*Computer start log seven*

Well it would appear that although Teladi space is full of asteroids these are all uselessly low in yield. Well apart from Equilibrium where they all seem rather high that is. Anyway while I was resting and relasxing mappign the asteroids apparently oh good employee Joranas has been busy making a small fortune in trade runs. Looking at my accounts it turns out I now have over 2m in funds. Wow he may talk a lot but he trades a dam lot to.

It would definetly seem as well that having traders working for me brings in much more profits than a station so i may invest in another one or two at some stage. For now however i've got other plans. Wanting to get that Vulture I bought up and running and witht he Teladi having just discovered another sector, Profit Credibility I've an idea. Jumping to Astropos IV I contact our trusty TL captain and ask him if he'd like some more work.

Of course he accepts and I ask him to move to the Shipyard where I've dumped a million credits into a new XL Dream Farm for the newly opened sector. Now my other Dream Farm is a nice little earner but XL may still seem a bit overboard but I plan on adding a Bliss Place at some point and get trading in some Space Weed as it sells really well in Teladi space and at a high price. Plus it isn't illegal here which is a plus and as I don't really plan on transporting the weed with any of my ships I'm not to bothered what happens to my customers.

With this in mind I jump down to the new sector and await the TL and my idle Vulture to meet me to get this station up and running. I also hand the staffing over to Iceus who really does nearly have a heart attack this time. Still I gave here a big raise so she should be happy after she calms down.

After setting up the station I go back to mapping Split space with the idea to increasing the profit opportunities for Joranas and his trading. After that was done I decided to carry out asteroids scans in the new sector.

As I glided out of the jumpgate into the sector I engaged the computer to auto scan the asteroids I close my eyes to get some sleep.

*Log entry incomplete. Terminated here*

Entry seven seems was recovered from the black box of merchant vessel Profit Hunter II, belonging to esteemed Teladi trader Ingamus. Cause of death. Apparently his autopilot gate crashed his career rather literally.