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    Thread: XTM 0.7.5 Full change log

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      Default XTM 0.7.5 Full change log

      XTM 0.7.5 Full change Log:

      Warning: Spoilers within. You have been warned.

      - Removed the debug output of plugin.XTM.Misc.ArgonOne.Hide.
      - Fixed the ghost tuning from plugin.XTM.Lib.Ship.Clone.
      - Blocked the plugin.XTM.BBS.Offer.ShipSale.Soh from spawning Argon Mammoths.
      - Fixed the installation of the additional 15GJ of shields to player owned equipment docks and trading stations.
      - Fixed the equipment dock upgrade installer command.
      - Coordinates of the OTAS HQ are now correctly shown in km instead of m at the end of the OTAS transporter mission.
      - Removed Terracorp shipyard from home of light to resolve problems it was causing with the Egosoft plot.
      - Renamed the Vulcan to Terracorp Vulcan.
      - Added the Terracorp Vulcan to Argon Prime SY so that it will still be available to the player.
      - Fixed the T0 production cycle pause. T0's will now begin the next cycle when the previous cycle is finished.
      - Added the Khaak Intruder to the shipsale BBS offers.
      - Rock Beetles are now higly explosive. (Be careful when you shoot them. )
      - Fixed payment issue with the Mantis BBS mission.
      - Notoriety in the Boron Tour start has been corrected.
      - Rock Beetle Shells can now be sold at Pirate Bases.
      - Added correct text entries for the new Lifeform and Safe Undocking AL options.
      - Job for Khaak Intruder added so you will have some to cap.
      - Fixed a Reaver spawnpoint
      - Rebuilt and fixed the Griffon drone production scripts.
      - Fixed the Thor Mk II main gun model error.
      - Fixed the Xenon K,J up / down turrets so they will now fire.
      - Extensive fixing and rebuilding of the Val Mission. (Including some new MD/SE communication.)
      - 0.7.5 is now set up with multi-language support files so that errors will not occur when installing in a non-english game. The text in the files is still currently in English and we will release replacement text file packs as soon as they are translated.

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      Obviously all these changes influence a lot of threads like FAQs, maps, guides, instructions, ship reviews etc. These have to be updated the next days and weeks Please be patient.

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