Stemmy's X-mas oven roasted legs of lamb.

  1. stemardue
    For 6 (hungry) people:
    4 legs of little lamb (about 3 - 3.2 kilos in total)
    1-1.5 kilos yellow paste potatoes (7-8 medium sized potatoes)
    extra virgin olive oil
    2 garlic cloves
    a small bunch of fresh rosemary
    a couple sage leaves
    2 bay leaves

    Peel and cut the potatoes in thick chunks (about 3-4 cm big) and let em stay in cold water while you prepare the lamb.
    Carve away some of the white fat from the lamb legs, rinse them in warm water and damp with a cloth. Prepare the oven platter (i used a wet foil of oven paper, but that's not mandatory) by spreading some olive oil with a brush. Rub the leg lambs with the garlic cloves (cut em and rub the wet part), discard the used cloves. Salt the legs and put them in the platter.
    (continues below...)
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  2. stemardue
    Rinse the potato chunks and dry em in a cloth, then fill the platter gaps with them. Salt the potatoes.
    Garnish abundantly with rosemary, some bits of sage and the bay leaves.
    Grind some pepper on top (at your taste) and some more drops of oil.

    Put in pre-heatened oven (250) for 15 minutes - then lower the temperature to 180 and let it cook for about 90 minutes, peeping in from time to time to keep you drooling ^^

    Bon appetit!
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