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  1. MediaWiki series 2

    by , 19-07-2012 at 06:37 PM (Erex Malrens Captains Log)
    To add a file there are several ways. But first it has to be uploaded unless your wiki can use external images.
    To add a file use
    To scale image
    [[File:Image.jpg|250px]] it makes the image's width 250px.
    [[File:Image.jpg|250px|hello]] this will make the image alt text when hovering over it say hello.
    [[File:Image.jpg|250px|hello|link=Betazoid]] This makes it 250px wide, alt hello, and when clicked it will take you to the page named Betazoid.
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  2. MediaWiki series 1

    by , 18-07-2012 at 04:17 PM (Erex Malrens Captains Log)
    Ok So if you wanna make a wiki you gotta know MediaWiki. It is the most powerful Wiki software there is. So here are a few steps as a Wiki Admin myself.

    When you create your wiki you must protect it from vandals So the mainpage must be protected so only admins can edit and change its length of protection to indefinite.

    Now you are going to need to make some templates. But first you need to learn some things.

    '''Hi''' will bold your text
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