Hey everyone...

Having recently got an upgraded gaming PC bedded down and running smoothly, I turned back to a favourite space sim to see how the new hardware might be able to freshen up an older game. My target [to start with, at least] was "X3:Reunion"...

I'm currently running this with the Egosoft 2.5 Game Patch, Xtended 0.75 and the X3 Bonus Package version 3.1.07.

Finally, just to be awkward, I've produced a manual hacked catalog file in which I've tweaked some of the basic parameters of 2 of the vessels - namely the Hyperion [to allow me to load out a wider range of weapons and missiles] and the Leviathan M0 - to tweak the cargo capacity and allow a very slightly more diverse set of weapons.

Most of the time my game runs just fine, but I appear to be able to reliably induce a complete game crash if I attempt to

1. Dock in a station in which at least one more of my ships is berthed
2. Attempt to swap to that new ship

I have found that

1. Sometimes I can eliminate the problem [anecdotally] by just re-starting the game and attempting the swap all over again, though most times this will reliably fail
2. The game appears to be somewhat more tolerant if I have not attempted to play any other games or do anything else with my PC after power up and before launching X3
3. I can reliably sort-of get around the problem by launching from said station, commanding the target ship to follow me, then ejecting from my current ride before jet-packing to the other ship and boarding that way.

So ultimately, this is just a hugely annoying thing rather than a game-ending ultrabug. I've never seen this instability before, which got me curious about diagnosis of the problem. The only thing I can think of that *might* be having an effect on this might be my use of these "tweaked" standard ships [the Hyperion and Leviathan] - not because I've done anything particularly unusual in changing them, but because I've used the "new" "X3Editor2" program from DoubleShadow. In the past, when modding Reunion, I used the older program... But for reasons I don't profess to understand I was unable to get that early edition to work with my rebuilt gaming PC, so in the end I downloaded and tried Editor2 - which seemed to work.

Except that I am getting these occasional CTDs every time I want to change from my fledgling Argon TS transport to my equally puny M4 or back again...

I don't expect to be able to do much with this, but I would be grateful for anyone with ideas as to how I might be able to diagnose this problem [if possible], or if anyone has had experience with this and can recall their fix...

Thanks in advance folks!