Extended v0.6a feature update:

Yaki Sennin m6

Blockade runner corvette which relies heavily on speed.
Used by the Yaki to deliver valuable loads of contraband between various destinations.
Basically a supertuned flying engine on old Centaur MK1 hull with a medium front mounted weapon array and a single turret for missile/light fighter defence. Not ideally suited for combat, but certainly capable of punishing hit and run tactics.
Fastest M6 arround (Yaki answer to recent increase in Paranid Nemesis Raider patrols).
Suffers from poor shielding.

Obtainable by player via \'special\' services to the Yaki.

Split (Military) Dragon MKIII

Extensively modified to get better bridge view and wider angle front array spread.
New military Top and Bottom turret which combined cover almost the entire x-y-z axis.
Super charged boosters for phenomenal accelleration and endured high speeds.
Operates with Elite Mamba Raider and Vanguard squadrons.
Assigned to Split captains who have proven their loyalty and agressiveness.
Shoots first asks questions later.
Pure assault corvette.
Poor steering due to lack of sufficient maneuvering trusters.
Needs good and long angle of approach to line up for fire sollution.
Will be fitted with advanced missile weaponry in a later stage.
No known weaknessess.

Available to players with high Split notoriety and fairly decent cashflow.

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