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    Thread: X3TC Bug - Equipment No Longer Shows Up

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      Default X3TC Bug - Equipment No Longer Shows Up

      Well, I was using cheats to test ship setups, and I noticed that when I was installing upgrades/equipment he names no longer show up. I uninstalled a few scripts, but it worked fine, but now they're all messed up. I checked the equipment docks and all I can see are the prices and the dash. Anyone else had this issue? I'm running:
      Cheat Collection, Community Plugin Configuration, Factory Complex Constructor, NPC Bailing, and Salvage Claim Software, along with Commodity Logistics Software and the Script Library. Anyone else had this issue? It's...rather important that I can see what I'm buying, yk? Although I cold probably just hit info, but, it doesnt seem like that would be pratical. No I haven't reinstalled, and I really REALLY don't want to because I have the steam version and it's like 7GB (which, even at 550 KB/s takes something like 5 hours to download...I think it was more like 8.

      EDIT: Nevermind, I had posted before I started up the game after reinstalling logistics and the libraries, , its good now, mod lock/delete this thread plox

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      Got X3TC off of Steam, Ego seems to have left out a bit though Overall it seems good though, vast improvement over Vanilla X3R
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      thread locked after request from originator

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