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  1. I liked FO3 (in addition with Broken Steel and Point Lookout) very much. I already bought New Vegas but won't play before my work allows me to do so. I guess christmas time will be a good choice.

    BTW There is no 'best' choice of a graphic card at all. Only way to decide this question for me was:

    1st set an amount of money I want to spent
    2nd set a date when I want to buy it
    3rd see the two candidates from ATI and NVIDIA that fits best to point 1 and 2 (maximum power for the money)
    4th take the NVIDIA card.

    CU friend
  2. Thanks Badman. I´m still around, though I don´t follow the forum. Simply to much work!! In my spare time I still play things like Fallout New Vegas lately and currently I´m looking for a new PC. I really cann´t decide on the correct grafic card (hd5870, 6870, geforce 470, 480????)
  3. Lange nichts von Dir gesehen oder gehört. Ich hoffe aber es geht Dir gut und Du kannst geniessen, was auch immer Du gerade machst.
  4. Thanks 2b!
  5. gratz for becoming a team member!!!
  6. Ja sorry, bin noch nicht dazugekommen
  7. Hast Du meine PM erhalten? Gruß B76
  8. Danke. Ich hoffe du bleibst dem Forum so lange erhalten bis auch du 1000 hast.
  9. Now you've been thanked 1000 times by the users, here in these forum! Congrats!
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