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22-02-2015, 04:07 PM
Good day, sorry for my english. I want to try rework one xsp ship. I want extract the textures (jpg files), change them, save again the ship but not as the same ship.

For example:
I have one xsp ship.
I extract this ship to the foldel.
There is a folder "textures" and in this folder are jpg files - textures (I will change colors and other)
I change the data of ship and save it with new name.....I created new ships ready to load with Plugin manager

And now what I need.....

The ship load the textures with the last names. That mean that old ship has textures named for example "star1sh.jpg" and new ship call the same name of textures. (It is logical because I only copy the ship and change the name). If I install this ship1=in textures folder will be file "star1sh.jpg", if I instal my copied ship2=in textures folder is rewrited file "star1sh.jpg".

So I need to know, where I can change called name in the ship file. I want change name of textures for example "star2sh.jpg" and change called name on "star2sh.jpg" in the ship xsp file.

After instal will be instaled ship1 call "star1sh.jpg" and ship2 call "star2sh.jpg". In the texture folder will be two files for each ship "star1sh.jpg" and "star2sh.jpg".

Where I can change calling?

I know how copy the ship and create other.
I know how edit textures a rename on "star2sh.jpg".

I donīt know where change calling....

Thanks to all for answer....

25-02-2015, 12:36 AM
Sorry that I am the one to try and help you there. I am into messing with scripts. Looking up your question in Google the closet answer that I can find to help you out might be this thread (http://www.thexuniverse.com/threads/16767-Ship-install)

What I do is Google ' thexuniverse xsp ships save ships ' the results may show archive html pages, but once your in just click View full version of the thread.

you can always modify your search but use thexuniverse.com or egosoft to see what help threads come up in the searches. I find that the easiest way to find some help and tips.

You could also google which game like X3R, XTM or TC etc... to narrow the search. Sorry I wish I could help more at the moment :(

26-02-2015, 08:42 PM
Yes, thankīs, but it isnīt what I need. I want only take existing xsp ship and save it with change textures and name. (It will be the same ship, but only with changed textures and name, so I will have two ships, maybe three ships, etc.). For good example:
BSG MOD for X3TC, there are ships like Olympic carrier, Pan Galactic.....etc. Theese are the same models, only they have changed textures and names..... And that is what I need and I donīt know how?