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    Oh new avatar yeah I am old school, I like the game I can take with me 50 feet underground and play (no Internet) I don't care for being tethered to steam all the time while playing. Its just dumb and wasted resources. I have the Gold box with Bala gi, From the X3R and TC game I have made more game folders like XTM, X-Tended, XTC 1.3, XTC 2.0, NHTC, which are all stand alone play games. That steam AP I believe now has a patch after downing loading it you make it a stand alone game after installing it and moving it to a new folder away from steam. I will be happy when Rebirth is fixed AND I can install it to a new folder without steam to MOD it
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    Oh ok, "that link about installing language files" I will try it in the morning. I see what you mean about that.
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    FYI For your information
    You could play TC, then mod XTC, then after you can play NHTC after kind of like three games in one.
  4. I asked you that because somewhere on a thread I saw "How to install other language files for XTM 0.7.5" but without links to that files!
    Here is the link
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    Maybe I will load XTM in the morning and try translating them to French. You can touch them up
    Je vais peut-être charger XTM le matin et essayer de les traduire en français. Vous pouvez les retoucher
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    Your English is great My French is Zip. The best I can do is google translate

    Add me to the list of rebirth deceived people hopefully it will be fix sooner then later.

    I am not sure if XTM 0.7.5 has a French language file. Give me a day or two. I wonder if I post the file in html if a web browser could translate 90% of the file? Let me ask some other people.
  7. Thank you for your welcome message Mangar!

    Unfortunately, I don't have the TC one nor the AP, I bought the X-Rebirth one and I was so deceived by all the bugs it contains that I restarted
    to play my x3 by the time they should fix it up (maybe 1 year or so)

    A question by the time I'm writing to you, I would be very pleased if you can give me a link to find french language files for the XTM 0.7.5, my
    X3R is already french patched.

    And sorry for my poor English writing, as you guessed, I'm french Canadian!

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    Welcome to TheXUniverse if you like XTM and ever got the TC regular game, NHTC is also real cool. I play that one alot. I think it also has French language files it is also a easy self extract install. Well put together mod!
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