Helge Kautz - the writer of the books Farnhams Legend, Nopileos and Yoshiko, has currently his hands full with the work on his newest novel - X3: Keeper of the Gates. This new novel will be released in November 2008, according to amazon.com (german).

Here is the translated description of the novel:
"The cold war between Earth and the commonwealth tightens as ATF-agents discover a big trade in illegal artifical intelligences. Jel Nirin, a young ATF-agent on his first large scale operation is sent to help with the reconaissance of the backgrounds. But just when he arrives in the commonwealth, a fratricidal war between the local races breaks out. Shortly thereafter the gates, which composed the backbone of the commonwealth for aeons, break down rapidly one after another...
yet another, completely standalone thriller out of the X-Universe, based on Egosoft's videogame-bestseller!"

And here's the link to the TXU News Article.