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Linux and steam, should some worry?

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Wow 12 years I had my nose stuck in the corporate world with security updates, patches, MS office, spread sheets, updates, and you get the picture. Most people look at a typical laptop to do gaming can run $1200-2200 but looking close the actual hardware cost about $500-900.

I am going to back up a few years, I have spent $200 - 400 dollars upgrading my pc hardware for each person in the house, then compile the OS upgrades $199-299, and the Html web developer Software $299, $+100 of dollars in anti virus and firewall package and UPDATES. Oh the cost of running on M$ server platform to run the unique proprietary licences and the constant verification of ownership???

I just loaded Linux Mint on that old pc I purchased 6 years back and can do everything for the global company I work for such with Libra Office excel, word, eMail, webex like sessions. On the personal side I can customize Fire walls, run my own servers too with ease. The important fact is a business owner could throw out all M$ products, Service fee and support, proprietary chains (save thousand of dollars, crashes, employees playing games all day) That owner or business can use that save money an hire a Unix/Linux young aspirating person to tweak it. Life for that business would still go on as it did.

Which bring the point Linux does not play any good games. True! But they are on Steam and they have Developer kits and the creative people are starting to grow in numbers. Before anyone gets into a pissy match, let me say this. Years ago MAC was the graphics guru hands down. while IBM did the basic banking and automation industry controls. You see most offset printing companies used MAC for the graphics. But as the years went on IBM Microsoft started to make better cards to compare with MAC, but MAC did not have that integrated edge in world industry foot hold.

Like with Linux, Linux looks like that silly OS of basic computational control with no real good graphics. But the tides are changing. Linux now has home automation products, they are in many things like how java runs in most all devices, TV, Blueray players, etc etc. Linux is pulling off the same thing and history is repeating itself. Linux is on steam, they are and will grow ground as more people program games for Linux. Linux is free!!!

I look back now, and I have wasted about $6000 dollars on M$ buying software that went obsolete within 6 months to 18 months for all the home PCs. I am not even counting the hardware which I was force to upgrade to run the new Software (forced) because it was no longer supported.

Here is my plan, I am not buying anymore M$ stuff. The remains of salvaged PC grave yard in my house has been converted to Linux, Libra office, and all the bells and whistles, the kids can get all their friends on Skype, web and what not. The remainder of M$ laptops will server the purpose for GAMING. Any money saved from this change is going into a kiddy to buy gaming hardware.

Oh... About Steam, Linux open source stuff allows developers to be seen out in the front now. When the tide starts turning how much better Linux graphics run, because they will not be clogged with proprietary code sucking performance from a system. People will realize Wow Linux does everything my M$ does and now games too.

It wont happen next week, but the ball is very much rolling and picking up speed as more people are going to Linux PC and Microsoft Shares will start to dwindle over time. Even some new PC you can get with Linux installed and places offer Desktops and laptops with no OS on it since you can install Linux freely!

Tip, Keep an eye on Linux gaming development in 3D hardware or any companies making higher end products for OR including Linux as friendly compatibility out of the box. If anything we all will be able to watch it happen on Steam as the weeks and months go buy.

"IBM based PC did not over take MAC over night on graphics, but Linux OS is free!"
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  1. Trooper1994's Avatar
    Yeah I've been watching the OS'es lately old M$ has been messing up alot lately, so hopefully maybe one OS will get out there enough to challenge M$ cause as we all know windows 8 was a big disaster a tablet OS forced onto laptops and desktops.

    I wonder whos huge and really retarded idea that was...

    Heck they still support and develop 32bit OS which should of been dead nearly like what 10 years ago, all they need is to get games like you said on the other platforms and M$ goona get into some trouble if they keep messing up like they have in then last few years.
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  2. Mangar's Avatar
    Long short short, a year ago I had 1 Corporate win7 laptop, 1 XP laptop and 2 XP desktops for myself and 3 Desktop XP's for each of my two kids and wife. so that was that was 6 used XP home PC and not even counting the 3 other ones stacked up in my closet.
    Last Christmas my new Gaming PC turned into a pumpkin and when the smoke cleared My wife and each kid had there own new win7 laptops each I asked did I get one? my wife said oh there was not enough left over it the fund account.
    So I inherited three XP desktops to go along with the 2 I already had. Plus my only gaming laptop is broken leaving me a corporate win7 Laptop that I am not allowed to install games on

    My wife started an argument "Don't you think you have enough computers for yourself now, why do you need another?" I am done throwing money at windows, I rather buy hardware and throw some donations at LINUX.

    Linux Mint will keep me busy messing with them and happy doing it. I will look at getting a gaming MB or laptop which might be 1/3-1/2 the cost of buying a loaded M$ one, or just a new Gaming Motherboard.
    Also what I found out "GeForce 750 Ti sounds like a fix for me now, Low watt demand on an older Desktop also." then just save money till the holidays.

    Win 8 is a big disaster, the city of Munich is in the news saying it will go back to M$ from Linux, which turns out to be false. Also Microsoft servers are getting replaced with Linux, The international Space station gave M$ the boot for Linux, Even new naval frigates are getting powered by Linux. I think since Steam is on Linux and Linux on Steam, they are in the lime light of other gamers and game users.

    I was wonder if there are a bunch of other XP people (members) that could not play the new games and were playing out the rest of their game days on X3 reunion and XTC.

    Maybe if they got Linux they could same some money till Linux gets more of a foothold in the next year. Did you know Linux is the 4th largest OS system in the world?

    So far Linux is impressing more and more people, and we will have to see what ratings it gets on Steam when released.

    WHAT I SEE, once Linux makes its game release day, that may impress more WIN users to get Linux to start programming games in LINUX. If that happens M$ will loose its grapple hold on more users as programmers can code cheaper on free systems than M$ over the long haul.
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    Updated 03-09-2014 at 03:19 AM by Mangar