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Advanced Kestrel

Advanced Kestrel - A natural progression from the Teladi Kestrel, this ship features greater speed, manoeuvrability and firepower at the expense of shielding and cargo capacity. Like the original design it was based on the Advanced Kestrel is well suited to a scouting role, but with it's increased firepower is more than capable of engaging in combat with other M5s and even M4s.

Ship Information
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NameAdvanced Kestrel
ClassM5, Light Fighter
VariantsPirate Kestrel

General Information

The official Argon Military intelligence assessment of the Teladi Kestrel runs into several pages of detailed analysis, but can be summed up in the following short statement:
A departure from conventional Teladi design, the Kestrel is now arguably the fastest production ship in the known universe. It may boast phenomenal acceleration but it suffers poor manoeuvrability.
No seperate statement was available for the Advanced Kestrel variant, and the Teladi Company are insisting that no such ship exists (although this is possibly because they don't want to harm sales of the current Kestrel model).

The other variants of the Advanced Kestrel are the Kestrel and the Pirate Kestrel.


Very little is known about the Advanced variant of the Kestrel, as the Teladi Company themselves deny all knowledge of its existence. The only source of information was an intercepted message originating in The Vault and purporting to come from a Yaki operative. An unencrypted data burst attached to the message carried all of the technical information concerning the light fighter, but only scrambled parts of the message itself were intercepted:
"...courier capabilities, and is easily able to outrun... ...also used by the clans... ...need to obtain the blueprints. Suggest dealing with contacts in NN... ...therwise, would suggest payments be made to... ...gis III, who has access to the research facility in..."
If anyone has any information pertaining to this matter they are urged to contact the Argon authorities in Argon Prime, and speak to Major Jak Seldon c/o Argon Military Intelligence Department.

Known Ships of this Type

None recorded.

Statistical Comparison

Advanced Kestrel
SpecificationsX³: Terran Conflict
VersionAdvanced Kestrel Mk III-b
Min Notoriety
Speed173 - 622.8 m/s
Acceleration137 m/s²
Steering20% - 50%
Reactor Output (power)135 MW
Hull Strength2500
Shield Type4 x 1 MJ Shield (Unknown)
Weapons Energy1400 MJ
Weapons Recharge Rate39 MW
Cargo19 - 50 M
Gun Count4


The Advanced Kestrel appears to excel at scouting and combat, with the speed, shielding and manoeuvrability of an M5 and the firepower of an M4. It's only drawbacks would appear to be it's small cargo bay and a lack of energy for it's lasers (it might carry weapons only normally found on an M4 or bigger, but it only has the power generator of an M5). As with the other Kestrel variants, the Advanced Kestrel mounts a rear turret.

Gun PositionGun CountCompatible Weapons
Advanced Kestrel Mk III-b
Main Guns2
Rear Turret2
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:

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