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  1. hiya young sir,
    glad to see you are back with us
  2. hiya chief,
    hey quick question.. how can i change my admin login password?
    oh & yes, i was able log in to the admin side of things
    oh & before i forget about it, i'll send you a copy of that PM i mentioned on skype..
  3. hiya chief,
    PM sent to stemmy, BCC'd to you

    cheers & Thranx
  4. Happy New Year, chief
  5. Not had a lot of time lately... hoping to remedy that as much as I can. Will check over my PMs properly this weekend... had several I've not been able to sort out properly...
  6. hmm, what's this i see? the wandering one returns?!?
    quick question while i'm here, have you had a chance to check your PM's yet? if so, any chance of resolving that issue mentioned in them?
  7. hiya Chief,
    I left an update in my "away until" message if you want to have a read, basically it's just about how long i expect to be "away" for..
  8. Thanks matey
  9. Hiya Chief,
    Quick update.. just heard from KT (killertide) & left him a link to here so he can get in touch with you...
  10. Thanks matey. Nice work.
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