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    Thread: Egosoft Announce a New "X4" Game

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      Default Egosoft Announce a New "X4" Game

      Hello everyone...

      I just wondered [since I hadn't seen much discussion here] if people realised that Egosoft recently made two pretty significant announcements. The first was the addition of VR capability to X:Rebirth [meh]...

      The second, however, was an "all new" game, X4. There are some tantalising details over on Bit-Tech, here:-


      A similar article on PC Gamer includes the following quotes from Bernd:-

      "When we worked on X Rebirth we needed to make a lot of simplifications. We removed some features in order to be able to concentrate on others. But when X Rebirth was released, many fans expected it to be an 'X4,' a game with most of the key features of the X3 games and then some," he wrote.

      But it's just not possible to create a game of that scale that within the limitations of X: Rebirth, and so those features, "along with the foundations laid by all the work and feedback that went into X Rebirth, have been the basis for the big project that we have been working on for the last few years: a real X4," he wrote. "While I cannot say much about its features yet, what I can tell you about it so far is that it will allow you to fly many different ships, it will give you an all-new interface to manage large fleets, and it will give you full freedom when building stations from individual modules."


      So I guess the questions will include:

      1. Will it be worth the wait?
      2. Will they insist on holding on to the really crappy things that they added with Rebirth, like the highways and stuff? [ Disclaimer, I gave up on Rebirth a long time ago... No idea if those awful things are still there...
      3. Will the wonderful band of TXU Modders be motivated to uplift the game in the way that they did for the earlier X Games?

      Only time will tell!!!

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      firstly sorry for the dislike my bad

      sounds to me like Bernd has admited that X rebirth was not what was wanted by the players and fans
      i wont hold my breath if i was you the VR thing will proberly be out first and be a usual release desaster then they may get X4 out after they sort out the VR
      i do hope it comes out and is a good game but its proberly too late for most of the old fans after all this site vertualy died on the release of rebirth and other games are comming out that are good when the original games came out there wasnt the pool of space games there are now and lets face it the rebirth launch was a total desaster and its hit their rep badly


      **EDIT** Moved post from the Elite Dangerous thread to this thread as this post is about Rebirth/X4 not Elite Dangerous.... Cheers, NC **END EDIT**

      Last edited by NovaCatt; 19-02-2017 at 10:15 AM. Reason: moved post to appropriate thread as was posted in wrong thread.... NC

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