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11-09-2014, 07:47 AM
just in case anyone is actualy playing rebirth and can get any intrest up at all :o public beta 2,5 is on egos site

Version 2.50 Beta 6 (185928)

Note: Translations for texts that are new in 2.50 are not yet included in this build..

New Feature: New side-bar based main menu.
New Feature: External camera view.
New Feature: Free look in cockpit.
New Feature: New shipyards for small and medium sized ships.
Added Drone Hunt generic mission.
Added Protection Detail generic mission.
Added Diplomatic Aid mission chain.
Added respawning of specialists with increasing hire fees.
Added incoming remotely ordered wares to item trader menu.
Added auto-refuel setting.
Added small ship traders.
Added primary shields to large ships which did not already have them.
Added "civil war" behaviour between Pluatrch and Heart of Albion in Albion.
Added ability to replace destroyed CVs so that station construction can can continue.
Added ability to assign ships to other ships of same size or to any large ship.
Added event monitor display to drone control mode.
Added target elements for player-owned small ships.
Added crash report option with privacy settings.
Improved event monitor with "picture-in-picture" mode.
Improved hacking gameplay.
Improved engine animation and effects.
Improved ship AI behaviour in numerous situations.
Improved generation of mission enemies.
Improved "Assign new superior" command.
Improved ability menu to show when a drone is unavailable.
Improved mission target indicator to point always to the closest mission target.
Improved trade offers menu (shopping list is included in ship cargo).
Improved docking behaviour of drones.
Improved build tree menu user experience.
Improved several mission briefings.
Improved Open Comm Link menu in legacy main menu.
Improved rendering of distant objects to reduce flickering slightly.
Improved remote controlled player drones flying back to the player ship.
Improved Mission Bar so it no longer obstructs menus.
Fixed player ship cover faction not being reset from Xenon after plot.
Fixed several plot and other mission issues.
Fixed player ship slowing down when a menu is opened in a highway.
Fixed left mouse clicks not closing ability/interact menus in some cases.
Fixed double clicks on current target not always opening interact menu.
Fixed stuck scroll-bar when returning to a previous menu.
Fixed various other issues with UI and targeting behaviour.
Fixed dialog or legacy main menu sometimes not showing buttons as selected.
Fixed pressing ESC/DEL on loading screen returning to startmenu after loading is done.
Fixed targets being lost with mouse-controls in certain cases (e.g. when mission targets update).
Fixed upgrade resources being counted twice for building.
Fixed upgrade level rounding issues resulting in incorrect upgrade counts.
Fixed an issue with station expansions not completing out-of-sector.
Fixed multiple ship dealers per platform.
Fixed escort ships disappearing after loading a savegame.
Fixed a pathing issue for ships flying to stations.
Fixed an issue with gas collectors not collecting.
Fixed production module animations being stuck after having been out-of-sector.
Fixed several problems with drone docking.
Fixed problems with transport drones not picking up containers.
Fixed drones failing to get a new commander if theirs is destroyed.
Fixed ability to comm from a remote control drone using the "C" shortcut.
Fixed stuck shift keys when alt-tabbing or changing window focus.
Fixed inconsistent upgrade counts between encyclopedia and ship dealer.
Fixed player ship selectable in Assign to Commander conversation.
Fixed drones not being able to return to their home base.
Fixed managers pestering the player for money.
Fixed stuck trade offers and refunded money to all participants.
Fixed excessively bright lights on certain objects.
Fixed problem involving disappearing wares.
Fixed input actions and states mapped to axis on joystick 3-8 not working.
Fixed several mining bugs (resource gathering, movement, searching...).
Fixed cases of player drones getting lost when you enter a highway.
Fixed police not detecting illegal cargo in player inventory in many cases.
Fixed station building not proceeding correctly when not in the player zone.
Fixed refuel budget menu assuming that the trader has no money.
Fixed unidentified station modules having a name in the map.
Fixed minor button selection bugs in menus.
Fixed automatically changing selection in map menu.
Fixed initial button selection in menus not being highlighted.
Fixed mode options being available in the player ship's back room.
Fixed shields not protecting surface elements on several ships in Omicron Lyrae.
Fixed mining drones not picking up asteroids in some cases.
Fixed rare cases of hotkey buttons not working.
Fixed occasional freeze when opening the options menu.
Fixed ships getting stuck waiting for drones.
Fixed some ships not shooting at large objects.
Fixed certain invisible ship/station components being selectable as target.
Fixed several of the most common causes of crashes.
Various optimisations resulting in performance improvements.


12-09-2014, 04:59 AM
I am waiting for a future date to try it again.

From what I see (handful of people) most people might play it and talk about mods. Yet I find out they are spending most of their day playing star wars, or star citizen beta testers, or even modeling tanks for other games.

As a beta tester the is one big KILL JOY factor, you know the insides and out of all the game and missions, you know all about the changes as things get added and dropped, ship stats change for balance, things get added and play missions over and over. AT the point they make a final release you have no idea what they keep in the game or not or how the mission steps have changed. but you do know your just about done with it since a tester pretty much knows whats around the corner and behind each gate.

Anyway to make the public the beta testers is a KILL JOY like telling a person oh its your birthday, dad got you a new red bike, the one you pointed out, aunt Mary got you socks and a sweater, uncle tony gave you $5 in a card (...you get my point) your birthday surprise is completely spoiled. Last that every mod maker is making add ons faster then the vanilla game release. Its like TC getting released with NHTC, XTC and XTCAP all at the same time but all broken since TC is not finished yet.

I have no interest to spoil my fun getting immersed into the game (1st date, 1st love, 1st new puppy, 1st new game play). Mine is back in the box waiting for another day. Hey the bright side maybe i9 CPU will get released when they are finished with R and i7 CPU will be on the bargain shelf at Walmart :) i3 are too slow i5 are average game play. the more MODs they make just add more demand from average to low performing PCs.

I hate righting a kill joy post, all hope is not lost, but I think people are just waiting for it to get finished before spoiling the fun every few weeks getting a little further each time.

I only glanced at the Free look in cockpit. which looks good, NC posted a link :D Thanks NC :mrgreen:

12-09-2014, 07:48 AM
overlooking the fact i dont have time to play the beta i also have the basic problem that the game is to simplistic and boring when X2 came out i couldnt stop playing it was exciting chaleging and fun.
Rebirth is none of the above and i dont thing Bernd cares the game is too simplistic hes not trying to please us but sell as many games as he can to the modern pick up game play game pick up new game teenagers, i couldnt see my daughters spending 6 months playing any game let alone saving for an osprey.
im affraid i have no intrest in playing rebirth at the moment while i am playinng war in the pacific which i bought in 2004 and still play X2 when i fire up my old rig.

12-09-2014, 07:58 AM
Interesting update features though. Interesting to see if it makes a big difference to the feel of the game for the old timers... :)

15-09-2014, 10:10 AM
update Beta 2.5 7
only new information added

Beta 7 Improved crash reports.
Beta 7 Fixed some trade ships ignoring trade opportunities for extended periods of time.
Beta 7 Fixed storage calculations for intermediate products that caused storage requirements to be vastly overestimated.
Beta 7 Fixed various mission issues.
Beta 7 Fixed target cycling not working in highways.
Beta 7 Fixed targets being lost in some cases.
Beta 7 Fixed exploit allowing repeated instantly-profitable trades on shipyards.
Beta 7 Fixed temporary loss of faction discounts when temporarily losing reputation.
Beta 7 Fixed the boost effect not stopping in some situations.
Beta 7 Fixed remote transport drones ending up in the player squad.
Beta 7 Fixed keyboard navigation selecting options from time to time.
Beta 7 Fixed icons being displayed for off-screen NPCs (problem introduced in 2.50).
Beta 7 Fixed target elements missing or showing incorrect states (problem introduced in 2.50).
Beta 7 Fixed missing sound effect when target element changes state (problem introduced in 2.50).
Beta 7 Fixed targets still being lost on target element changes (improves fix in 2.50).
Beta 7 Fixed main menu font issue in Chinese and Korean.
Beta 7 Further performance improvements.
Beta 7 Several more fixes for the most common causes of crashes.


16-09-2014, 03:05 PM
So how do you use the free look in the cockpit....the POV button does NOTHING for me. And I cannot find the command in the Options menu.

16-09-2014, 05:15 PM
sorry never tried it but acording to an ego post you use the number pad keys
as i said i dont have time to test at the moment as the last day i had of was 4th july and i am pulling 12 hr shifts :(

16-09-2014, 10:40 PM
bad link old ;)

18-09-2014, 07:27 AM
2.5. 8 beta

Beta 8 Added conversation option to find ship dealers of small shipyards.
Beta 8 Further improvements to trade scripts to increase economic activity.
Beta 8 Fixed station-to-station trades sometimes ending prematurely.
Beta 8 Fixed slow-moving ships (problem introduced in 2.50).
Beta 8 Fixed dropped inventory items being picked up again immediately.
Beta 8 Fixed duplicate ship dealers (problem introduced in 2.50).
Beta 8 Fixed station hints not being shown in non-plot games.
Beta 8 Fixed mission offer locations being displayed when in a drone.
Beta 8 Fixed weird camera behaviour when flying relative to moving capital ships.
Beta 8 Fixed graphical "spikes" with certain driver versions, hopefully.
Beta 8 Several more fixes for the most common causes of crashes.

from egos site up to 8 and not even a RC yet you havre to give them they are trying :lol:


19-09-2014, 11:41 AM
if it goes on sale again over 50% off I might get it.... but until it beats x3ap for sandbox etc...I probably won't be playing it much. currently hooked on Litcube's Universe for X3AP.

20-09-2014, 07:57 AM
1.5 .9 Beta

we are up to .9 boys and girls, just changes again

Beta 9 Added statistic for storage modules hacked.
Beta 9 Improved scan time for police scanning illegal activities.
Beta 9 Improved lifetime of containers dropped from cargo bays.
Beta 9 Fixed picked-up objects disappearing due to timeout.
Beta 9 Fixed several problems associated with hacking gameplay.
Beta 9 Fixed losing scan progress for certain targets (problem introduced in 2.50 Beta 8).
Beta 9 Fixed mining drones being unable to return to some capital ships.
Beta 9 Fixed incorrect ships being produced for certain shipyards.
Beta 9 Fixed newly-built ships sometimes getting stuck at the shipyard.
Beta 9 Fixed Diplomatic Aid mission playing without the correct number of available stations.
Beta 9 Fixed Reiver reputation not being mutual in new games.
Beta 9 Fixed screenshots folder not being created automatically (problem introduced in 2.50).
Beta 9 Fixed specific performance issue (problem introduced in 2.50 Beta 8).
Beta 9 Fixed several more causes of crashes.

so how many more before RC1 appears :lol:

thetack i surf egosofts devnet so you dont have too :)

25-09-2014, 09:47 PM
2.5 RC1
just the changes

RC1 Added option to choose between stopping and maintaining speed while in menus (improves feature added in 2.50).
RC1 Fixed case where build resources are requested for the playership.
RC1 Fixed disappearing ice asteroids.
RC1 Fixed missing advertising signs.
RC1 Fixed ship category in encyclopedia for Hermod, Light Sul and Heavy Sul.
RC1 Fixed Split "Gangrene Chaser" turrets disappearing and allow re-building.
RC1 Fixed incorrect AI ship behaviour after having been forced out of a highway.
RC1 Fixed player ships returned during the plot being inactive.
RC1 Fixed incorrect Player relations with Plutarch.
RC1 Fixed mission targets showing group target elements for ships instead of single ship target elements.
RC1 Fixed target element glitches when using with gamepad controls (problem introduced in 2.50 Beta 9)
RC1 Fixed platform trader menu getting stuck with discounts.
RC1 Fixed issues with scrolling down in some menu tables.
RC1 Fixed being able to remote comm NPCs in the same room.
RC1 Fixed cases where the dialog menu was not displayed.
RC1 Fixed subtitles changing too fast for long lines.
RC1 Fixed incorrect English voice lines for a Teladi speaker.
RC1 Fixed wrong message text when standard drones arrive via remote delivery.
RC1 Fixed controls getting stuck in some situations, e.g. conversations when in external view mode (problem introduced in 2.50).
RC1 Fixed offset mouse position in borderless window mode.
RC1 Fixed mouse confinement when starting the game in borderless window mode.
RC1 Fixed several more causes of crashes.

at least they are on RCs now

27-09-2014, 10:45 AM
2.5 RC2
just the changes

RC2 Improved small/medium shipyard resource supply (improves feature introduced in 2.50).
• RC2 Fixed missing Ad Sign text in event monitor.
• RC2 Fixed missing 3D ware models in encyclopedia (problem introduced in 2.50).
• RC2 Fixed wrongly-scaled buy ship menus on detail monitor.
• RC2 Fixed rare problems with target elements not showing up or being displayed while they shouldn't
• RC2 Fixed rare problems with objects being targeted using gamepad controls while they shouldn't
• RC2 Further improvements to game stability.


30-09-2014, 01:17 PM
2.5 RC4
i dont know what happened to RC3 no notes

• RC4 Fixed a couple of causes of seemingly random crashes (problem introduced in 2.50).


01-10-2014, 08:55 AM
up to RC5 now
just the changes

RC5 Added shortcut display to new main menu.
• RC5 Fixed another possible cause of seemingly random crashes (problem introduced in 2.50).

it will be intresting to see if 2.5 makes the game more polished and playable


01-10-2014, 09:33 PM
on egos site some information you may be intrested in

Together with the general availability of Update 2.50 for X Rebirth, which will be released soon, bringing a new menu system, external camera, new small shipyards and many other improvements, we are happy to announce today the DLC - X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost - coming in December 2014:

Showing the X-Series in a whole new light. "X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost" contains version 3.0 of X Rebirth and the brand new expansion The Teladi Outpost. This expansion offers the player exciting new content, such as an independent storyline and a whole new star system containing two unique sectors. Here the player can find a massive new space station belonging to the Teladi, harbouring not only numerous factories but also a wealth of new Teladi ships.

These new areas also contain hazardous regions and new groups of smugglers and pirates that offer the player countless opportunities, as well as new weapons and equipment for the Albion Skunk.

Until 1st November, preordering this DLC will be free for all owners of X Rebirth.

make sure you guys pre order to get yor FREE DLC


01-10-2014, 10:12 PM
Thanks for the headsup. Appropriately preordered :)s

03-10-2014, 08:03 AM
there up to2.5 RC7

• RC7 Fixed one more cause of crashes.


08-10-2014, 09:34 AM
up to 2.5 RC10

• RC10 Fixed missing target elements on newly-built stations (problem introduced in 2.50).
• RC10 Fixed jumpgates sometimes sending the player to invalid positions.
• RC10 Fixed some more causes of crashes.


10-10-2014, 07:25 AM
2.5 is live
next time you log on you will be in it lets hope its worth playing


10-10-2014, 11:00 PM
what's the current state of rebirth? a good game yet? how does it compare to x3ap/x3tc?

11-10-2014, 09:23 AM
having just played a couple hours of 2.5 the game is now more playable but is still the unfinished list of ideas and thoughts that Ego normaly hand out .
it dosnt compare to either moer to BTF and defernatly pre X2 for content but as its a new engine i think we are in for 10 years of improvments workshop mods and DLCs before they are at a level of tc
i think we can compare the game history at the moment to the history of X3 reunion, that was was unplayable on release (hell they forgot to put the stick support softwere out) but developed into TC i think we are on that jurney again.