Flying around in a spacesuit is hard...but I managed to do it...thanks for the help. I've found it nearly impossible (for me) to shoot the locks with the space suit gun and even when I hit the lock instead of the lockbox it would not damage the lock. The ship's gun would always destroy the lockbox giving me nothing to retrieve.

NEW PROBLEM: Had to try the latest beta version I cannot build new ships anywhere. The build screen comes up and I can pick the ship I want to build but the part of the left where you can pick the parts you want to add and the part on the right where you can add the ship to the list of ships being built simply are not there. I eliminated all my extensions (by moving the extension folder to desktop) and starting a new game (one of the 3 starting games) and it still has the same problem. I went to the Beta version because my modded version would crash when I tried to buy a module to build onto my factory.