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    Thread: Who are Otas Corp.?

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      Default Who are Otas Corp.?

      Aimed at the rich and powerful, Otas Corp. ships are by far the best on the market, but are only for a very large price due to their highly advanced technology! While Otas Corp. has now confirmed that it is in negotiations with the Argon government for a lucrative military defense contract rumours persist that Otas are in possesion of advanced alien technology.

      Recent breakthroughs such as the Otas damage control systems have inflamed claims by some Teladi companies that Otas is indeed affiliated with an unknown alien race. Otas Corp is always quick to dismiss such rumours and reassure their loyalties to the Argon Government, claiming that the various Teladi companies are simply jealous of their ships, which even the new Military Osprey Raider can not hope to compete against.

      While thought to lie in an Argon controlled sector, Otas's headquarters are a closely guarded secret, with Otas Corp. concerned about a large scale raid by another race wanting to obtain their advanced technology.

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