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Chapter 15: New Found Fame

Once at the shipyard Julian had a press conference set up even before they docked. He was quick to say that thanks to the bravery and intelligence of his daughter Julia and her business partner Kris they now had a new ship design from the very enemy they all feared. He called upon the argon military to come see it, and all argon citizens to watch for other signs of explosions anywhere near. He admitted it was probably a deep space probe sent out to find new worlds, but it looked like they had starved to death before they found one. It was even possible they were trying to get to a planet there but just hadn’t made it. He had engineers on board within an hour and the argon military removed the bodies of the crew for analysis, and everyone seemed to get something out of it. Not only did the girls make a lot of money they needed, they were celebrities for a while and they ate it up.

Julia was shopping the next day, with 6 million in her account; she was going to get some nice furniture for the new place.

Craig was very happy for them, and worried for her at the same time. He pleaded for her not to go off running into dead space looking for enemy ships again. He loved her very much and he didn’t want anything to happen to her. She thought that was sweet, but told him they originally went to see a bright flash and thought some poor miner was in trouble. He understood that and decided that things had worked out well considering, but he told her not to waste all her money, it would make a great nest egg for them when they wanted to have children. She agreed and said she laid some back just for future things and gave him a big kiss. They were finally in good financial condition and even though Craig was very old fashioned, he saw that this was the right thing to do.

She found just the right set of furniture and had it delivered, Craig would be surprised when he came home tonight, she thought. The largest chair was very big and comfortable. Her dad had one like it and he sat there almost every evening watching the entertainment channel with her mother. She knew once Craig got down in it he would be hooked, even though he’d probably complain she spent too much. She chuckled, he wasn’t really cheap, he just never had much to go on, and he believed in saving any extra funds they might get. She agreed with that and half of her new found wealth was laid back for the future. Craig decided that was a good thing and left her decided what to do with the rest.

Kris was having the time of her young life, not only had her and Julia sold the big ship, they became celebrities and the news had come home to interview her while Kyle watched on with his big smile. She said that it all started with Julia seeing a bright flash in deep space, and they ran at full speed to see if some poor miner might be hurt. She admitted that it was very far away and she was worried about it, but they continued until the big ship was seen. Then she hung back, ready to run for help, while Julia went in for a closer look. They asked why she held back and she laughed saying a Buster wasn’t made for taking on Cruisers, so Julia went in first because she had bigger shields. They asked what kind of ship she was flying and she got a good plug in for the Brennan shipyards, saying flying one of the new Fast Freighters, Julia seemed to have no fear.

When Julian saw the interview he had another brainstorm, he’d advertise the new Fast Freighter and show it hauling in the Dragoon Cruiser, saying “when the loads get too big for your Buster, haul it with a Fast Freighter” it was brilliant and Saya laughed saying it sounded corny, but he did it anyway. The ad started with a close up of the ship moving along with an attractive young woman flying it,(pretending to be his daughter) and then as the message was played, it pulled back to show this enormous ship being towed in. It hadn’t been done that way, but it was just an ad, he said laughing.

Saya said if he was going to hint it was their daughter doing it he should actually hire her and Kris to do it. She was sure she would, but Julian wasn’t sure he wanted her involved in making ads, it was “sleazy” work to him, but Saya insisted and he made a deal with the girls to do it. They flew together side by side, Buster and Freighter on the ad with close-ups of the girls laughing and saying,” my dad will never believe this story” and then the camera showed the big ship being towed in. It made all the channels and even won an award for advertising, as Julian pointed out to Saya that sometimes corny is good.

She had to admit, that the girls did a great job, and Julian just sniffed loudly and went back to his desk. Saya laughed out loud and decided as he got older, his ego was getting more fragile. She’d have to keep an eye on that, she decided, it wouldn’t do any good to have him get a swelled head, she thought as she walked towards the kitchen to make dinner.

The girls were having the greatest time of their lives, first the ship and their new wealth then being asked to do an ad for the shipyards, and they were well paid for it again. Julia laughed as they talked about it one day saying her dad was all against it until Saya got involved, then he caved in and let them do it. It turned out better than anyone had planned, it was being done for fun for the girls, but the ad council saw it as near prefect casting and they were awarded for their efforts. They each got a check and a certificate to hang on their walls, and they were never as happy as now.

Kyle thought it was great, and even asked his dad to help him make an ad with Kris in it for his factory. Julian was happy to help, but Kris was less than thrilled with the ad he wanted to run, showing her being pursued by pirates as she shot them down with missiles from his factory and getting home in time for dinner. She felt it made her look like a slave to him that she had to be out there while he sat at home, but she did it and the ad looked like a success. It was the last time Kris said she’d do and ad for Kyle even though he begged her to do another one. He was just plain demeaning her, she said and Julian laughed and went home before he got in trouble.

The reconstruction of the big cruiser went well. In a few days the big hole was patched with brand new armor and the fighter bays were up and running. It was made for a flight of fighters or small scout ships for added flexibility, but where they were now was anyone’s guess. The bays were empty but they could easily be used by fighters or even corvette type ships. The scout ships the Dragoon used were nearly as big as a corvette and they made the bays more than big enough to fit them. With good experienced pilots corvettes could use the bays with just a touch of adjustment.

Julian made the big ship his personal project and after a few weeks, they had a perfect blueprint of it for the shipyard. He then sent messages to Argon and all the major houses saying he had the design and sent them some “teaser” pictures of the new ship after repairs. The response was immediate. He had orders enough he decided he needed to add more drones and help to even think of getting them done. He added another yard right next door and used it for the new cruiser with extra large storage areas for construction drones he was cutting construction time by a good amount.

Saya was impressed with him; he was really becoming the businessman she always knew he could be. It would be her job to keep him from becoming as addicted to the job that her mother once was. Only Kyle’s return gave her back a regular life, and she admitted it often. Now that Julian was so involved, he was a madman around the station, going and coming till he was making her start to get angry. She liked having him around and since the kids were on their own, they had many very good days together just enjoying life and each other, but that was weeks ago and she was starting to think it was time for Julian to slow down a little. Sure, they were making more money than ever before, even after buying another shipyard, but they spent nearly no time together anymore and he started even bringing his work to the dinner table, something she put a quick stop to.

She finally made up her mind it was time and changed into something a little more “comfortable” and went into Julian’s office to see him. She knew it was early in the day but she was determined to stop him from becoming another maniac business man with no real life, As she walked in he was busy checking schedules and ordering parts, but when he looked up from his work, she was standing right next to the front of his desk, just outside of the coms screen scan range, Another few steps and she could easily have been seen.

“Oh my, that looks nice, but what are you doing in it now?” he asked with a blank look. She reached around the coms and shut it down, if that wasn’t hint enough, she decided she’d have to get even more serious. She walked around after the screen was dead and sat in his lap and gave him a big kiss, he might be business crazy, but he wasn’t stupid, so maybe a short day was in order after all.

Later on, they were laying in each others arms smiling, Julian said,

“We need to do this more often, it’s very nice from time to time.” He said with a chuckle.

“You’re the one who’s being the big business nut, I’m always ready for any suggestions you may have.” She said with a big grin and a hug. It was true, Julian thought, he had been the one ignoring his wife while this new project was running; he must have been a fool. He held her close and kissed her very serious and solidly, she was happy he was here with her, and they stayed there for most of the afternoon.

Chapter 16: Improvements Down The Line

Julian had the first new cruiser in an ad where he handed it over to the Argon Navy. It had been modified to be more like argon ships. It had the enormous armor that the Dragoons were famous for, but also 4 gigs of the best argon shielding possible. The ad said that if you ever think your out numbered and outgunned you need this ship, and many people agreed. He had enough orders to last for years and he did everything he could to speed up production.

His engineers were still busy trying to decipher the contents of the original computer, they were making good progress, and soon maybe they all know why there were no smaller vessels on board. He was confident that any that launched were dead in space, these creatures didn’t carry replicators for making food, either they never used them or never invented them, either way, months of travel time without fresh food was deadly to them. It would only be a matter of time until they found another derelict or scrap from one. They obviously had a strong ethic, if you fail, you die, and it was done regularly. They must reproduce in great numbers, Julian thought, to waste life so freely.

In another week it was done, and to everyone’s surprise they HAD launched the scouts as they traveled. According to their computer records, any time a probe ship sees a planet; it drops a Proto Colony, of 4 creatures to it. If there is ample food and water, then a colony begins, if not then they continue until they find the next one. No one goes back to see, it’s just a do or die thing. They make sure there’s a breathable atmosphere and then they launch, it’s the only prerequisite for dropping someone to their doom, it would seem. Julian sent a copy to Commander Harris who was quick to say that since they fly through dead space and don’t use the gates all the time, then they could be on any one of a number of planets between their home world and Argon Space. He doubted that the scouts were going to be much of a threat even if one or two did find a habitable planet. Dropping 4 people on a new world would take centuries for them to grow into a colony.

Julian agreed, but reminded him that they were talking about reptiles, not humans, they could easily have perhaps 12-50 young, no one really knew, but even with those numbers, it would be many, many years before they were going to even think of leaving their world. Julian could see a very long term plan here, it might take a century, then they launch new ships and do it all again, and they do this on every world they inhabit. Someday they were going to be a very large and powerful race, he decided.

“We’ll send probes out looking for their colonies; if they’re just getting started they may be more likely to be willing to deal.” Commander Harris said, finally and Julian just nodded and the link closed. It took hundreds of years for the Split to become friendly, and they still had tournaments and death matches to this day, too bad they couldn’t get these two together, maybe personal combat would suit them enough to stop warring and live in peace. He decided it might be something he needed to talk to Ben about, after all he had the “ear” of the universe, maybe they could add the Dragoon to that, he thought.

“It’s been a long time,” Ben said with a big smile. Julian asked how he was and if he had been getting out any and he just smiled, he knew Julian worried about him, but he was ok, this was his life’s work, and he was sure it was worth it.
“I had an idea; we just deciphered the computer on a Dragoon cruiser we found floating nearby. The crew was dead, they self destructed, but it didn’t go all the way, so we have a new ship design now.” Julian started to explain.

“The Maker really does watch over you don’t they, do you have any idea the odds of finding that ship?” Ben asked smiling and shaking his head.

“My daughter Julia found it with her business partner, so they called me to repair it, and I bought it from them, now I have a shipyard set up manufacturing them for us, if the Dragoon ever makes it this far we’ll be ready.” Julian said as Ben just nods.

“So what did you call for, if I had your wife…” Ben started.

“Don’t you worry about my wife, we are very happy.” Julian said laughing.

“I’ll bet,” Ben said and laughed too.

“Anyways, I was wandering, we know that the Dragoon like combat and they don’t seem to care about loosing a few people doing it, but why can’t we set them up to be friends with the Split. They’re like that too, with the death matches and personal combat tournaments, so if we are friends with them and the Dragoons become their friends…” Julian stopped for a second for Ben to think.

“It might help, at least but remember it might also help make the Split more arrogant than they already are but that I think we can work with. It’s not a bad idea actually. If they can sit and cheer for their favorite champion and see lots of blood, they might just decide that it’s enough, I’ll get back to you.” Ben says smiling, he never fails to be amazed at how much Julian learns as he goes along, he thinks and the link goes blank.

“And how, exactly, are you going to do all that?” Julian hears as he looks up to see his lovely wife listening in again.

“Why do you insist on sneaking up on me all the time, its very disturbing?” Julian starts, but Saya isn’t buying it.

“I heard you say why not have the Dragoons become friends with the Split so they can go to Split contests and cheer for their champions, maybe it would help end the war, but you don’t have that kind of control over other races, and he doesn’t either, so who IS Ben anyways?” she asks sitting down across from Julian at his desk.

“I can t tell you, he’s my friend, that’s true, he’s a computer whiz and he invented the capture software that made all this…” he says waving his hands around,” possible, isn’t that enough to know?” he asks seriously, but Saya has heard too much this time and she isn’t stopping without an explanation

“Obviously not, if he has some kind of super control over people what makes you think he doesn’t control you?” she asks very seriously.

“Ben doesn’t control people; not really, he’s an info broker, like I said, and what he does help people make decisions about what THEY do.” Julian says thinking as fast as possible.

“So Ben gives out information he wants people to know so they can make the kind of decision he wants them to make, isn’t that illegal?” she asks, trying to understand.

“Not at all, if they come to him for info and he gives them some, they feel he’s done his best, and wither it’s a pirate asking what he thinks the argon authorities will do or a businessman asking what he heard about a new kind of armor, it all makes a difference somewhere, and Ben loves Argon as much as we do, and he would never do anything to hurt us.” Julian says, hoping that will be enough.

Saya sits back to think and Julian can see the wheels screaming in her head, she’s very intelligent, and he has to be very careful or she’ll catch him yet.

“It still sounds illegal,” she says finally, “Do you think he can really make any difference?” she asks seriously.

“He started getting his business going many years ago, and he gives only peaceful advice to anyone, so did you see any difference in the last 20 years that might say he did?” Julian says smiling, but he just realized what he has said.

“Ben helped set up all the peace treaties we have now? You’ve got to be kidding; he’d have to be a genius to keep that going.” She says sliding forward in her seat. Julian sits back he had no intention of saying that, but he did, now he’s sooo screwed, and Ben will probably never talk to him again, he decides.

“Julian, are you ok?” she asks as clearly he looks like he’s about to have a heart attack.

“You can NEVER repeat that, please, I love you very much don’t do this to me, we’ve come so far since the beginning, and we live so much better now, so please promise me.” He begs as Saya sits back with a thump.

“So its true, you and Ben try to control the galaxy, how can you possibly sit there and say that, we all have rights to say and do…” she starts.

“We don’t control people, they can do what they want, we don’t control anyone, but all the governments of the galaxy have spy sats and scanners and they do whatever they say is real, so we told them ages ago, that everyone wanted peace, and we got it. If that’s wrong then I’m as wrong as he is for keeping quiet all these years, and we would have lost Argon back when Ban was in charge and the fleet was destroyed.” He says seriously, she stops to consider, those were desperate times for sure, she can see where a plan like this could have started, but that was then. Things are much better for everyone now, and all this control isn’t needed any more, at least she doesn’t think it is, she’ll have to have some time to consider.
“We’ll see,” she says as she walks away. Julian is in shock, after all these years, he has left Ben down even after all the good they did together, but he has to admit he did it, and give Ben a reason to know what will probably happen next. He opens another link, just as Ben turns to ask what Julian cuts him off.

“Saya knows,” he says and Ben just shakes his head and smiles,

“You think I didn’t plan for that, she’s very beautiful, and your only human, so I think you’ve done very well all these years.” Ben says smiling. Julian is floored he isn’t even in trouble, he was expected to let it slip a long time ago, that’s why he was never left know the location he worked from.

“I want you to talk to her, she doesn’t understand and she thinks we are trying to control every person in the galaxy, please?” he asks, and Ben just smiles and nods. Julian calls for Saya who walks in slowly, asking what. He waves for her to come over and she isn’t too surprised to see Ben on the screen.

“Hello, Saya, I understand you have questions.” He says and indeed she had. They talked for a while and she wound up sitting on Julian’s lap to see the screen better, and the talk went on. She was impressed that Ben was every bit as intelligent as she knew he’d have to be, but it took quite a while before she was convinced he was sincere. He told her not too worry, the experiment was nearly over, and he thought that peace had been around long enough that the houses wouldn’t want war anymore. It was his life’s work, bring peace to the galaxy, or at least their little corner of it, and she just smiled and nodded as the screen went blank.

“He’s really quite remarkable.” She admitted as she turns and kisses her husband and hugs him.

“I hope he’s right, when he stops this experiment we may have a real change coming.” She says and walks away. Julian isn’t sure Ben is planning on ending the experiment so soon, but if Saya is happy with that, then he will be too.

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