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The Argon Anastasius is a mobile Solar Power Plant, a huge production ship designed to locate its energy production where the markets are favourable.

Ship Information
ClassT0, Mobile Factory
VariantsThere are no variants

General Information

The Anastasius class is designed to satisfy one particular demand: to supply factories and research stations on the outskirts of known space. These are scattered across the 'verse and the amount of stations results in a huge total demand for energy, but since they are so far between, building Solar Power Plants in the vicinity is not worth the investment. The natural solution, then, is to build a ship large enough to supply many stations; a mobile factory that can travel around and deliver energy to its customers.

The Anastasius satisfies this role perfectly; it produces energy while moving around, so that by the time it arrives at its customers' location, it has replenished its stock without returning home for fresh supplies.


The Anastasius was invented during a time of exploration for the Argon; a time when sectors were being explored quicker than charts could be updated, and stations were being deployed quicker than they could be supplied. As all sorts of power-hungry stations cried out for energy cells and were willing to pay top credit for them, and the Anastasius could supply them. Once demand grew in a sector, it tended to show up. Once the stations had all the energy they would need for a while, the vast ship jumped away, to sells its stock elsewhere.

Expert's review

The Argon Anastasius is a typical niche vessel; built for one specific purpose and fulfilling it brilliantly ... completely useless for anything else. Considered by most not to warrant the enormous price tag, this ship is usually only useful if you have many stations spread over a large area to supply with energy.

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Statistical Comparison

SpecificationsX³: Reunion
Min Notoriety
Speed29.5 - 41.3 m/s
Acceleration0.91 m/s²
Steering0.3 rot/min
0.3 rot/min
0.4 rot/min
Reactor Output (power)34,200 MW
Hull Strength340,000
Shield Type7 x 500 MJ Shield (0.015 s)
Weapons Energy0 w MJ
Weapons Recharge Rate0 w/s MW
Cargo42,000 - 42,000 L
Gun Count0


The Anastasius carries no weapons, as the ship's design is purely focused on functionality of long-distance travel and production. Some small missile launchers have been installed without causing disruptions to the daily operations of the factory; these are considered defensive measures only.

Gun PositionGun CountCompatible Weapons
Argon Anastasius
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:

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