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Heavy Fighter

Heavy Fighter
Specifications: (General)
RoleMilitary, Anti-Fighter/Corvette
SpeedMedium, 100-200ms
FirepowerMedium, 10 guns holding IRE / AHEPT
ShieldingMedium, 75 MJ average

Heavy Fighters, also known as M3s and M3+s, are the most well armed and well-protected fighter craft in the universe, yet they are also the slowest and most vulnerable during combat. Using tougher alloys and more potent engines, the M3 has recently become a very powerful craft, due to ongoing advancements in various technological fields. On their own, they are formidable enough, and can easily compete most other fighter classes. In groups, however, they become especially fearsome, and can overwhelm even M6-class warships. With further support, they can even do significant damage to Carriers and Destroyers.


Heavy Fighters consist of complex hull alloys in order to give them ability to mount larger shields and take a tougher beating during combat. Consequentially, this drastically increases their sale value, but the benefits usually outweigh the losses. Even with their slow speed, M3 propulsion systems have to be made more powerful than most other fighters' in order to compensate for the onboard reactors, which power the more advanced weapons. Therefore, the Heavy Fighter demonstrates a very fine balance between brute force and maneuverability.


The majority of M3 ships can mount anything up to AHEPT cannons; with each of the individual races models having different variations to this standard. The Heavy Fighter is a diverse class, and each race specializes in different aspects of it's design. Shielding varies a lot between craft; with some ships only capable of 50 MJ-worth of shielding between its fragile hull and the vacuum of space, while others boast over 100 MJ of external protection.


The Heavy Fighter is one of the core ship classes, and has undergone development ever since space combat was required. With pressing military concerns forcing it's development, the M3 is now in its prime; superseding even the concepts of past generations.

Current Heavy Fighters

Past Heavy Fighters

Since the Heavy Fighter is in a constant stage of development, old M3s are simply upgraded or broken down into component parts for integration into the next generation of vessel.


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