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The Asgard is the large transport ship generally employed by the Terrans.

Ship Information
ClassTL, Large Transport
VariantsThere are no variants

General Information

Centuries of refinement have made the Asgard the summit of perfection, bearing the typical traits of the race's paranoia. A huge bulk, powerful shielding and enough firepower to take on a battleship on its own, the Asgard is a true expression of Terran power.


The Asgard was not the first TL to be built by the Terrans; as they expanded their empire from Earth to other systems, they built hundreds of stations and complexes of various types, most of which were constructed at home base and carried off-world. The early transports, though, were lightly armed or not at all, instead relying on escort ships to protect them from the odd pirate or scavenger.

The military, however, ensured that their transports were heavily protected from harm by constructing TLs with shields and armour enough to withstand both pirates and terrorists. To increase efficiency and reduce the resources needed to travel to distant systems, they eventually expanded on this self-protection philosophy by enabling the TLs to carry its protectors with them in the docking bays. This resulted in an expansion of the design, ending up with a truly enormous transport ship, able to carry several stations, its own fighter wing, and even in some cases heavier combat ships - all coordinated in one single jump. After the Xenon Conflict, heavy weaponry was added to support its defensive fleet.

The Terran Asgard is the end-product of this mixture of paranoia and efficiency. Not merely satisfied with having a ship able to take a beating and survive, the designers constructed something able to carry everything; cargo, a fleet of protectors, long-range weaponry to assist its defenders and shielding enough to stand most things any enemy can throw at it. The ship is also faster than any other ship in its class, enabling it to effectively outrun any capital ship that can pose a threat.

Expert's review

The Asgard is the fastest and biggest TL in the 'verse, and that should be enough to get you to buy one. If it isn't ... it has six times the hull strength of its average competitor, ten times the shielding, and three times the cargo space. Another factor to be considered is its weaponry, and the fact that the ship can also carry carriers and destroyers as well as the standard TS transports.

All things considered, the Terran Asgard is, in fact, a fleet on its own. Also, this TL can carry the standard M6 normally used by commanders to travel quickly from place to place, as well as two smaller transport ships for replenishment purposes.

Known Ships of this Type


Statistical Comparison

SpecificationsX²: The ThreatX³: ReunionX³: Terran Conflict
Min Notoriety
Speed- m/s90.5 - 135.7 m/s- m/s
Accelerationm/s²3.61 m/s²m/s²
0.3 rot/min
0.3 rot/min
0.3 rot/min

Reactor Output (power)MW10,000 MWMW
Hull Strength650,000
Shield Type()10 x 1 GJ Shield (? s)()
Weapons EnergyNot Available87,000 MJMJ
Weapons Recharge RateNot Available870 w/s MWMW
Cargo-130,000 - 130,000 XL-
Gun Count36


The Asgard can mount a total of 36 guns (12 on each side as well as some forward and aft) of the hefty Terran type. This, along with a laser generator outclassing even those of carriers, makes the Asgard nothing less than a battleship - not only able to enter hostile space and survive, but fight back.

Gun PositionGun CountCompatible Weapons
Forward Turret8
Aft Turret4
Right Turret12
Left Turret12
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:

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