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Chapter 16: Tensions Rise

Julian got back to his ship and said nothing till he was out of Omicron and back into Scale Plate Green. It was not argon space so he was confident that there weren’t any spy sats here. He called Ban and reported the incident saying he had managed to keep the capture software a secret and they thought that the project had completely failed. Ban just nodded seriously, he was very upset Julian had been brought in for questioning, and there was no excuse for it. Julian however told him to say nothing, he had handled it, and Omicron accepted him as a friend so he could continue working in the area. Ban said ok, but suggested he find another place to hunt before they turned on him again. Julian agreed and closed the link. He was still here and needed that ship, and then he’d start checking around for another place to hunt.

Julian was in the sector for quite a while and was thinking of going home when the first P patrol came in. He immediately attacked the M’s with missiles and they all exploded. Then he turned on the L’s and three out of the four exploded while one drifted to a stop. The P came around and fired a long salvo at Julian but he pulled up at the last minute and most missed him. He came around and dropped a good hard hit into the engine area and it drifted to a stop a few km away. After all that had gone wrong today, this was actually working out. He moved in and claimed it and sent it to the shipyard. The he went back and got the L. A little extra never hurts; he thought and escorted them back personally. He was docking at the shipyard and had given orders to have them repaired when the coms link came on.

“Back at work, I see, and doing quite well too.” The commander said, he really was watching closely, Ban was right.

“I got lucky, I was after the P, I have an order for it, but the L came along for the ride.” Julian said smiling,” More for me and more for you.” He said, hoping to keep him happy.

“Indeed, it just proves that I was right about you, continue on Mr. Brennen, and good luck.” The coms link closed and Julian was beginning to see that the new leader of argon military in Omicron was a Teladi at heart, with his attitude, the Teladi would own the sector in months.

Julian waited till the repairs were done and by then the new owner of the P was there waiting impatiently. He loaded it on his ship and paid Julian and was gone. Julian finished repairs on the L and had it dock to his corvette, he wasn’t leaving too much sitting around here,” it just might not be there tomorrow with their attitude,” he thought.
He jumped back to Elena’s Fortune and docked the L at the shipyard and went home, he was tired and now he had time to consider where else to find xenon ships. He made a fresh pot of coffee and was just sitting down when a buzz was at the door, he opened it to a somewhat embarrassed Ban Danna.

“Can I come in?” he asked looking all around.
“Of course please do,” Julian said and he walked in a sat down, Julian poured him a cup and they both sat for a second without talking.

“After today I’m sure you have a better idea how bad things are between argon prime and omicron.” Ban said sipping his coffee.
“Yes, Commander Brighten said that they were refusing argon prime any more credit for ships and you weren’t too happy about it.” Julian said as Bans eyes popped open.

“Commander Brighten? He’s supposed to be the argon military commander in Omicron, and there is only one Commander of Argon Intelligence, he’s supposed to be a Captain.” Ban said growling to himself.

“Well he said he’s a commander now, I don’t know anything about that, but I hate threats against Argon no matter who their from.” Julian said.
“I agree, he’s obviously taking things into his own hands out there, I should have made more trips to the colony to keep an eye on him, Commander indeed!” he said upset.

“Then your really going to love this, he said that if things continue to get worse between Argon and Omicron they may secede from the Federation.” Julian said as Ban jumped to his feet.

“So that’s his little plan is it, starve us out of ships and build up his, then secede, unbelievable!” he started walking the floors, growling to himself about treason and treachery. Julian sat back waiting, he knew he needed a little time to blow off steam; finally he stopped pacing and apologized for his rudeness and say back down.

“Don’t apologize to me, I was ready to punch him when he was in the room after the way I was treated, but he kept a guard there at all times, so I just sucked up and got out of there as fast as I could.” Julian said as Ban nodded.

“Smartest thing you could do, I’ll have to mention this to the Senate tomorrow, they’ll be in session and they need to know he’s declaring himself as Military Commander of Omicron, its next to being a dictator the way you’ve described it, and he’s in it for the money too, that’s why the prices of ships from there have skyrocketed, the treasonous scum!” Julian had never seen him so upset, but treason is a serious business, and commander Brighten was now in deep with Argon Intelligence. Ban started for the door and Julian walked over with him, he apologized again for his behavior and Julian told him to forget it, he was welcome here anytime. Ban shook his hand and walked quickly away.

Julian returned to his coffee and sat thinking, he had many friends who he knew from before or from selling ships, he’d do a little checking around. He opened the coms link and after talking to several people he got his first clue. The Boron settlements on the frontier had seen a steady rise in xenon attacks, with many Q sightings and xenon P patrols leaving their sector and advancing into boron sectors many gates away. It sounded like he might have a new place to hunt, he really wasn’t looking for Q’s but then if he got lucky he might get one sometime. The 40+ million made it almost worth getting blown to bits over he thought, smiling and went to bed.

Julian was up and out the next morning with one plan, to load up with energy cells and go out to the frontier and see for himself. He knew it was a long ways out there, but thank god for jump drives, he thought, it would save him from flying for a week from gate to gate. He was ready and jumped into Ocean of Fantasy. It was very quiet there so he stopped at the trading station to see what everyone said there. He entered a small bar and saw many boron and a few other races setting having a drink, he ordered one for himself and asked the bartender,

“I hear that there are a few xenon sightings around here, is that true?” he asked, the bartender eyed him up for a second and responded,

“A few doesn’t begin to cover it, this sector was attacked just a week ago by 3 Q’s and escorts, we lost a destroyer and a TL that was too stubborn to jump, so yes, I’d say we have seen a few xenons. They seem to make it a point to send scouts and P patrols in here every few days, sometimes twice a day. Why what’s it to you, you looking to get killed while your still young?” he asked smiling. Julian handed him a card which he stared at for a second shaking his head,

“Like I said, looking to die young, well you’ve come to the right place, the only sector more active is Menelaus’s Paradise, and they see patrols traveling between the xenon sectors every day.” He said handing the card back to Julian, but Julian just told him to keep it. This was a long ways out and this was the first time he had a chance to advertise here. He finished his drink and went back to his ship, if this other sector was even more bothered by xenons, he’d go there and see for himself. He flew away, it was two sectors north and he needed E cells for his return trip, so he watched as he flew and was happy to see solar energy plants in Bluish Snout, this was working out well, with a shipyard right next door, he could do some hunting and make a little faction with the Borons, he hadn’t been in their areas for a while, and good PR was hard to come by.

He entered Menelaus’s Paradise and flew around, there was a equipment dock there, which certainly didn’t hurt, and a trading station of course and the east gate went directly into xenon sector 597, there was no wander that xenons were seen here regularly, it was right between three xenon sectors, 597,596,and 534. If there was ever a better place than Scale Plate Green this must be it. He decided to bring another jump drive with him next time, if he was going to work here it was just a matter of time till he lost one, and it was a very long ways back. He knew this was it so he left and jumped home. It took a lot of cells every time, but there were solar plants on both ends of the journey, so he was ok with that. He had been thinking for a while about getting a ship large enough to carry his business around in, with a repair bay and docking for maybe 6-10 ships he could make these long jumps and bring ships back here to sell without a lot of hassle. He was really going to be curious to see the new Marauder C class. He had lost track of the time and called for an update.

“What you want, oh, its you Brennen, you want order more ships? You’re A was delivered and you not order again.” Hardigan said, Julian just smiled and told him he was busy, and asked about the C.

“C not ready 1 week then send to shipyard like others, you want order now?” he kept asking, Julian had to think he had ordered several A’s and sold them but he had been so busy lately he lost track of nearly everything. He ordered another A anyway, it would sell no problem but he closed the link and opened his ship registration list and by the Maker there was another A sitting at the yard. He felt upset he was getting tangled in this Argon Omicron politics thing and losing track of his own business, well with the new place to hunt he was going to get away from all this, he decided. He called a few people and had no problem selling the A at a good price, now he left himself a note that the C was coming in less than a week and another A was going to be there in 2 days. Now whatever he got into when he was out, he’d see his notes when he came home, at least it sounded good at the time, he decided.

Chapter 17: Business Booms

Julian was in Menelaus’s Paradise the next day when a Q patrol came through. He stayed well out of the Q’s range and dropped a few missiles on the L’s and LX’s trying to lure them away. It seemed to work as first two L’s responded and came running his way and a LX left the group flying towards him as well. He fired into the LX as it approached and it exploded in a brilliant flash. The nearest L was hitting him and the turret dropped part of the shields. Julian changed from PBC’s to BPACs and raked it badly, the shields were gone, but it fought till destroyed as well. The next L was more easily disabled and Julian smiled. The Boron defense force was after the Q and Julian decided to let them have it, he wasn’t ready to try doing one of those at the moment. He was claiming the L when a few shots came flying by and he pulled up just as a full load of PBC’s went right past. The P he had lured the fighters away from was here and it seemed little upset. He scanned it and saw a regular P it was not the Raider class he had seen a lot in Scale Plate Green. It had more weapons but was slower. He could deal with that, he decided, and with a few more shields than it had he definitely had the advantage. He worked it repeatedly for a few minutes, dropping the shields and then letting them return. He had never seen a ship so hard to disable, it was like they were making them heavier every time he saw one. After a few more tries it finally drifted to a stop, he was happy it was over, the Boron patrol that came by wasn’t sure what to think when it turned green just before they got to it, but then they were easy to get along with so they didn’t ask any questions either. Julian sent it to the equipment dock and sent the L to the shipyard. He was sure in good condition like it was he could sell the P right away.

He stopped at the equipment dock and entered the big ship, to the amazement of several Borons there. One walked over and stuck his head inside while Julian was checking it out, he said hello and asked what Julian was going to do with it now that it was here. Julian handed him a card and said it was for sale just the way it was and the boron smiled widely and said he wasn’t interested but he knew someone that probably was. They talked and he called his brother who came immediately from his IRE production station. He had been considering getting a bigger defense force for quite a while, but new ships were very expensive and then you needed to buy the weapons separately. He talked to Julian for a while and they dickered back and forth, finally Julian relented and the P was sold before he even had to get it repaired. It was loaded and the boron was thrilled he had gotten it for a price he could afford. Julian told him to put the word out to all the other Borons around, he was going to be in sector a lot from now on and he’d have different ships for sale. He agreed and took his treasure back to his station. It cost Julian nothing and he gave a new friend a good deal and got a load of free advertising. Things were just getting better and better.

Julian used his trading system extension to order the work done on the L he sent to the shipyard. The boron in charge said it would be completed the next day easily and Julian mentioned it would be for sale. He just nodded and left the link. Julian’s ship was fully loaded and he had parked a buster at the trading station with another jump drive on it just in case. He was all set up and he was ready to go home and relax. He had worked a whole day and Argon and Omicron hadn’t bothered him once, of course, he was on the other side of the galaxy, but he’d hear about all this later he was sure. He jumped back home and just walked in when he saw the coms light blinking, he opened the message, and it was Saya checking to see if he was home yet. He smiled widely and returned her call.

“Hi there, I just got home, how are you?” Julian asked as she came on the screen.

“I’m fine; I only called a little while ago, so I guess I didn’t miss you by much then.” She said smiling.

“Nope, you’re getting better at figuring out my schedule, just a few minutes and you’ll have it.” He said laughing. Saya chuckled and got a little red-faced, he didn’t seem to mind her watching for him at all, and she was glad.
“So, dinner you think, or maybe a show if your not too tired.” She asked as he smiled even wider.

“I’m never too tired to be seen out with you, “Julian said and he could see she was embarrassed.

“What’s the matter, don’t tell me you’re embarrassed to be seen with ME?” Julian asked waiting.

“Not likely, I’m just not used to you saying things like this yet, I dreamed you would someday, so don’t stop now, it just takes a little getting used to.” Saya said laughing.

“I’ll keep right on saying these things as long as you want to hear them, now where do you want to go?” he asked.

“Maybe just dinner, I’m not in the mood for a show after all these compliments, so maybe just a quiet, romantic night out.” Saya said smiling wickedly, and Julian was fast to agree.

They sat and talked about her work, and his, and they avoided bringing up the growing conflict between Argon and Omicron. If it turned bad they both knew Julian would likely be in the middle of it again. He was the all Argon Hero and Ban wouldn’t hesitate to call him if needed. Julian was personally worried about it; argon was very short on ships. Even with the capture crew working daily they might just now have a full squadron on the Argon One. He knew Ban hadn’t said anything about it, but coming and going from the Argon One he had noticed that the bays were empty for the most part, and for a carrier, that was not good. He forced himself to not think about it, here he was out with one of the most beautiful women in Argon and he wasn’t showing her enough attention, he must be going brain-dead. The thought made him smile and she smiled too, he wandered how well she could read him, it had seemed like she could more than once, and he was thrilled they got along so well.

“You’re worried about Ban aren’t you?” she said finally.

“Yes, I guess it pretty obvious, I’m sorry, I promise, no more worries tonight, we don’t spend enough time together now, so I’m not going to waste it worrying.” Julian said laughing, Saya laughed to and said she understood, her mother had finally found out how bad things were the other day and now she had people in Omicron watching to see what was going on too. She told them that Terracorp would not get into the middle of a war between Argon and Omicron, and since she sold them almost all their engines, they had to take her seriously. Julian smiled a little extra pressure for the new Commander of Omicron, good for her. They finished their meal and walked quietly back to Julian’s apartment. Saya mentioned it needed a woman’s touch and Julian offered to let her do whatever she liked to the place, so long as it wasn’t something pink and frilly, he said laughing. She gave him a serious kiss and whispered that she had some things that were pink and frilly; didn’t he want to see those? He immediately decided that pink and frilly was not so bad after all. They laughed and spent another wonderful night together, and this time Saya was there for breakfast too, and Julian was a happy man once more.

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Ooooh, Oooooh, we're getting a "Q".

Message for KRM398 from "Man with No Name"....

"KRM398 keep good on promise, Savage Split with ION Disrupter, 4 HEPT and an MD cancelled" :mrgreen:

Like the switch in Location now we have had Omicron for a while, it changes pace and adds another element - nicely done.
I haven't yet seen any of your other writings, so I will have to have a look when I have some time - just a bit busy at the moment...

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Ok,ok...Prelude to my story..attempt #1..is in..poof please and make Sirus 5 read it too..he asked for it..lol

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