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Destroyer T2

The Kha'ak Destroyer T2 is the most powerful ship of Kha'ak configuration ever encountered by the other races in the X-universe.

Ship Information
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NameDestroyer T2
ClassM2, Destroyer
VariantsThere are no variants of this ship

General Information

The Destroyer T2 is a heavy destroyer of Kha'ak origin. Some believe it is a ship used by high-ranking Kha'ak officials or rulers, but since little is known about Kha'ak hierarchy, this has not been confirmed. The few scans that have been performed on this model indicate that it is an upgraded model of the Kha'ak Destroyer; it has many of the same statistics, but also has greater firepower.


This ship was first spotted in a Split sector known as Kao's Mistake. From time to time, the model reappears there, apparently attempting to establish some kind of permanent Kha'ak presence; supporting the actions of the many other Kha'ak ships in the sector. Split warships patrolling the southern sectors have crossed paths with the T2 many times, always with the same results: if the Split patrol has a Python class destroyer, and spot the enemy early enough to confront the T2 head-on, reports indicate that the Split always win. Some losses have been reported, however, the common denominator always being either that the ships involved did not have the support of an M2, or that the Kha'ak managed to sneak up on the patrol from an angle. Split Python commanders are currently putting pressure on ship engineers to improve the scanning range on their destroyers.

Lore from an unknown source

Split Python class "Flashmurder" bridge combat transcript:
2. officer: "Split report heavy Kha'ak destroyer ahead, request orders."
Captain: "Split captain say, attack."
2. officer: "Target approaching, range 10 km. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5."
Captain: "Split captain say, fire."
2. officer: "GPPC fire. Target also firing. Shields taking damage."
Captain: "Kill target."
2. officer: "Target destroyed."
Captain: "Split captain say, status of our shields?"
2. officer: "80%."
Captain: "Split more powerful than Kha'ak. Kha'ak no match for mighty Split."

Expert's review

The Destroyer T2 is equal to the standard Kha'ak Destroyer in everything but weaponry. 7 more turrets, all compatible with the most powerful Kyon laser weapons, make the ship a veritable killing-machine. Still, the profile size has increased correspondingly, and although the ship has lost no performance in speed or agility as a result, nor has it gained any extra shielding or power. It must be asked whether the extra turrets are are worth the massive increase in production cost when the other stats remain unchanged.

Statistical Comparison

Destroyer T2
SpecificationsX²: The ThreatX³: ReunionX³: Terran Conflict
VersionDestroyer T2
Min Notoriety
Speed- m/s44.636 - 62.4914 m/s- m/s
Accelerationm/s²6.17 m/s²m/s²
0.4 rot/min
0.4 rot/min
0.4 rot/min

Reactor Output (power)MW7100 KJ MWMW
Hull Strength162000
Shield Type()10 x 1 GJ Shield (N/A s)()
Weapons EnergyNot Available345600 w MJMJ
Weapons Recharge RateNot Available5184 w/s MWMW
Cargo-5000 - 7000 ST-
Gun Count25

Gallery for the Destroyer T2
XtendedLogo.jpg|thumb|Destroyer T2


The Destroyer T2 has 25 turrets, all sporting the highly accurate Kyon lasers - usually the most powerful versions seen to date; the Gamma Kyons. No other weapons are compatible with the distinctive Kha'ak technology. The low number of turrets may seem strange for such a vast ship, but its profile enables it to fire many turrets at once in the same direction, posing a threat to any ship in the 'verse.

Gun PositionGun CountCompatible Weapons
Destroyer T2
Front Turret5, ,
Aft Turret4, ,
Right Turret4, ,
Left Turret4, ,
Up Turret4, ,
Down Turret4, ,
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:
, ,

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