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xtended fan
03-08-2007, 11:13 AM
well i think it shows but for those who haven´t noticed i´m not native english speaking - so please do point out mistakes (otherwise i learn nothing).
this said, well after reading all this fantastic fan-fics i got the fever. i wrote this a while back prior to the 0.7 release but never got it over me to actually post it.
well here it is.


Fox on Fire

„How did I end up in this situation?“ John thought while trying to evade the fire of the growing Paranid fleet behind him. “Damn those Poseidon!” he almost cried as a salvo of Antimatter Missiles just missed him by inches. “I have to find some cover to fire my jumpdrive – where is an asteroid field when you need one!” he rambles on just to keep himself form freaking out.
It was an easy mission, or so it seems at the beginning. Some deep space exploring – ok not exactly a picnic but no one told him to expect a large Paranid Battle fleet ready to shot at anything that seems to move.
“I knew it looked too easy!” He managed to evade another salvo of missiles. “Just fly to this Unkown Sector and take some scanner readings – Yeah yeah.” He took a short look on the rear view monitor. “Yes! They are falling back – now might be my chance.”
The jump coordinates where fixed in his navcomp since before he entered the sector – you never know – but he couldn’t use the Jumpdrive because of the 10 sezuras charge time. Every new and powerful technology has its drawbacks. This new and improved Jumpdrive is able to do a point-to-point jump without the use of Gates or E-Cells but you have to bring the ship to halt before engaging it.
He hits the button to start the countdown but nothing happened. “Damn, the must have hit me and I didn´t noticed.” He quickly checks the cockpit displays. “Pressure is fine, Engine is working ok, Weapons – deactivated but working, Shields – down to 5%. Not good!”
The “Fox” was an old Split Dragon. He had modified the ship so it could hold two extra shields and some extra thrusters but in exchange he had to reroute power from the weapon system. So it was fast an had good shielding but only enough firepower to scare away lonely pirates – not a hole fleet of battleships.
To his luck the Paranids didn’t follow him anymore. “What are they doing out here anyway! Here’s nothing – wait that must be it! The nearest populated sector is 2 gates away.”
He tried to recall that shady suit who contacted him for the job.
“We have some strange readings on our long range scanners coming from an Unknown Sector at the back end of space. We like to hire you to go there and check it out for us.”
Normally he would have thought of something to call this guy and told him to get lost but the money he offered was enough to keep the “Fox” running for at least a jazuras, so the greed took over and he accepted the job.
<bleep> The gravidar was finally showing the gate. “I made it!” he thought. But what was that. Out of the gate came another fleet of Paranid ships. He quickly checked the rear view. “No some of them jumped to the gate – that’s why they didn’t follow me anymore.”
One Poseidon, three Nemesis and an awful lot of fighters where now directly between him and the gate.
“They really have to hide something here to be this persistent.” He thought about the com but who to call. The Argon government is not likely to help a lone scout risking a new war with the Paranid. This government guy – he has to be - black suit and sunglasses on a space station – didn’t leave a card; he said that he would contact John once the job is done.
“What now!” Fighting is no real option, running neither with them blocking the gate and he didn’t expect them to take prisoners. “Why is the damn Jumpdrive not working?” He gave the navcomp a hard kick and suddenly there was the countdown. The ship was decreasing fast in speed while the voice counted down from 10 to 0. He closed his eyes.
When he opened them again he was in Argon Prime – on the other side of the universe. “Home at least! If I ever going to accept this kind of mission again I hope someone knock me over the head.”
He plotted a course for the Trading Station. “I need a drink!”

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03-08-2007, 11:53 AM
Nice work! O0

Very few grammatical errors at all, very impressed. Are we gonna get a part 2?

xtended fan
03-08-2007, 12:14 PM
:txuflag: and :txuflag:
yes i´m working on it at the moment (some spare time at the office :roll: :lol: )

03-08-2007, 11:15 PM
Looking forward to part 2!

A few minor mistakes with past and present tense, but otherwise, very good writing!

xtended fan
06-08-2007, 11:46 AM
:uarrow: :txuflag: i´m parcticing :lol:

ok, part 2 is less action and more talking.


Part 2

The next day John was contacted by his “employer”. “We picked up your transponder signal upon entering Argon Prime. Did you manage to scan the location?” he asked.
“Yes, but there was a big Paranid fleet out there so I couldn’t get close to the coordinates you gave me – I barely made it out alive!”
“We expected this. You made a good job. Please meet with me at the coordinates I send you now.”
“You expected this! And why the hell didn’t you tell me? Who are you anyway? What’s going to await me at this coordinates? A Xenon Battle group or some Kha´ak maybe?”
“Cool down! Intelligence said that a small group of Paranid ships was in the area. That is why we couldn’t send an official Scout ship to investigate. And after all you are going to be compensated very well for the job. Did you really think it will be an easy mission?”
“No, but …”
“Meet with me and I can explain some more things to you. This channel isn’t secure.”
John checked the message. “This is really far out and why Akeela´s Beakon?”
“You’ll see once you get here!” The transmission was cancelled.

John took his time, he wasn’t in a hurry. “If they want the data, they can wait!” he thought. So he first went to the Shipyard to do some repairs on the “Fox”. The damage wasn’t great but it took him almost a day to get it done. After that he restocked some supplies and went for another drink.
On the following day he started his journey. “Why the hell Akeela´s Beakon? That’s in the middle of nowhere! Well the sooner I get there the sooner I get paid.”
He made the trip using his conventional Jumpdrive. “No need to show them all my cards right from the start!” After entering the sector he plotted a course to the coordinates he was given. “As I thought – the middle of nowhere!”
The “Fox” was a fast ship but the journey seems to be endless. <bleep> “Gravidar contact. Whatever this is, it is huge.” He still couldn’t make out anything. “Computer run a scan!”
“<scanning ... ... ... Large artificial Structure – High energy output – Detecting huge amount of ore and silicon in unprocessed form – No further data available>” “Ok let’s see what it is then – Open a channel!”

“We expected you a lot sooner!” it was the suit John already knew. “I had to do some repairs the ‘small’ Paranid fleet you failed to mention caused on my last little trip” he answered ironically.
“We’ll light a beacon to guide you to the docking bay. Otas HQ out.” The screen went black.

“Otas – I heard that name before.” He thought. “Isn’t that some kind of private High Tech Company? What do they want from me? They could have send one of their one pilots, why me?” “Computer lock on to the beacon and initiate the docking sequence!”
“<Command accepted – initiate docking sequence>” The Ship computer wasn’t exactly ‘talkative’ but this was a Split ship after all.

As he came closer he could make out more and more details of the Station. It really was big. It was built around some old mining stations with some enormous docking ports.
“What are they doing here? This doesn’t look like a factory more like a secret fleet support station. And why the hell do they need docking ports in this size?”

The docking sequence took forever; the bay was on the opposite side. “Well of course!”
There was an attractive young woman waiting for John when he left his ship.
“Welcome to Otas HQ Mr. Tako. Would you please follow me, the Chef of Otas Security is awaiting you.” “I’ll be right behind you.” He said surprised.

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