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Buster - The Buster is the Argon military's M4 class vessel, and has become popular among civilians with the cash and recognition to purchase it. Striking a good balance between speed and strength, the Buster is more than capable of dealing with threats from other interceptor class ships, and capable pilots have even been known to destroy M3s while piloting a Buster, much to many pirates' dismay.

Ship Information
x3tc_buster.jpg|thumb|center|Buster Mk III-b
ClassM4, Medium Fighter
VariantsBuster Raider
Buster Sentinel
Buster Vanguard
Pirate Buster
Pirate Buster Hauler
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General Information

Extract from the Argon Pilot’s Handbook:
The Argon Buster was once the pride of the Argon fleet and was instrumental in gaining the Argon victory in the Xenon Conflict. However during the Boron campaign it was superseded by the Argon Elite. Over the intervening years the design of the Argon Buster has been modified and new, more powerful engines have been fitted. Now updated, the Buster is again a firm favourite of the Argon Fighter Command.
The Buster's Mk III-b versions include five variants, the Raider, Sentinel, Vanguard, Pirate and Pirate Hauler.


During the Xenon Conflict, the Argon lost system after system to the Xenon enemy. Hard battles were fought, but each time the Argon military was defeated and forced to retreat. The losses were terrible. In desperate need of a solution, Argon military planners spent long stazuras studying the tactics of their enemy to try to find a weakness. Analysis of recent battles gave the Argon new hope and a fresh idea; research showed that large wings of fighters could perform better than a small flotilla of destroyers, whilst having the advantage of being cheaper and quicker to build.

Military shipwrights on Argon Prime began work on the creation of the new fighter, breaking away from the old Earthfleet designs which had been in service since the Argon had first entered the X universe. Built around a heavier hull than had previously been used for a fighter, the Buster made use of the best technology available to the Argon, including several advances gained by the reverse engineering of Paranid technology. Able to carry a large array of missiles, and armed with two of the newly developed particle accelerator cannons, the Buster proved to be a formidable combat ship.

In 255 the first fully equipped wing of Busters was rushed into combat to stop a Xenon push towards The Wall. While the destroyers on both sides began a long range gunnery duel, the Buster wing was able to sweep aside the Xenon fighters opposed to them and then launch a missile attack on the Xenon capital ships. The Xenon ships were obliterated for the loss of only a handful of Busters; the tide of the war had finally turned in favour of the Argon.

Since then the Buster has been superseded by the Elite, and downgraded to the status of a second-line fighter. Several upgraded versions of the Buster have been produced, but this ship is now very close to the end of it's very long service life.

Lore from an unknown source:
”Sure, not great by the standards of today, but you try finding a better five-hundred year old ship. It's easy to underestimate a Buster, but their resilience can be surprising. Cheap to maintain, easy to repair, handles like a dream and even Julian Brennan himself flew one.”
- Anonymous Argon assessment of the Buster

Expert's Review

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Statistical Comparison

the Frontier
X-TensionX²: The ThreatX³: ReunionX³: Terran Conflict
VersionBuster Mk IBuster Mk I-bBuster Mk IIBuster Mk IIIBuster Mk III-b
Min NotorietyN/AN/A
Speed55 - 55 m/s55 - 143 m/s55.04 - 176.14 m/s62.81 - 175.86 m/s62.8 - 175.9 m/s
Acceleration7 m/s²7 m/s²8 m/s²19 54 m/s²19 54 m/s²
Steering15% - 15%
15% - 60%
16.49% - 74.24%
34.98% - 97.96%
21% - 58.8%
Reactor Output (power)Not AvailableNot Available100 MW250 MW250 MW
Hull Strength250035003500
Shield Type2 x 5 MW Shield ()2 x 5 MW Shield ()3 x 5 MW Shield ()3 x 5 MJ Shield (64 s)3 x 5 MJ Shield ()
Weapons EnergyNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available2050 MJ2050 MJ
Weapons Recharge RateNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableMWMW
Cargo15 - 15 S15 - 100 S23 - 108 M23 - 108 M23 - 108 M
Gun Count22266


The Buster can equip both Impulse Ray Emitters and Particle Accelerator Cannons, which make for an accurate and effective combination. The downside here is the low amount of energy available, meaning only a small amount of guns will be practical, and pilots will need to choose their targets carefully. In manoeuvrability the Buster is very capable, though it has a poor top speed. Its perfect balance of agility and firepower make it a good choice for exploring and patrolling sparsely dangerous sectors, able to put up a decent fight and still move to places fast.

Gun PositionGun CountCompatible Weapons
Buster Mk III-b
Main Guns6
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:
Buster Mk III
Main Guns6
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:
Buster Mk II
Main Guns2
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:
Buster Mk I-b
Main Guns2
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:
Buster Mk I
Main Guns2
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:

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