Hey everyone...

I'm not sure how many people will be familiar with gog.com, but it is a web site by and for gamers that offers "older" but classic games for sale, packaged without DRM and with wrappers that allows older titles to work fine with newer releases of Windows.

For example, I have the original version of "Dungeon Keeper", from gog, working absolutely fine on Windows 10, 64-bit... Not bad for a 21-year-old game...

The reason for mentioning this is that gog are now offering the complete "X" series of games [from BTF through to Rebirth] for sale, without DRM in download-and-run binary form. So when I discovered that earlier today I thought it would be good to mention here, just in case this site sees an uptick in traffic for people who might be tempted to go out and buy one or more of the titles.

Maybe we'll see some new faces... I'm reasonably sure that Egosoft released their own "anti-DRM" patches for each of their games at some point after publication, but just in case anyone doesn't have a copy of a DRM-free game and is interested, here's your chance to pick up a copy. Some games come with bundled wallpapers, all come with PDF copies of the manuals.

And for anyone who, like me, just got bored of the endless, meaningless grind that is Elite Dangerous, it's nice to return to an old favourite. My current gaming rig is middle-of-the-road by current standards [a 1080GTX driving 3 x Dell 24" monitors] but it absolutely devours XTC at 5760x1200 pixels... so you might find, if you've upgraded hardware since you last played an X game for any length of time, that you can get some really impressive performance from modern kit.