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Discoverer Vanguard

Discoverer Vanguard - This is the Vanguard variant of the Argon Discoverer. Although more combat-oriented than the others, the Discoverer Vanguard is perhaps the weakest of all the Discoverer variants; it is slower than the Raider, carries less cargo than the Hauler and is entirely outperformed by the Advanced.

Ship Information
x3tc_discoverervanguard.jpg|thumb|center|Discoverer Vanguard
NameDiscoverer Vanguard
ClassM5, Light Fighter
VariantsAdvanced Discoverer
Discoverer Hauler
Discoverer Raider

General Information

Extract from the Argon Pilot’s Handbook:
The Argon Discoverer compared to other ships in the Argon Fleet, is relatively young. It is armed with two lasers, is light, versatile, and very manoeuvrable. It is the preferred training fighter for Argon pilots with the more experienced being promoted to fly the more exacting Buster and the Nova. Today they are also used for scouting, and it is quite common to find a small wing of these ships accompanying an exploration carrier.
The Vanguard variant sees a small reduction to it’s cargo bay for an increase to it’s speed, manoeuvrability, power generator and weapon energy.

The Vanguard is one of four variants of the Argon Discoverer; the others are the Advanced, Hauler, and Raider.


The Argon Discoverer had been in service for many jazuras, but after the recent incursions into Argon space by the Kha’ak several shortcomings were discovered. The standard Discoverer was updated to the Mark III model, and a research program was initiated into looking at what improvements could be made to address the weak points of the fighter. Three key areas were identified, and a variant was created to deal with each of the issues.

Designed to be the answer to the poor combat performance of the Discoverer, the Vanguard variant was handled by the famous shipwrights of Omicron Lyrae; in the past they had been responsible for the creation of the Nova and the Centaur amongst other designs. They rebuilt the original Discoverer using their own techniques and methods, managing to install a larger power plant and a better engine at a small loss of cargo space. When it came to weapons they were instructed by Argon Fighter Command to stick to using Impulse Ray Emitters; this was to keep a uniformity of weapons in the M5 class, aiding the maintenance and resupplying of the fleet.
Lore from an unknown source:
“It would’ve been the best M5 around, but Fighter Command nerfed it!”
- Anonymous Argon opinion of the Discoverer Vanguard

Known Ships of this Type

None recorded.

Statistical Comparison

Discoverer Vanguard
SpecificationsX³: ReunionX³: Terran Conflict
VersionDiscoverer Vanguard MkIII-3Discoverer Vanguard MkIII-b3
Min Notoriety
Speed108.79 - 380.76 m/s108.8 - 380.8 m/s
Acceleration47 - 165 m/s²47.3 - 165.5 m/s²
Steering32.28 - 113 rot/min
19.37 - 67.8 rot/min
Reactor Output (power)110 MW110 MW
Hull Strength10001000
Shield Type3 x 1 MJ Shield (31 s)3 x 1 MJ Shield (Unknown)
Weapons Energy1200 MJ1200 MJ
Weapons Recharge Rate30 MW30 MW
Cargo9 - 47 M9 - 47 M
Gun Count44


A slight improvement on the standard Discoverer, the Vanguard has average speed and good shielding and is able to carry M class cargo. One of the few M5s able to carry a jumpdrive, the Vanguard unfortunately fails to shine at any one task.

Gun PositionGun CountCompatible Weapons
Discoverer Vanguard MkIII-b3
Main Guns4
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:
Discoverer Vanguard MkIII-3
Main Guns4
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:

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