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Buzzard Hauler

Variants:Buzzard, Buzzard Vanguard, Buzzard Sentinel, Pirate Buzzard, Pirate Buzzard Vanguard
ClassM4, Medium Fighter
Min NotorietyCompany Trader
Min Speed55.918 m/s
Max Speed145.388 m/s
Acceleration15.368 m/s
Yaw16.7 rot/min
Pitch13.4 rot/min
Roll13.5 rot/min
Reactor Output (power)265 KJ
Hull Stength4452
Shield Type5 MJ Shield
Max Shield Count3 x 5 MJ
Max Recharge Time (Shields)3 x 5 MJ = 64 s
NPC Max Missiles5
Weapons Energy1640 W
Weapons Recharge Rate40.9902 W/s
Cargo TypeM
Cargo Min47
Cargo Max189
Docking Slots0
Docking TypeN/A
Gun Count8

Buzzard Hauler - The Buzzard Hauler is a variation on the Teladi M4 class craft, and is one of the few 'Hauler' variants in the medium fighter group. This variant is, however, appropriate to the Teladi, as it favours cargo space over speed, holding true to the Teladi belief of 'profit above all else'. The Buzzard was developed to replace the Teladi's most successful fighter; the Hawk. Buzzard improves on virtually everything about the ship. The main feature of the ship is the third shield slot and much improved acceleration.
Although the hawk was the pride of the Teladi Fighter Fleet, the Buzzard may just replace its good reputation.

Buzzard Hauler


Gun PositionGun CountCompatible Weapons

Following Teladi tradition of relying on reliable low tech weapons, the Buzzard still carries respectable armament, being able to mount up to BPAC weaponry. These have the advantage of not only firing rapidly, accurately and at a relatively low energy consumption, but are also cheap and easily replaced. The Buzzard has equivalent laser energy specifications to the Argon Buster, being slightly below average but still more than sufficient to do the job.

The Teladi Buzzard Hauler increases the number of weapon hard points to 8, but reduces the available weapon energy by 20%.


The Teladi Buzzard is the slowest and least maneuverable M4 in service today. However it is by far the hardest to take down. With an unprecedented 4 shield slots and over 16% more armour than the nearest equivalent Medium Fighters, this ship can take a hell of a punch and still keep on fighting. It also has the second largest cargo bay after the Boron Mako.

The Hauler variant attempts to increase available cargo space. The Buzzard Hauler achieves a 25% increase in cargo space and also increases the amount of weapons the ship can mount, and also slightly increases speed. This comes at a significant cost however. The weapon energy has been drastically reduced and it is "only" capable of mounting 3 shields.

Hangar Bay

The Teladi Buzzard Hauler has no docking facilities


The Teladi Buzzard was developed to replace the Teladi's most successful fighter; the Hawk. Though this fighter was well loved byTeladi pilots, it became increasingly obsolete by military developments. The Teladi better than any other race understand that war is a series of objectives. Having no real interest in attacking the sectors of other races (aside from making profits on other races struggles, and the occasional hostile takeover) they have a combat style that demands and facilitates protecting their own investments. The Buzzard is a prime example of this philosophy.

The Teladi Buzzard Hauler was designed as a light fast blockade runner. The ship was built to punch through a blockade by unleashing a withering volley of fire forcing picketing ships to break formation allowing the cargo through. Other navies had questioned the need for such a ship, and rumours of this ships true purpose have earned it the nickname of "Smugglers Partridge", a name the Teladi choose to feign great offense at.

Known Ships of this Type

The Teladi Buzzard is a common sight across all sectors of space. The Hauler variant is uncommon but has been seen being used by small traders running back and forth across the silence of space. This has lead to incidents with other races. In one notable instance, a Split Scorpion began harassing a Teladi Buzzard Hauler in the system Family Tkr. The Teladi pilot, tiring of this, swung round and unloaded all 8 guns into the Split vessel at point black range. The Split ship blew up almost instantly. Enraged, more Split fighters launched from the station as the Teladi ship fled into the nearby asteroid belt. Despite a (for the Split) painstaking search, the Teladi vessel was never found and the fate of the Teladi pilot is unknown.

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