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M0 Mothership Class

Argon Leviathan
The Leviathan is a huge Terran/Argon hybrid vessel, secretly developed and supposedly extremely powerful.

M1 Carrier Class

Terran Odin
The Odin is the primary Earth Fleet Battlecruiser class, armed with advanced weaponry and fighter bays. It was designed to be a mobile base to serve Earth Fleet operations within the Sol system.

Yaki Akuma
The Akuma is the M1 carrier of the Yaki Pirate group. A conglomerate of several different ships, the Akuma is to be approached with caution. It has also been designed to allow it to act in some similar ways to TL class ships.

M2 Destroyer Class

Terran Tyr
The Tyr is the Heavy Battleship of the Earth Fleet Forces and is armed and equipped at a very advanced level.

Kha\'ak Cruiser
Approach this ship with extreme caution and only when part of a larger assault force! This vessel has only recently appeared and is believed to be the improved variant of the already fearsome Khaak Destroyer Type I

M2M Missile Destroyer Class

Experimental Heavy Missile Destroyer with very powerfull front missilegun turret array.

MM7 Military Frigate Class

Otas HCF
Built by Otas Corporation, it\'s primary role is to capture enemy ships, though it is a capable frigate and should be approached with extreme caution

Terran Aegir
The Aegir has only been spotted recently, and those who have seen this heavy frigate are lucky they are able to tell the story.

Kha\'ak Frigate
Nothing is known about this vessel other than it appears to be of frigate class and should be regarded a formidible opponent.

M7 Frigate Class:

Argon Cerberus
The Cerberus is the Argon answer to the increasing threat of Xenon and Pirate raiders. It wields impressive main and secondary weapons arrays, which are mainly intended to engage fighters and corvettes. Although it can also hold its own against larger threats.

Split Tiger
The Tiger frigate is a brand new Split design. It is an awe inspiring vessel designed for only one discipline: the waging of war.

Paranid Deimos
The Deimos frigate is a very well balanced and powerful warship. It can perform many duties alone or in an escort role.

Teladi Hawk
The Teladi entered the M7 arena last and the Hawk should be considered more of an armed TL than anything else. However, it is still a powerful ship and should not be underestimated.</t>

Pirate Carrack
A rare and dangerous Pirate battleship; it is built mainly from salvaged or stolen ship parts.

Boron Hammerhead
After the Argon Campaign it became painfully clear to the Boron that their peaceful doctrine would only bring them so far. The Hammerhead has entered service only recently and should be considered a formidable opponent. At present time it is one of the most powerful warships known to roam the X universe.

Xenon Q
Not much is known about the Q other than it appeared only recently and should be regarded a class-AA threat.

Yaki Reaver
Heavy Frigate Operated by the pirate Syndicate known as the Yaki.

M8 Utility Frigate Class

Argon Griffon
The Griffon is a medium sized military experimental craft capable of auto-producing Heavy Fighter drones. It\'s being rushed into service to bolster Argon frontline supply lines against the renewd Kha\'ak treat

Split Panther
The Panther\'s main purpose is fighter replenishment to the split front-line. She is also designed to function in a covert role, building Split fighters in enemy territory and then inserting the Split infiltrators behind enemy lines.

Teladi Tern
Designed to block enemy trade lanes that may compromise profit oportunities, the Tern\'s primary role is as a mine laying frigate. The Tern is a useful asset to any would be Entrepeneur.

Paranid Agamemnon
Experimental Heavy Missile Frigate with very powerfull front missilegun main array.

MM6 Military Corvette Class

Otas Reaper
Extremely dangerous corvette class vessel, built and sold to the wealthy by the Otas Corporation.

Argon Centaur Vanguard MKIII
The Military version of the Argon Centaur corvette, designed from the same shipwrights as the Argon Nova, it is highly agile, and highly dangerous. Approach with extreme caution.

Split Dragon Vanguard MKIII
Built as a response to the poor effectiveness of the normal Dragon corvette, the Military version of the Split Dragon is a highly formidable opponent and has proved effective against Kha\'ak ships.

Boron Hydra Sentinel MKIII
A much improved upon version of the Hydra, the Military version of the Boron Hydra is strongly equipped to allow it to withstand most initial attacks, as well as retaliate quickly and efficently.

Paranid Nemesis Raider MKIII
A Military version of the Paranid Nemesis corvette, the improved Nemesis is designed as a fast and capable response to Kha\'ak attacks, proving very effective in space trials.

Teladi Osprey Vanguard MKIII
A very fast and agile ship, the Military version of the Teladi Osprey corvette surprised many with it\'s uncharacteristically Teladi speed. It is able to keep up with most similarly classed ships.

Terran Vidar
The Vidar is the Terran corvette of the human fleet. Quick, agile and strong, it is a hugely formidable opponnent and all pilots are advised to be approach with exterme caution.

Goner Truelight Guardian
The Goner Military corvette is there to assist fellow preachers in their travel across dangerous sectors.

Kha\'ak Corvette
The Khaak corvette is a very dangerous craft which is held back only by its underpowered laser generator.

M6 Corvette Class

Pirate Marauder
The Pirate Corvette is a fast and powerful ship, sacrificing shields for speed, weapons and additional cargospace.

Yaki Sennin Raider
Recently discovered Yaki blockaderunner Corvette which sacrifices almost all shielding for unmatched speed

Goner Truelight Raider
A Small yet agile Goner corvette, primarily aimed at allowing the spreading of the word to sectors normally too dangerous for the slower Ranger to cross.

M6L Light Corvette Class

Argon Centaur MKI
The original MkI version of the Centaur was a new strategy in Argon warfare, and was a most timely addition, arriving just before the first Kha\'ak offensives.

Earthfleet Corvette Type-IV
The oldest design in use today, this ship has been extensively refitted. Made famous as the ship piloted by Nyana Gunne, the most famous ship of this Earthfleet Corvette class is the AP Gunner.

Teladi Osprey MKI
Launched amidst great applause, the MkI Osprey proved equal to the Split Dragon, creating much embarassment in Split military circles.

Paranid Nemesis MKI
The first Paranid corvette developed, the MkI Nemesis was hailed as the marvel of it\'s day. Though considerably weaker than the current version, it still something to be wary of.

Split Dragon MKI
The original Split Dragon, the MkI was the Corvette class ship the Split used extensively in defending against the initial Kha\'ak invasions, later replaced by the current version as stronger needs arose. The MkI was made infamous when it\'s prototype version caused the Dragon Incident.

Boron Hydra MKI
The MkI Hydra was created by Boron designers, and despite some limitations, proved effective in the first Kha\'ak invasions.

M3 heavy Fighter Class

Terran Thor MKII
The Thor MKII is the ultra heavy fighter-class of the Earth Fleet Forces; the ship is armed and equipped with highly advanced forms of technology.

Otas Elite
Rebuilt by Otas Corporation from the original Argon Elite design, this M3 has a versatile role and is a formidable opponent to engage against.

M4 Medium Fighter Class

Terran Mjollnir
The Mjollnir is the interceptor-class of the Earth Fleet Forces; the ship is armed and equipped with highly advanced forms of technology.

Terran Andvari
The Captain\'s Yacht for the popular Terran Loki, the Andvari is a well built M4 able to defend the mother ship against lighter opponents.

Fighter Drone MKII
This newly designed Argon Fighter Drone has comparable strength to a m4 class medium fighter and can be built at the Griffon drone frigate.

M5 Light Fighter Class

The Valkyrie is the reconnaissance-class of the Earth Fleet Forces; the ship is armed and equipped with advanced forms of technology.

Weapons Platforms

Orbital Weapons Platform XL
This huge weapons platform bolsters strong defences for guarding valuable stations and sectors. The OWP-XL is often used as a local headquarters for border patrols.

TL Large Transport Class

Terran Asgard
Regarded as the most offensive TL in the known universe, the Asgard is both a heavy transport as well as a military ship. Able to pack a tremendous punch, as well as transport large amounts of cargo, the Asgard is well regarded in the Terran fleet.

MTS Military Transport Class

Argon Vulcan
The Vulcan is an old but very well armed refitted MTS-class Military Transport mainly used for distributing weapons and other valuable assets by the Military. It is not advisable to attack this vessel without taking appropriate precautions!

Terran Sleipnir
The Sleipnir is the workhorse of the Terran fleet, a heavily armed transport that has strong defensive capabilities. It is a formidable opponent.

TS Small Transport Class

Goner Truelight Mover
The main Goner Transporter, the Mover is the backbone of the Goner community, providing a primary way of transporting the goods needed to produce the high tech goods the Goners are famous for.

Terran Baldur
Designed on the Xperimental Shuttle that Kyle Brennan flew when he first contacted the Teladi, it is a well built and compact TS. Designed to run border sector trade runs, it is capable of defending itself against lightly powered opponents.

TP Passenger Transport

Terran Loki
The personnel transport of the Terran Navy, the Loki is fast and well defended.

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