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27-01-2015, 04:53 PM
from egos site 3.2 beta

Version 3.20 RC2 (190622)

Added fuel info and planned trips to property owned menu.
Added build progress info to architect order.
Added credits due from trades to player status menu.
Added boarding attack strength to player ship info menu.
Added crafting progress info to event monitor when collecting crafting items.
Added logbook entry for captured ships.
Improved guided missile flight behaviour when launching them.
Improved Transfer Wares flight movement when docking and undocking.
Improved price info in menus for ships at shipyards.
Improved accuracy of click-recognition in mini-game.
Improved ambient sounds.
Fixed a case resulting in non-working highway entry gates.
Fixed several cases where crafting wares were destroyed unexpectedly.
Fixed a possible cause of engine boost stopping without removing the boost effects and sounds.
Fixed cases of ships full of wares not performing correct behaviour if assigned to a station.
Fixed ships assigned to stations not using all relevant wares when station extensions introduce new products.
Fixed lockboxes ejecting wares when destroyed.
Fixed rare case of missing specialists on stations in some newly-started games.
Fixed player-owned ships reporting attacks by player.
Fixed reputation not being lost when player-owned ships destroy objects.
Fixed several issues with crafting missions.
Fixed ship damage not being taken into account when selling ships.
Fixed stuck production in some production modules in certain older savegames.
Fixed incorrect boarding pod position when claiming an ownerless ship.
Fixed case where damaged ships could become stuck when sold due to missing Engineer.
Fixed command info incorrectly displaying 'Undocking' in several cases.
Fixes clicks on zone map on objects in zones other than the current one.
Fixed stuck holomap zoom if changing zoom direction under certain conditions.
Fixed inconsistent behaviour when selecting gates on the holomap.
Fixed rare case where map failed to display proper object.
Fixed info locations not being visible while in Scanner/Hacker drone if Skunk is too far away.
Fixed stations attacking objects that are too far away when player is not present.
Fixed discount from "unknown faction" in certain gamestarts.
Fixed inconsistencies in ware exchange info between different UI displays.
Fixed some cases where UI was not visible when it should have been.
Fixed case where player could be locked out of mission offer due to UI issues.
Fixed case where game stops accepting any input.
Fixed UI crash in encyclopedia with very long descriptions.
Fixed some cases of employee skills not being visible.
Fixed mission timer not showing up in menus under certain circumstances.
Fixed upkeep mission category being displayed if there are no upkeep missions.
Fixed missing sound when clicking on menu close button.
Fixed missing shield generators on Teladi Phoenix.
Fixed missing fuel storage on Teladi Albatross (Liquid).
Fixed problems caused by the game being installed in folders with names containing Unicode characters.
Fixed some minor memory leaks.
Fixed various crashes caused by issues introduced by mods.
Fixed several causes of common crashes and improved crash reporting.


Note: If a problem is not listed as fixed above then it is probably not being addressed in this patch, but may be planned for a future one.

Note: When switching back from the Beta to the Release version, you may encounter problems with the controls. To resolve this, go to the in-game Start Menu and select Settings, Controls, Load Profile, then select the default profile from the list. Alternatively, if you make a copy of your inputmap.xml file before starting the Beta, you can simply copy this file back into your \Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth folder. Deleting the file will not solve the problem as it will be restored from the Steam Cloud.


Only 64-bit versions of the game are now being provided.

Note: The system requirements for the game have always stated that it requires a 64-bit version of Windows, and that future updates for the 32-bit version was not guaranteed indefinitely.

Steam does not currently support automatic crashdump upload for 64-bit applications. We are therefore using a third party tool to provide this facility. If there is a crash then a standard crashdump will be created and uploaded to the third party site, from where we can perform analysis to determine the cause. As with Steam crashdumps no personal information is included in these crashdumps.

Note: The primary aim of the 64-bit version is to remove the memory limitations of 32-bit. This should improve stability, because the game is less likely to run out of memory, and reduce stutter, because certain essential assets that cannot be loaded in the background can stay in memory for longer. It is not likely to significantly improve general performance, though it's possible that it may do so for certain people under certain circumstances.

some added but a lot of fixes


29-01-2015, 08:59 AM
3.2 RC3 just the changes

Version 3.20 RC3 (190795)
• RC3 Added killer information to logbook entry when player-owned objects are killed.
• RC3 Fixed unnecessary reputation loss events in some cases.
• RC3 Fixed some instances of overlapping text in menus.
• RC3 Fixed secondary resources usage.
• RC3 Fixed player-owned ships not reacting to neutral ships attacks.
• RC3 Fixed incorrect behaviour of ships escorting other ships when the escorted ship is destroyed.
• RC3 Fixed certain shipyards not having miner or collector drones in their inventory.


30-01-2015, 11:53 AM
3.2 beta RC4
just the changes

• RC4 Fixed reversed buy/sell text in planned trips info in some cases.
• RC4 Fixed overlapping menu elements in equip drones menu.
• RC4 Fixed not being able to deploy a CV to a station which already finished construction.


02-02-2015, 04:40 PM
3.2 RC4 HF
just the hotfix this might be getting close :)

3.20 RC4 HotFix (190830)
• RC4 HF Improve player station defence behaviour to include defence of ships.


03-02-2015, 03:34 PM
3.2 is no longer a beta it is now live