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    Thread: Shield Production Facility and/or XTM Manual Question

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      Default Shield Production Facility and/or XTM Manual Question

      Hey everyone,

      I'm back playing XTM - and loving it - but just tripped over an interesting little challenge and wondered if anyone would be kind enough to help me.

      Having assembled a factory complex in Ore Belt with the intent to use it to build both Medium and Heavy Shields, I've purchased factories from the shipyard in Argon Prime for each purpose. When I deploy these two factories to OreBelt, they basically sit there, unable to do anything. After a little experimentation I came across a script as part of the LV Script Package that allows me to "change the ware" on each of these factories, by selecting the new product and up to 3 ingredients for each ware.

      So far so good.

      But I have the suspicion that the factory should allow me to configure it to produce more than one type of ware at a time, as opposed to just one of the range of Medium or Heavy shields... I've tried using the same LV script to add a "second" product to the factory - and may be doing something wrong - but have not achieved this yet.

      I had a look around to see if there was a copy of the XTM Manual available for download. I found numerous references to it, but sadly these all now appear to be dead links, with the files long gome. I've search here at TXU but so far not had much luck. If anyone could point me to a suitable resource, or suggest a tip as to whether or not this is possible, then I'd be very grateful...

      Thank you!

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      use Cycrow X3TC Cheat Package : v1.62 : Updated: 18/12/2011 (AP Compatible)

      a new cheat option will appear in the command console at your stations


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