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    by Published on 24-02-2010 03:51 PM
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    The X-Tended Mod 0.7.5 is a modification for the game X3: Reunion by Egosoft.

    XTM has a unique approach to modding X3:Reunion, we always try to extend the X3 universe and game style while trying not to upset the careful balance that Egosoft created in the original game. As such, a general rule we try to follow is not to change any of the ES stock game assets, but try to add to them, expanding the game into a fuller experience for the player.

    In the X3 Universe, the 5 main races are at war with an alien race called the Kha'ak, they are also fighting an ongoing battle with a race of AI controlled machines called the Xenon. On top of this there are all the petty little skirmishes between the races themselves, and space pirates also have to be dealt with (unless you want to be a pirate of course, then it's the main races that have to be dealt with).

    Each race in the X-Universe is constantly at war with someone, and in XTM we try to reflect this by making the X-Universe a more dangerous place to live, but we offset this by allowing the player to own more powerful ships (Although they are all carefully balanced not to be super-ships), and ships that have specialised functions.

    Currently a few of the ships we have added are:

    A full M7 class. These ships are the equivalent of a frigate class, bigger and heavier that Corvettes but smaller and not as well armed as a full Destroyer or Carrier class ship. They fill the huge power gap between the M6's and the M1/M2's currently in X3:Reunion.

    M8 ship class. These ships are built to roughly the same scale as the M7's but with specialised functions and are only lightly armed and shielded in comparison, but in here we have mine-layer ships, shield frigates, front line support ships that can construct M5-M3's internally so you have a constant supply of fighters to help defend frontier sectors (as long as you have the credits that is), and many others that have a niche but important function.

    M0 Class ships. These are the largest ships in the universe and are classed as Mother-ships. They are experimental, and rare.

    There are also new stronger military variations of some ship classes. For example the M6 class has military variations (MM6) for all races to help defend their sectors against the Kha'ak.

    We also felt that the X-Universe itself was a little too small, and that you kept bumping your elbows against the edges. So we decided to expand it for the player. The XTM universe is almost double the size of the original, and is currently (as far as we know) the largest universe created for X3:Reunion.

    XTM also contains new GFX, SFX, and music all created specifically for this mod.

    We hope that our fans enjoy playing XTM as much as we enjoyed creating it.

    The X-Tended Mod Team.
    by Published on 24-02-2010 03:46 PM
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    One menace beaten, and the universe is slowly recovering. Questions unanswered, a universe extended.
    New friends to be made, a new enemy to be found.
    The universe just got a whole lot bigger.
    More universe, more ships, more stations, more missions!

    The X-Tended Mod "Revelations"

    X-Tended-Mod Public Beta 0.7.5 Phase I "Revelations"

    New in 0.7.5
    There is nothing new in 0.7.5. This is only a bug fix release for 0.7.4 >>>Click for the full change log<<<



    The X-Tended Mod 0.7.5 FULL version.
    This is the complete XTM package which includes all files needed to play XTM 0.7.5.
    ONLY download this version if you do not have a previous XTM 0.7.* installation.
    >>>Click for the full download.<<<

    The X-Tended Mod 0.7.5 PATCH version.
    This is the 0.7.5 patch. Use this if you are upgrading from any previous 0.7.* version of the mod.
    DO NOT download the full version if you are already using XTM.
    >>>Click for the patch download.<<<

    You must install the full mod or patch to your X3 root folder. This is the same folder that has X3.exe in it.

    Online Help


    Featuring over 90 new sectors including:
    - The Terran Solar System
    - New Xenon, Khaak, Pirate, and Yaki Sectors
    - New Goner, Unknown and Main races sectors
    - Countless other places to explore or conquer, each one unique and useful to every players' needs.

    95 New Ships:
    - Argon, Terran, Paranid, and Otas M0 class ships
    - Full compliment of M7 frigate class ships
    - Full complement of MM6 military corvette class ships
    - An M8 class ship for each of the major races with a special feature per M8:
    - Argon Griffon: capable of producing and launching Fighter Drones MkII
    - Boron Swordfish: a powerful Ion-Blast (shield damaging) Frigate
    - Otas Custodian: group shield and repair Frigate
    - Otas HCF: allows capture of enemy ships and repair of damaged hulls
    - Paranid Agamemnon: fitted with the latest in powerful missile technology
    - Split Panther: a support frigate capable of producing Split fighters
    - Teladi Tern: a mine layer frigate for laying explosive blockades.
    - Terran Ollerus: wormhole deployment to make dynamic tradelanes.
    - 7 Ships from X2 brought back, remodeled and refitted by special dealers across the universe
    - Full compliment of Terran ships on sale and active in the universe from M0 down to TS/TP and fighter class.
    - MTS, Military Transport class ships, TS ships with much improved statistics.
    - Pirate Galleon, Frigates, Corvette and 4 unique Pirate fighter models.
    - Otas (a corporation specializing in highly advanced technologies) will have a full compliment of ships from M0 down to M3, each with special distinctive features.
    - A new race, and over 9 ships used by them.
    - A fleet of new Yaki and Goner ships to discover, buy and use.
    - New T0 class Civilian ships. These HUGE hulks go back to the days before cargobay-compression was invented. Nowadays most are converted to mobile ware- and resource production facilities.
    - Full complement of M3+ fighters for each race, even the Yaki!
    - The Goner Aran, the most powerful vessel the player can own, capable
    of mobile ship construction, reverse engineering, template equipping, remote fleet transport and even the 'conversion' of rogue-minded villains.
    - Many other ships and lifeforms like Boron X-Craft, revamped Xenon vessels, who knows, you might even encounter a Space Dragon!

    X-tensive Effects improvements
    - Shockwaves and improved capital ship explosions
    - Added detailed debris in most ship explosions
    - New pirate and Yaki engine effects
    - New sound effects for weapons and missiles
    - New sector soundtracks
    - Missile trails
    - Many new types of Suns
    - Many new Planet types
    - Improved Nebulae.

    2 New Weapons, 3 new Missiles and over 8 new shield types
    - The Paranid Heavy Missile Gun: An ammo base missile launcher capable of devastating long range bombardment
    - The Sohnen Beam Cannon: Limited intel available due to a distinct lack of survivors.
    - Military 5MJ, 25MJ, 125MJ, 500MJ, 5GJ shields as well as special pirate and Sohnen shields
    - Additionally all Terran weaponry can be purchased at Terran equipment docks (if your Terran notoriety is high enough!)

    Over 45 New commands and features including:
    - Shipbuilding capabilities on some ships
    - Drone building capabilities on the Argon Griffon Drone Frigate
    - Ship extension upgrade options at player owned equipment docks for fleet equipping purposes.
    - Complex warehouses to increase the amount that can be stored at factory complexes, or for their own stand alone use to store goods.
    - Multiple electronic warfare and hull repair features on Otas ships.
    - Point to Point jumpdrives on some advanced- and M0 class ships.
    - Many other features including installing ship repair facilities on docks and on carriers, setting capital ships to automatically execute tactical retreats when under fire, the ability to deploy scout drones for long range reconnaissance, and much more...

    New stations:
    - The huge and ancient Dyson Sphere, under control of an unknown force
    - The magnificent Otas Headquarters built around a series of old mining facilities.
    - New factories for the production of the Heavy Missile Gun and ammo, Concussion Impulse Generator, Scout Drones and new Shield types.
    - Many larger factories for weapon and ship components production (potentially still compatible with Ashley's XXL fabs)
    - New, distinct Shipyards for the 5 main races AND Terrans

    Over 20 New Missions:
    - Including a new Xtended plot involving a new and terrifying race with the player trying to avert a universe shattering war.
    - Multiple ships to discover and interact with within the universe, leading to missions and side quests and general interaction with the universe.
    - Several new BBS missions, including missions to unlock new ships such as the Argon Leviathan.
    - Dangerous new missions into uncharted enemy space

    Many other new features including:
    - Countless new wares, freebies and features to find and use
    - Much improved AI usage of all ships, leading to more variety and life in the universe
    - New docking bays that allow M5 only, M6 only, TS/TP only docking, as well as new internal docking options
    - various AL plugin options to enable:
    • Shockwave damage from capital ship explosions.
    • Other independent companies within the universe.
    • Randomized or fixed locations for new shipyards and important stations.

    - Many new stations to find and trade with


    Below is a list of all the ship classes, each with a link to a screenshot. For 'Spoiler' ships, follow this link: http://www.thexuniverse.com/viewtopic.php?p=42424#42424, but be warned, these are ships revealed as part of the plot.


    Argon Leviathan
    Otas Castrum
    Paranid Olympos
    Terran Valhalla

    M1 - Carrier:

    Pirate Galleon
    Terran Odin
    Yaki Akuma

    M2 - Destroyer:

    Kha'ak Destroyer
    Otas Boreas
    Terran Tyr

    M2M - Missile Destroyer:

    Paranid Poseidon

    M3+ - Ultra Heavy Fighter:

    Argon Eclipse
    Boron Skate
    Goner Chidon
    Otas Elite
    Pirate BlastClaw
    Pirate Eclipse
    Pirate Elite
    Pirate Kea
    Sohnen Oriax
    Teladi Kea
    Terran Thor MkII
    Yaki Tenjin

    M4 - Fighter:

    Terran Mjollnir

    M5 - Scout:

    Sohnen Lilith
    Terran Valkyrie
    Xenon N

    M6 - Corvette:

    Goner Zemira
    Kha'ak Corvette
    Pirate Marauder
    Yaki Sennin Raider
    Xenon P
    Xenon P Raider

    MM6 - Military Corvette:

    Terran Vidar
    Argon Centaur MkIII Vanguard
    Boron Hydra MkIII Vanguard
    Goner Nebai
    Otas Reaper
    Paranid Nemesis MkIII Raider
    Sohnen Zepar
    Split Dragon MkIII Vanguard
    Teladi Osprey MkIII Vanguard

    M7 - Frigate:

    Argon Cerberus
    Boron Hammerhead
    Boron Whale - Courtesy of Imp.-
    Kha'ak Frigate
    Paranid Deimos
    Pirate Carrack
    Pirate Reaver
    Sohnen Seth
    Split Tiger
    Teladi Hawk
    Terran Aegir
    Xenon Q

    M8 - Utility Frigate:

    Argon Griffon - Drone Frigate
    Boron Swordfish - Ion Frigate
    Otas Custodian - Shield Frigate
    Otas HCF - Capture Frigate
    Paranid Agamemnon - Missile Frigate
    Split Panther - Support Carrier
    Teladi Tern - Minelayer
    Terran Ollerus - Gate Deployment Frigate

    WP - Weapons Platform:

    Argon Orbital Weapons Platform XL


    Amaranth - Greenhouse Ship
    Anastasius - Mobile Solar Plant
    Darius - Mobile Crystal Fab
    Faunus - Mobile Weapons Forge
    Panos - Mobile Ore Refinery

    TL - Large Transport:

    Goner Ozias
    Terran Asgard

    MTS - Military Transport:

    Otas Scarab
    Terracorp Vulcan
    Terran Sleipnir

    TS - Small Transport:

    Goner Shiloh
    Otas Sinuator
    Terran Baldur

    TP - Personnel Transport:

    Boron Angel
    Terran Loki


    Argon Fighter Drone MkII
    Terran Andvari


    Argon Shipyard
    Boron Shipyard
    Split Shipyard
    Paranid Shipyard
    Teladi Shipyard


    Otas Headquarters

    The XTM team would like to thank the following Non-XTM team members for their contribution(s) to XTM 0.7.5:

    -Mox- - For starting XTM in the first place. Without him there would not be an X-Tended Mod

    ULiX - BBS Mission fixes

    Jakesnake5 - Fixed missing ring on Teladi SY model, New Kha'ak MAT6 textures and engine effects, Xenon P Raider fix, Fixed the problem with only one of the three available bays being used for docking in the Teladi SY, Fixed Thor MKII Weapon placement and engine thruster effects.

    Chem [EG] [ru] - For weapons icon description fix, mediation between the XTM team and Russian scriptwriters.

    Yaki - Custom starts ideas.

    Pyromancer - Fix to Dead Sohnen ships in Goner Mission.

    Generalwest - Goner station ownership fix.

    The XTM team would also like to thank the unsung heroes of this release - our beta testers. They did a superb job of finding all our mistakes and didn't allow us rest on our laurels.



    If we have missed anyone please let us know and we will add your name here ASAP.