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    by Published on 12-08-2013 01:46 PM
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    The announcement of the release date is here for Egosoft's latest game X-Rebirth:

    Europe: 15th November 2013
    North America: 19th November 2013

    The full new release is here. Discuss ...
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    3 Weeks after XTC 2.0 release, some intrapreneurial pilots have managed to explore and discover many of the new universe secrets and decided to share their experience with all the community.

    The result is a collection of frequently asked questions and relative answers that will surely help everyone to start with a good kick their journey into this new adventure in the universe of X-games.

    Our thanks go to Loriel, Joelnh, Code99 and all the others who are collaborating to make this FAQ possible and updated

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    X-Tended - Terran Conflict is a complete overhaul of Egosoft's game, X³: Terran Conflict. Featuring a completely new ship & weapon balance, numerous gameplay enhancements, streamlined ways to manage your assets, dozens of new weapons, wares, missiles, ships, new missions, a completely new map and a setting that is faithful to the official lore laid out by the books and games.

    X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.0

    Welcome to X-Tended – Terran Conflict 2.0, probably one of the most extensive modifications to ever be made for an Egosoft game. XTC 2.0 has been in the making for 4 years and in that time has seen many different team members blood, sweat and tears. It has sent more testers running for the hills in a panic than we can count. It even broke a number of PC's along the way. Not to mention the office coffee machine... But that's a different story... She was a consenting adult!... What?!...

    We would like to thank the community for it's patience and support. Even the 5 times a week questions “Is it done yet? When will it be ready?” which at times became annoying are, in the end, appreciated, as it showed that people were still looking forward to the mod and gave us the will power to continue.

    And finally we would like to thank Egosoft, who created the original game that made all of this possible. Without the game and without their additional support at times, this mod would not have been possible.
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    MOD « New Horizons » X3TC (NHTC) v.1.2


    Xchange Guild is primarily Teladi. It is recommended to remain in good terms with this faction to enjoy this Mod at best.
    It is rumoured that Xchange Guild would have forged a secret alliance with Pirate and Yaki factions, but this has been officially denied par Xchange Guild official spokesperson.

    This Mod has been built to offer more trade, fight, build and think opportunities without having to follow plot routes by choosing 6 custom starts. Everything available usually by plots has to be found in this largest universe, except the Hub and player’s personal sector. Access to Terran and Aldrin sectors is granted with Custom starts.

    However, NHTC is fully compatible with Egosoft regular starts with all plots available, including all Mod additions.

    Languages playable: English & French

    NHTC Mod contains

    * 20 new sectors with more trade routes and access to Terran territories
    * Almost all ships usually not available to players can be bought and equipped, subject to find the hidden place where they are stored. Beware that some factions will not sell them easily…
    * A largest economy (including Terrans) providing more profit opportunities and much more weapons and equipment to buy
    * Terran stations can be bought in one single SY
    * Xchange Guild has obtained the license to mount Commonwealth weaponry on ATF ships. You just need to find the secret Base where they can be bought
    * More Yaki and Pirate nuisance. However, they are now selling their ships to the ones smart enough to remain in good terms with them
    * New sector backgrounds by yipyop
    * New sector soundtracks selected by Cpt-Killer
    * No fog in the Universe
    * « Large Gates Mod » by PSCO1 inside
    * « Anarkis Defence System v.2.60 » - ADS - by Serial Kicked inside
    * «Xchange Guild HUD » by Odin83 inside
    * PSG have been slightly enhanced to set them back to X3R specs (Gamma)
    * Many new ships designed by PSCO1 (M3 Tender, M12 heavy frigate with docking capabilities, M0 heavy carrier with external docking pods for TS/TP/M6), and 9 additional new ship classes based on existing models. They are significantly enhanced and balanced with the game in order to avoid any kind of “god effect”: M2 interceptor / M5+ / M3+ Heavy / M6+ Interceptor / M8+ / TM+ / Strike TL / Universal TS / TS Heavy Freighter

    M12 Argon Harpy

    M12 Boron Swordfish

    M12 Paranid Phobos

    M12 Split Ocelot

    M12 Teladi Sparrowhawk

    M0 Argon Japet

    M0 Boron Arowana

    M0 Paranid Cronos

    M0 Split Pterodactyl

    M0 Teladi Sea Hawk

    M3 Argon Nova Tender / Hauler

    M12 Heavy frigates available in the Mod:

    Three new scripts

    1/ “Kha’ak Patrols” by Serial Kicked: Kha’ak’s have decided to stop Paranid’s Nividium smuggling. Unfortunately, Kha’ak patrols are not making a difference with regular mineral business. Thus, everyone doing business with minerals is no more in safety in the universe…
    The more your trade and fight rank increase, the more it is likely to meet powerful angered Kha’ak squadrons travelling from one sector to another. You will receive a warning message in case Kha’ak’s would invade a sector where one of your factory is settled. Additionally, you will be rewarded for every kha’ak ship destroyed. Kha’ak patrols will not start at the beginning of the game, but only at a particular trade/fight level reached by the player.

    2/ « Events » by peroxyde : Unusual events chosen at random can occur once you are docked at a station. You need to stay docked a bit more than few seconds. Beware that everything pleasant or less pleasant can happen there…

    3/ « Hull Integrity Rescuer » by peroxyde : This script allows TM and TM+ to repair ship hull quickly and 50% cheaper than in your favourite SY.
    You need to buy the new Repair Laser Pro and equip the TM turret. You can activate the Laser in the turret control command. Repair is even more quicker and efficient providing that your ship has ecells, teladianium and computer components or microchips in the cargo bay.
    Note that the Mobile Base 3C can repair a ship while docked, without the need of the Repair Laser Pro.

    NHTC Custom Starts

    * Fanatic. You are a redundant ATF pilot. You only own a M3 Thor. Respected warrior, you have made during your military carrier quite a large bunch of deadly enemies in the Commonwealth... Difficulty: Insane

    * Lost. You maybe were too smart for a Boron. After having got back a Strike TL stolen by pirates, you have by accident wounded civilians in a Paranid sector while you were escaping. Now, you are lost in space with very few ecells and it does not seem that neither Pirate nor Paranid factions have any intention to forgive you… Difficulty: Difficult

    * Mercenary. Your 5 years contract with OTAS Corp. has ended and Argon military has no use of your fighting skills. How will you make good use of your M3+. Difficulty: Easy

    * NhTcMod. Teladi experienced merchant, you can choose the path you will use to be finally accepted at the Xchange Guild Board of Directors. Difficulty: Easy

    * Reckless. Young Split discoverer, you would like to find all the secret goodies spread out in hidden places of NHTC universe. Difficulty: Not so easy

    * Rebel. Terran military is designing a very powerful fighter able to mount both Terran and Commonwealth weaponry. You do not support this approach that could lead to a war against the Commonwealth. You have stolen a prototype and sent a warning message to the Commonwealth. You do not know if someone received it or not, but you are now a Terran traitor and you have to save your life! Difficulty: Difficult

    Link to NHTC Forum

    Enjoy !
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    This time six years ago today the beginnings of The X Universe were being built...

    It seems strange to think that this site has been up and running for the six years it has, and a lot has gone on in that time, and more ...
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    X-Tended - Terran Conflict 2.0 pre-release news.

    The release of version 2.0 of XTC is drawing closer. Many of you will be wondering exactly why it has been so long since 1.2 ...

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