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To fine tune even more what a user does and doesn’t receive emails about, is the Keyword system. Each mailing list can have keywords added to it. A user can choose to be subscribed to only certain keywords within a mailing list, while not being subscribed to others.


If a mailing list is not linked to the user database, it will not have the option for Manage Keyword Subscriptions.

The list also displays the last mail that was sent, it’s title, time and date it was sent, and a link to the stored version in the Mail History.

vbmailhomeactions2.pngNavigate to the Manage Keyword Subscriptions for the mailing list you want to edit your subscriptions on. You can reach this via the vBM home page and select Manage Keyword Subscriptions. The page you will reach will look something similar to this:

vbmailmanagingkeywordsubscriptions.pngWhat keywords are available (if any) will depend on the settings of each mailing list on your site by your administrators.

Notice that each keyword has a checkbox (which you can select or unselect) as well as a description of what that keyword is about. So if a keyword is ‘site’ the description to it being ‘Receive information about updates and changes to the website’, then if you have selected to receive emails on that keyword, any time an email is sent that contains that keyword, then you will receive it, whereas if an email doesn’t contain that keyword, you won’t receive it.

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