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    Thread: Suggestions to add in the next version!

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      Default Suggestions to add in the next version!

      Not sure if there is a specific place for this, would be interested to hear peoples ideas for what could go in to the next X installement.

      I would like to be able to target and shoot the turrets on cap ships, allow you to effectively cripple a ship before boarding. I just remember the way old Tie Defender where you could target engines, shield generators and gun emplacements, was quite fun. You would have to make some of the larger ships harder I think, otherwise a good pilot could easily take an M2 down in almost anything. They should also regen I suppose as inside would be a team of engineers trying to get the weapons back on line.

      Also, if you were the real pilot of the real ship I am sure they would all be I-Pod enabled, being able to play your favourite tunes in-game would be quite cool, or to have inter-stella radio stations with in-game adverts and the like.

      Also more customisation of ships and also stations would be good, not only colour schemes but also being able to import your own group or corporation logo to go on the side of your ships and stations etc...

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      Hi cellestial

      I don't want to shatter your dreams but it seems that Egosoft (ES) is not planning on making a new version of X, say an X4...

      Anyway you are welcome to post your suggestions in one of TXU mods threads, XTC for instance is under development... (thread is here)

      Also I wish to tell you that such suggestions are like 'old friends' as they have been made already in several flavours and variations, but another 'push' at those can always help... who knows, maybe one day we will really be able to target capships' sub-systems...

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