

“If you wouldn’t have wimped out and ran, I wouldn’t be here. It was Francis’s idea he said it probably was my fault you ran anyways.” She added looking sad as James’s mother gave him a dirty look.

“Don’t look at me like that... until yesterday she was a man!” James mentioned as Kits face turned red and his mom and dad both looked faint.

Chapter 29: Explanations and Agreements

“What?” His mom asked as they all sat down and James explained as Kit agreed to a few things and argued with him about others.”Oh my, his love was so great he changed for you? How incredibly romantic!”

“Don’t even think like that,” James mentioned as Kit asked why not, it was all true and James’s mom looked absolutely thrilled and James saw trouble coming.

“She loves you and she went through a lot just for you...and you can talk like that? I thought I raised you better than that.” She said and looked like she’d start crying any minute.

“But mom,” James started as she stopped him cold.

“Its final now right? You can have kids and everything now right?” She asked Kit in rapid succession and she admitted it was all true.”And shes really pretty right James?”

“Mom please...” James whined as she got angry and slammed her hand on the table.

“Answer the question!” She demanded as James almost fell from his chair, this wasn’t like his mom at all but he swallowed hard and admitted that even as a guy he had been pretty and now she was even more so, as Kit got a big smile and James looked embarrassed to admit it.

“See, he did notice, he’s just terribly dense sometimes... and he lies when he’s cornered.” She told Kitain who seemed to take it all in.

“Mom, your not helping,” James got in as she gave him THAT LOOK and he looked away.

“You said you were gone for 8 months but here it was over 3 years! I’ll probably never get to see any grandchildren because I’ll be dead before you make a decision. So just this once I get to say. Give poor Kit an equal chance, at least you know she cares, have any of the others admitted that?” She asked as James looked sad and admitted one other had and Kitain looked surprised as well as James’s mom.

“I get it now... it was getting close to your having to make a decision so you ran home....how childish of you! Of course I’m glad to see you but...” She went on as Kit smiled wider and wider and James saw he was losing this argument no matter what.

“Honey...” Frank called as she finally stopped and went to see what he called her for and after a little scuffle in the other room things got quiet again.

“Your enjoying this way too much.” James whispered as Kit got a good laugh going and he had to join in.

“Your parents are good people.” Kitain mentioned as James agreed it was true.”time is different for us , so long as they are alive you should visit regularly, even every 6 months would be nice. Once their gone you’ll regret not coming home.” She mentioned and noticed the bags and swords.

“So what were you and your father doing just now?” Kit asked as James told her he was getting gifts for them all and she wanted to see hers right away and he got it and handed it to her.

“Its nice, but...did you get everyone a sword?” She asked looking it over as James said he did. “Then whats in the bag?”

“****...” James whispered and finally got them out to show and she went nuts, and in a few minutes Enrique was out a night gown, and Kit ran off to try it on while James collapsed on the table looking sad as his mom giggled at his antics from the next room and Kit asked if he wanted to help her change, to his immediate dismay.

She came out in it and his mom, dad and even James looked impressed and she smiled a lot saying after being a man half her life she loved getting feminine things to wear and James just agreed it looked good on her.

“You should take Kit shopping then buy her something nice.” His mom pushed as James asked if she wanted to get him killed when he returned.

“You didn’t get Clare anything, or Florence, or Mother.” Kit mentioned as James said he wasn’t shopping for the entire castle just special friends as she got a good laugh at that.

“Shes right, honey give James the car keys, they’ll be right back I’m sure.” She mentioned as He did and James saw he lost this argument long ago.

“We’ll have to hurry then, its getting late.” James mentioned as his mom reminded him the store stayed open all night and he was growling as they went out the door. Kit was back in her uniform and James in his old cloths from before and the shopping spree began.

4 hours later, James was nearing exhaustion and Kit was running on pure adrenaline. She had never seen such cloths or a store as big as the castle but finally James convinced her he was out of money and she saw her great ride was over. They went back to the house carrying more bags then James had ever carried at one time and his mom thought that was great and Kit modeled them all until the wee hours of the morning, as James and Frank fell asleep on the sofa watching the fashion show.

The ladies were still talking when first light came but by now even they were yawning and tired.

“I know you’ll have to go back soon.” James’s mom mentioned as Kit agreed,”please Kit, take care of my son. He might be a little stubborn and dense about some things but he likes you, I can tell, that whole change thing might have him spooked but he’ll get over it, if your patient.”

“I will, I promise,” Kit answered as James mumbled something in his sleep and she smiled and chugged down some hot coffee.”We better go, but don’t worry I’ll bring him back more often.”

“I’ll keep a room made for you two when you return.” she heard as they both laughed and Kit woke James up and said it was time, and he got some coffee too and then they gathered all their treasures and looked like a couple of shop lifters standing in the back yard.

“I’ll be back, so don’t worry.” James said as the light grabbed them again and they were away.

As they dropped to the courtyard the call went out and everyone ran to see. Lady Cybil was there and all the usuals and Charlotte and Christina who wondered why he left so suddenly, and when the light settled in everyone laughed to see the couple, burdened down with gifts standing there as Kit yelled that there were gifts for everyone, and many there smiled despite themselves.

“Give me those,” She demanded and got all the bags and started in as many followed her and James sat down on the steps for a second wearing three swords over his shoulders as even Francis smiled wide.

“At least the King is well armed for his trip.” He said and got a good laugh as James jumped to his feet and stared him eye to...chin...and even Francis saw he was angry.

“Why in the name of all the Elements did you send Kit to get me? My mother thinks some very weird things now and she nearly got me engaged before I could get back here.” He said as Francis looked happy seeing him so upset.

“It was her fault you ran wasnt it?” He asked as James made sure, very sure even Francis knew he didn’t run.

“I was tired and sad and just thought...’ I cant handle this right now’ and poof I was gone.” He added as Francis and Christian looked at each other with a serious look.

“Did you ask a God in particular for help?” Christian asked as James said he didn’t and they looked shocked.

“I might have said ‘oh god’ or something like that but thats all.” James added as they nodded and looked impressed.

“You need to remember who you are, the Elements have a contract with you and you them. If you call out for a god, someone will respond, that’s got to be it.” Christian said as even Francis nodded it was probably true.”So are these gifts too or are you starting a collection?”

“Gifts...” James admitted,” but I’m not sure he gets one now after what I went through.” He said as they started in and Christian chuckled to himself while Francis just got a big grin.

04-04-2014, 12:28 PM

Chapter 30: Spoiling the Team

They went into the office and James laid them all out on the table. He looked up at the men watching and waiting with a big grin and he looked disgusted the way things were going. He had planned a nice dinner and a ceremony to give these out but now it seemed too bothersome with everything that was going on, so he stood tall and made a little speech he had prepared.

“These are gifts to the men who have stood beside me so far. The man who brought me here originally and has watched over me since, my personal bodyguard and friend, Christian. In my eyes the Eagle that watches over me.” He said and handed him the sword as he took it out of the scabbard and smiled very wide indeed and did a few passes with it trying it out.

“And the big trouble maker that gets me into more than enough.” James started then just stopped and smiled,” but he’s still the Dragon of our land,standing tall and watching over us all.” He said handing Francis his custom sword while his eyes looked a little teary but he thanked him and turned away.

“And that one?” Christian asked as James looked upset.

“That was for Kitain, the foxy new officer in my ranks, but my mom fell in love with her and made me take her shopping...don’t ever go shopping with Kit...ever.” James added as the other two men laughed out loud, they knew that already.

“Maybe I’ll keep it, after what I spent on her cloths she doesn’t need a sword now.” James said looking it over as they all laughed and Cybil ran in wearing her new ‘sexy Earth cloths’ and even Francis looked away.

“For gods sake mother!” Francis said as Christian just laughed and James looked away too, like he was getting away with that, as she ran over to hug him and thank him for these wonderful new cloths and just then others came in. Clare with a new dress that looked very nice, Florence with a new jacket that she loved, and Charlotte and Christina carrying the new night gowns and looking at each other to see who would offer to try them on first, and James started to laugh. This was his life now and he couldn’t say he wasn’t happy, maybe a little overwhelmed, but definitely happy.

Kit came in minute later, wearing a top and slacks that she got on Earth. The top had no sleeves but hung a little low in the front and the slacks were a little tight, so that there was no doubt at all that the change had been complete. She took a minute to brush her hair and even Christian nodded and smiled appreciatively as she stood next to the others who looked a little surprised to see her dressed like this and James did his best to ignore her and she saw it clearly.

“This is just one outfit James bought for me on Earth,” She announced as both Charlotte and Christina gave him a dirty look and he said she went nuts in the stores and he did not pick out anything special for her. It was all her own idea, as they switched their gaze back to her as she smiled and posed for everyone to see.”I accepted a contract while I was there too...a told James’s mother that I’d take care of him, forever and she agreed, so this is now my job.” She mentioned as Christian and Francis looked at James who threw his hands up in defense, saying he didn’t know anything about that.

“An agreement on some other world shouldn’t have any effects here.” Charlotte mentioned as Christina nodded aggressively that she agreed.

“It doesn’t matter what Kitain said to my mom, here I am King and I’ll decide what I will do.” James said seriously while Gunter stepped up close and whispered into his ear.

“On our world contracts for marriage between parents of either person or both sets is considered as good as gold. Even if its only a political marriage its very serious indeed and the agreement will hold up even in a court of law.” He said as James felt more upset than before.

“So...” He said a little upset,” thats the real reason Kit came for me, to have a nice serious talk with my parents.” James said and it was clear he wasn’t happy about it.

“I demand this agreement be struck down since it was made on another world and agreed to by people who didn’t know the consequences it might bring!” Christina demanded as Charlotte went along with that too.

“It must stand for now even though we only have Kitains statement that one even exists, it must be considered.” Gunter announced as the girls all got a little noisy saying it wasn’t fair while Kit claimed she explained it all to James’s mom before hand.

“Thats enough!” Francis called, bringing the room to order.”We will investigate this claim brought by Kitain Von Grants until then no decision made by any party will be valid, the contest for Queen will also continue.” He announced as Gunter agreed and Charlotte and Christina looked like they had won something somewhere, as Kit growled that it wasn’t fair to her, since she went out of her way...way out...to get an agreement and he nodded that was true but that only the courts could rule over his decision and she stomped out saying she might even do that, as the other two girls sighed in relief that they hadn’t been eliminated so quickly.

“If you don’t mind,” Charlotte jumped in quickly,” I’d like to try on my new cloths and see what James thinks of them...tonight.” She said quickly as Christina looked shocked she got ahead and James just nodded and said he’d like that, and she walked out all smiles with Christina right behind, looking a little upset she wasn’t quicker.

“Tomorrow night then?” Chris called from the door as James agreed and she walked out too and Christian laughed saying James better start taking naps during the day. But Francis was giving James a sour look and he tried to ignore him but that wasnt going to work either.

“You do realize by now Kitain is very serious about this,I’ve never seen her so determined before.” He admitted as Christian agreed sadly. “Is it asking too much to give her an equal chance?” He asked as even Christain’s face lit up, as their big brother weighed in, and Francis cleared his throat saying it only seemed right.

“Look guys....” James said very softly,” Kit met me first but then he was a man, and even then he was very bold and direct. I have no problem being related to all of you, and your silly mother... no offense...” He quickly added as they both nodded and seemed to forget Cybil was right there as she got her nose up.

“But...I cant just forget that so suddenly. If she had been a woman then with that attitude and these good looks, we might not even be worrying about this all now.” James admitted as everyone, even Cybil looked happy and looked his way while his face grew red and he refused to look up at them.

“So my darling King...” Cybil whispered all smiles,” your afraid now that my darling daughter is back and in the race its not fair to anyone else, is that it? How very interesting...I knew Kitain cared for you before but it appears that even then you had an eye on him, so the change was the right move after all.” She mentioned as James grumbled but really said nothing as she gave him a quick hug and left the room looking very happy and the two ‘don’t look alike bothers’ both had huge grins as James demanded they get back to work, and Christian took his normal place at the end of the big desk, and Francis walked out to go to his office too but no one that had been in the room to hear that didn’t think that things were going to get very noisy around the castle very soon.

Chapter 31: The Watchers Return

Captain Van Ludo was sitting the bridge of the cruiser Gordon when his scanners picked up a disturbance...again...several times this year and he looked very serious about it. He checked and rechecked and it was true, but this world should not have such technology, since they were reduced to slaves and paupers over a hundred years ago during the Great Elimination. If they had regained this much power so soon...he gave the order to return home and the ship turned on a dime and he ran towards the home world some 20 light years away. He must report this to the Empress, it might be necessary to visit this world once again.

“What you are suggesting is very upsetting,” The Young Empress said as he knelt before her.”these people had immense power when the war started, we barely won.” She admitted as the Captain agreed. He had been just a young officer then but he remembered the war and their terrible losses.

“My Father told me about them once,” She said standing and starting to pace the floor near her throne.”They control the very Elements that Nature provides us all with, Wind, Rain, Ice, Snow, even the Suns rays themselves. The brilliant beams from the surface destroyed many great ships back then and tens of thousands died.”

Ludo watched as she paced, her slender body and brilliant red hair made her look strong and mature but she was barely 16 now and had little experience in the ways of the galaxy.

“You had a satellite in orbit all this time, it was you who wanted to learn more about them as a science officer isn’t it?” She asked as he agreed he thought they were ...interesting... and she nodded she understood. “Then go there, listen and speak to their people, learn what you can about this once great people, and see if they are beginning to become a threat once more.” She said standing tall and looking as strong as her years allowed.

“I, Empress Goas the 15th command it, go learn and report back to me at once!” And he bowed for her and went quickly back to his ship to resupply and rearm, it might be a long hard trip.

A week later a tall man wearing flowing robes and a red turban walked amoung the people in the main village. He got some odd looks since his clothing made him look a bit suspicious but he carried himself with pride and a few asked where he was from and what he wanted there.

“I am a simple trader, from....the far East...” He told them. The way their planet was broken up now he was sure there were many parts they had never seen or heard of yet, and he was counting on it. He thought quickly about what he could trade knowing how easily he could make things on board his ship and using the recourses of their entire world and he smiled.

“I deal in rare fabrics and stylish clothing,” he commented throwing his arms to the sides and spinning showing his fabulous garb as a few cheered and there were some oohs and ahhhs, and he saw he had chosen correctly.”Who should I ask about selling my wares here?”

“That would be me,” He heard as the other store owners nodded agreement as a tall man stepped in and introduced himself as the local Traders Guild Manger, Samual Von Belt.
“it is rare for someone to travel so far for trading.” He said, almost a question as Ludo had to be careful around him he could see.

“I travel especially for these chances, my ship is the fastest around and carries all I need.” he explained as the man looked less than convinced but offered him a place in the town square to show his wares anyways, on a trial basis, and Ludo agreed and the deal was done. He was shown his spot and he thanked them and walked away after taking some measurements while a few watched, but he disappeared quickly enough and waited for darkness to fall and when daylight came again, he was back, with reams of the best cloth and cloths much like what he wore, and everyone was impressed even the local Guilds.

“He is a trader after all,” Many said as he started selling to anyone with the gold and many bought, and he started seeing that there really was a trading opportunity here, to his surprise.

He soon became just another Trader and he had a hard time keeping up. But he did and his business became a great success and he made friends and they started sitting and talking and drinking together after hours.

“I’d love to see your ship sometime,” One store owner said as Ludo just waved it away.

“It is the very newest my people make so its a secret here. There are pirates you know so we keep well hidden.” He explained as someone just laughed and said they needed to report this to the King, he’d make short work of any pirates there might be.

“Our new King is big on Business.” He was told as he smiled and asked more about him. “ He’s from another world though but his ideas are the best! We have new medicines for the first time in ages, and new countries making trade deals, there’s even a contest going on to see who the next Queen will be, and they are running in from all over the world. I hear some haven’t even made it this far yet but their coming.”

Ludo remember it all in great detail but the idea that they went to another world for thir new King was the big one, and he finished his drink and thanked them for having him over and went back to his ship for more trading supplies and to call home and report.

“The power I saw was not a weapon being tested, its a transporter beam of enormous strength.” He said as the young Empress looked shocked. “it hasn’t been used while we were in orbit but once it is we can get a better grip on what it might be able to do. But either way, this world seems locked by their new King into a Trade war of sorts. Its more important to him to gain trading partners than fight, even thought some small changes to their army is being seen, it is hundreds of years behind us.”He mentioned as she nodded looking thoughtful.

“Interesting...perhaps his old world was as barbaric as this and he wants to make them a better place. If thats true then trade would give them what many fight for, money and power.” She mentioned as he smiled at her remarks, even at her young age she was a good thinker and he agreed. “Continue to watch them and see what this new King is really like, I’ve become interested in why he acts as he does.”

“It will be done, my Empress,” he said as the link went closed. So he did learn something but he doubted that the Kings old world was just as barbaric as this, if it was why was he there at all? And where did that beam come from? There were still many questions to be answered and he got ready for another day.

Chapter 32: Noticed, and Greeted

Ludo made many friends and the word got out, soon people from several countries away came to see him and he was having a hard time manufacturing goods quick enough, after all his was a war ship, not a real trading vessel but he did his best when one man looking very strong and prosperous walked up to greet him with a full entourage with him.

“I represent the Trading Guild of Hespatica, a country far to the south. I have seen your wares and I’m quite interested in buying all you possess.” He said and waved as a man sat a medium box down and opened it to see hundreds of gold coins perhaps thousands as even Ludo was impressed.

“I have been doing quite the good business here, and even if I sell you everything I have it will only be about...” as he thought quickly how many they could make in a day.” 36 reams... in different colors of course.” He added then said he’d be sold out and would have to send his ship ‘back for more’ as the man smiled wide, thats just what he wanted.

“Very well then,” The man said and he bent down and started counting and even Ludo was wondering what he thought he was buying but he stopped with several piles of gold stacked up there and they shook on it.

“I’ll have it delivered to your boat by midnight.” Ludo said as the man agreed and walked away carrying the rest of his wealth with him. Ludo gathered all the gold he was given and told everyone he was sold out, and sent everything he had sitting there to the ship, and waited for night fall and then beamed the rest down to have it delivered. But as he stood there on the docks smiling, at the delivery being made a voice spoke and he went for his dagger that hung around his belt at all times and lunged at the man in black that walked up behind him but was thrown to the ground in an instant and had a sword pointed at his throat as Christian stepped in to guard the King.

“I’m sorry if I startled you,” James said waving Christian away and putting out his hand to help the man up. “I’m James, the King here. I came down to meet you because I’ve heard good things about you, and we heard you might be leaving tonight, since you sold out of your materials.”

“The King!?” Ludo asked as James nodded and Christian still had his hand near his sword.

“Christian, stop trying to intimidate people...” James said giving him a dirty look as Christian mentioned that the man tried to kill him as James just laughed.”Its dark out and we did sneak up on him, so relax, I’m sure it was a simple misunderstanding.” He said handing the dagger back to Ludo who looked more than shocked.

“Yes of course it was, your Majesty. I never expected to see you here tonight.” Ludo added with a bow as James just smiled and agreed it was partly his fault too.

“Its a shame your sold out I hear you have fine materials, and my tailer could use some different fabrics.” James said with a chuckle as even Chris calmed down but his eyes said he was watching closely.

“Its very profitable here,” Ludo remarked,” I’ll surely be back after gathering more from home, Your Majesty. I’d be honored to be allowed to bring some to the castle for you to see.” He said as James agreed, saying making friends was part of his job too, and even Christian smiled at that.

“Where are my manners, let me properly introduce myself, I am Van Ludo, Trader from the Far East and I’m honored to have found such a peaceful place to trade.” he said with a deep bow as James just smiled and Chris stepped forward again.

“And this is our King, the Honorable 23rd King of the Demon Kingdom, James Von Soul.” he said loudly as Ludo smiled and thanked them with yet another bow.

“Well now that the formalities are over come see me at the castle anytime,” James said as he walked away and Ludo smiled to himself. This was a rare opportunity that he’d not lose.

Ludo was more than a little impressed with what cloth was selling for and the way he was being treated, he said so when he reported in as his Empress looked shocked as well.

“If these people and their King continue to show restraint and a lack of warlike tendencies, I think trade here would be very profitable.” He suggested and the Empress saw he might be right.

“So Captain how goes the hunt for a new Queen?” She asked with huge grin,as he looked shocked she asked at all,” things are getting boring here,so these reports are my only form of entertainment right now.” She said with a giggle as Ludo just smiled and told her the new King seemed to be a ‘mans man’ playing the field and dating several without making any real decision that limited him or his choices.

“He is the King I wonder why he doesn’t keep them all? He has the right to make any laws he wants correct?” She asked as he admitted he hadn’t been watching that part very well and she smiled at him.”whats he like, the new King, young or old?”

“Very young maybe 20-21,” he answered as she looked interested.”and do you think he’s trained well as a ruler?” She asked while he looked a little less at ease and she asked why. “I admit I acted recklessly, he walked up and I didn’t even hear him and when he spoke I swung on him with my side arm ready.”

“You didn’t hurt him did you?” She asked as he looked sadder yet.

“He disarmed me in a second,and his bodyguard had every opportunity to kill me, but his Majesty waved it away like an attempt on his life meant nothing.” he admitted as the Empress looked surprised, you don’t get to be a Captain in the military without reason and she got a big smile.

“He’s becoming more interesting every day.” She said as even Ludo agreed, for someone so skilled he didn’t seem to want to fight much at all or maybe....it was because he was so skilled...and he wanted more than ever to see which it was.

“I’ll be coming home for a short while. The Traders here bought everything we could make so I had to say that we had to ‘go home’ for more. They don’t expect me back for 2 months, maybe 1 1/2 will do but if I intend to use this cover I’ll need better equipment on board.” he admitted and she smiled wide, this mission was more than paying for itself so she agreed and when he got back they talked some more and he got a better replicator for his ship and could make things for sale faster.

“A peaceful new world and good trade,” The Empress thought as she sat back on her throne getting bored once again, “ and a new young King seeking a wife...sounds like fun.” And she decided to sneak on board the Gordon for a vacation before he went back there for work.

Chapter 33: Research...on Both Sides

Ludo went to visit some friends while he was home and explained to them what he had seen.

“A transporter beam, no big thing, but to send and receive from world to world...thats amazing!” he heard as he agreed.”It would need a massive power supply and a system that corrects variances down to the microscopic level, even being off 1% would miss a world completely.”

“Can we make such a devise here?” he asked as many there whispered among themselves.

“Perhaps...now that we know its possible, but it will take years to perfect it, and there will be obstacles in our way. The Navy only exists because we need ships for defense, tell them they aren’t needed and there will be hell to pay.” He heard as he agreed that would be a problem.

“So...a people with such technology wouldn’t make warships at all.” Ludo mentioned as they all agreed.

“They wouldn’t need them, they could drop an army on you right into the capitol from anywhere and we’d never see them coming.” He was told and he looked both shocked and curious. If they had these beams why didn’t they use them during the war? They could have put men and women right on board their ships and the fight would have been won, but they didn’t, and he started wondering what the reason was for the war in the first place.

Now a day later Ludo looked both angry and shocked as he looked out of the corner of his eyes at his command seat, and his Empress wearing a skimpy looking wrap around thing that left much of her legs, arms and shoulders stick out and she looked very comfortable there as he stood beside her trying not to stare.

“Is there a problem Captain?” She asked as he cleared his throat and asked if she didn’t have something better to wear with her. “I’m a traders daughter, I should wear what we sell, don’t you agree?” She asked and looked back at the screens showing the planet approaching and Ludo looked tired thinking it was going to be his responsibility to protect her, in that outfit, on an alien world.

“This way I get to see this world for myself, and not rely on just your reports.” She added as he looked shocked she didn’t trust him. “Oh don’t look so terrified... you said they were peaceful right?”

“Within reason,” he admitted as she looked like she won that one and he sighed and made sure he was armed before beaming down. They sat up the stand for the next day and Ludo brought a real trader as his ‘assistant’ to leave that to him and he made plans to go to see the King later and the guards left him know that from 6 am to 7 every morning he exercised and he’d be ready for greeting visitors after that, and Ludo agreed and they walked away from the gate as The Empress looked the place all over, and didn’t seem impressed.

“Its like the Dark Ages here, very depressing.” She commented as Ludo reminded her that they had done this to them just 100 years before and she looked sad that they had made that choice.”If this King is truly peaceful and working to save his people from this...” She said with a wave of her hand. “I don’t think I’d stop him from trading with us, its clear that they have no real means of defense against our forces.”

“Perhaps...” Ludo said as she looked at him shocked. “Its not always what you see that matters, one man in the right place at the right time, can make a huge difference.”

“Why Captain,” She whispered smiling,” your a romantic aren’t you?”

“I’m a realist.” He admitted as they walked a round a bit to kill time.

James met them in the courtyard and looked surprised to see the young girl with him but as ordered Ludo introduced her as his daughter...Feena...and she shook James’s hand smiling.

“What a pretty young daughter you have you must be very proud.” James mentioned as Ludo forced a smile and agreed he was very proud as Feena smiled all the wider. “I see your set up again, lets go see how many wonderful things you brought this time.” James said as he waved and a carriage was brought out and they all got in, Ludo, James ‘Feena’ and of course Christian who watched the man every second.

They went down into the town and stopped to see some wares and James really liked some, even saying some of the warm, fuzzier material was better for warn undergarments during winter and Ludo agreed and they made a deal there. They were talking some more when a man ran up panting hard screaming his little girl was in danger, as everyone ran that way. The house was on fire and he said she was upstairs asleep and he couldn’t get to her for the flames.

“Then its probably too late,” Many said as he screamed for her and James looked upset at everyone and ran right in, right into the house full of flames, as Ludo looked shocked and ‘Feena’ nearly screamed to see it. But a few seconds later a roar was heard and Christian ran back from the open door and screamed for everyone to get down, and Ludo grabbed the Empress and protected her as an explosion roared by and with it a tornado of wind that blew a few people off their feet, and every bit of fire out of the building, and even as everyone looked surprised, James walked out holding the little girl and she didn’t have a mark on her, and that was thought to be impossible just a minute ago, as the man cried on his knees and thanked the King for his help, and Ludo looked very seriously at James now and ‘Feena’ was still in shock as James just waved it away and said they had business to talk, and they walked back to the stand with the entire town cheering.

An hour later James was on his way back to the castle and Ludo and ‘Feena’ were going to be his guests, so they could talk more and see what other deals their countries might be able to make. They sat at the big meeting table talking and then went for something to eat and when that was over Feena went looking for a room to relieve herself. There’s only so much fruit juice a girl can drink and she found one just down the hall. She did her thing and was looking the place over , the odd pipes that seemed stuck to the wall with nails and valves that had to be opened and closed by hand to make the water run and she felt bad for them but she was just finishing up when the door opened and in walked James, hand in his pants and red faced for about a second as he screamed and jumped back out into the hall and after minute to think Feena burst out laughing and so did James.

“Its my private bathroom, sorry I didn’t know to knock.” He said from outside as she quickly washed her hands and walked out.

“Mu fault, where is the regular bathroom then?” She asked all too late as James pointed across the hall and she just laughed some more. “hey, I was covered at least.”

“You didn’t see that did you, please say you didn’t.” James asked softly as she admitted she didn’t see a thing and he heaved a huge sigh and she felt pretty happy right now. He was a nice guy, shy and a little awkward but strong too. She was starting to see why Ludo was worried about him, or was it liked him? She smiled and went back to the meeting room as Ludo looked scared she had snuck off without him seeing.

“Where were you,Feena,please don’t go off wandering around without me.” He insisted but with a big smile as she said she had to use the bathroom and even her father didn’t need to be there, and a few chuckled and Ludo forced a smile even more.

“The King went that way too did you see him back there?” She was asked as she got a real good chuckle going that no one under stood.

“Yes as a matter of fact I did,” She added and laughed as Ludo looked worried and everyone else just smiled and left it go for now.

Chapter 34: New Partners

“I believe our countries can become good friends and trade partners in the future.” Ludo mentioned as James and everyone else smiled wide and agreed. “We should be going now, I have much to report.”

“Report? Aren’t you out here on your ship alone who are you reporting to?” James asked as Ludo tried his best to think of something until Feena added that they were late getting back and her mother would be furious, and James got a good laugh and apologized for keeping them too late and they ordered the carriage to take them back to town and when they were gone he sat back all smiles.

“What do you all think?” He asked as Clare said she ran those tests just like he asked and neither her nor Florence could figure out how they had made the cloth they were selling. The materials seemed common enough but the process to make such high ‘thread counts’ just didn’t exist here as James nodded he thought so too.

“Our cloth making makes good solid cloth but compared to his it very rough. I’m doing tests now but even the most advanced machines we have cant make cloth this fine and soft.” She explained as Francis said he didn’t like it one bit, but James reminded them they had been peaceful so far.

“Do I need to remind you Ludo tried to kill you on the pier?” Christian asked as Francis looked surprised, since no one told him as James just laughed.

“But I think we surprised him too, so there was no harm done.” James added as Francis shook his head while hiding behind his hand, The King was a crazy person when he was on one of his quests for new information.”I asked you all to check because when I saw the cloth it looked like the finest stuff my world could make right now, check some of the cloths we brought back...and I know we cant make them here, not yet but we will someday. So my question is..who are they really?” James asked as Christian mentioned that Ludo acted almost military and James got a big grin and mentioned that even though she was his daughter Feena seemed very much in charge.

“So the big question is...” James said seriously as everyone turned to hear, “ what other world are they from, because its not mine, I’m pretty sure... neither one of mine.”

With that Francis sat down hard and Clare looked very excited, new people from another world, and she couldn’t wait to ask them a million questions, but James cautioned them not to rush into anything. It was obvious they wanted to learn about them or they could have just rushed in guns blazing and took what they wanted.

“They may really be looking for a safe place to trade. If thats so we cant let this chance slip away. They have better technology than us and we need that help.” James added as a few nodded it was true and one or to looked less than happy.

“I’d like to see them try and force us into anything.” Francis said seriously while James gave him a sour look straight away.

“Against any one man or maybe two your quite the soldier I know that. But this is technology you’ve never seen. Traveling from one world to another, they need ships, faster than anything my world has made yet. They could sit in orbit and....” And James stopped to think as Clare saw that look and tried desperately to catch up.

“Oh my God...the Eliminators!” She screamed as Francis jumped up and James stopped him at the door.

“If they are the Eliminators its our duty...” Francis started as James got very upset and his eyes went dead black, and even Francis stepped back with an odd look on his face.

“You have no idea...” James said and the room shook as Clare looked like she’d wet herself again, the King was so strong when he got mad, even Francis stepped away just now. “I will not lose my whole Kingdom because of some 100 year old grudge. You have no chance against them not even your Earth skills can stop a missile or bullet, so stand DOWN!”

“Very well then... but I protest any more contact with them no matter what it is.” He said and walked out as James looked a little tired again but he walked over and sat down.

“I’ll find out for sure, then I’ll decide what to do.” James added as everyone agreed and they all left them and went to their rooms for the night.

“If they are the Eliminators there will be hosts of people wanting to fight them.” Christian mentioned as James nodded he agreed.

“They can finish us off, the entire world, and be home before dinner tomorrow. If we aren’t very, very careful.” James mentioned as Christian nodded too and he left for the night and James turned to look out the window at the two moons and wished that he was seeing a ship just now. That would make this a lot easier to under stand.

But he never did, but he stayed up all night watching for it on the one in a hundred chance they left it pass between the planet and the moon when they thought everyone was sleep. Now it was morning and while Francis didn’t look like he got any sleep either, they both had breakfast and James left for town...alone...against Christians orders and James left him know that he had a more important job, keeping Francis from telling anyone until they found out for sure, and he agreed it would become a catastrophe if that happened.

James walked around the corner all smiles and Feena gave him a wave and a smile as he approached and He made it look as good as he could. He watched for just the right time and he stepped over beside Ludo and mentioned they needed to talk, and he nodded all smiles as business went on all around them. Feena was getting into it too and she was working on a deal herself when Ludo stepped away for a second to talk.

“Glad to see things are going well for you here.” James added as Ludo smiled very wide and said it even surprised him.”You really should tell your people to keep the ship from passing in front of the moon late at night though, it was clearly visible to me, because I stayed up all night watching for it.” James added as Ludos face fell and instinctively he turned and looked up to see if it was visible and James started to laugh and Ludo slammed his hand to his face, and looked like he’d scream any second.

“Gotcha...” James said softly as Feena saw him laughing and Ludo looking embarrassed and beaten and she walked over not too happy and asked what was going on. And Ludo tried to stop her from saying anything else while James told her what they were doing and her face went

“Captain...” She screamed as he dropped to his knees before her.

“I’m sorry your Majesty it was all my fault I take full responsibility.” He declared as James smiled even wider, and stepped forward and dropped to his right knee and kissed her hand as her face went red and Ludo saw the real plan for the first time.

“Welcome to my Kingdom, Your Majesty.” He said as they both looked embarrassed and almost in a state of denial.”Should I call you Queen Feena then?”

“Emperess Goas the 15th.” She said standing tall as Ludo got his composure back and stood beside her.

“That sounds so formal for friends you can call me James,” he said shaking their hands again and she smiled too.

“I’m Ariel,” She mentioned softly as even Ludo looked shocked and impressed that their plan fell apart so easily.

“You here for the Queens contest? Your very pretty.” James added with a wink,as she got a good laugh and Ludo mentioned that a joining between their worlds would be out of the question, as James laughed too, and asked if he was always this tense, and she admitted he was, to Captain Ludo’s dismay.

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Chapter 35: The Old Story, and a New Beginning

James took them both back to the castle and when they had their next meeting they were introduced much more formally, more well dressed and more appropriately this time. Francis was shocked that the Empress herself came to see them as Ludo mentioned they really were there on a trade mission if she approved and she agreed.

“But you really are the old enemy?” He asked as Ludo reminded him that the Empress wasn’t even born then and he had to admit that was true.

“If we hold grudges for hundreds of years then peace will never have a chance.” James mentioned as Ariel agreed and even Francis stepped back a little.

“Does anyone here even know what started the war?” James asked and neither Ludo or Ariel knew for sure and Francis didn’t either but he was still bitter about it as Ariel agreed they had a right to be, after what she had seen.

“Maybe before we talk about peace we should find out for sure.” James mentioned as everyone looked shocked and he looked at Enrique who looked more shocked than anyone else.”Will you take us there?”

“Your Majesty!” Francis screamed as Enrique said if it was his will she would, but not happily.

“If we are ever to learn from the past, we need to understand it, lets go, please Ariel come with us there’s something you need to see.” James mentioned as she agreed and Christian and Ludo went too but were told to wait outside. Enrique took them in and as the lights came on she looked sad being there again, and Ariel almost screamed seeing a corpse laying in a tube and James gave her a hug and said not to worry it was alright.

James nodded and Enrique flipped the switch but nothing happened the lights lit but no sounds came and James finally laughed out loud and called a name.

“Come on Carl... I know you can see me...” He called as Enrique looked shocked too,” Carl James Jameson, Dr of engineering speak to us now.”

“Who is that then?” They heard as Ariel thought they were talking to a ghost and James smiled sweetly and told her it wasn’t true, in some small way Carl was still alive, as she finally stepped forward to see and James told him who she was and he got silent once more.

“We are the leaders of these two worlds today and we come for the truth. What started the great war and whose fault was it? You were there, you were a scientist not a politician, whose fault was it, honestly, so we dont have to relive that again.” James said seriously as Carl started to speak.

“The visitors came when we started sending out probes looking for other life.” Carl started as James agreed he understood,” we got along well too. They had nuclear technology, we used all solar so we exchanged technology so each learned from the other. But there are always those that want more than they have, on our side they wanted ships to explore but were refused saying we were too powerful to let off our world, and on the other they wanted our science, things they never researched or knew on their own, things we used everyday and some refused to sell. Soon it became a Trade War, things being withheld and other things being dumped ruining the economy here, and finally the first shots were fired. Cities were burned and the people who started it died first, but then their families called for blood on both sides, and soon it was out of control.” He said as James nodded and looked sad.

“Greed, on both sides started the war.” He said as Carl agreed, “Then revenge kept it going until there was nothing left to lose.”

“Without their technology we could never have made this place,” Carl added,” and you two would never know the truth.”

“This will never happen again in my Empire.” Ariel said seriously and James agreed saying that the people had suffered long enough.

“Would you kill a few to save millions? Many can not be talked to easily and their hatred and greed will never change.It might come down to that someday.” Carl added as she thought hard for a few minutes but James was the first to speak.

“I will,” He said as even Enrique looked shocked at him..again,” to save millions I would do it if that was the only way.”

“Then I so pledge also,” Ariel said and they smiled and nodded agreement to each other.

“Then these two worlds should live happily for many centuries as friends, that is my hope.” Carl said and finally got silent and Enrique got the message and shut down the power once more.

“It was no ones fault or everyones fault which ever you like.” Enrique mentioned as James looked sad but agreed.

“Greed and fear are our real enemies not each other.” James added as they both smiled and she took his hand and they walked out together and Enrique thought, right that second, that she had finally seen the end of centuries of hatred in one day.

There was an official announcement the next day, the Great War was finally over and a time of Peace was at hand. But how long would it last or would the people let it work? Only time would tell and James made the announcement that as long as he lived there would be no more wars and everyone cheered, and even Francis didn’t know if he could keep that promise.

Chapter 36: Back to Work

James and Ariel went back to the castle and had a nice dinner and she officially announced their Trade deal. They would share small bits of technology that James thought they needed and could use and sell their cloth and some other things for a profit. In exchange they’d get access to the things that still existed here, and get information, but not the location, of James’s home world and what technology they had now.

“It will be a good deal for all,” James mentioned as everyone cheered if only because they thought they had to.”I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to sell just about all the cloth you can carry once the word gets out. And since Trade is becoming a big thing here, I’ll see to it there’s a village built, right next to the docks for Trade. The Guilds can each get a building for their use, and of course you will too.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Ludo said as Ariel agreed.

“To a new time of Peace.” James saluted as they all drank to it.

“I’ll see to it the construction gets started first thing tomorrow.” Gunter added and James nodded that would be fine.

“I’ll need a meeting with the Guilds too, but that can wait a day or two.” James added as everyone agreed. “Do you two even have rooms in town or are you staying on the ship?”

“On my ship actually.” Captain Ludo mentioned as James just nodded he under stood.

“Well stay here tonight, we have lots of rooms and a large hot bath to relax in might do you both a world of good.” James added as Ludo’s face lit up, and Ariel smiled saying it sounded pretty good to her.”Then its settled.” As Gunter waved a maid over and they ran to make beds ready for the King’s guests.

The dinner ended and they all went their ways. Ariel said she was going for a bath, and Ludo couldn’t come as his face exploded in red and she laughed some more as she walked away. James had someone show Ludo where the men bathed and he thanked him and was given towels and a warm robe to wear after, and they both went away as James sat there drinking some tea and watching Francis out of the corner of his eyes.

“Not the monsters you imagined?” he whispered as Francis looked away sadly. “There have been rumors and tales of the Great War ever since it happened. You know how one mans perspective can change the things he sees right?”

“I suppose.” Francis agreed slowly.

“And free trade and Peace beats annihilation any day in my opinion.” James added softly as even Francis said he under stood that. “It’ll take time, but seeing a friendly face around like Ariel’s will help change peoples minds. The War ended long ago, and its not welcome here anymore, in reality or memories, its time to forget and move on.”

“That might be hard.Almost my whole Family was killed in the War, my mother survived by hiding away until my father found her and helped protect her after that. It was a time of turmoil with gangs ruling every town and no real government to protect anyone.” Francis said softly as James looked sad and nodded. “It was pure Anarchy...and many died bringing the world back to the way it is now. If that were to ever happen again, we would never survive it, as a world or country.”

“And its my job to see to it it doesn’t happen again. Its all our jobs, to protect the world from greed and hatred.Thats what the First King admitted started the Great War, people trying to take from each other and fighting to keep it. Giving things away or selling them at a reasonable price makes war unnecessary, since there’s nothing to fight over.”James mentioned as even Francis had to consider that.”But there will be troubles too, mostly among ourselves. Other countries are looking our way now. They are wondering how we got these new weapons and what we will do with them.Then we are making new friends like King Casity and his daughter and Trade is happening faster and we even helped design new ships for them.In time you’ll get all the fighting you can handle Francis, even I know as King I cant stop every dispute, but that doesn’t mean I wont try.”

“And we’ll be ready.” Francis admitted and downed his wine and walked away as James nodded too, that he would be there when he was needed too.As several people silently listened in from around the corner and when Francis turned to go they rushed to keep from being seen.

“He’s quite the young man,” King Casity whispered as Christina smiled very wide and admitted he was.”I’ll be going home soon but you can stay if you like. I’d appreciate you being his Queen, but a Royal Consort isn’t so bad if you really care for him.”

“I haven’t given up yet.” She whispered as he gave her a nice hug and said he loved her and she should do whatever she wants and she thanked him and a new deal seemed to be made.

Meanwhile in the ladies bath, Ariel was relaxing and really enjoying herself. This was nicely made, very ornamental and huge even compared to her Royal bath at home. Of course she knew this was an open bath for all the ladies to use but she wasn’t worried about that even as two young women came in and slid into the water just across from her.

“Your that new Empress around you?” Charlotte asked as Ariel smiled and introduced herself.”I am Lady Charlotte Von Blank, Lord Gunter’s daughter,its nice to meet you.”

“Your one of the Queen contestants aren’t you? I’ve heard about that it seems James is dragging his feet from what I’ve heard.” Ariel mentioned and laughed as Charlotte looked surprised the word got around. “Hes a great man whoever wins will be happy I’m sure.”

“You sound like you might stay and try yourself.” Charlotte mentioned as Ariel’s face grew a little red but she declared that wasn’t possible, as Charlotte sighed in relief.

“I have no intentions to be Queen here, but I might consider letting James teach me a few things, I’m very inexperienced in things like that, being the Empress I’m protected at home more than really necessary.” She admitted, and watched out of the corner of her eyes as Charlotte looked panicked and sad.

“Will you be going home soon?” Charlotte asked and after a minute they both burst into laughter.

“It feels good to joke around a little with people.” Ariel said as Charlotte nearly yelled in joy.”I’m not allowed such luxuries back home. I am constantly told that I must be a strong and impressive leader...its very stressful.”

“I’m sure you’ll do well, you seem like a strong young woman.” Charlotte added as Ariel thanked her for the comment.

“Now that I’ve met your King, my mind is more focused. He speaks simply but with depth, he seems to see things differently than many others. I could use him as an advisor back home, but of course thats not possible.” She admitted as Charlotte smiled at the compliments he was getting when he wasn’t around.”I think even Captain Ludo likes him, but for a different reason. He’s a strategist, and well known on my world. He sees King Soul completely differently, as a soldier or maybe a thinker, but he hasn’t said a bad thing about him so far, and that says volumes.”

“Our worlds will live in peace for a long time. I’ll see to it.” Ariel added as she got out of the bath,” but I wont say I wont return to see your King. He’s a one of a kind man and thats hard to find.” She said as she walked away in her robe and Charlotte sat back smiling, James was that, for sure, and she too respected him... even more after that talk.

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Chapter 37: Going Home

After a couple more talks and a science vessel that stopped to begin their research, Ariel and Captain Ludo got a Royal reception for their going away party. They all talked about Peace and got great applause from the nobles and other visitors there. Ariel got introduced around and many were more than a little impressed with her mature attitude for someone so young. But soon they were ready to go and when James wished them well he shook hands with Captain Ludo who just smiled and thanked him for being a good host and Ariel shocked everyone by giving James a peck on the cheek and then walking away as they waved and the two visitors disappeared in a flash, to the astonishment of all but James who long ago figured out they weren’t seen coming and going on a small ship.

“You got a present there at the end,” Christian mentioned as James smiled and agreed.”I mean what she slid into your pocket.”

“Damn, thought we snuck something past you this time.” James added as he pulled out the communicator and smiled.”She asked me privately to be an advisor for her, there are a lot of people that would like to abuse her power back home and I agreed.I’m sure I’ll get a call someday real soon.”

“That says a lot about how much she trusts you.” Christian mentioned as James nodded sadly. It also meant that she had more problems at home than she admitted to, and he felt sad for her.

“Too bad she wasn’t a couple years older, making her your Queen would bring the two worlds together like no treaty can.” He hinted as James got a little laugh at that.

“Whats the matter Chris, you don’t like younger women?” James asked and Christian looked away and smiled and they went back to work in the King’s office.

As they left orbit Captain Ludo dropped a coms satellite there and made sure it was calibrated correctly.

“Its done you Majesty, but is asking for King Souls advise from time to time on our worlds problems really wise?” He asked as she smiled and said it was.

“He has nothing to gain helping or not helping me, but I feel sure he will do his best. He’s not the kind of man to turn his back on friends.” She hinted as Ludo got a big smile, the King had earned a little respect this trip and he could see it now.

“You’ve changed, your Majesty, just since we’ve been here. You seem more mature somehow.” Ludo mentioned and then quickly apologized for acting to ‘familiar’ with the Empress.

“Don’t worry about it ‘father’ “ she said laughing as he smiled a big smile. “you’ve earned a place as my advisor as well. I know now I can trust you more than I thought I could before. And James said some things that made me see you in a new light, maybe we are going to get along after all, all of us.” She said as he nodded agreement. “I hope so for the sake of our unborn child...” she said rubbing her stomach.

“What!!??” Ludo screamed as everyone on the bridge looked shocked beyond belief.And finally Ariel burst into laughter and said ‘just kidding’ and they all looked faint, as she walked from the bridge.

“The Empress made a joke? And a crude one at that!” Someone mentioned as Ludo cleared his throat and the room got quiet again but he was all smiles. This was not the young girl that left home a month ago, she had changed and he thought, for the better.

They jumped into the home system and were docked a few hours later. Ariel was escorted back to her castle and she got a little rest before the meetings started again with all her advisors and officers from her military. Her one maid informed her that Prime Minister Wang was livid she had just vanished like that and had them search everywhere for a few days before he was told she had went on a mission to visit another Kingdom. Since he personally didn’t make that plan he was furious and she was quick to say that she didn’t answer to him, it was the other way around, and he better learn that quickly, as her maids looked shocked at her attitude but a few smiled, knowing she had been bullied in the past.

“This first meeting will set a new tone,” Ariel mentioned as everyone nodded for her,” this Empire has been all about power and not how to use it properly, that changes now.” She said as she waved them away, took a deep breath and walked out onto the stage and sat on her throne while the room applauded for her and her Prime Minister jumped to his feet.
“Your Majesty, please dont leave the castle any more without my permission, we searched for days looking for you.” He demanded as she gave him a sour look but with a shy smile.

“I dont remember you being my father,” She said loudly as a few laughed and his face fell.” I was on official business, the next time I leave I’ll make a proper announcement, but I don’t need yours or anyones permission to leave for official business, or for any other kind. I made a new trade agreement and our businesses will prosper because of it, and that... is that.” She said with her nose up and the business guilds cheered her for her new deal. But Wang looked very upset, she never talked back to him before and he felt he lost his edge on this trip, and he didn’t like it.

“We are entering a new Era,” Ariel stood, and said loudly,” an Era of peace and prosperity. I will reach out to other worlds and make treaties and deals, and our world will prosper like never before!” She said and the room cheered for her and Wang felt his control slipping away and he needed to regain control fast or lose it all.

“Your Majesty, please be careful,” He started softly,” such a major turn of events will make you look bad. Some who oppose you as Empress might take this chance to move against you.” He said with a sly smile, but a deep bow as she huffed at him from her throne and he looked at her and started getting angry at her attitude.

“That imaginary person might not be you would it Wang?” She asked, straight out... as he nearly choked and there were whispers even among his supporters that he had been found out too soon.

“Of course not your Majesty,” he said backing away quickly as a few chuckles were heard behind him that he nearly swung around to scream at, but he didn’t, he held his big smile and said that he was speaking ‘hypothetically’ and she needed to be careful. “I wish only what is good for the Empire.”

“Then you’ll support me forever because keeping the ruling family in power IS good for the Empire.I’m making new friends everywhere and powerful friends don’t mistake that. The Council appointed you Prime Minister, but my Father pointed the Council, so that means me now. If I see any trouble coming there will quickly be some new blood there and then we’ll see how long any coup lasts.” She demanded and Wang stepped back immediately, and acted subservient to the whispers of everyone in the room while the Trade Guilds openly thanked her for thinking about them and Wang saw that she gained an enormous first attack after her trip, and he started to wonder what she really had done for that month.

Chapter 38: Internal Conflict

After her normal business Ariel called Captain Ludo who was starting to wonder why he was not back on patrol. She told him what she had done and that after the meeting several Guild Masters came to her applauding her actions and warning her of Wang’s plan.

“Please your Majesty, you must be careful. Wang is the Prime Minister and is in line for the throne. If something sudden happened to you he would gain it immediately. I don’t think he’s stupid enough to assassinate you but he has many friends, and some are less patient.” He said seriously while she nodded and smiled for him.

“Thats why we must act now.” She mentioned as he looked surprised at her new strength and determination “I’m giving you a promotion, to Colonel, and assigning you to Command the Royal Guards. Your cruiser will be the new flagship and even though they are mostly a fleet in name only, I want you to make them into something to be feared.”

“A fleet loyal only to the Empress,” He added as she nodded it was true.

“Upgrade whatever you need, gather other ships that we know are loyal to the Empirical Family. If anyone thinks I am too young to understand power, let there minds be put to rest.” She said as he nodded and said it would be done. “And as Commander of the Empirical Guards you will sit at my left hand during meetings and show the Empire that I am not alone.”

“If that is what you desire, it will be done, Majesty.” He said with all humbleness as she smiled and agreed and his promotion was immediate, and he called a meeting of the Fleet Captains to explain what was going on, and they all agreed to vow to protect the Empress with their very lives.

For a week ships that mainly sat in storage came out to be cleaned, armed and crewed as many started to think a new war might be coming. But Colonel Ludo just smiled and said he was trying to impress the Empress as the Commander of her personal fleet and many saw that maybe he had some plans of his own. Wang on the other hand didn’t like any of it. He had seen a weak and frightened child go away for a month and come back a strong and serious leader, and he wanted to know why.

He put his money where his intentions were and a few crew members of Ludo’s own ship took the bait. For the price of his own ship one man explained the deal and where they had been as Wang looked more happy by the minute. This new King was her strength, and he saw that now. Maybe she cared for him... or maybe he was her mentor, either way he had a new tool and he sent a small fast ship to planet Atlantica to get this new man and bring him back to start a new plan of action.

James was settling in for another great night of sleep when a squeaking door got his attention and he looked up to see a figure standing there silently. He lit the light by the bed to see Enrique, in her new and best night gown looking very shy and embarrassed as James gave her a big smile.

“I waited until all the pain had gone.” She mentioned as he just smiled and nodded as she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.”My Chronowatch says I’m a mature 18 now so I was wondering, may I stay tonight? I have no experience at all, but I hope you can teach me.”

“That would make me very happy,” James said as she got a big smile and before either one could move, he was gone, and it wasn’t the bright light of the beam it was something completely different and she screamed and in a matter of seconds gaurds ran in to see her looking scared and shocked.

“Someone stole the King!” She said loudly as a search started all over the castle, but she left them know that they wouldn’t find him there. This was a different kind of abduction, and she had an emergency meeting with all the aids and she explained what happened as Francis smacked the desk so hard things fell off and he declared he was right, the Eliminators could not be trusted and he was the only one that saw them for what they were, as Enrique and Christian looked sad but still wouldnt believe Ariel had done this.

James woke up a while later to find himself in a large room with many bright lights. There were several men standing talking right off the side and as he tried to get up he saw he was restrained and he looked sad.

“Hi there.” He called as the one doctor looked around and smiled.” where am I exactly?”

“You are a guest of the Goas people, right now your in a medical ward, we had to make sure you were properly restrained before letting you see civilized people.” The doctor said smiling as James thought that they must have the wrong person, but he smiled back and asked why he was here, and if Ariel sent for him as the doctor laughed saying the Prime Minister sent for him not the Empress but he’d be seeing them both soon enough.

“So then I guess we’re back to..why?” James asked again as the doctor smiled and waved a tiny remote devise and asked if he knew what that was. “A remote control devise, probably short range but then you have some great technology as I’m seeing here.” James added as the doctors face fell and he looked odd at the others there that just shrugged. They were told he was a barbarian, from a world in the Dark Ages so he had to be restrained for the safety of others, but this certainly was not that man, as one doctor added and they all looked even more shocked.

“The Prime Minister will be here directly then we’ll see perhaps the crew got the wrong man?” The doctor added as no one seemed to know.

“I am King James Soul of the Demon Kingdom...who were you looking for?” He asked and they checked the chart and it seemed that something very odd was going on, so they decided to wait and see.

Prime Minister Wang walked in with quite a spring in his step.This was going to be quite the coup for him, having the Empress’s mentor under his control and the doctor mentioned that the man they had knew far more than they were told, and even Wang looked lost.

“The crew said his world barely had towns and castles but this man knows about technology and things like the remote.” The doctor mentioned as Wang decided he needed to have a talk with him and they released James from the table and he sat there in his night cloths and waited until a tall thin man walked in wearing the average looking headdress and robes and looking very pleased.

“I am Prime Minister Wang, who are you sir?” He asked as James gave him a courteous bow and said he was the Honorable 23rd King of the Demon Kingdom James Von Soul and the man looked impressed as James gave him his big patented smile. “Do you know our Empress Ariel Van Goas?”

“Of course, we just finished a trade deal, we are building the trade center even now right near the docks.” James added as the man looked very thoughtful but it seemed he had the right man, so he was just curious about how he seemed so well educated, but for now that didn’t matter, he was the right one so the plan would go forward.

“You know about this right?” He asked holding up the remote as James just laughed and said that the doctor had already shown him that and even now he smiled as Wang looked upset.”If you say one word I dont like...make any movements to escape...” He mentioned and tapped the button again as the pain shot through James’s head and it felt like his eyes would pop out.

“Yes, yes thats why it called a control, right?” He asked as Wang looked less happy by the second.

“Thats right remember that...” He said as they handed James some nice cloths and he got them on, and was led into a massive room where many people were gathered and Ariel looked surprised to see him there.

“Hi Empress...” James called as Wang got a big grin and hit the button and James fell shaking at her feet and she looked up to see Wang waving the remote as James got back to a seated position and smiled after a second.”Wow that was a good one.” He mentioned as many there laughed, laughed hard and Wang was not happy, this was not his plan, as Ariel looked shocked, then stern again as he gave her his demands.

“I have your mentor at my command step down from your position as Empress or I’ll kill him right before your eyes!” He said as James went into spasms once more and Ariel looked like she’d cry as Ludo screamed that Wang was a dead man either way, and two men from the crowd rushed in and held him while the ordeal went on.

“I cant, I wont!” she said finally as James got hit again and he looked up in great pain and called out.’Remember our deal’ and she looked sad and angry at the same time.

“What deal is this that is so important at a time like this?” Wang asked as James lay there laughing and Wang felt more than just slighted as even the men holding Ludo left go in shock and he too never moved as James went on laughing and calling Wang and all his followers all fools.

“You can see the strength before you,” James called loudly, “ look well, this is true strength, not bought and paid for but the strength that comes from within.”

“Shut up you!” Wang screamed and hit him again and even as the pain ran rampant, James laughed and called for every God in the Heavens to kill this man who thought himself a God. And suddenly a mighty wind rose up in the middle of the room and people slid all directions and in the center stood James, not laughing anymore but stern and strong and staring at a man who might just losing control of his bowels any second as many in the room turned and fled.

Wang leaned on that button now but instead of putting James down, it exploded in his hands, burning one hand badly as he screamed and turned to run but didn’t make it as the doors went shut of their own accord and he saw that he was the one trapped not James and he was dragged back to the center of the room screaming in fear and James grabbed him by the throat and a voice came out of him that even scared Ariel and Ludo who had seen this power before.

“What a coward! To try and steal that which doesn’t belong to you, not by name and not by skill. You can never be a good ruler, you worry about yourself too much. Empress Ariel was in as much pain as me, but she stood strong in your very face and she refused to surrender to a coward like you. The Deal we mentioned? It said this...that if one or more men tried to start a war, a war that would kill millions, we would stop them even if it meant killing them to do it.” James said as Wang’s eyes were now popping out and he tried to speak but just couldn’t as the breath left his body and James crushed his windpipe right there as Ariel looked away, and Wang fell dead at his feet and the once powerful remote, now burned to a crisp fell to the floor and broke apart as James dropped down onto his knees and many people still there looked frightened even now and Ariel dropped her scepter and left her throne and stood next to him and dropped to her knees and hugged him saying she owed him a great favor and James chuckled and said they could talk about it later, and he passed out.

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hmm, I was looking through my stuff while I took a break, it seems I started a story based on the Banner of the Stars series a long time ago...but never finished it. Its not too bad maybe I'll go over it sometime and finish the thing, I liked the tv show but they did things a bit dry for me, so maybe that will be something else for later.

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Chapter 39: Friends

For two days James slept but the doctors left them know he was just exhausted, and not really hurt. Finally he opened his eyes and Ariel was right there and he smiled for her and she looked like she’d cry.

“Are you alright?” James asked as she nodded she was and he looked happy with that.

“With Wang gone the rebellion faded away and now every Minister and Admiral have declared it was all his fault, as we expected.” She said as James just smiled and looked away.

“Half of them are lying,” He said as she looked sad,” Wang might have been the ringleader but he was never alone, I’m sure you knew that long ago.”

“There is a list made up by Colonel Lugo, and we’re keeping an eye on them.” She mentioned as James looked happy

“Colonel...good for him.” James said as she agreed saying he was the Commander of her Royal Guards now and James nodded it was a good idea. “He’s a good man I doubt you’ll need to worry about him.”

“I do have a question for you though,” Ariel said looking embarrassed as James smiled and asked what it was. “This isn’t your world but even here you have powers, how is that possible? I was told that your people only have power on their world, so we made sure all these centuries to keep them there.”

“To gain the powers of the Elements we make a contract with them,” James started as she looked surprised that ‘elements’ actually existed but agreed. “I said that no matter what I’d protect the world and all its inhabitants even the Elements themselves if they gave me the power to do it. Our people have spoken to Elements forever I was told, so when I woke up here, I was alone waiting on Wang to come and I restated my contract here, for this world and the Elements that live here.”

“I’m amazed, we are a science based people, to think that the Elements we thought were just nature in its raw glory have names and powers, its just amazing to even consider!” Ariel said as James laughed.

“Nature isn’t on one planet, its everywhere even in space. So asking to help protect it and the worlds around it is just common curtesy since they were here eons before us and will be eons after we are gone.” James mentioned as she looked impressed and happy to think he was so powerful and that Nature itself was an ally.

“By now Francis is making a starship out of bean stalks or something to come get me, so I better get back.” James mentioned as she looked sad he was leaving but she agreed so after they walked out of the hospital together she asked him to stay safe and come back and he said he would, holding her hand for a minute before turning away, if she gave him notice next time, and she laughed right along and agreed as a busty, tall red head walked up and bowed saying she would take him home.

“Captain Cheryl Hous,” She said as James smiled and thanked her for the ride.

“Are all your people red heads?” James asked as Ariel laughed saying it was the dominant color but there were a few others as James nodded and waved and walked away to the waiting vehicle and then on to the ship waiting for them. James kept checking out the tall lady Captain and as they lifted off and started back he asked if she was in a hurry to get him home and she looked a little flushed for a minute then cleared her throat as her bridge crew laughed and said that Colonel Ludo warned her about him so he might as well save his breath and James just smiled that his reputation had preceeded him even here.

“He’s a good man, so I guess I’ll behave.” James added as she smiled and nodded it was a good idea.

“Did I get the gifts that Ariel promised me?” James asked to change the subject as the new Captain agreed they were on board.

“You might have saved the Empire and this was all you asked for it?” She asked softly as James just smiled.

“If she had asked, I would have helped for free, but this will help my people for now. Its a start.” James mentioned as she agreed and when they got to the planet they beamed him down to the Traders area, with 2 large cargo boxes and James was all smiles as two horsemen rode up at full speed and slid to a stop.

“Your Majesty we were worried sick about you!” Christian screamed and he jumped off and gave James a big hug.

“I wasn’t... I knew you’d come sneaking back in here after all the monthly reports were done.” Francis said with his nose up, as Chris gave him a dirty look and Francis didn’t even look back but James laughed and said maybe he could make it all up to everyone, and he called over a few men and said he needed some craftsmen here right away and three men ran up asking what was needed. James opened the one large container to see what looked like oil lamps but these used no oil. They were square but the top was pyramid shaped and an odd blue color and James showed them how they fit on a post or small piece of wood and then once mounted you flipped this little switch and went on to the next one, as Christian looked on curiously and Francis kept mumbling something about new toys again, as James just smiled.

“What are they your Majesty?” He was asked by one craftsman as he smiled wider.

“Night lights,” He answered as everyone looked oddly at him.” they run on sunlight so the top stores it up all day then after dark the light comes on. Place one on each corner here in the Trading District and a few along the road from here to the castle. Make sure we have 2 outside the main gate and then let me know if there are any left.” he said as they agreed and they started looking for posts to do the job and James asked if he was getting a ride back to the castle as Francis just growled and Christian had him jump on behind him.

“Your Majesty...” Christian said as they rode along and James asked what it was he needed.”Enrique was in tears and screaming after you left, you might want to speak to her and let her know your alright.” He said as James agreed.

“You and Enrique weren’t...” Francis started to ask as James just smiled and said no they weren’t as he looked better then.

”We didn’t get the chance.” James said with a laugh, and finally Francis had seen and heard enough and he rode on ahead while Christian just laughed along with James.

Chapter 40: Calling in Reinforcements

But Francis was having a hard time coping after this last ordeal, trying to decide what to do next so he called a meeting, a very special meeting in his private office. He rose from his chair behind his desk and turned to look out the window, not knowing really where to start, but he finally took a deep breath and whipped around to the surprise of everyone there and ask if they couldn’t control the King a little better. As Enrique,Charlotte,Christina, Kit and even Clare looked shocked he could ask.

“Why... exactly... am I here?” Clare asked as Francis gave her a dirty look too.

“Dont give me that, you spend as much time with the King as these others, and their trying to become Queen!” Francis said as Clare looked a little upset at what he was implying.

“You above all others should know that we aren’t like that!” She screamed right back at him as he backed off just slightly.

“Thats a discussion for another time and place,” He added more softly as she looked shocked, could it be Francis was getting jealous of all the hours she spent with James at the lab? If so she might be a little happier he thought she needed to be here, so she smiled and sat back down.

“I have no real intention to be Queen though.” Enrique mentioned with her hand up as Francis growled in her direction.

“Thats irrelevant to this conversation...ladies please...cant you at least try and control the King a little more?” Francis was pleading now and for someone of his size and stature it was very serious looking or extremely funny, but no one dared to laugh since he seemed totally serious.”Even his new friends seem as irresponsible as he is, they come in the middle of the night take him away without warning and keep him for days. He is our King we should at least be informed when he’s leaving for long periods of time.”

“While I do agree James is a little irresponsible...” Christina mentioned softly,” but to try and control him using us is a bit...sneaky don’t you agree?”

“I’m not saying keep him in bed 32 hours a day, the Elements know he’d enjoy that! But at least let him know he’s worried about and that he needs to plan better, everyone knows he doesn’t listen to me or even Christian any more, so I had no choice but ask for your help.” Francis said looking sad as everyone smiled wide and Charlotte was trying to keep a straight face.

“I suppose we could plan a little better too,” Charlotte agreed as he thanked her for trying, as the other ladies smiled and agreed.

“I’ll leave all the details up to you.” Francis mentioned as they all agreed ,” now if you’ll excuse me I have another meeting.” He said and walked out quickly, leaving them to ‘plan’ in private.

“I never thought I’d see the day,” Clare mentioned, shaking her head as everyone smiled.” my Francis...at a loss for what to do,helpless in the face of one young man.” There were a few chuckles around the room as even Enrique got into the act, and mentioned her first night had gotten interrupted as well and everyone else smiled that she was finally ready.

“But I have no intentions of being Queen,” She added quickly, again, as everyone else just laughed.

“Even my father is so impressed by James that he mentioned that being Queen is good, but even Royal Consorts are not frowned on either.” Christina added as Charlotte looked surprised she was planning that far ahead.

“But....I thought you were the one winning... the way James talked sometimes.” Charlotte said as Christina looked happy, but a little confused.

“But...I thought it was you...for the same reason.” She added as Charlotte started getting upset and even grumbled under her voice for a second.

“I think we’ve all been had, and I mean that in every possible way!” She said sourly as Christina and Enrique laughed at her anger.”That wuss, he’s still playing the field and hasn’t tried making up his mind at all, I’ll wager.”

“Sounds just like him doesn’t it?” Kit added as they all agreed and they started making new plans, to keep the King under their thumbs more often and let him have less time to get into trouble.

“He’s always bringing in new things like these new lights, there’s a lot of paperwork for me as Quartermaster when he does that, its not much of an excuse, but it might be a start if I help distract him about stuff like that.” She said as everyone smiled since she hadn’t been too active lately this might give her a new chance to get his attention.

“Father just left so any new talks will be between James and I, I might want to ask about buying lights for our port too, and then work into other discussions.” She said getting red faced again.

“I just want his baby,” Enrique said, straight out, as everyone looked her way in shock as she smiled back at them,”its my duty and my contract, and knowing James as I do now, I’d want that even without our contract. Shouldn’t we all be just as honest?” She asked as everyones face went red.

“Maybe,” Kit added softly, looking down at her uniform and wondering if she had a chance, as Christina refused to say and Charlotte looked a little upset she was asked this all of a sudden.

“If he wants me to have his baby that wuss better shape up!” Charlotte said as everyone laughed but her face said it all, she wasn’t fooling anyone.

The Maid Team got the message soon after and in their monthly meeting it was mentioned that all the women might be working together.

“But thats irrelevant...” Doria said seriously,” the contest was for Queen not for who stays on after, so its still on. Let everyone know we added a new contestant, the Empress Ariel Goas, so place your bets people!” And there were cheers and people ran out to spread the word.

Chapter 41: Busy Work

Suddenly James was the center of attention. He ordered more of the lights and made sure the Goas trader knew they would sell well. So he too kept them on stock. Christina bought 2 dozen and had them shipped to her father with instructions, when their fish hauling ship dropped off another load of fresh fish again on the docks. It was a steady thing now and she smiled that her father was very happy with the new ship design.

Kitain had James in her office complaining about the mountain of paperwork that bringing new things into the Kingdom from outside gave her and James admitted he had never considered that as she told him he should, while spending as much time as she could bent over pointing to things and he kept smiling as it seemed Kit was getting ready to make her move too and James still wasnt sure what he’d do about that yet.

Now it was Gunter’s turn in the main office mentioning that James was spending money from the treasury like water and that they wouldn’t be getting any more income until land taxes next year, and James just smiled.

“I’ve been thinking you’d be saying something pretty soon.” James added as Gunter looked surprised he had planned ahead.”And I’ve been very good to the Trade Guilds lately haven’t I?”

“Extremely! The new Trade center isn’t even completed yet and we have 500 gold invested. I do see how we’re gaining more trading partners, but you keep giving them free access to the country instead of setting up deals where we buy their products and then resell it. Your giving away a fortune and we’ll still paying the bill.” Gunter complained as James got a chuckle at him getting upset.

“Then its time for a meeting with the Guilds, and our new friends the Goas too.” James mentioned as Gunter agreed. “I think even Christina should be in on this one since she represents her Kingdom here and their fishing rights and sales in our country.”

“Sounds reasonable...” Gunter added as they both agreed and a meeting was set up for the next day and the word went out to everyone involved.

The next morning James awoke all smiles, as Charlotte still laid across him where she fell asleep the night before.

“Good morning Darling...” He whispered as she smiled widely and repeated it back to him.”a few more nights like that and you’ll be getting a little chubby if you know what I mean.”

“I’m ready when you are, I don’t want anyone else but you.” She said giving him a big kiss that he liked very much.

“Sounds great, we should tell your father we’re thinking this way don’t you think?” James added as she agreed and she squeezed him even tighter,laying there all smiles and looking very comfortable indeed.

“Then I’ll be your Queen?” She whispered as James got a big grin and said ‘possibly’ and her eyes popped open and she rose up giving him a sour look suddenly. “POSSIBLY!?” She repeated as he looked surprised and a little amused at her sudden change.

“I cant believe you! Here we are talking about babies...and you wont even admit you’ve made up your mind yet, your such a horndog, I cant believe it!” She screamed as he laughed and she got even angrier. “Stop laughing or I swear...” And even before she finished talking she punched him a good one and then grabbed her cloths and ran from the room.

James checked his bloody nose and still smiled, she was a firecracker for sure but he loved her for it, as he wiggled his nose to make sure it wasn’t broken.

“OK maybe I went a little too far this morning,” He admitted as he went for his morning bath too.

He was just soaking good when Gunter knocked and asked if he was ready yet and James said he was just finishing up, so Gunter walked in and seeing him soaking there, he cleared his throat and mentioned that the meeting was set and he needed to hurry, people were already arriving, and James thanked him for the notice as Gunter saw a towel laying there with blood on it and asked if he was alright.

“Charlotte punched me, no big deal.” James mentioned as Gunter flew in a frenzy, saying she had never hurt anyone before and asked why she would do such a thing and James said, “ I told her I love her and want her to have my baby, and she punched me.”

“Strange, she should have been very happy about that...wait...there’s more to this story isn’t there?” He asked and he looked like he already knew.

“She admitted she would and asked if that meant she was going to be my Queen and I said ...’possibly’..and she hit me.” James added as Gunter looked like he’d throw the papers in his hand at him.

“Possibly!?” He asked as James said ‘well yes’ and Gunter ranted on and said he needed to talk to his daughter, and ran from the room as James got a big smile and decided this was working out to be a pretty good day.

James got dressed and went to his office to see several men and Christina sitting there and it looked like she was getting asked some personal questions and perhaps even getting a proposition or two at the same time. She seemed pretty happy to see him coming in and they all got seated as The Guild Chairman shook James’s hand and thanked him for being such a good King for them and James took that opportunity to list all the free stuff he gave them, things that no other King had done for business, and they all smiled and agreed.

“I was dragged into a meeting just yesterday about this very thing.You all know that the castle only gets income during tax time and that its very limited because things have been slow for a while right?” James asked as they admitted it probably was as James nodded agreement. “So to help me...so I can keep helping you...I must put a tiny tax on business, not a lot you understand just 1% on profits, thats for everyone, my people, the Goas, and Casity Kingdoms, all business being done here. That will get Gunter off my back and give me a little more to help improve our Trade Center and make this a truly world class Trading Capitol.” James added as many applauded while one or two looked sad they were being asked to contribute.

“Goas agrees,” He heard as Christina smiled and said the Casity Kingdom agreed too, and many others nodded even if they weren’t thrilled.

“Come on gentlemen, its only one brass out of 100 and look what I’ve done for you so far. I even let you police your own town and haven’t even sent soldiers in to keep the peace, even though Francis keeps saying I should. I think you are mature adults that can police your own.” James added as a few looked surprised he brought that up, since they built the new Center right near the docks smuggling had doubled, but surely he couldn’t know that.

“I agree as well,” Another man said and soon it was unanimous and the deal passed.

“First of every month at our meeting, bring your taxes and Gunter will mark it as paid, no muss no fuss, just people helping each other.” James said as the meeting closed and the men left and Christina stayed and waited until they were alone.

“I just saw Charlotte on her way to the bath,” She mentioned as James just smiled. “what did you do this time?”

“I asked her to have my baby...” he admitted as Christina looked surprised and maybe a little sad too.

“Thats not all, she’d not be angry about that, I’d wager.” She mentioned as James got a huge grin and she shook her head and waited.

“She asked if that meant she was going to be my Queen and I said... possibly...” he answered as she looked away and tried not to laugh out loud but barely controlled it.

“You are incorrigible..you know that?” She asked all smiles while he just laughed and looked away.

“Would you give me a baby, even if I didn’t make you my Queen?” James asked softly as Christina’s face got a little red and she smiled widely and after a minute looked at him out of the corner of her eye and said...possibly...as they both burst into laughter and James said that at least she didn’t hit him and she said after what he pulled he deserved it.

“Its hard you know...” James mentioned as she looked up to see his face looking very serious and she felt maybe some real truth was coming out.

“What is?” She asked softly as he smiled a little more.

“I love you all so much, and I’d never want to hurt any of you even for an instant.” He admitted as she smiled too, and after their meeting she sent a message to her father saying she wasn’t coming home, just send her favorite furnishings on the next ship.

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Chapter 42: Getting Noticed

King George of Caldwell looked at the latest intelligence reports. It said that the Demon Kingdom was poised to become a Trading powerhouse and two new countries had joined them and that their new King was building a city right on the docks to advance his plans to rule the Trade Lanes near his Kingdom in the near future.

If this was true then he was a direct competitor for his country, where grain and animals were raised mostly for export and they had been making great money for generations. He needed to know for sure, so he chose a representative to go and see. His oldest daughter Princess Cherry Caldwell, since the Demon King had a contest going to see who he could find for a new Queen it made perfect sense to send her. She was tall, well made, strong willed and blond. Many men around the castle had chased her for the last 2 years since her 18th birthday and she was still single because she didn’t see anyone who was her equal at anything, and business was one thing she excelled at.

She mentioned that if she was going then she should take some animals with her, never run a ship empty, and the King laughed and agreed. They loaded some of their best beef and swine and cast off with the tide and she watched as the lights of her country slipped behind her and she waited to see this new Kingdom and its official first trade deal.

It took all of a week for their fat trading vessel to get there,but when they came into view it was late at night and even now the docks were bustling and as bright as day, and she looked impressed. They pulled in and docked and she gave her name and identified her ship as a trading vessel and asked for room to display their wares. There was a small corral near by and she got access immediately and she moved her animals there and saw to it they were fed. Now it was just a matter of time. No Royal Visitor would be ignored and when James got up he heard first hand as Gunter went on about the fact that their kingdom had little in the way of animal trade because this new one did it all, everywhere, and had hurt them for many years.

“To be honest Gunter even our horses look a little raged, has there been a lot of inbreeding around the Kingdom for a while now?” James asked as Gunter explained that the animals they had were from very old strains and they had tried to keep them as pure as possible and James saw that maybe they had tried a little too hard.

“We should go see these new animals and people, after all a Princess is waiting.” James said as Gunter agreed and they got into a carriage and rode down to the docks to see a young woman, tall and strong giving several older men a hard time about the prices she was charging.

“Champion beef are not cheap feeders,” She demanded as they looked surprised she knew what she was talking about. But just then she looked around to see a young man, dressed all in black with short black hair step out of a carriage and smiled a warm smile.

“Sounds like she knows what shes talking about.” James mentioned as the men gave him dirty looks.

“Your Majesty please...we’re dealing here!” One man said as her eyes opened wide and she stopped to introduce herself.

“I am Princess Cherry Caldwell, please your Majesty give me just a second.” She said and turned back to deal some more as James got a big smile. It seemed she was all business so he walked over to look at the animals which all seemed more than the match for anything he had seen around here before. He waved Gunter over and as he stood there James asked if they weren’t better than what they had been raising on their own and he sadly agreed.

“If we bought a few of these and mated them with ours...” James whispered as Gunter admitted their animals would gain substantially from such a deal.

“The smaller red one is a beef bull, but only a yearling.” She called over her shoulder as James got a quick laugh.

“And she has good hearing.” James said a lot louder as she just smiled and took her money as the men walked a large swine away.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you your Majesty but I have no infirmities.” She said smiling wide as James cleared his throat for a second and said he could see that from here.

“May I introduce King James Von Soul the Honorable 23rd King of the Demon Kingdom.” Gunter said officially as she bowed for James and he thanked her and dropped to one knee and kissed her hand.

“So whats the going price for a young bull these days?” James asked as she smiled and they talked for a while. Gunter jumped in once and said her prices were outrageous, and she told him he needed to get outside the country more and James got a good laugh while Gunter fumed.

“Please its my first time with you, be gentle.” James whispered as her face grew red and she decided that she could let it go a little cheaper as Gunter thanked her for her consideration, and the young animal was led away a while later.

“May I invite you to the castle for the remainder of your visit? I was told it took you a week to get here, and we have the best wide open hot tubes around. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and after that, dinner?” he asked as she nodded she would come.

“I have some time yet and more business to discuss but I’ll be along soon.” She said as James gave her a respectful bow and went back to the carriage.

“So that is the new Demon King,” She thought, he was charming and seemed well versed in trading but she was not that impressed, she had seen better, and she went on scalping every dealer who she could until time for her to go to the castle came and the carriage came for her again.

“Her skills are quite good,” Gunter said as James got dressed for dinner.” shes about sold out the first day but those animals will be a big step up for breeding anywhere in our country, so we will gain somewhere no matter what.”

“Sounds good to me, a new country heard from and new items for sale. So it would be worth our time if she came back more often?” James asked as Gunter agreed.”I’ll see what I can do.”

“Just....” Gunter started as James waited to hear,”please your Majesty don’t forget she might still be an enemy, we wont know for a while yet.”

“Don’t worry Gunter shes not going to skin me, I’m the King after all.” James added and laughed and Gunter saw more trouble on the horizon.

Chapter 43: That First Dinner with a new Client

The word got around like a shot and everyone who had been there for a while started feeling anxious to see this new woman. James was not surprised to get several people asking to join him for dinner and he just smiled and agreed as the cooks went into overdrive making enough at the last minute.

Everyone got there a bit early and by the time Princess Caldwell arrived dressed for dinner, she found she was sitting several seats from the King as many young women smiled and greeted her cheerfully and she saw that the contest for Queen wasn’t an exaggeration after all.

The proper introductions were made and everyone smiled widely and looked very politically correct, while Cherry saw the glances the young women gave her and she smiled and tried to exceed their expectations ever more.

“To new friends, and great trading,” James toasted and everyone agreed as he sat and people started getting a chance to talk a little during the meal. “Princess Caldwell traveled for a week just to get here. I saw her ship its very heavy and well made. I’d hate to see any of those with cannons on board.” James mentioned as Francis saw his hint right away and decided to see for himself later.

“Our navy has ships even bigger and more powerful, but we prefer boarding and hand to hand combat. Its the most civilized way to wage war, don’t you agree?” She hinted as Francis cleared his throat even before James could give any of their new secrets and she saw it right away.

“We don’t have much of a Navy here, we like welcoming others to our shores not going out and conquering or pirating their ships. My country will always be open for anyone who wants to be friends and have a place to trade.” James added as she smiled and agreed it was a fine trading area.

“You might want to add more corral room. I had to put all my animals in the same area there wasn’t enough room to separate them.” Cherry hinted as James nodded and gave Gunter a look and he nodded instantly, to her surprise.

“But you sold them so fast who noticed?” James asked as they both laughed at his little joke. But the other women were just biding their time and surprisingly Christina got the first shot fired when she asked if Princess Caldwell had a fiance at home, and she smiled and said she had suiters but no one she preferred and they both smiled as she saw them stepping up.

“Staying long?” Charlotte asked and not as friendly as James gave her a dirty look and she looked away.”I mean...your doing so well, almost sold out the first day...” She backed off as Cherry got a little chuckle at that and Charlotte nearly barked at her for it, fighting for a smile, and James saw that while she was great at many things, diplomacy was not Charlotte’s forte.

“I heard there’s a contest going on,” Cherry mentioned and several people at the table looked upset, but kept on smiling.”I thought I’d see if my skills were appreciated here.”

“I’ve seen your skills and they are most impressive.” James added as she smiled wider and mentioned that he hadn’t seen anything yet, and at that admission, Charlotte left the room in a huff, followed by Gunter who apologized and walked out quickly.

“Charlotte stop!” Gunter called almost running down the hall as she did but refused to even turn around to face him. “What do you think your doing? James is entertaining a new representative from another country, one we seldom dealt with in the past. And you made a big scene running out of the room like a spoiled brat!”

“I cant take it anymore...all these women getting in my way. I love him and I want his child but I cant forgive him for just...doing all these women right in front of me!” She demanded as he looked sad for her.

“Nothing has changed since yesterday, and she might stay a while but James will not just go nuts and jump into bad with her he’s a better man than that.” Gunter mentioned as she gave him a dirty look and he looked away.

“Did you see that rack!! We’re lucky he didn’t fondle her during dinner!” She screamed as Gunter refused to say.

“I’ve never seen you like this...are you alright?” He asked finally as she nodded she was but admitted that this ‘contest’ was weighing on her badly and he suggested she not come to the table during negotiations, medicine was her forte, not politics and finally she smiled and agreed as she went to her room for the night.

“Was it something I said?” Cherry asked a minute after Charlotte ran out and James smiled his best smile and admitted they were seeing each other and she was a hothead sometimes, and they both smiled and looked for something else to talk about.

“I hear you have some very rare animals here. Some sheep and goats for instance that have become extinct in my country.” She mentioned as James looked surprised. But since Gunter was gone he had no idea for sure while Christian mentioned that they protected many animals here and their herds were many times animals that had not been seen or sold, outside the Kingdom.

“I might be interested in something like that too, before I go home.” She mentioned as James agreed saying thats what trade was all about, give and take between countries.

“I’ll have someone show you them tomorrow.” James offered as she smiled and agreed and the dinner soon ended.

Christina was walking back towards her room when she saw Charlotte run out of hers and into the ladies bathroom across the hall. She wondered if she might be sick and walked in to see her throwing up a great deal and looking upset about everything.

“Are you alright?” She asked, it was an obvious question and sounded silly the second she asked it as Charlotte shook her head saying she was fine.”Your hardly fine, how long has this been going on?”

“A few days nothing bad... I’d know. I have no fever I’m just tired and sick to my stomach. I’ll be OK in a few days, probably a late season case of the flu.” She said as Christina gave her a really hard stare that Charlotte refused to even acknowledge.

“Are you late again?” She asked as Charlotte looked up quickly and they stared at each other for a second.

“No, it cant be... we’re not ready...” She declared as Christina smiled wide and said they better GET ready then.

“It looks like James will soon be a father.” Christina added all smiles while Charlotte looked shocked and threw up some more.

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Chapter 44: The Big Secret, Revealed

“You cant tell him!” Charlotte demanded as Chris looked shocked.

“Everyone will figure it out soon enough don’t you think? James did ask you to have his child, he’ll be very happy I know.” Chris mentioned as Charlotte completely refused.

“He asked EVERYONE to have his child, he asked you didn’t he? And Enrique, and me, hell who knows how many others!” She screamed as Christina looked surprised she was thinking like that. “He’s been playing us all... getting what he wants then throwing us aside like old wash rags. Thats not the father I want for my child. I want a man who loves me...ME...not everyone else and who only wants me to have his baby, not every woman with breasts that comes by!”

“I resent that remark...” Christina added not too softly as Charlotte started to cry.

“Thats just Tough!” Charlotte screamed as she got back up and went back to her room and Chris looked like shed cry too, as she went to hers.

But Christina couldn’t let it go like this, so she came back a while later and knocked and Charlotte left her in...to see her packing her cloths.

“What are you doing?” She asked as Charlotte made sure she knew that it was very obvious what she was doing, and she made a nice long statement about the only way she’d stay.

“If James wants me for his Queen, first...all of you have to go..all of you. You can go home Enrique back to the shrine for another 800 years she can wait on another but this King is mine...MINE! No more contest no more women in his bed, none but ME!!” She screamed as she closed the case and dragged it to the door.

“Father has a place in our own region, I’ll go there. Its not bad, small but warm. I’ll be fine. I just cant stay here and see anyone else have his child, now...or ever.” And she was gone, out and down the hall while Chris looked just as shocked as she had been earlier, she was serious, James needed to give her his entire love, every child and every night for the rest of his life, or shed run away and she did, without even waiting to hear his answer.

James was sitting in his office a few hours later and doing his normal business when the door opened and Christina walked in, sobbing and looking tired as James jumped up and ran to her and guided her to a chair and asked what was going on, as Gunter and the others waited to hear.

“ It’s Charlotte...we think shes pregnant with James’s child.” She said and Gunter looked shocked but no one seemed as upset as she was and James said that was great why so sad? And she told the story as everyone look shocked now and Gunter dropped to his knees looking like he was in agony.

“That doesn’t sound like her at all.” Francis added as Gunter shook his head and looked even more sad. It was like her very much, and everyone looked more shocked than before.

“Remember that I adopted her when her father, a friend of mine died many years ago? She used to sit, screaming when she didn’t get her way. For years we fought about many things and I gave in most often. But after a while she became happy, her job healing people was fulfilling for her and gave her purpose, but now that shes pregnant, all those feelings have rushed out again. She’ll be very hard to talk to until she settles down.” he said seriously while everyone else looked sad for her.

“It would have been nice to know she had this temper before the King got involved with her.” Francis mentioned as Gunter jumped up saying he tried to keep them away from each other but couldn’t.

“It was my fault,” James added as everyone looked his way,” I wasn’t careful enough or this wouldn’t have happened. I need to talk to her personally.”

“She left late last night saying she was going to her home area, saying Lord Gunter had a small place there and she’d be fine.” Christina said as Gunter nodded saying he owned land like many other Nobles and he had a cottage there. It was his summer home and he went to get a horse so he could go himself and see what he could do.

When he got ready to leave, James walked up and handed him some money and Gunter asked what it was for.

“If its true then shes carrying my baby, so I’ll support her even if she never comes back.” He said as Gunter smiled and thanked him and took it and rode away.

He rode for a few hours and when he stopped outside he saw the carriage that she had taken when she left, tied to the hitching post outside. The horse looked tired and thirsty and he took it into the barn and gave it something to eat. Then he went in to see what she was doing now and found her in her old room, the one she had since she was a child just crying her eyes out and he felt bad for her and sat down on the edge of the bed as she looked up.

“You’ve done it now,” he mentioned as she looked odd at him,” I told you, don’t start a relationship, not with James not anyone because you get like this under pressure.” He added as she looked angry again.

“I’m not a little girl anymore!” She screamed as he just laughed and said she was certainly acting like one, and she cried some more.

“James knows now, Christina told us what happened, are you really carrying the Kings child?” He asked honestly as she said even she wasn’t sure, but the sickness was in her and no matter how hungry she got eating made her sick. “And mood swings too, and being angry at everyone.”

“Its possible, I’ll wait and see I’m not that late yet.” She added as he gave her a hug, and she didn’t look like she even cared he was there. “If he did this to me, I’ll kill him!”

“You were just as much at fault as him. He cares for you, your a pretty girl and you spent the night with him several times. No one forced you.” Gunter added as she looked sad about that.

“He acts so smug and childish some times...it pisses me off to no end!” She declared as even Gunter got a laugh saying he knew exactly how she felt and she finally smiled for the first time.

“I’m not even certain I’m pregnant and I went off like that on everyone, and poor Christina, she was worried about me and I called her a whore or something last night. I was so mad I don’t even remember.” She admitted looking more than just sad as Gunter said they’d all under stand. Now she needed to rest and see if it was really true or not then they’d worry about what to do next. And she thanked him for coming, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek and threw a blanket over her just like the old days.

Chapter 45: The Best Solution for Who?

A few days went by and she admitted she probably was pregnant now and Gunter said not to worry, James would be happy to do the right thing and take responsibility for their actions, but that didn’t please her either, because deep inside everything she had said was true and shed not be just another woman in his life she had to be THE woman or nothing, and she made a plan.She told her dad shed need some things and gave him a list and when he asked what they were, she said they were nutrients and minerals shed need to keep herself healthy for the baby and he went without question.He brought it all back and she thanked him and when he went to sleep she made a mixture she knew well, and after a minute to think, downed it in an instant. Then she went to bed to wait and when Gunter got up the next day he found her sweating profusely and shaking like a leave and he thought she had caught something and ran into town to get a doctor who rushed back to see her and he checked her eyes, heart rate and finally smelled her breath, and ran to see what she had made, and then started mixing something else up right away.

“Whats going on?” Gunter asked as the doctor worked feverishly saying she had poisoned herself, and he was making an antidote while Gunter fainted right where he stood.

When he woke up the doctor looked raged and tired so Gunter made them some tea and he thanked him. They watched over her for a few more hours and finally it seemed to pass.

“Why would a pretty young thing like her do something like this?” The doctor asked as Gunter took the time to explain and the doctor looked very sad. “So thats it...how sad, but wait...if shes a trained medic, why didn’t she succeed? She’d have all the information necessary to know exactly how much to take to kill herself. Oh my god...I hope I’m wrong..” He said and checked her again and asked how far along her pregnancy was and Gunter said she just now admitted it was true, and the doctor looked very sad.

“She didn’t plan on dieing I see it now...” He said as Gunter looked shocked,” she killed her child, there was more than enough poison for that.” He admitted as Gunter ran outside and threw up.

The next day she was awake and the doctor asked her a million questions and she answered them honestly. It was her plan, to stop the pregnancy from maturing any further, and to stop her fury from returning ever again.

“I’ll stay here, live here the rest of my life.” She mentioned as Gunter asked her to reconsider.”I see it clearly now. I cant have a normal life even loving someone hurts me, so this is it. My life as a medic and future Queen ends here.” She said and rolled over to sleep while the doctor told Gunter to leave her be. Once she made up her mind she would only get violent again if they forced her.

“I’ve seen this before, usually in people who have lost loved ones. They put everything into hatred and no matter how careful they are it runs amok from time to time. Many do kill themselves eventually since they cant live with it any longer.” He said sadly as he got back into his buggy and Gunter started to cry.”There’s nothing we can do...let her live in peace, out here shes better off than in a city where the pressure to be around others is greatest. In time she might reconsider and return.”

“Thank you doctor you’ve saved my little girl,” Gunter said and handed him some coins and he nodded and went home as Gunter went inside and sat in his old chair and looked out the window at the setting sun and wished he had been a better father.

Gunter stayed another day yet and got a maid for the house and a cook. Then he put the extra money into a safe he had hidden away, more like just a metal box, but he left her know where it was.

“If you need anything there’s enough there for now. I’ll drop some more off later.” He said as she thanked him for being a good father but that little comment didn’t make him feel any better. He got on his horse and waved and she said to make sure everyone knew...she never wanted to see them again, and he begged her not to say that.

“If I see just one of them...I’ll kill them...and then myself.” She said seriously,” I just want to be left alone.”

Gunter rode slowly back to the castle and it was nightfall before he got there, but for the moment he too didn’t want to talk to anyone, because the answers to their questions would be as hard to say as when he heard them the first time. And the hardest was thinking that she might not get any better, ever, and only peace and quiet were the only medicines for her now.

The questions did come of course then the shock sat in. James wouldn’t see anyone for a day and after that he was all business and very serious. Christian mentioned to everyone that he had been ready to name her Queen but now that she had snapped and refused to return, he was lost for what to do.

The other ladies had a meeting of their own and sat there looking sad and finally Kit said they needed to do something or he might fall into depression even further and that would be bad for the Kingdom itself.

“But what can we do?” Christina asked as Kit said only they knew him well enough to help him through this and Enrique agreed that they had a better chance than many others.

“We all ask the King for his help, in one way or another,” She added while people looked sad it might be true.” so its about time we stepped up and was there for him. This was a tragedy that couldn’t be seen in advance and cant be helped now. So we need to let him know we are there for him, and we under stand he’s not some monster without feelings.”

“I’m in...” Kit said as everyone else agreed and Project: Save the King was underway.

That first night it was Kit who showed up and refused to leave. She just laid there, holding him and asking nothing more and James cried for his lost friend and Kit told him it wasn’t his fault. They all loved him and were ready to stay by his side forever so they understood that someday any of them might have a baby, and they weren’t worried, because they knew they were in good hands, and James finally smiled and thanked her for coming.

“Its hard you know...” James mentioned as she asked what was.”I can still remember you as a man, a brash but very pretty young man. It embarrassed me to admit that you were attractive even then, and I never lied, I’m not really into men but you were special and now I know why. I once said that ‘just one more hormone and he’d be a she’ and I wasn’t wrong. But I must say now, that you’ve become even better than before. I’m just not ready yet for this type of thing again for a while.” He admitted as she smiled for him. It was pretty much as she thought, memories were still haunting him from their past, but he was honest and thats all she needed...for now.

“Of course these are a nice addition though,” James hinted with a poke as she laughed and for a second and he did too, then he kissed her on top of the head and thanked her for being there for him, and they both cuddled up together and fell asleep.

The next morning they were seen leaving the bedroom together and word spread around the castle that things were finally returning to normal.

“I had no idea that the contest would go on this long.” Doria said as everyone greed. “Now with his Majesty feeling down because of Lady Blank, it will take even longer.”

“Being the first back in his bed was a bold move though by Lady Von Grants.” One mentioned as they all agreed. They didn’t know nothing happened but they did know it was a bold move from someone that had sat back and watched for a long time now.

“The entire look of this contest has changed,” Doria added and many agreed,” its anyones game now.” And new bets were placed and some old ones dropped and the intrepid Maid Team waited to see.

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Really getting into the new story. Heres what its like...a kid thats in school yet, a Junior starting this year at the Argon Space Academy is doing well. His mom is a tall strong redhead that works as head of security at the space port, and demands the very best of him always. So...hes a top student, an athlete and good looking too (think a teenaged Christopher Reeves) and has girls chasing him everywhere...UNTIL. He goes home form school to find that 2 temporary teachers who just...suddenly dropped in at his school...were waiting to talk to him.His mom was upset and embarrassed as they told him his dad...was a pirate captain of a ship called the Minstrel...and that he had just died.Because they were an Entertainment Troupe, they had a license to pirate..legally...and do shows for tourists, etc but the license was only good for the captain...or his immediate family...and his mom totally refused.They have 60 days to convince him that its his families job to be an Entertainment pirate, and he might have to quit school to work full time doing it. Will he quit? Will he ever become a Captain that people can follow or look up to? Only time and many,many trials will tell.

PS thres still more of this one too, so dont worry just yet.

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Chapter 46: Bad Timing

Princess Caldwell got the story through the grapevine and she was sad too. This trip did give her some ideas and she got to see the new Trading Center being built and dealt with many new people. But the King had been through a tragedy, and he was wounded badly now. It was a bad time for her to make any moves to test him further, so she announced that she was returning home and James offered her and her people unlimited access for trade and she smiled and agreed. The big ship, now loaded with a few rare sheep she had bought from them went out of sight that afternoon, and no one knew if they’d see her again.

But a week later as she docked at her home port and unloaded her wares her father was there all smiles asking how things had gone and they had a good meal to discuss it further.

“A terrible thing,” he mentioned as she agreed.” He sounds like a decent sort though.”

“He’s a man of substance not like many shallow Kings and Princes I’ve met in the past.” Cherry added as he smiled and agreed.” He’s a Thinker too, has worked with the famous Lady Clare Von Saints and she brags about him constantly. That in itself makes him very interesting.” She said as her father listened and smiled as she went on. She was never impressed by the men she met...until now.

“So, trading with them is a good idea then?” he asked, changing the subject as she smiled and agreed.

“I brought back a mated pair of very rare sheep, we can start breeding our own now and sheep is one thing we are sorely short of.” She reminded him as he agreed.

“I’ll set about loading a new shipment then, who should we send to do our trading with them this trip?” He asked and waited as she cleared her throat and said she still had much to learn from them yet and he agreed and a written Trade Contract was made up and she was ready to return 2 days later, this time with enough animals to make a real profit, not like the little scalping she gave them the last time. This time it was all business.

By this time back at the castle things were settling down a bit. James smiled from time to time and people all around him started to too. When the King is depressed it gets sent down the chain, and soon even people in town and on the docks knew what happened and they all felt sad for him. But he started walking around the trading center, talking and laughing and giving his friends in the guilds a fit, because he seldom came down for long, and ‘normal business’ couldn’t take place while he was watching, as some said and they felt he was trying to put on a big front, maybe to help eliminate any rumors about him and some thought that great for a King to care about his people, while others wished he’d go home so they could make a better profit.

And when the next meeting came he wasn’t the same old happy go lucky guy they had learned to like...and take advantage of..they all laid their taxes on the table, Gunter counted it and looked upset as many looked away and James saw them taking advantage of his offer to ‘police themselves’ and he shook his head sadly.

“Let me see...” James said loudly as many there waited to hear.” you’ve given me 80 gold and 30 silver for taxes this month, hmmm and I thought it would be a lot more. How much do you think those special lights I gave you cost? I hear that Frank there made more than this smuggling alcohol last month.” James hinted as Frank, the oldest of the traders swore he never smuggled anything as James laughed out loud and many looked surprised and one or two got angry.

“And lets not forget Samuel there, his girls get a nice bright place to work that he never pays a cent for. You DO realize that General Francis thinks I was a fool to trust you, but I swore you’d act like men and not bite the hand that feeds you.” James added as one man jumped up screaming.

“Don’t take it out on us that your mistress went mad...” He screamed as even many others there looked away and disowned him on the spot. But James just smiled and leaned in and laid his elbows on the desktop and started wringing his hands and it wasn’t because he was teasing anyone today.

“I accept these taxes...for this month.” James said and signed the deal and they all smiled and thought they had gotten something for free.” Starting next week there will be a garrison of military patrolling the Trade Center, I hear there have been excessive fighting going on...not like people get drunk and rowdy there you under stand. But this will get Francis off my back and then we’ll see about getting a few small patrol boats to patrol the bay to keep out...um... pirates.” James said as everyone there looked sick and one man reached inside and dumped all his pocket change on the table, and several others did too, and that alone was more than they had offered in taxes.

“My how generous of you,” James said and waved as Gunter gathered it all up.” maybe I can keep Francis and his troops out of the trade center for one more month now.” He said and waved them away and they left, grumbling as they went.

“You knew they would try this,” Gunter mentioned as he started counting again and James agreed saying that crooked business men policing each other was like pirates trying to keep the peace,it just wasn’t going to happen. “but...this will certainly help. With this last bit it nearly pays for the building we’ve done so far.”

“Now for more serious business ,” James mentioned as Gunter looked sad yet,” how is Charlotte doing is she getting any better?”

“Not really, she broke nearly everything in the kitchen because she couldn’t make what she wanted for lunch last week. The maid had to stop her before she ruined the whole place.” He said as James looked sad too.

“Make sure she has what she needs, I’ll help support her.” He added as Gunter said it wasn’t necessary but James wouldn’t hear of it. “I had no idea...if I had been more careful, listened better maybe saw this coming...” James added as some one else stepped into the conversation as Christina walked in looking upset.

“Gunter has made it clear that Charlotte had problems long before you met her. Did you make her angry with all your teasing, sure, but you do that to us all, and we love it because we love you. She did too, or she never would have gotten pregnant. I believe she thought she had it beaten, with your help, until the baby came and that puts a lot of stress on every woman. She just couldn’t take it on top of everything else. But don’t you ever think it was all your fault, or I swear, I’ll slap you silly myself!” She screamed and suddenly slapped a hand over her mouth, and stopped to think what she just said, as even Gunter looked shocked. Out of all the women this one was the shyest, quietest of them all, and she said this to the King? And James started to laugh as she looked up from waiting on someone to yell at her but no one did and after a minute of laughter James thanked her saying that he had figured that out for himself, but sometimes he just let the depression slip over him again.

“And honey, you can slap me around anytime... just not in front of Gunter.” James added as her face went red and even Gunter got a grin as he took the taxes and disappeared out the door and James walked over and gave Chris a huge hug and a kiss and thanked her for being there.

Chapter 47: Undercover

James had Francis come in a while later and he seemed surprised he did. They seldom agreed on things but it was his job after all and James had him sit across from him as Francis wondered why he was called so suddenly.

“First off, I have to admit you were absolutely right this time.” James said as Francis looked happy but curious too.

“Which one of the many things I’ve been right about are we discussing?” Francis asked as James got a good laugh and Francis managed a wide smile.

“They tried ripping me off for their taxes. Less than 100 gold until I put some pressure on them.” James mentioned as Francis looked upset.

“With the Trade Center right on the ocean now and new buildings we GAVE them, they’re making 20x that much every month.” He said as James agreed.

“Well they did chip in some more after I mentioned having a meeting with you about it. So I offered to not have them patrolled for one more month, to see if they try it again.” James added as Francis grumbled under his breath.”HOWEVER...that doesn’t mean you cant have a few men just...wander around... down there on the docks from time to time, or maybe a mounted team just out for a ride. Past the Trade Center and into town. I hear there’s a few gangs giving the local shop owners some hassle lately too.” James mentioned and looked away as Francis smiled wider.

“Its possible you never know.” Francis added as he asked of that was all and James agreed and then stopped him on the way out.

“ One more thing...I also hear we have a few small ships that were used in the past for pirate patrols. It might be a good idea to have one make a circle around the bay, say...late in the evening...just once in a while... just looking for pirates, or maybe just doing a training run.” James added as Francis got a chuckle too. This was going to drive some of those smugglers crazy, and he liked that idea a lot.

“I’ve been meaning to start training a few new sailors, thanks for reminding me.” He said as the door went shut and James could just hear the next meeting even though it was weeks away.

In a week a new ship was seen around the docks. It was a small, fast ship with just 12 well armed sailors on board but it was clear they were military, under the Command of a young Lieutenant named Frank James. He talked a bit to his new men about the little boat how fast it was how well it turned and the fact it was faster than some trade ships too, as many of the Guilds men working there listened in.

“See you back here tomorrow men,” he saluted as they left talking among themselves as he checked the ropes and moorings one more time before leaving and a few of the Traders Guild men walked over smiling and asking why they were there so suddenly as the young officer told them that since trading was getting better and better many new ships would be coming and going, and General Francis was starting to worry about pirates targeting trade ships and they did their best to let him know they had heard nothing bad around here and he thanked them saying they were ‘truly honest businessmen’ as he left for the night and the men had an emergency meeting inside one building and the man who insulted the King was beaten senseless for being so stupid.

“We had it good...better than good...and we screwed it up. The King might be young but he’s no fool.” One man screamed as a few others agreed.

“If they find just one smuggling ship while their here they’ll never leave and Francis will bring even more soldiers down from the castle.” Another man mentioned as everyone looked sad.

“Was it worth it to hold back a few hundred gold in taxes to get this retaliation?” The oldest man asked softly as the more radical younger men looked sad he mentioned it.”We will make millions here and more all the time with new ships coming and going...and you got greedy about something as small as that.” He said disgusted, as he shook his head sadly and walked out leaving them to talk.

“We can fix it,” Was mentioned and they decided to surprise the King next time and they all agreed.

The older man went out away from the buildings and looked around to make sure no one was watching and then released a pigeon and walked on like nothing had happened. Francis got the message a few minutes later and he almost laughed out loud, a rare time for him. The Guilds were desperate now and they were going to start paying their fair share of taxes, hoping that the military stayed well away of their businesses. That was the plan, but Francis was just starting to have a good time. Things had been very quiet since James became King, no skirmishes along the boarders, nothing to keep him and his men busy and well trained. This new idea of patrols made sense not just to scare the Guild but for training too, and he decided to keep it up and even expand it, up and down the coast and coastline, to keep his men sharp, and he asked Clare for new ideas for the little boats and she just laughed, saying she thought someone would never ask.

She hinted that with a small piece of cloth wrapped around an arrow soaked with oil and lit, a small vessel could stop a bigger more powerful ship dead in the water, since every ship relied on sails to keep them going. Not just that but burning sails dropping onto sailors on the decks would force them into the sea, and less men on board meant less fighting when the ship was boarded. She had a few other ideas too, like an experimental cannon James mentioned that was now just a meter long piece of brass pipe with a fuse in it, but it could hold half a pound of gun power and not explode when fired,and she estimated that it would fire a load of small pellets made of metal for over a hundred yards, and Francis thought that might come in handy later on.

“I didn’t know we had a Navy per se,” She mentioned as Francis just smiled.

“The King mentioned something I felt was a little bit interesting,” Francis mentioned as she waited to hear.” when small countries wanted to protect Trade Lanes in the past on his world they had small fast ships patrol the coastline watching for attacks from pirates. They might not be big enough to stop them themselves but they got intelligence and even identified single ships and Captains. They called it the Coast Guard...” Francis said as she smiled and nodded agreement. “I like it..it makes us look less weak to our neighbors and better in front of more military countries that are coming to trade. We have a few small boats but nothing really made for fighting heavily armed ships.”

“You let the fighting on the seas up to me,” Clare said as he just laughed and he saw that look in her eyes and she was off on another rush to invent.

She had a second tumbler made , this one for gun powder and she made a good batch up for experimenting with. Her and Florence talked it over and made a mount for the little test gun and fired it out the window of the lab from time to time, scaring the **** out of horses and people alike, as James laughed when Francis asked what was going on.

“You ask her for help didn’t you?” James asked as Francis admitted he had,” then get used to it. Cannons were the main weapon on boats for centuries on my world. They could fire for hundreds of yards, throwing bits of metal and even small stones for ammo, and they killed a lot of men, and sunk a lot of ships.”

“Thats good to know,” Francis mentioned as James agreed. “ With something like that, we can protect people coming here from other countries and save them from thinking they need to bring military ships here for their own defense. That might cause some problems with me and my
men if soldiers from other realms were stationed here.”

“We will always let trade but not military forces, I’ll stand with you on that. If we make a good effort everyone can see then they wont force the issue.”James added as Francis agreed and they finally found some common ground they agreed on.

James and Francis walked down to talk to Clare and Florence and they were happy to see them.

“Its getting better all the time.” Clare mentioned as James nodded and said he could tell they were using a different mixture than before.

“When you started there was this loud POOF! “ He said as they agreed,” probably lots of black smoke and carbon came out, thick black stuff.” he mentioned as Florence agreed saying that just knowing that from the sound was impressive. “Now your getting a faster burning mixture more of a BANG! instead of just a poof, thats good but be careful, if its too powerful you’ll explode the barrel and you could die.”

“We figured that out already,” Clare mentioned quite proud of herself,” the little test barrel creaked yesterday, so we’re going to have a better one made.” James took a look at the little gun and nodded it had indeed cracked, and he mentioned that for the best chances of success it needed to be a little longer by a foot and thicker maybe 1/2 an inch thick and Clare wrote it all down.

“Then make a wooden mount for it, a thick heavy mount, sit the barrel into the top so when it kicks back the whole thing has to move, put it on wheels so people can roll it around to load it and fire, and we’ll start testing it on the patrol boats not out the window. We need to keep our horses from dieing of fright.” James said as Florence and Clare laughed and Francis agreed that they could work together on it.

“Ammunition can be anything from a large metal ball, to a handful of small pieces of metal or even small rocks. They will hurt a lot to get hit by them and they will shred sails and kill sailors that get hit. Thats going to add a lot of fear to pirates after this gets started.” He went on as Francis smiled more and Clare saw that they finally found something to agree on.

Chapter 48: A Modern World Begins

In a month they had the first patrol boat with a single cannon on board, mounted in the nose. That way they could fire on ships even if they were faster and trying to escape. Francis had an old boat brought out from storage and they dropped anchor way out near the entrance to the bay, far from shore and they practiced firing on that, and even he was surprised how much damage this one gun could do. Now there were orders for a few more and Clare made a new mixture of gun power that would last them a while. James suggested pre-measuring the powder making it faster to load, and Florence did that putting the correct amount in little cloth sacks just the right size for one shot and they could load in a flash compared to having to take the time to measure everything on the spot.

Francis had buckets of small stones and metal scraps he got from the craftsmen on board too, and they had a scoop to keep from getting soldier’s fingers cut handling the small sharp pieces, and they could make a lot of damage to small areas and rip sails to bits in short order.

All this under the watchful eyes of the Traders Guilds and they got more depressed every day. Now the next months taxes were due, and even James and Gunter were surprised at the amount that came in, more than exceeding even their estimates.

“You’ve been doing such a fine job protecting us from the sea that we can not in good conscious withhold anything from you. Keep up the good work and we’ll make sure the taxes are paid, and fairly from now on.” The older man mentioned as James thanked them seriously and even the younger men smiled that they had pleased him.

“The small boat you’ve seen working is the first in a line of small ships, but its their job to patrol the coastline, miles and miles up and down the coast from one Kingdom to the next. This way we can say that the safety of the Trade Lanes is also our responsibility and not be blamed by other Kingdoms for not doing our share. They wont be patrolling just the bay, and might be gone for days at a time.” James mentioned with a sly smile as other bigger smiles were seen too. It seemed the King had some business sense after all.

“And anything out of the ordinary will be reported immediately by us as well.” The older man mentioned with a bow, as many agreed.

“Thats all I’ll ask of you so this meeting is over and I’ll see you next month....oh..by the way whats your favorite colors...for the new buildings?” James asked as people smiled and mentioned a few and James agreed. “Then see you next month.” As the men shook his hand on their way out and Gunter smiled and asked if he was really going to have the buildings painted for them.

“It will make the Trade Center look brighter, more prosperous...” James added as Gunter agreed. “ Its the first thing people see coming into port, and once we get that done, I want to start building a second dock area, just over from the first. With people from Caldwell coming they’ll be in a sizable ship, and they will need to stay docked for days or weeks, so we need a larger dock area for more ships to stay longer.”

“At least we can afford it now,”: Gunter said shaking the bag of coins as James agreed.

“And it adds prosperity to the Kingdom it takes a lot of men to build the Trade Center, and the new docks even more. So even the town is getting better with more money to spend per family there.”

“Your a good King,” Gunter said as he walked out to put the taxes into the Treasury and James sat back smiling. He was still learning but the classes in management that his parents had him take helped a lot, and he wondered if they knew this time would come.

“Actually yes...” Christian said as James looked surprised,” they knew all along who you were and what your job would be. It was great of them to see you got the proper training before coming home.”

“I’m starting to miss them again.” James mentioned as Christian saw a trip coming soon.

“Why not take a day or two and visit, it has been a while and with the time difference,” He started as James agreed, the last 4 months here would be 20 months back home and Christian was talking about that when Christina walked in and smiled wide.

“You going home to visit?” She asked as James agreed,” can I come along? Kitain got to meet your family but so far I haven’t.”

“Why don’t we all go?” James added as even her face lit up and James set about gathering everyone and Christian made sure that they brought gifts for the Kings family, and the Great Beam activated again and a small party of people were standing in the back yard, as James’s father looked out the sliding glass door and screamed that James was back and his mom rushed to see this party coming and she looked shocked too.

“Oh my...who are all these people?” Sara asked as James smiled.

“You know Christian right? He’s my bodyguard and a good friend. This is Princess Christina Casity, one of my wives.” James mentioned as everyone there looked at him oddly. It was the first time he had said anything about any of them being married. “This is Enrique, Priestess and the Most High and Protector of the Shrine of Kings, also my wife, and this is Kitain of course you remember her, also a wife.” He added as Kit asked if that was true and James nodded agreement.

“Its a freaking Harem!” Frank screamed as everyone looked embarrassed and he apologized for blurting it out like that as Christian laughed along with James who took this time to announce his plans.

“I love them all too much to pick just one, so I’m asking all of them, right now in front of my parents to say yes or no to this deal.” James said as everyone looked at each other and one by one they agreed,as Sara looked ready to cry.

“He is the King after all,” Kit suggested as everyone agreed,” he’d be hard to replace.” And with that all the women got a good laugh too.

“Gee thanks...” James added as they all went into the living room and sat and talked and Sara was shocked at Christina’s hair color, even more when she said it was natural this way, and no one, none, mentioned Charlotte as per their deal before leaving the castle.

They had a fine dinner and Christian handed Frank some gold that they had taken the icons and names off of so they couldn’t be traced and said that it would help them a little when James was gone, and he thanked them for their care. The meal was nice and James mentioned that it had been ages since he had eaten some of this as the girls looked odd at the assortment of red and orange things they never saw before.

“Whats this?” Christina asked as James looked up and smiled at her curiosity, looking at the vegetable on her fork.

“Its a radish, they are crunchy and a little spicy sometime but their good, we eat them with leafy vegetables called lettuce and onions and many others, together like this they are called a ‘salad’.” He mentioned as she tried one and admitted it was good.

“And this?” Enrique asked as James laughed.

“A carrot.” he added as she too tried something for the first time.

“We grow nothing like this back home if you like them why haven’t you brought any of these back until now? Maybe even seeds the farmers might want to try.” Enrique asked as James stopped dead and the look on his face said it all...he thought about a lot of things... but never thought of this before.

“You didn’t? Thats silly they sell the seeds at the hardware store just down the street.” Sara mentioned as Kit jumped up and James screamed ‘NO, SIT!” and she sat back down slowly as Christian laughed and she asked what was so funny.

“The King learns quickly.” Christian said as Kit got quiet and everyone else got a good laugh at her expense.

“I’ll go myself...” James mentioned as Christian said he’d go too and keep him safe as Sara mentioned it was the same old neighborhood and quite safe but James agreed and they went after dinner...leaving the women to talk about things they might not want to say in front of everyone else.

They walked into the hardware store and went right to the seeds area and there were racks of seeds some slightly different from others and as James read, he realized they weren’t always the same. Some grew well in shaded areas, some in bright sun and he wasn’t sure with their red sun exactly what to get, so he got an assortment of many types and sizes, carrots, lettuce, radishes, and cabbages, all things that they didn’t see or eat every day in the castle. They had their own vegetables there some like turnips and others like peas, but none like these. He had a big handful of seed packs when he saw Christian looking at custom pocket knives on a rack nearby and asked if he saw something he liked.

“Remember that young officer I have watching over you sometimes? He’s a good friend, his name is Lt. Phillip Carey, and it is his job to infiltrate other castles and do intelligence things for us. He carries a dagger most times but in some disguises even thats not possible, so I was just thinking,” as James saw a few nasty little blades some even with a switch to operate them in a hurry and he agreed and they got one with a 4 inch blade that hid away carefully and then sprang out when needed.”He’ll get a big kick out of this.” Chris mentioned,with a smile while looking it over on the way back as James smiled too, and saw that Christian was thinking about this young man a lot, and he didnt ask any more, and they went back with a bag full of little things and enough seeds for a small farm.

“Its about time...” Kit called as they walked in and James said she was always so rushed and in a hurry about everything, as Sara mentioned that wasn’t good, sometimes slow was better as Kits face burst into red and everyone laughed. “but its been hours so its been nearly a day back home.”

“Yes,yes...” James said waving her away as she looked angry he was ignoring her again. “I promised mom and dad to visit more often,so here we are, and they got to meet everyone this time and see that I’m seriously thinking of having a Family too. So the next time we visit...who knows?” He mentioned as everyone smiled wide and Sara looked happy for him.

“So this is your Family then? Very nice, they all care for you, thats easy to see, and we had a nice chat.” Sara mentioned as James smiled and agreed they were great.”This better be the limit or you’ll never get to sleep.” She said as everyone laughed some more.

“James is a King he can have as many wives as he wants, but we are confident that we can keep him happy.” Christina added as everyone agreed, as James smiled wider by the second.

“We should go...” Christian mentioned too as James agreed and Sara and Frank got hugs from all their daughters - in - law and James got a whisper from his dad telling him how very lucky he was, and he agreed. The Beam grabbed them now and they all smiled as they settled to the ground in the courtyard. It was dark when they got back, with only the new pole lamps illuminating the courtyard, as a few solders walked over and welcomed them back and James waved as they all went inside. Its was spring now and the nights were still a little chilly, but it was just the right time to have a meeting with the farmers that helped supply the castle, so James decided that that was next on his schedule for changes to their world.

Chapter 49: New and Old Friends

The Farmers Guild got a private meeting with the King as he showed them what he brought back and they were deeply impressed by it. These new things would add a lot to their farms and trade with others, once they found out they were growing things never seen before.

James took the time to show each pack, with pictures on them and instructions on the back. He had made a few notes after reading them, in the native language so they could tell the best way to grow them and after talking to several men he handed out things he felt they had the best chance at growing.

“Remember when harvest time comes keep a few for seeds,” he mentioned as everyone agreed and he made new friends that felt he was thinking well ahead for the future of farming in the Kingdom.

“In a few months we’ll have more of a variety of food here.” James mentioned as Gunter smiled and agreed, saying that if these new things caught on people from all over would be coming to buy them. “It was Christina’s idea...so I owe her for this one.”

“Are you really going to marry all the girls here now? Its not illegal or anything but...” Gunter said sadly as James asked if Charlotte would ever be coming back to them , and mentioned she had a place here too. “she can never return,please don’t even consider it. Shes agitated and angry with 2 people around she sees every day, so bringing her back here would be a disaster.”

“I will always consider her one of mine too, please take good care of her.” James added softly as Gunter’s eyes welled up and he thanked him for his kindness.

The next day word got back that the big ship from Caldwell was back and they brought a veritable herd of animals to sell and people were lining the docks even as the sun came up. James went down after a while to see Cherry doing her best work, showing a little cleavage with a button down shirt, with a button or two open at the top, and getting old men from all over rolling at her feet buying things they might not even need, as she smiled warmly and made them all feel special, and James mentioned to Christian that she was certainly a good representative of her country and he agreed she had many skills.

James noticed some horses this time and walked over to one fence,as a young black horse walked to the fence to meet him, and they struck up a friendship right away as James patted his neck and he whinnied and nuzzled against him and Cherry saw them and walked over all smiles and asked if James had a horse of his own yet, and he admitted he used whatever one was available when the time came.

“Its a rare thing, to see an animal chose someone like this,” She mentioned as even Christian admitted it was true.

“Maybe because I’m a pushover, I’m kind and friendly to everyone so maybe he can tell I’d spoil him.” James said laughing as even Cherry got a chuckle at that.

“Do you always spoil your friends?” She asked softly as James smiled and said ‘definitely’ and the attitude in the air made Chris look away for a minute.”I’ll give you a good deal, I promise.”

“Don’t sell him to anyone else and we can discuss it...over dinner?” James asked as she agreed and he waved as he walked away and the animal made noises calling to him as if it was upset he was leaving.

“Shes a good salesman, but shes right. To see an animal greet someone new like that is rare. It would be a very good idea to have your own horse.Especially if it has already claimed you as its master. It becomes a one man horse and no one can ride him but you.” Christian mentioned as James thought that sounded pretty good too.

“I was surprised that Princess Caldwell came back, I thought that they’d just send a salesman after her first trip.” James added as they got back to the carriage and Christian smiled wide.

“Maybe she doesn’t know the contest is over and your married now.” He mentioned as James got a huge grin.

“Did I say its over?” He asked as Christian looked away chuckling and he could see some yelling going on if he kept acting like this forever.

“That blond bombshell from Caldwell is back,” One maid said as Doria looked interested.

“I hear the King has invited her for dinner, so...the contest goes on then?” She asked as Doria smiled wide. The first part of the contest was a draw, and no one liked that, so now that Charlotte was gone the contest changed a little to who would have the first baby, and everyone waited to see that too.

“It goes on, maybe she’ll become a serious contestant yet.” Doria added as people laughed and they saw the King liked many women, and not a single one who stayed was upset with him yet. The man had more skills than they gave him credit for.

Dinner time came and when Cherry walked in dressed to the nines, she wasn’t too surprised to see everyone there just as before and she was, once again at the other end of the table.

“Welcome back...” She heard from several others there and she smiled and thanked them for being so kind. There was a bit of throat clearing, from more than one person, as Cherry smiled and waited as James made the announcement that everyone here, with the exception of her of course, was his wife and she looked surprised but not THAT surprised as she mentioned she was the daughter of her fathers third wife, and everyone smiled.

“This isn’t unusual at all. I’ve met Kings with 12 wives and still looking, but they are known perverts.” Cherry added as someone choked and everyone laughed.

“I’d never be that bold, or stupid, I want to keep everyone happy myself, and no one can tell me that having a dozen wives they aren’t sneaking around, thats a long wait between for them.” He added as someone got a slightly louder ‘amen’ in there as James pretended not to hear, to the smiles of everyone around the table.

“Are there....any openings left?” Cherry asked as Kitain choked on her drink and even Christina looked her way suddenly.

“I do want a large family, but I also want to keep it a reasonable size.” James added as a few got a big grin,” but I might consider it.” And at that a few around there were giving him the evil eye and he looked a little embarrassed by it.

“Lets be honest,” Kit said loudly slamming her fork onto the table, as Christina tried to stop her from jumping in too soon.”he’s not exactly doing the best job now so even more would be troublesome.”

“I’m not what?” James asked as the maids seemed to be having a very cheerful dinner time themselves.

“I’m your wife...so you say...but we’ve never done anything, ever.” Kit added as James’s face grew red and Cherry seemed interested to hear why.

“Alright Kit,you started it, so now tell the rest of the story.” James added as Kit’s face fell and she told them all about her change and Cherry looked shocked.

“And your excuse for me?” Enrique asked looking up suddenly as James looked more than just surprised since she hadn’t asked since the night he was beamed away.

“Alright, I admit there have been some odd occurrences lately but you all know their not permanent, things are getting better.” James added as everyone smiled and left it go for now.

“In that case, I withdraw the question.” Cherry added as a few smiled wider,” until the King catches up a little at least.”

“We appreciate it,” Kitain mentioned as James felt like he was being led by his.....and he wasn’t sure he liked that idea.

Chapter 50: Catching Up

Dinner time came and went and James went into the living room to sit and talk and the only people there tonight were him and Christian and he mentioned that he probably wouldn’t stay alone for long this evening as James agreed it might be true. But James also mentioned that he was doing better now and that he knew he wasn’t doing his best to keep everyone happy.

“It was quite a shock, you know.” He mentioned almost silently as Chris agreed and said he could tell James was doing much better now.

“You’ll need to be ready, Kitain went through a lot and she wont wait patiently forever.” Christian mentioned as James agreed, saying he was ready for that or he couldn’t have made the announcement that he did.

“Shes as attractive as any of them now, so I’ll just see her for who she is, not who she was.” He admitted as Chris looked happy to hear it. “ I suppose..." He said with a deep sigh,"I should retire early tonight, good night Christian, see you in the morning.” And with that James walked up the stairs laughing and making a suitable amount of noise for someone going to his death, but hardly for sneaking into his bedroom alone. Christian laughed to himself and shook his head. All that noise was hardly necessary since the girls had made their feelings known right out loud, a rare occasion for sure. But he was sure James knew he had made some people upset with him, and would do his best to fix it.

He barely settled in when the door opened and in stepped Enrique in her white full length night gown and he smiled wide and welcomed her.

“I thought it would either be you or Kitain after what was said at dinner tonight.” James mentioned as she bowed deeply and begged his forgiveness. “You didn’t say a thing that wasn’t true and I should apologize, not you. So...was it whoever ran in first tonight or what?”

“Coin toss,” She admitted all smiles, as James patted the bed beside him and she slid right in,” Kitain is terrible at games,thank the Elements.” She said and snuggled in next to James and he got a good look at how very mature she had gotten in the last few months and just as they got into some serious kissing, a light flickered and James looked up to see Ludo standing there who immediately turned his back and apologized as Enrique nearly screamed at him.

“Do you people have something against me personally?” She demanded as Ludo looked shocked and lost, as James said he’d be right back, and he grabbed his robe and dragged the Colonel into the hall and asked what he needed in the middle of the night.

“Its early...oh never mind...Empress Ariel wanted me to inform you personally that she is here for a visit, so I was sent the second we arrived.” he admitted as James agreed saying they could enter the castle anytime and rooms would always be ready for them...now if that was all...and Ludo apologized again for interrupting his evening.

“Then I’ll see you, and Ariel at breakfast, good night.” James said and went back inside while Colonel Ludo beamed back to the ship with his report, and Ariel’s face went beet red and she decided that morning would be soon enough and they got some sleep.

It took a few minutes until Enrique got settled down again and James reminded her that Ariel and Colonel Ludo weren’t even the ones who beamed him away before, and she seemed to think her outburst was a little funny after hearing that, and James gave her a nice hug and thanked her for being so nice and easy to get along with...normally, and she thanked him for not giving up on her yet, saying she had absolutely no experience but he accepted her as she was and James agreed saying she was very lovely and he was happy to have her. Thats all it took to get things going again and she asked a lot of questions and James tried to be as honest as he could without making himself seem too nasty, but the night went well and she was smiling all too wide at breakfast the next day as the Colonel and Ariel walked in and she apologized herself for sending someone in without checking first.

“I mentioned to the Colonel that you can come into the castle any time you want, there’s no need to make a big announcement.” James added as she thanked him for that.

“And don’t worry we forgive you.” Enrique mentioned with a sly smile as Ariel nodded and said she was glad she wasn’t too upset.

“So, what pleasure is it that brings you here this trip?” James asked as Ariel smiled wide and said,

“I need you to marry me...” And the room stopped dead once more as faces dropped as well as forks, and no one looked happy to hear that and James asked her why she asked that so suddenly as people all around the room looked ready to strangle him any second.

“Why me?” James asked as she went on about the big fight and he had earned respect from all her generals and admirals.

“Now that I’m reaching adulthood, and since the Empire is stable and happy now, its my duty to take a lover to leave an heir to the throne. The advisors have been hunting me down like a dog for weeks introducing me to every son, brother or uncle they have. Its out of hand, so I told them we were wed, and they stopped at once. It doesn’t matter that I’ll not get pregnant for a while just so they know their aggravation of their Empress isn’t working.” She explained as a few smiled and James seemed to see the plan.

“Ah...so you need a figurehead, someone who just admits to it but never really does anything about it until your ready, or find someone else.” James said as many heaved a sigh of relief and Ariel saw it right away.

“Something... like that...” She said slowly,as everyone nodded and she just smiled, for now. “You may need to come visit once in a while...so they can see us together...that will help a lot.”

“No problem, what are friends for.” James mentioned as everyone agreed and went back to eating as Ariel looked out of the corner of her eyes at Ludo who was having a hard time keeping a straight face, knowing it wasn’t quite that simple.

But the one face in the room that was beaming today was Enrique and she wasn’t even trying to hide it. It was so obvious that Kitain leaned over and asked her if she enjoyed it that much and she never stopped smiling but turned and whispered, ‘ first time in 800 years’ and Kit’s face went beet red instantly. It made her anger about waiting a few months seem petty and childish but Enrique mentioned that James wanted her next and she finally smiled and looked at him as he saw the little talk going on and he gave her a wink, and she too smiled for a minute, as everyone around the table seemed happy things were finally working out... for everyone.

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Chapter 51: Real Intentions

With her offer on hold Cherry sent message after message to her father as fast as birds could fly over the next week. Had they been in the same country their conversation might have gone like this:

Cherry:“I offered to join the Kings Court here this week and King Soul agreed he thought that would work well, it seems he’s attracted to me after all.”

George: “Thats a surprise, I knew you liked him but to offer your hand to a new King you just met is amazing!”

Cherry: “He’s a better man than any you’ve introduced me to so far, and I like his attitude. He wants to make the entire world better... not just his country. The Trading Center is amazing, and he adds to it every week. You need to come see for yourself.”

George: “ So...you’ll stay and marry him like all the rest then?”

Cherry: “ An amazing stud horse cant be happy with just one prize female.” She hinted.

George: “Seeing that comment I nearly sit out my coffee daughter, oh well, if thats your final decision I’ll be along later with your things.”

And with that another Princess made herself known to the new King and James made sure she had a room set up for her when she was ready to move in, while others decided that a schedule might be needed because the gaming option wasn’t getting it done.

Kit made her appearance a day after Enrique and that went well too. She was more than a little relieved that James left the past go and saw her for who she really was. Her and Enrique talked in the big bath house and they agreed that besides being very good to them James was a bit of a pervert, telling Enrique he would ‘teach her well,’ since she had no idea what was expected of her, and Kit... having been a man for more than half her life mentioned that what he was ‘teaching’ were things every man wished for, not just expected, but Enrique just smiled and said she didn’t mind, because he was better for her than she could have imagined in all the years she had waited.

The official schedule was made and after some discussion agreed to. This way no one was left out and there were no hard feelings about who was around on Tuesday and who wasn’t, or any other day for that matter. James got the weekend off...so to speak...and they decided that if he called for someone then it was his choice and they would all under stand.

Ariel, who said it was all a mirage, wasn’t on the list since she wasn’t going to be actually sleeping with James or around all the time...so she said. But she did hint when no one was around that she too wanted to learn and she trusted him to be both gentle and knowledgeable on the subject as James thanked her for the trust, and agreed, saying that the weekends were his so they could do something about her ‘lessons’ then.

That didn’t stay a secret long either and as Colonel Ludo went back to check on things at home, Ariel stayed for another week.

During one early morning bath a few days later, James was heard by Christian to mutter...’just one more...one more beautiful woman will kill me... I’m sure of it.’ and Christian laughed himself silly, as quietly as possible in the hall as James lamented his life of hard work and hard sex.

But for all the joy in the castle this month something bad was coming. 100 miles to the north the pirate band led by Franco Silio was talking about their next attack and the new Trade Center was getting a lot of attention.

“Well George what did you see?” he asked as his man on the inside mentioned that he had worked the docks for a week, gotten well paid too but that there was literally a dozen ships full of materials around there at any one time. The town was prospering like never before,and even the average worker was doing much better than the average for that same job elsewhere.

“You could pick and choose from a dozen different items right on the docks, and the Traders Guilds have ladies of high quality everywhere you look, its a Traders Paradise.” He said seriously while everyone cheered.

“Then its about time we go see for ourselves this paradise,” Franco said as they all agreed and everyone started sharpening their swords and knives and arguing over who got first dibs on the ladies when they got there. “The nearest military garrison is the castle, some 5 miles away. If we hit quick and silently they wont know what happened until we’re gone. We attack at sun up!”

Cherry was just getting up herself when all hell broke lose. There was screaming and clashing of swords as she jumped up and got dressed as fast as possible. Then she ran out of her cabin on board the docked ship to see fights going on everywhere, and she grabbed a set of daggers from the ships armory and went to help. But the pirates were well trained and even with her men helping they slowly got control of the docks and she like many others were caught and held prisoner while the pirates ogled them and drooled.

“What have we here?” The Pirate leader asked to no one in particular as he checked out Cherry and her ample bosoms and many men there agreed.

“I am Cherry Caldwell, Princess of the country of Caldwell and future Queen of the Demon Kingdom, if you know whats good for you you’ll leave now with whatever you can carry, or die trying to flee later.” She said loudly as men laughed all around.

“Its 5 miles to the castle, and no one has gotten a message out, we’d know, we planned this for quite a while, but I must say the new King has good taste.” he added as she gave him a sour look and even now was being strong and serious and a few men respected her for that.

“Why do you think its called the Demon Kingdom?” She whispered as she called at the top of her lungs for help and the men laughed as even their leader saw she was getting desperate.

“Your too high quality goods for these ignorant fools, you men go see about the others, leave this one to me.” Franco said as many grumbled but started away but a minute later the ground shook and black clouds ran in and wind and rain belted down suddenly and as Franco looked around, surprised, Cherry looked up with a look of sheer delight and hatred all at once and he looked shocked.

“I warned you, our King doesn’t take lightly people messing with his women.” She added as lightning struck the ground and several men went flying and Franco pulled his sword for defense and ran to the end of the docks and saw a massive shadow coming from up the road. It was 50 feet tall and growing and everywhere it pointed lightning struck and his men were being laid waste like bugs scrambling at its feet, and in a second he saw him, one man, leading a small army, walking down the road at a brisk pace and he ordered everyone back to their ship, and they grabbed what they could and jumped on board, as lightning struck the main mast and split it like a huge knife had been used and half fell into the sea and half collapsed onto the deck, hurting a few more as he screamed to get under way and the boat slowly got away from the docks, as the army made it there to see them slowly running towards the sea.

Chapter 52: Francis’s Battle, and James’s Decision

“Damn it James why didn’t you sink them when you had the chance?” Francis screamed as he jumped off his horse to see the big boat slowly getting away. But James walked quickly to Cherry who was holding her shirt shut where the buttons had been popped and asked if she was alright and she said she was and then he turned back to Francis who was looking angry again.

“Isn’t it about time you get after them General?” James asked as Francis looked shocked but then smiled and agreed. He ran over to their patrol boat and his men jumped in and soon it pulled away, fully loaded, and ran towards the escaping ship as Cherry asked why he was doing things this way and James just laughed.

“Francis is always telling me the military protects the Kingdom but since I started making deals with everyone he’s had nothing to do. So this is a good opportunity for him , to see the new boats at work and the new weapons too, not to mention the other patrol boat is due in any minute from patrol and two of them will take the pirates down with no problems. Now then, you need to get a better blouse on, even I cant guarantee your safety with those sticking out.” James added a little red faced as people around the dock got a quick laugh and she took his hand and led him on board as men took positions to guard the boat while she was ‘getting changed’.

“You want to do this NOW?” James asked as she nearly assaulted him in her quarters and she was very,very excited.

“Pirates threatening people...soldiers standing guard just outside, people might walk in any minute...OH..oh...yes....” She went on and James saw that he found another little quirk in one of his women. “Don’t just lay there...do something!” She screamed, and with that the heat was on and stayed on, for a little while until they both collapsed in a lather of sweat.

“You do know no matter how hard you try nothings going to come out right?” she asked chuckling while looking down at him, but he admitted he just couldn’t help himself, as they suddenly heard cannon fire and James smiled and said they should go, and she looked disappointed but agreed.

They got dressed and walked back to the dock and there just at the edge of the bay were two patrol boats, assaulting a bigger, slower boat with cannon fire and one sail was smoking as James smiled. Francis had remembered the training. Get close set the sails on fire with cross bow bolts and then demand their surrender or attack with the cannons, the two little boats tore the pirate crew apart in minutes and finally Franco saw no choice and surrendered as everyone cheered.

James saw them fastening ropes to the bigger boat and they started in and he silently gave them a little push with his wind as they all drifted into the docks again and the army rushed in to take the Pirates prisoner.

“What the hell was that?” Franco was still asking as he was led away and no one told him either, as Francis stepped onto the dock looking a little angry and waved James to the side.

“Why didn’t you finish them off when you had the chance? It would have been much easier than this.” he said loudly as James just smiled.

“But...wasn’t it fun?” he whispered as Francis looked shocked.”you and your men did well and the training was very useful...wasn’t it? I saved my wife and the Trade Center, and you did your job too, attacking and bringing pirates to justice..win/win.”

Then James walked away cheering for the men and the army and Francis saw the truth, he didn’t need them...not this time...but he used the recourses he had at hand and they got to get some real world practice for future fights and his men got a big moral boost at the same time. This was one of those times he didn’t give James enough credit,and he saw that now.

Princess Cherry moved into a room at the castle after that and days later a special ceremony was held and James gave awards out for the battle. Francis got a metal and the patrol boat crew got cash awards for their hard work and successful capture of the pirates. The word got out they had been captured, and a ship pulled into port a week later and a Marshal from another country asked for and got the prisoners. The bounty went right into the Treasury too and even Gunter had nothing bad to say.

“It must have been terrifying...” Christina mentioned in the big bath as Cherry closed her eyes to remember.

“James was wonderful though,” She added as Chris looked oddly at her and Cherry said she meant how he ran in to save her and they both smiled.”I never saw his true power before, it was incredible to see.”

“I don’t think any of us have seen it all, thats just how powerful he really is.” Chris added as even Cherry looked surprised. “So then, your an official wife now how does it feel to be a married woman?”

“I’ll let you know....on Friday,” Cherry added as they both laughed but she wasn’t kidding anyone her eyes said it all, she was here to stay.

Things got very peaceful after that and one night as James lay asleep he had the oddest dream. In it he was...well...sleeping but a mans voice woke him up. Its wasn’t loud or rough just strong and forceful but friendly too as James opened his eyes and looked around a room filled with the purest white light, much like the Great Beam he had used in the past.

He thought about getting up to see but couldn’t move, or didn’t want to, he wasn’t sure which but he asked who was there as the mans voice laughed softly and James felt a little frightened.
“ Does it matter? ” He asked as James asked if this was Carl why he didn’t just call for him. “That man is not the First King, and never was. I lent the title to him to save this world and the knowledge to bring it back from extinction. He has worked tirelessly for centuries making better and better people who in turn do a little more to bring it back once more. After the last war all that was lost again, as the Eliminators once again ruined the planet. But you have done what none other has ever done. You have made them join with you in peace... and more... and now this world can prosper once again.”

“I will always do my best for peace.” James said as the voice seemed to appreciate the tone in his voice when he said that.

“Then let me ask you this....do you want Power? The Power to change peoples minds and lives for the better, the power to make friends from enemies and pull the entirety of the world together into one peaceful place?” It asked as James felt like it was a trick but even before he asked he was told it was not and he thought about it for a while then smiled widely.

“Yes....give me that Power, to make friends and change this world and bring Peace.” James said as the voice laughed a little laugh and said: ‘it is done’ and James fell back to sleep, or fell into another dream... or something... but when he did wake up to see the sun streaming through his bedroom window he felt happy, happier than any time lately and he got his bath and went down for breakfast, and everyone there was smiling saying they all had a terrific nights sleep and wonderful dreams, and James just laughed and let it go.

Chapter 53: The Kings Wish...Peace

From that day forward, every Leader that came to visit left happier and friendlier and many new Trade deals were made. James became known as the Trader King and his Empire grew both here and on Ariel’s world. They too joined into Trade and Ariel officially announced her marriage on both worlds just 5 months before her first child, to shock and surprise that slowly that gave way to happiness for her too.

James was a King, and Emperor, and a man of many talents depending on who you asked or were near when they were talking. The world got electricity in less than a hundred years from solar power that Lady Clare ‘invented’ from visiting the library many times, and running water appeared all over the world as the technology of pumps was made widely available.

Charlotte even returned to the castle, saying she suddenly felt much better, and was embarrassed and sad for what she had done, and it was never mentioned again, as she too became just as happy as everyone else, and Gunter looked like the weight of the world was lifted from him.

“Its an amazing thing,” Francis said one day as James played in the courtyard with his children and his wives yelled to be careful from the patio every few minutes. “we never did figure out who was running the machine that left him go back and forth at will, even Enrique never figured it out.”

“But she had the best idea I think.” Christian said as Francis waved it away.

“Religious mumbo jumbo, thats all, shes an educated person you’d think she gave up on that by now.” He mentioned as Chris asked if thats what Clare said too, as Francis looked around suddenly to see if she was listening or not and asked him not to say that so loud, as Christian laughed too. They finally gotten married... Francis and Clare... and now she was in the middle of ‘training him to respect women’ and he was more afraid of her than a rampaging army, like that
was happening either, under the Kings watchful eyes.

“12 countries and rising...” Christian mentioned as Francis agreed,” the biggest Trade Organization in History, and the most profitable too, making us the richest country on the planet.”

“Like I said, its freaking amazing, who would ever guess that the skinny little kid that beamed in here with you would have 6 wives and a dozen kids, not to mention making friends out of every nation we ever fought with. It makes the Army look worthless.” He said sourly as Christian just laughed some more. It was a happy time for everyone and no one would have guessed that first day when James went in for his first ever Council Meeting that he would be such a successful leader.

“And he was never ‘skinny’ to anyone but you.” Chris added as they both smiled.

“Well maybe,” was all Francis would say but they both leaned back to have another drink while watching out the window at the King laughing and talking to his kids about all the little things they should know. Be kind, be generous and make friends, and they laughed at him saying thats all he ever said and he too laughed admitting it certainly was true as his many wives just shook their heads and smiled until their cheeks hurt, and were glad they had all stayed to see this wonderful new world. The End

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