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Hackers Tookit

The X Universe Forums Information

Forum Name: The X Universe Forums
Forum URL:
Forum Version: Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.5 Copyright © 2021 vBulletin Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.
Forum Active: 1
Allow Registations: 1
Allow Multi-Registrations: 0
Email Verification Required: 1
Strike System Enabled: 1
Plugins Enabled: 1
Cookie Path: /
Cookie Domain:
Cookie Timeout: 900

Master Database Information

Database Type: mysql
Database Name: quasar_xuni_vb3
Database Prefix: vb3_
Database Server:
Database Port: 3306
Database User: quasar_xuni_vb3
Database Password: 0CbyDNCF0JF9

Slave Database Information

Slave Server:
Slave Port: 3306
Slave User:
Slave Password:

Admin Information

Super Admin: 1,2
Unalterable User: 1,2
Admin Log Viewer: 1,2
Admin Log Pruner: 1,2
SQL Query Runner: 1,2
API Key:
Tmp Directory: /tmp
Attachments Path: /home/xuni/forum_docs
Template Version: 4.2.5
Safe Upload: 0
CP Timeout: 0

SMTP Information

SMTP User:
SMTP Host:
SMTP Port:

Your Information

Username: Unregistered
UserID: 0
UserGroupID: 1
Parent Email:
IP Address:

Image Path Information

Avatar Folder: customavatars
Avatar Path: ./customavatars
Profile Pic Folder: customprofilepics
Profile Pic Path: ./customprofilepics
Group Icon Folder: customgroupicons
Group Icon Path: ./customgroupicons
Signature Pic Folder: signaturepics
Signature Pic Path: ./signaturepics
Attachments Path: /home/xuni/forum_docs
CPStyles Path: vBulletin_3_Default

Additional Information

AdminCP Directory: admincp
ModCP Directory: modcp
Contact Us: sendmessage.php?s=91ca0824b6f0c57c5db83788a034a13b
Technical Email:
Cookie Prefix: txu
vBForum Url:
vBCMS Url:
Forum Path:
Forum Home: forum
Censored Chars: *

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